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Here’s Where Everyone Runs to Defend Dom Capers

Dom Capers

A-HA! Yeah, we’ve heard all of your bitching and moaning about Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers. Fire him is pretty much what most people are saying, but let’s be honest.

He’d be nothing more than a scapegoat at this point.

Frankly, I don’t give a shit if Bill Belichick were coaching this Packers defense. They still wouldn’t be any good. Not a lot of things you can do scheme-wise when you don’t have personnel that can make tackles, shed blockers or create turnovers.

The Packers defense is now 24th in the league in total defense after reaching a high of 11th early in the season. They’re 26th against the rush, after reaching as high as No. 3 overall. They’re 22nd against the pass, but that was never really a strength, despite all the supposed depth in the defensive backfield.

Anyway, the Packers craptacular defense has fallen far, fast. And while many of you want to blame Capers for that, well, again — Dom Capers isn’t out there missing tackles. A.J. Hawk, Brad Jones and M.D. Jennings are.

At any rate, one of the local beat guys finally heard the chatter about Capers and brought it up with several players. To a man, they defended Capers and the scheme.

Ryan Pickett:

“We absolutely believe in it, so we’re going to keep doing what we’re doing. We know it’s worked in the past. We just have to get back to it.”

Oh, god. I certainly hope you don’t keep doing what you’re doing. Why not do the opposite of what you’re doing? Make tackles. Get off blocks. Create turnovers. Make plays!

Tramon Williams:

“Obviously we won the Super Bowl with it. It’s been around for a while. When you’re struggling, you don’t know what to think about it, and that’s anybody. That’s just part of the frustration going on with things.

“We’re still buying into what’s going on. It’s going to be a struggle from both points — coaches and players. It’s not going to be one of those things where we’re going to point fingers at the scheme or it’s this. We’re not going to do that.”

Fortunately, that’s why we’re here. And that’s why you’re here. To point fingers. And there are plenty of fingers to point. Point away. I know we’ll keep doing so.

Mike Daniels:

“You’ve seen a lot of other teams in the NFL running it. Like I said, people are going to have an opinion whether you’re winning or you’re facing adversity.”

Look, Mike Daniels has actually been playing well. However, No one is going to have an opinion on your scheme if you’re winning. Does anyone have an opinion on Seattle’s scheme? Oh, they have a great defense! That’s a fact, not an opinion.

They also have some pretty top-shelf personnel.

Ultimately, Capers may end up being the scapegoat for a terrible season and we know that would make a lot of you happy. We cannot lay this debacle at the feet of the defensive coordinator though.

Dom Capers has had a very successful track record of leading NFL defenses. So he suddenly forgot how to coach defense this season?

No. He doesn’t have enough damn talent to mold a decent defense with.

And you know where that falls? Upstairs.

Draft and develop, people! And if we don’t draft well then, uh… shit!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. PF4L December 6, 2013

    “I haven’t seen any guys pointing fingers at all,” Williams said. This from Tramon Williams, who loves to point his finger at a safety after he gives up a pass play.

    This is from an article from ESPN’s Rob Demovsky. Previously from GBG. Packernews.com. Where the reporters are scared of McCarthy and Ted Thompsons shadow.

    It’s too bad he didnt interview Charles Woodson about it.

    What are these players suppose to say. They are being interviewed for an article, they know it’s going to print. Get real.

    Tramon Williams of all people. If what these players say is true, then the only reason the “scheme” isn’t working, is because these same players aren’t good enough to make it work.

    Where’s Rob Demovsky’s view on the problem? You don’t find that in his article, because he’s a Packer Patsy. Just like all the Packer reporters are.

    That article is rated about 3 notches right below useless. About the same as this article.

    1. vj December 7, 2013

      Ah…so maybe Greg Jennings was right about the brainwashing! Of course, most might call that The Packer Way…

  2. TyKo Steamboat December 6, 2013

    The next man to operate our D might run a 4-3

    Think about it…

    Raji (assuming he re-ups with us), Pickett (assuming he plays 1 more season), Jolly & Worthy rotating at DT with Matthews, Jones, Neal & Perry rotating on the ends.

