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Green Bay Packers Blow It in Loss to Pittsburgh Steelers

Le'Veon Bell torching the Green Bay Packers

They held their fate in their hands entering the game, but the Green Bay Packers were too inept to do anything about that in a 38-31 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

The Packers had a chance in the end to tie the game, but Matt Flynn failed to look at a wide open Jordy Nelson in the end zone. Instead, he chucked an overthrown pass to a well-covered Jarrett Boykin that went incomplete.

And let’s discuss that final sequence right up front.

The Packers were inside the Steelers’ 10 with 10 seconds to go. You can get off two plays, right.

Nope. Not if you’re the Green Bay Fucking Packers.

At any rate, the Packers were doomed by the same thing they’ve been doomed by all season. A really shitty, lackluster defense.

Let’s be honest. Matt Flynn went out on the field and looked like a backup quarterback for most of the day. We can’t begin to count the times he threw the ball nowhere near a receiver.

That being said, Flynn put up enough points that the Packers, or any team, should have won this game.

Except most teams don’t have the Packers defense. That unit is a flat-out embarrassment.

Inside linebackers? Terrible. Defensive line? Awful. Safeties? Shouldn’t even be playing in the NFL for any team.

The Packers let Le’Veon Bell run for 124 yards on 26 carries. That’s 4.8 yards per carry. And why should this surprise you?

Well, because Le’Veon Bell has averaged only 3.3 yards per carry all season, prior to this game. But hey, he was facing the Packers defense. They’ll make any running back look like a superstar!

We might be overlooking that and talking about a Packers’ win if it weren’t for Flynn’s two turnovers.

Flynn threw a pick six in the third and fumbled in the fourth. Those plays changed the course of the game.

Still, despite how awful their defense is, the Packers were still in the game at the end. It didn’t matter, though.

This loss more or less sums up the season.

Would the Packers have won if Aaron Rodgers played? Probably by 20. But Big Ted wouldn’t let that happen. Because he needs some more high draft picks to waste on guys that will never contribute.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. K.L. December 22, 2013


  2. DD December 22, 2013

    The amazing Thompson/McCarthy/Rodgers Packers “dynasty” continues! It such an amazing time to watch this team play. Just enjoy the ride.

    1. chucks December 23, 2013

      Rodgers wasn’t playing ya goof. I guess when we beat the bears you’ll realize that TED is smart. Did he know the eagles would whip the bears? Probably. He played the odds and won. We didn’t risk losing Rodgers for longer than we have to, we potentially get a higher draft pick, and when we beat the bears we’ll bring a healthy Rodgers to the playoffs with us. After that anything can go down. I have my doubts about how far we’ll go without Jolly though… :/ our D sucks.

      1. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey December 23, 2013

        Don’t bother replying to DD, you’re just encouraging him. He rushes over here as soon as the game ends to post this same, lame attempt at trolling every time the Pack loses, because he is a pathetic, sad little man with a pathetic, sad little life. Yawn.

    2. chucks December 23, 2013

      also, Ted, just like everyone else, probably thinks we have no chance at getting past the better NFC teams in the playoffs, so why risk Rodgers on a non-superbowl run? Let him heal fully.

  3. T-Pack December 22, 2013

    Not sure what to say. Packers really shouldn’t have had a shot. The batted ball call was something else. Flynn was awful. Lacy & Matthews gone. Tough day. Giants won! All you want is a packer win and at the same time you can see how bad they are.
    These games are torturous. With Rodgers in this game isn’t close. Tough season…

    1. K.L. December 22, 2013

      How was Flynn awful? Other than the fumble and the bad pass at the end, he did fine. The pick-six was not his fault. Andrew Quarless ran into him and fucked up the pass.

      1. Ryan December 22, 2013

        I don’t know man. He really didn’t look good. Missed all sorts of throws, couldn’t escape the pocket, couldn’t manage the clock, etc In his defense, though, he basically looked like a back-up. We’ve been spoiled with Rodgers. Flynn wasn’t stellar, by any means, but he wasn’t any worse than our other options.

