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Tramon Williams Doesn’t Want to Talk About His Future

Tramon Williams

We’ve talked about this numerous times before. Green Bay Packers cornerback Tramon Williams will be entering the final year of his contract in 2014 and it’s a pretty hefty contract.

The Packers are scheduled to pay Williams $7.5 million in actual dollars next season. He’ll be the third highest paid player on the team.

History tells us that Ted Thompson might decide to ax Williams in the offseason, much like he did with Charles Woodson this past offseason.

“That’s the reality of some things, like you said,” Williams said this week. “But truthfully, I can’t worry about that. I’m under contract for next year, so I plan on being here.”

Unfortunately, the situation isn’t that easy for the Packers. Their top cornerback, Sam Shields, is going to be a free agent. He’s going to command a contract that will probably look a lot like Tramon’s.

Williams has also been playing some of his most effective football lately, after starting the season slow. He’s definitely become the secondary’s surest tackler.

Meanwhile, Davon House seems to have played himself out of the lineup.

In other words, there’s no clear-cut replacement for Williams. There’s Micah Hyde and a bunch of question marks.

The obvious solution would be to ask Williams to take a pay cut, much like the Packers did with A.J. Hawk prior to this season.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Dave December 13, 2013

    the good thing about Sammy is we can use that giant G neck tattoo in our negotiation strategy.

  2. GBslacker December 13, 2013

    “He’s definitely become the secondary’s surest tackler.”

    A compliment?

    or condemnation of his co-workers?

    He’s 30.
    He’ll be 31 before next season.
    He’s getting in that Champ Bailey/Ed Reed territory…
    Time for a pay-cut.

  3. Cheese December 13, 2013

    If someone told me I could keep my job if I took a pay cut to $3 million a year I’d be like shit yeah!

  4. the real russ letlow December 13, 2013

    Tramon has to make a decision about how much he is truly worth. 7.5 is not in the ball park. Maybe he takes a cut in pay, or maybe he just gets cut. I seriously doubt there is another team willing to pay him that much. maybe he could end up with the rest of the floatsam in the purple pussy dome.

    1. vj December 14, 2013

      If BJ Raji’s fat touche is worth $8M per year, then by production alone…Tramon would actually be underpaid next season.

  5. Remedy December 13, 2013

    Still can’t believe we didn’t lock up Shields when we had the chance

  6. PF4L December 13, 2013

    This is something new? You’re welcome Monty…If Tramon Williams is your second surest tackler, you’re fucked.

  7. PF4L December 13, 2013

    I can see where Tramon doesn’t want to talk about his contract. A reporter who has a set of balls, may ask him if he felt he earned his money the last 3 seasons.

  8. ay hombre December 13, 2013

    In a “What have you done for me lately” type of league, Tramon’s stock is on the uptick. He has struggled at times and downright sucked at other times. All that being said, he was still voted by his teammates last year as the guy exemplifying the most courage….or some shit like that.

    When he was sucking last year, I wrote him off as dead and wanted him gone because…What have you done for me lately?

    Now the way I see it is all that is past now. The guy is playing. Is it possible that his nagging shoulder injury took as long as it did to mend? Maybe it did. Has he been fine all this time and is now stepping it back up in order to secure next year’s check? Maybe he is.

    Mason Crosby responded nicely to an incentive-based contract. Perhaps Mr. Williams would as well.

    1. PF4L December 14, 2013

      So the guy has 2 picks and 8 passes defended, That’s earning his money this year? I’ll look for him in the Pro Bowl.

  9. Mike December 14, 2013

    In regards to Sam Shields, we may have trouble keeping him, at least for multiple years. Why? because his agent is a total douche bag, and seems to place his needs (money) ahead of his players. TT does not like this agent, and usually it does not work out so well with Packer players (or any other team’s players) that are represented by this turd. His name? Drew Rosenhaus. I really hope that Shields is with us next year, but do not hold your breath! Not with the frugal GM TT and the uber greedy Rosenhaus!

    1. vj December 14, 2013

      Whay agent isn’t greedy?

      1. Mike December 14, 2013

        That may be generally correct, but this guy takes it to another level.