    Our current 3-4 scheme is a pussy scheme…a glorified Nickel defense predicated on hoping an offense will turn the ball over while QB’s like Eli Manning look like the greatest ever & sub-par RB’s bull us over for 6 yards a rush.

    Our defensive front is our strength & we can’t stop anybody. It’s a shame to watch

  3. Razer December 6, 2013

    Gutsy opinion and fundamentally true. Few people are going to point the finger at Andy Mulumba for not knowing how to play OLB or at all the blitzers that didn’t get home on Thanksgiving or the D-line that got pushed around by an average Detroit line. It is Capers’ defense he must be the problem. Surely, he can coach up the lunchmeat that we have at safety or harden the soft ILBers that have been the trademark of this team for the last 5 years. The fact that we can’t win in the trenches on either side of the ball tells you something about the bigger issues on this team.

    I wouldn’t be surprise if Dom Capers didn’t walk into MM’s office at the end of the season and tell him to “take this job an shove it”.

    1. PF4L December 6, 2013

      Lets hope he walks into McCarthys office and quits today. Good riddance.

  4. PF4L December 6, 2013

    “Dom Capers has had a very successful track record of leading NFL defenses. So he suddenly forgot how to coach defense this season?”

    This season? What team were you watching in 2011, the playoffs? 2012, the playoffs?

    This season? Then how do you explain the defense dropping 27 spots to last place in 2011? Because 1 player left? Nick Collins.

    If Capers doesn’t have the personel to run his schemes, if thats the case, change the scheme, be flexible.

    But know one fucking thing. This is a results oriented league, it’s been 3 seasons, not just this season.

    God forbid. A defensive coordinator be held accountable for his defense.

    Talking to “Prime Optimus” Tramon Williams and lard ass Pickett, and a newbie doesn’t impress me.

    How about Demovsky interview Dom Capers himself? That would be worth reading. He can speak for himself right? Or can’t he?

  5. cd4packers December 6, 2013

    Dom Capers is not a scapegoat. He is the DC. His Packer D is atrocious. I don’t think you can say that it’s all due to worthless players. And worthless players come from worthless drafting and signing practices….right? I don’t think so. These guys are not your average Joes off the street nor are they second stringers from top rated college prospects. They are the most talented and gifted players in our nation supposedly. That is why they are where they are…in the NFL. IMO, you have to have the whole package to make a good team that wins games and wins championships. Just having talented, qualified players is not enough. You MUST have a coaching staff that can not only “coach” these men but a staff that can also motivate them. Without proper motivation, a team is not much better than the average college or prep team. It starts at the top, but Capers has to be held responsible for his part in this fiasco. My 02.

  6. Santa Claus December 6, 2013

    To this day it still surprises me that no teams have picked up Lovie Smith as a def q. Like him or hate him, the man may not know how to be a head coach, but he knows how to run a defense. After last season when our defense sucked ass, I was hoping they at least bring him in to talk to him, but instead they chose to keep grinding it out with old Dom.

    1. vj December 7, 2013

      That’s because Lovie said he wants to be a H.C. not a D.C.

  7. Organicbuzz December 6, 2013

    The defense is manned with players we can “afford” Uncle Ted has to put it all out there or things won’t change.

    1. cd4packers December 6, 2013

      Of course, there are some players that are “cheap labor.” And in most cases you get what you pay for. However, there is sufficient talent on this team to be competitive in the NFL. Put the blame where blame is due. Dom Capers, TT, and MM. Look at teams that have struggled in past years, they when they get an agressivie coach they suddenly turn the corner and are contenders again. For example the Forty Niners-Jim Harbaugh. The Seahawks-Pete Carroll. You want a good team?? Draft good players and pay a the top quality players a bundle and hope for the best. If you want a great team, you have to add coaching skills into the mix. Some players will work there butts off for a particular coach because the coach has the right attitude about winning and he can create a chemistrty in the locker room that an ordinary coach may not be able to do. Then everyone starts the blame game. The majority of players on the Packer squad are qualified and talented enough.