      2. Phatgzus December 22, 2013


      3. Phatgzus December 22, 2013

        Last play of the game and he doesn’t even look at one of the best receivers in the league.

        1. icebowl December 23, 2013

          Totally agree.
          Flynns problem all along…
          Rarely does he scan field for other receivers…
          Always seems to go to primary target…
          Deer in headlights look is probably only thing that keeps D from not picking him more….

          1. Phatgzus December 23, 2013

            That and James’ and Jordy’s insane circus catches.

  4. Phatgzus December 22, 2013

    Pick-6 wasn’t on him, agreed, but Monty explained it about as clearly as you can.

  5. Ryan December 22, 2013

    This game was downright pathetic. UGLY, ugly, ugly. I can’t get over the countless dumbass penalties! I mean, come on man!

    Couple of things I took away here that weren’t really talked about on TV. (I felt Harlan/Wilcots pretty much sucked today):
    1. Why did we call a timeout before the Steelers kicked a field goal right before the half? They were rushing the kicker out and the play clock was basically down to zero. Let them rush the kick! Sure as hell is going to be tougher than giving them all the time in the world to kick a 30 yd field goal! At worst they get a delay of game and make it a longer kick. Didn’t understand that one. Unless maybe we had too many men or something.
    2. When we recovered that fumble right on the goal line, why did we start at the 3? It looked like we almost scored on the recovery, so I figured we’d at least start at the 1, if not closer. Instead we’re 3 yards away. That’s a lot tougher than 1 yard. We go on to try and run it and lose some yards and next thing you know we settle for a field goal… which of course would be blocked. Why wouldn’t it?

    Also, what the hell happened to Special Teams!? I don’t know the numbers, but we must have given up more yards on kicks and punts in this game alone than we had total all year!

    Overall it was one ugly ass game. Pretty sure my neighbors think I’m some of kind abusive psycho, but in all actuality I was just screaming at this pathetic excuse for a team today. James Jones looked good, and Lacy was a beast before Starks came in to look pretty good himself. Other than that, everybody else pretty much stunk.

    Thanks for letting me vent. I’m going to be worked up about this one for a while

  6. tedtomato December 22, 2013

    The stupid thing is mcfatty pretty much knew all week that rodgers wouldnt play…yet..he & flynn split snaps..on the 2 main practice day…he was awful today..and..you could tell that he didnt get a “full” week of practice.

  7. tedtomato December 22, 2013

    Most of the special teamers have been having to play offense or defense too..those guys are gassed by the time they get on the coverage teams

    1. Ryan December 22, 2013

      Hadn’t thought about that. Thanks for the insight. Makes sense to me

  8. Phatgzus December 22, 2013

    On the 1one-yard line with 20 seconds to go an you get off one play-spectacular.

    Those last two minutes were a spot on homage to the Bungals; worse
    fiasco than the Thanksgiving Day

    I’d still rather have a Matt Flynn on the team than a Jay Cutler.

  9. Cheese December 22, 2013

    -MD Jennings is horrible.
    -The first time the Steelers have a 100 yard rusher in 23 games is…. against the Packers. Who would have thought?
    -First sack of the game Barclay is sitting there with his thumb up his ass. No wonder Thompson doesn’t want Rodgers playing.
    -So much sloppy stupidity I don’t even want to think about it

  10. TyKo Steamboat December 22, 2013

    Won’t matter now that the shEagels are beating the faggy bears’ ass…

    More importantly, what will Clay Matthews, Eddie Lacy & Aaron Rodgers’ status be?

    The bears are a buncha fags. Their defense blows. Cuntler is an alcholee…

    Can you believe that dipshit Mike Tomlin went for the TD with 1:26 left instead of a knee & a field goal??? What a fucken stupid asshole.

    We didn’t deserve that game. We deserved to lose.

    Let’s kick Chicago’s ass next week & win our division. GO PACK!

  11. Nacho dan December 22, 2013

    Let’s just beat the bears next week. That’s all I need.