  8. NICK December 6, 2013

    I do not blame capers for the missed tackles,but I do say it is his fault when he calls for a blitz and the opposing team calls a screen.He puts his defense in bad situations time and time again.

  9. GBslacker December 6, 2013

    It’s just fucking hubris when you try to run ***your*** scheme with the 5th and 6th OLB.
    That “next man up” shit doesn’t work when you’re rotating practice squad players.

    When we’ve had a comparative wealth of dLinemen — why not switch to a 4-3?
    It’s not like they’re tearing the “3-4” a new asshole.
    And if you’re going to wander around in zones — oblivious to the unfolding play — does it really matter whether it’s a “3-4” or a “2-5” or a “1-6” ?

    For chrissakes, do something DIFFERENT — if you’ve had your ass handed to you for five straight games.

    This uber-know-it-all, so-supremely-knowledgeable asshole should know how to ADAPT.

    I was quite concerned when the Cardinals dropped 51 on us.
    After a quick check of this year’s games, I only found 3 times where a team scored over 50.
    That’s a rarity.
    And to think it happened to us in the playoffs.
    Let’s not forget about that turdfest in 2011 — number 32 in overall defense.
    SB contender? Bullshit.

    When an entire unit looks bad, on a man per man basis — I think that has to come back to coaching.
    What are the odds that you have the shittiest player, at every position, out there at once?

    When an opening develops on the line, after the snap, you don’t drift back in a zone — 10 yards away. You get your nose in the hole and tackle the runner before he hits open field.

    When there are more than six players in the backfield at the snap, you don’t drift back in a zone — 10 yards away. You shadow each player with a defender — so they’re not open for a pass. If they risk a pass, a player is tackled for no gain.

    Huge cushions in short-yardage situations?

    I just don’t get how this guy gets a pass — year after year.

    1. Mike December 6, 2013

      Great points GBslacker!

      1. PF4L December 6, 2013

        Exactly, Ever wonder why it is that our closest defender is 4 yards from the receiver? It happens ALL the time. Coaching problems? Personel problems? Injurys?…We as fans don’t want to hear excuses for 3 years……FUCKING FIX IT!!

        1. Savage57 December 6, 2013

          4 yards? You’re being generous. More like 8-10 yards and backpedalling at the snap.

    2. Cheesemaker December 6, 2013

      Completely agree with you. I lost faith in Capers in 2009. Was at the TB game (0-7 TB giving rookie QB his first start) and our D couldn’t protect an 11 pt 4Q lead. Couple weeks later we surrender over 500 yds passing to Steelers – Big Ben is good, but he’s not a stat machine. Then the Cardinal game… please, make the Bad Man stop.

      Then 2010 happened I figured I was wrong. Or I should at least shut up.

      Then 2011 happened. Then 2012. Now 2013. I think we can conclude that 2010 was the anomaly, and 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013 is the reality. Scapegoat or not, he’s not the solution. And even scapegoats serve a purpose – they signal that there IS accountability.

    3. Cheesemaker December 6, 2013

      I re-read your post and that vein on my temple started to throb as I pictured all the scenarios you describe. I had to leave the house last Thursday after the Packers conceded the umpteenth short yardage situation to Calvin Johnson, letting him take the inside immediately off the LOS. After it happened on a 3rd and 1, I had to shut it down or risk going to the hospital with an aneurysm.

      1. Mike December 6, 2013

        Man! you are fuckin’ cracking me up!!! I am totally with you!!

    4. vj December 7, 2013

      Nice points…but it doesn’t change the fact that our personnel blows compared to that of say, Carolina, Detroit, K.C., Seattle, San Fran, etc.

      1. Phatgzus December 7, 2013

        Carolina’s front office deserves some respect, but Detroit? One thing these teams all have in common-uninterrupted runs of futility. The Packers is one of the few consistenly successful teams that has managed to avoid sewing the seeds of periodic haplessness (and subsequentently reaping the bolstering fruits that continuous privileged draft position bears).

      2. KregN. December 9, 2013

        Don’t forget that all those teams were doormats for a very long time and got to pick from the cream of the crop of the best talent, year in and year out. We don’t get to pick that high very often…..and when we do we get a super high impact, once in a generation difference maker like Hawk….