  12. TyKo Steamboat December 22, 2013

    If you’re a closet bears fan, be ashamed of yourself.

    Ditka worshippers? HAHAHAHAHA! I am one of the “Sons Of McCarthy” The Bears suck my fucken dick. Buncha fags.

    I laugh every time a bears fan says “Ditka”..all that talent & only 1 Superbowl…hahahaha. I’d rather Holmgren, Lombardi or big Mike.

    Chicago fans should be ashamed of their team. We went into their house & butt-fucked them in 2010 after they won the division & we own Soldier, that glorified, pathetic cow-pasture. We own those slime-lords. & next week we’re gonna fuck them again.

    Fuck the Suckcocko bears. I fucking hate the goddamn bears. Buncha fucken losers.

  13. GBslacker December 22, 2013

    Upside: beating the Bears, and getting in the playoffs… AGAIN!

    Downside: hosting the 49ers…

    1. TyKo Steamboat December 22, 2013

      Still, though.

      I’d rather host the Whiners & have a shot at revenge agaqinst a team on paper probably better than us than lose to the faggy bears for the whole purse. Fuck chicago

    2. Phatgzus December 22, 2013

      That would be ironic, the way the Universe has been messing with the Packers this year it might just happen.

      Heck, tge way its going, we might even beat the Whiners and the Seachickens (again), then end up losing to the Donkeys in the SB (again). Just don’t know what to think anymore.

  14. Steady321 December 22, 2013

    Looks guys, once again it came down to the fact that our defense stinks. If the O can but 31 pts on the board you should NOT lose the game, especially at home. This was a huge game that had to be won. Blame McCarthy for not getting them primed. I’ll say it again, Capers has to go.

    1. E. Wolf December 22, 2013

      14 of those points came off turnovers, including a pick six. ….
      I agree Capers must go. The defense has proven able to play well, it just does so inconsistently.

  15. Nacho Libre December 22, 2013

    That’d be the ultimate payback for knocking our franchise, Super Bowl MVP QB out for the season. A title game on the line, to beat the choke n go bears in their house, how sweet it can be? GO PACK GO!!

    1. TyKo Steamboat December 22, 2013

      We already beat them in the most relevant match in the 2 Franchises’ history…Winner=Packers

    2. TyKo Steamboat December 22, 2013

      The stakes don’t get any higher than a trip to the Superbowl for the winner…

      1. Cheese December 22, 2013

        Packers beat the BEARS, in CHICAGO for the GEORGE HALAS TROPHY. I like that.

  16. Pete Rock December 22, 2013

    fire capers hire lovie smith

    1. PackAttack December 22, 2013

      Why would Lovie Smith come here? One reason? If I was an NFL Coach and I was a stud D Coordinator (which I’m not saying Lovie is) what would be your selling points to me???

      “Ahhhh yeah, we got AJ “Ball” Hawk. Brad “who the fuck am I” Jones, Morgan “burner” Burnett, Tramon “extension” Williams and the great Melvin Delaney Jennings.” —- I CAN’T FUCKING WAIT TO COACH THIS GROUP!!

      Datone Jones, Nicky “pussy” Perry, Jolly Johnny Johnster, Mikey “the gunner” Neal, Ryan “The Fence” Pickett. SIGN ME THE FUCK UP!!!!

      * Can I get a decent FA? — Nope
      * Decent Draft Pick? — hmmmmmm, nope. Turd usually goes with “the value pick” which means another Brian Brohm/hopeful Johnny Manziel pick

      1. Kato December 23, 2013

        And really dude? Nick Perry is a pussy? You are fucking psychotic. Give the man time. He has had a dislocated wrist, same injury that sidelined Brian Urlacher a whole year, and fractured his foot. An avulsion fracture, ligament tears off a piece of bone. Takes much longer to heal than an actually fracture. I have had one. It took me two months before I could ice skate (I play hockey). The man has only played in 16 games after converting to outside linebacker. SIXTEEN!!!! He has 4 sacks and 3 forced fumbles this year while basically playing injured for most of the year. Give him time. He will get it. Datone Jones, jury is still out on him. Give him time. I remember Cullen Jenkins being a relatively slow developer.