  10. Richard December 6, 2013

    Yes, but of course Tramon is going to go back to 2010 as proof that Capers knows what he’s doing. Let’s see…Eagles wild card ends in the last minute because Michael Vick throws up a ridiculous jump ball that Tramon takes from Riley Cooper, or else they lose. Atlanta was all Rodgers from start to finish, Chicago was Caleb Fucking Hanie. I don’t see where Capers had a fucking thing to do with getting to the Super Bowl that year. In guessing percentages, is say his scheme gets about 10% of the credit for that run.

  11. SA packerfan December 6, 2013

    Lunacy is trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. For now that also applies to me thinking the Packers might win.

    1. Iltarion December 6, 2013

      I have been thinking the exact same thing.

    2. Phatgzus December 7, 2013

      Don’t expect, hope. It’ll stave off the crazy a little while longer, maybe even long enough for sanity to return. Or at least it’ll prolong the journey on the downward spiraling staircase long enough that you’ll be able to enjoy the insidious insanity trip before you reach your final destination, the all-consuming, sulfuric fires of mental Hell.

  12. Iltarion December 6, 2013

    So, it is some sort of grand draft snafu that every defender on our team tackles high? That our OLBs didn’t know to GO FOR THE FOOTBALL on sacks prior to Nick Perry coming in and introducing it? That all of our corners can not play zone without miscommunicating, even our most-veteran guys? That our safeties can’t read plays and make plays, no matter WHO it is?

    I don’t think so. The coaches are all being paid for a reason. And that reason should be more than just making excuses for when your guys aren’t getting it done.

    Draft and develop. Is it the DRAFT part that is the problem or the DEVELOP?

    Aren’t guys supposed to get BETTER year after year? Who on this team outside the WR position has gotten better?

    1. PackAttack December 6, 2013

      Oh great, Iltarion your back. I figured when Turd Thompson got called out you’d come running to protect him.

    2. E. Wolf December 6, 2013


  13. GBslacker December 6, 2013

    I really disagree with this article.
    When a unit looks this bad, I think it falls more on coaching, than personnel.


    “Does anyone have an opinion on Seattle’s scheme? Oh, they have a great defense!”

    I agree.
    But I see huge differences between Seattle’s defense and the Packer’s defense.

    ***Seattle plugs holes***
    When a hole forms, the defender gets in it.
    They let the offensive linemen act as tacklers by restricting a runner’s lateral movement.
    They form a chokepoint — NOT open field.
    If the tackler is there — in the hole, spanning the opening — then the runner risks losing yardage by back-tracking.
    RESULT: runner will actually give up on a play and go down.

    The Packers are too far from the opening, leaving them to “react” instead of being “proactive.”
    By this time, the play develops uncontested and usually goes for positive yardage.
    RESULT: runner is in open field and able to run away from ill-positioned LB

    ***Seattle shadows backfield***
    5 offensive linemen (ineligible receivers) and the QB account for six guys in the backfield.
    All extra guys get a defender on them at the LOS when the ball is snapped.
    Why? because RBs and TEs slough off blocking assignments and try to get open for safe, short passes.
    Seattle shadows these guys making a completion risky or near impossible.
    RESULT: a throw-away and increasingly poor down-n-distance.

    The Packers drift back in a soft zone that is miles away from the action.
    RESULT: uncontested pass completion and YAC.

    Same scheme?
    Yeah. Sure. They both have 11 guys. But look closer and you’ll see big differences.


    “So he suddenly forgot how to coach defense this season?”

    NO. It’s been the same shit for years now.

    It’s a very soft system that’s based on exotic blitzes and opportunistic play — FLUFF!
    If it was a diet, it’d be empty calories.
    Coincidence that the defense looks “anemic?”

    IMO, it starts on the defensive line where LBs match up against OTs.
    It’s a mismatch.
    Offensive tackles are usually the best linemen and usually have 50-70 pound advantage.
    Is it any wonder the LBs can’t set an edge?
    or rush the passer effectively, down after down?

    For years we’ve seen Hawk and others try to shoulder-tackle.
    These clam-shell grabs are hard to hold as they’re trying to encompass the biggest dimension of an opponent.
    No wrap-up at the waist, or legs.
    We’ve seen these high-tackles shrugged off or bowled-over for extra yardage time after time.
    And we’ve not seen it changed or corrected, season after season.

    Personnel and technique are coaching issues.


    “He doesn’t have enough damn talent to mold a decent defense with.”

    Are each and every one of these guys that crappy?
    or do they look that way when they’re put in a bad position?
    if you’re trying to cover a 10yd x 25yd zone, won’t any NFL-level RB make you look foolish?
    I’d argue that if you put an average guy in a good position you might make him look like a super-star.


    “To a man, they defended Capers and the scheme.”

    If the players shut-up, they’ll get paid next season.
    And if they speak up… well that worked out great for Charles Woodson, didn’t it?
    But seriously, are they all going to say “Capers sucks and needs to go?”


    When a unit looks this bad, it has to be coaching.
    If these guys are all bums, then accommodations need to be made.
    If the defense was made for starters — and they’re on IR — then you’ve got to craft a new defense.
    At the very least, it would be something un-scouted — a slight advantage.
    At the very most, it could play to a defender’s strengths and tilt the game in your favor.

    1. vj December 7, 2013

      Yes, to a man or by position, the personnel is not comparable to the elite defensive squads in the league. Even if the right plays are called, these guys look lost half the time. They are all well conditioned but lack the mental fortitude to confidently use their bodies and get into proper positions to make plays. Most of them lack urgency and natural playmaking abilities, just as they did in college. Most of the players we have picked got by more on athleticism over consistent, tenacious playmaking ability. We also lack leadership but that often goes hand in hand with playmaking.

  14. SA packerfan December 6, 2013

    The Packer have proven they are soft just like the critics said they were. With the parity in the NFL I cannot see how saying it is the players fault that they suck is valid. All that is left is coaching and organization. Fire Dom and get a better D or McCarthy and the upper management will go down with the ship.

  15. Disposable Hero December 6, 2013

    So Kubiak wins the AFC South back to back years and gets shit canned today for going 2-11. Yet, we keep a has been DC out of what, morbid curiosity? Unfucking real…

  16. PF4L December 6, 2013

    I say we trade “Optimus Prime” Tramon Williams for Earl Thomas….lets do this TT. They pay Tramon like he’s a 1st round multi Pro Bowl talent, wouldnt Seattle jump at this deal?

    1. ay hombre December 7, 2013

      Early on as a rookie free agent, I was a huge fan of Tramon, all the way through the Super Bowl year. Since then I have been one of his biggest haters. However, Tramon is returning to form this season. He is not the standout fuckup he has been for the past 2-3 seasons. I didn’t think he could ever return to the player he was early on in his career, but maybe that injury he had is finally drifting into the background and allowing him to play the game he used to.

      Tramon is really not the issue with the secondary.

  17. Mike December 6, 2013

    Personally I believe Capers is on crack, Jim Beam and stripper poles! How else could you fuck something up this bad!

  18. ay hombre December 6, 2013

    Seriously…who kidnapped Monty and is now writing in his place?

    Capers track record is to turn a shitty D around and then have it slowly slide back into mediocrity. He’s done it at every stop in his career and the Packers have been no different.

    It. Is. Time.

    It is time!

    1. Phatgzus December 7, 2013

      Actually, it’s not. He’s had good D’s that didn’t “shit the bed”, and he’s also had fecally D’s that improved only to regress; however, only in Houston and Miami did his defenses perform (statistically) less adequately in his last year when compared to his first.

      One apparent general pattern is that his defenses usually struggle (especially with reference to ppg) when they fail to
      turn the ball over. Given Capers’ documented history of success on multiple teams with varied systems and personnel, it seems somewhat logical to to posit that it is not Capers and his scheme that is at issue, but the players
      executing said scheme. That Plymouth Rock of responsibility ultimately falls on Ted Thompson (with slabs of debris landing on Eliot Wolf and Mark Lovat). Players not plays.

      1. Phatgzus December 7, 2013

        1) He’s also had shitty D’s that failed to become top units at all (Houston-granted he also split responsibilities as the head coach and offensive coordinator). This further speaks to talent availability as a more significant factor than scheme unpredictability.

        2) Mike Eayrs and Rob Davis should also have boulders of culpability rockin’ their noggins.

        1. Phatgzus December 7, 2013

          And Carolina and Jacksonville, shit, fuck, cock, damn, what an awful fucking argument. I retract my initial point, with the caveat that the Panthers and Jags had significantly worse D’s after he left, the Texans and Steelers were no better, and the Dolphins improved significantly from their last year under him but couldn’t sustain the success he had in ’06 (granted neither could he, but he didn’t really get a chance).

          Although my first point was ridiculous and detrimental, the others do indicate player talent level as key factors in his successes failures.

          1. ay hombre December 7, 2013

            Dude…start your own fucking blog. Jesus.

          2. Phatgzus December 7, 2013

            6 paragraphs too much for you to handle, Cabron? Shyiiit, I’m by no means the most prodigious poster on here; that said 1st Amendment, jabronies!

  19. tedtomato December 6, 2013

    I never liked him from the time he was hired..mike nolan was out there i believe..and mcfatty brings in father time! Yeah the shitbag had one lucky season! I still dont get how any of the defensive or special teams coaches still have a job after that playoff game last year! Time to retire Dum..your shit 3-4 doesnt work anymore(well…at least not your version)!

    1. Phatgzus December 7, 2013

      It stopped working in Miami as well, then he came to Green Bay and it worked again-velly intellesting.

    2. Phatgzus December 7, 2013

      Also, you do realize that the architects of the current 3-4 formation in use by all teams (who obviously run that base) are Dick LeBeau and Dom Capers, don’t you?

      1. PF4L December 7, 2013

        For someone who claims such mental supremacy over the rest of us. You sure do say some stupid things sometimes. Just because LeBeau and Capers us a 3-4, doesn’t mean they are the architects of it. Do everyone a favor and do some research before you post.

        1. Phatgzus December 7, 2013

          1) Never made such a claim, that’s all in your dome. What else ya got?

          2) Dick LeBeau DID invent the 3-4; Capers is one of his “disciples” and he tweaked numerous aspects of it, particularly blitzes. Look at most any interview involving any NFL head coach over the past decade regarding Capers, LeBeau and their schemes, they say they are the fathers of the CURRENT versions of the 3-4 formation. I did my research, how about you?

          1. Phatgzus December 7, 2013

            “Dick LeBeau…CURRENT version of* the 3-4”.

            Scratch that, not any NFL head coach, any NFL coach.

        2. Phatgzus December 7, 2013

          Current…current, current, current…current, current, curRENT…current, current, CURRENT.

          Can you dig it?

          1. PF4L December 7, 2013

            The “current” 3-4.

            A 3-4 is 3-4.

            Just because Lebeau brought a safety down to blitz in a 3-4, doesnt mean he is the architect of it.

            Just because Dom Capers uses it, doesn’t mean he’s the architect of it.

            You’re a joke, they didnt re-invent the wheel. It’s a 3-4.

            Bud Wilkenson invented this defensive formation while coaching at the University of Oklahoma in the late 1940s.

            The person who created it was Bud Wilkenson. He devised the alignment at the University of Oklahoma in the late 1940s. The alignment features three down lineman and four linebackers in the front seven, thus the name 3-4. However Buddy Ryan then modified the 3-4 defense to make it look more like the defense we have today in the NFL.

            The Steelers have been using a 3-4 since 1982, Lebeau became the Steelers Def. Coordinator in 95.

            If you want to credit Lebeau, credit him with coming up with a zone blitz. Just because he used it in a 3-4 set, doesn’t mean he’s the architect of the 3-4.

            And Capers even has less to do with the 3-4, other than that’s what he uses.

          2. PF4L December 7, 2013

            Can you dig it?

          3. Phatgzus December 8, 2013

            Nah, I don’t dig, I excavate. ;)

            The Wiki is strong with this one, thanks for the enlightenment, Petrarch (you get it?). Unfortunately that research in no way refutes the claim that Capers and LeBeau developed the current 3-4 schemes.

            The zone blitz comprises a majority of the plays in the current 3-4, Capers helped LeBeau develop these blitz
            schemes (not just the Safety Blitz either). The 3-4 is run very
            differently now than in the ’40s.

          4. PF4L December 8, 2013

            You spin it however ya want there cowboy. Whatever makes your wrongs, right.

  20. Mike December 7, 2013

    and the Surrey buggy was replaced by the car . . . Coach Capers to the pasture.

  21. PF4L December 7, 2013

    If i’m not mistaken, Rob Ryan took a 32 ranked defense in New Orleans, a really bad one giving up 28 ppg, and in 1 season, they are now ranked 8th giving up 19 ppg.

    Dean Pees took over the Ravens defense ranked 17th last season, and, lost a lot of good players. Even so, he has them ranked 10th now.

    Yea, Maybe its not Capers or his schemes, maybe its the players. BRB…My door bell is ringing, MAYBE it’s the Easter Bunny.

    1. Phatgzus December 7, 2013

      1) Capers has done the same things as those coaches with multiple other teams.

      2) Drafting.

      3) Injuries-your favorite.

    2. Phatgzus December 7, 2013

      How’d that D do vs. Seattle? Very impressive, no?

    3. Phatgzus December 7, 2013

      That Ravens D was also sans 2 of it’s best players-T-Sizzle and Lardarius Webb-for much of the year due to (you guessed it!) injuries. They were also plus a shell of Ray Lewis whose backup last year is currently outperforming what he (Lewis) did last year. They also have 1st-round DBs-Smith and Elam-one with an entire season and postseason of experience. They may have lost their starting TE and WR, but they still have their deep threat and their 2 best offensive players. All that kinda makes the Pack’s win in Baltimore all the more impressive don’t it?

      The Saints have a lot of young and/or high-round talent playing well for them: Vaccaro (1st Rd., Rookie) Jordan (1st, 2nd year) Jenkins (1st, 6th year) Hicks (3rd, 2nd year), and Keenan Lewis (3rd, 5th year). They also have one of the most talented 2-down players in football in his second year with the team-Lofton.

      Maybe players do matter, in addition to coaches.

      1. PF4L December 7, 2013

        So what you are saying is Jordan, Jenkins, Hicks,Lewis, and Lofton were all players on last seasons worst defense in the league. But now Rob Ryan is Def. Coordinator and now there ranked 8th? Hmmm. Wonder if Rob Ryan had anything to do with turning that defense around in epic proportion.

        Gee phatgzus, you are but a shining light in a dark world.

        1. Phatgzus December 7, 2013

          “Players do matter, in addition to coaches.” That means both players and coaches are responsible for success, something you are keen to ignore vis a vis Capers.

          Also forgot Jordan Cameron; young players and players new to the system almost never perform optimally their first year in the pros/new system, so yeah that’s significant. Furthermore, good players make others better, e.g. Aaron Rodgers.

          Ya dig?

        2. Phatgzus December 8, 2013

          Saints are 11th in the league now after the Seahawks “game”.

          If you’re going to credit Ryan then you gotta credit Capers for his past success.

          1. PF4L December 8, 2013

            I did credit Capers, back in 2010, when he deserved it. Ryan is doing it now.

            Ya dig?

          2. PF4L December 8, 2013

            The Saints are 8th. I don’t like having to keep repeating myself phatz. If you are still confused, please have someone show you and explain it to you. I can try to teach you a few things, but i can’t make you learn it.

          3. Phatgzus December 8, 2013

            They’re only 8th in ypg; according to profootballoutsiders.com they’re 11th overall in adjusted defense.

          4. PF4L December 8, 2013

            adjust this ==========

          5. Phatgzus December 8, 2013


  22. PF4L December 7, 2013

    Like i’ve been saying since 2011. These defensive problems were with us since then, but when Rodgers isn’t playing, the problems that were always there, are now magnified. Just because Rodgers was winning and scoring enough points to mask defensive issues, doesn’t mean they didnt exist. Some of us knew that, and have been saying that since 2011.

    Here’s when i knew, i had no use for Dom Capers.

    He was asked about his defensive slide from 10-11 late in the 2011 season. He said” “It didn’t matter, were winning games”.

    The same bullshit some fans in here were saying. No offense iltarion and E Wolf.

    What do you 2 think now? Yea, now both of you want Capers fired.

    1. Mike December 7, 2013

      Smiles . . . They will come around to the facts about the other coaches as well, then maybe they will realize TT is not the god they think he is . . . heaven forbid!

    2. E. Wolf December 7, 2013

      Don’t put words in my mouth, asshole. That was never my position concerning the 2011 team.

      1. PF4L December 7, 2013

        Easy now Cowboy..What you need my dear friend Uncle Wolfie is a nice big glass of Coke and a smile and maybe you need to look back at your post. You said it didn’t matter, because they were winning, Please don’t call others an asshole, when it is you, who, in fact is being the asshole.

        Thank you for understanding.

        1. E. Wolf December 7, 2013

          For the last time, I don’t drink coke.
          Indeed, one of my favorite band’s most famous lines, in deriding the Americanization and dissolution of European culture, is “free coca cola for you” for when “the kids from Fame will all be there.”
          Know what else? I hate MacDonald’s too. When in Germany I long for mobs of young-toughs to burn down every last one. I also pumped my fist when Morgan Spurlock alluded to the death of Ronald MacDonald in Super-Size Me.

          1. cd4packers December 8, 2013

            I don’t think the comments about coke and McD’s were made to make you feel better. lmao

  23. Mike December 7, 2013

    I GOT YOUR ASSHOLE, AND I’LL RAISE YOU ONE MORE!. You do not even know me, why call me names! You have been jumping on everyone defending this cluster fuck of a patchwork, worthless, clueless Defense. Get over it wibble boy . . . None of us, I mean none of us wants to be wrong! Well you are this time turbo . . .

    1. PF4L December 7, 2013


      Just to be fair, i think i’m the asshole, the asshole was referring too. I don’t think the asshole meant your asshole any disrespect.

      1. Mike December 7, 2013

        Thanks PF4L! Sometimes these Packer blogs are great, and sometimes they are not so great! lol

    2. E. Wolf December 7, 2013

      Hey pup,

      There is a torrent of commentary so I can understand how you may have missed it. So let me be clear–I want Dom Capers fired. What I do not abide by is this knee jerk reaction to fire Mac or Ted.

  24. PF4L December 7, 2013

    I found something interesting…A post from the 2011 season..check this out.

    #12 written by Abe Frohman
    12/28/2011 – 12:34 pm

    All that aside, the secondary still has too many communication issues. Guys are running wide open still. It’s sickening.

    Funny, sounds like we have the same problem 2 years later. Keep up the good work Dom.

  25. PF4L December 7, 2013

    My old post from 1/6/12…..

    #9 written by mxz 600
    01/06/2012 – 10:41 am
    iltarion hit it….Newhouse gets punked, all the time against speed, doesnt have quick enough feet, but hey, he beat out Sherrod for the 1st backup spot…What does that tell you about Sherrod?..If Clifton can go, i think you dont mess around, and you go with the guy who’s got you there before…End of story.

  26. Kenny December 9, 2013

    I kind of hope they hire rex ryan after the season, if he is fired from the jets. That man knows defense. Hate the guy and think he is a jackass, but he is one the best defensive minds in football and gets the most from his players. Maybe his brash personality will get more out of this group of players.

    1. Kenny December 9, 2013

      Plus they dont have to change schemes. Most of these players were drafted because they fit 3-4 schemes. Clay Matthews, BJ Raji, Casey Hayward, ect.

      1. PF4L December 9, 2013

        I think we’ve had enough of BJ Raji. 8 million isn’t enough for him. And i believe 2 million is too much. Not sure wtf Ted is thinking offering him 8 million. I think he’s losin it. Fuck him and the all you can eat buffet he just came from. 4-3.