        You need to fucking chill out. Capers needs to go. He isnt putting these players in positions to make plays. His defense is old, and he makes no adjustments to it, no new wrinkles. NFL offensive coordinators have adjusted. I agree with you that brad jones isnt the answer at ILB, as with MD Jennings, who has no business being a starting NFL safety. You forget that the core of this defense is still very young. Jerel Worthy, Mike Daniels, Casey Hayward, Nick Perry, Mike Neal. Give them some time and the right coaching fit (maybe a Rex Ryan?) and they will be fine.

    2. Kato December 23, 2013

      Dude, how fucking stupid are you? Why, after drafting 3-4 players for years, would they switch to a 4-3 Tampa 2 defense from a 3-4 zone blitz scheme? Totally rebuild a defense in the middle of aaron rodgers prime? Yeah, it will take at least 3 years to put together a defense. Remember Aaron Kampman playing 3-4 outside linebacker? Well fucking welcome to the best playmaker on the packers defense, Clay matthews playing out of position as a defensive end in a 4-3. He would have to put on like 30lbs. Yeah, lets mitigate the cornerstone of the defense that we just invested tens of millions of dollars into. I swear to fucking god if i see another goddamn comment about hiring fucking lovie smith…..

      If anything, Rex Ryan would be the way better fit for this team. He is a jackass, but he is a very intelligent defensive mind, and I think his character will bring out a lot in this defense. Right now, this fucking defense has no identity, no leader. Maybe Rex Ryan is what this defense needs. That is if Rex doesn’t get a head coaching job.

      But it isnt in Ted’s way to make the splashy move and get this team what it needs, he will likely either keep Capers, or replace him with some anonymous assistant coach from another NFL team.

  17. PackAttack December 22, 2013

    Yet another example of how piss fucking poor this organization really is w/o Rodgers on the field.

    As bad as Green Bay’s atrocious defense is, Pittsburgh is just as fucking bad. Time and time and time again the Steelers couldn’t stop the mediocre Matt Flynn — and their Red Zone D was overwhelmingly pathetic. As much as I want GB to score I had to stop and wonder if Pittsburgh really cared if they won tonight or not. Just goes to show you how an “elite” organization like the Steelers can fall so far from being a once highly decorated NFL D to complete mediocrity as they refuse to make changes and upgrades to their personnel. Ironic how they mirrored their one-time Super Bowl counterparts tonight.

    Ted Thompson is a loser, in the literal sense. He couldn’t careless if he wins or loses. He doesn’t care about the fans, the players, the team — he couldn’t fucking careless. He has ZERO, fucking zero ambition of making the playoffs. Even if the Pack somehow do manage to beat Chicago in Chicago without Rodgers next week — GB ain’t going to beat SF or NO or Seattle or fucking god knows who else in the playoffs. Ted wants to lose out, save Rodgers and have a mid-round pick to waste on another subpar Pac12 outside linebacking scrub who can’t count to ten. Who really fucking cares Ted? Who the fuck cares about who you fucking take next fucking April? The Packers have a shot at a Divisional Championship, home field advantage and the playoffs and this grey haired loser is taking the “cautious” approach because he really doesn’t give a shit.

    Mike McCarthy: The biggest fucking moron/buffoon in the NFL. Not only has he completely run Lacy into the fucking ground with ridiculous play calls (he can catch too ya know Mike?) but with 20 seconds left in today’s game he gets off one fucking play???? One fucking play in 20 second??? And you decided to call a half-back dive with Starks with no timeouts left??? I’m sorry, that is a fireable act right there. McCarthy should be fired tomorrow morning for that play call and for his team walking to the line of scrimmage with zero sense of urgency and then, WITH NO TIMEOUTS and 20 FUCKING SECONDS, he hands off?? Even if Barclay hadn’t jumped why are you calling that fucking play?? If I didn’t know any better I’d thought Green Bay lost the game on purpose and, albeit, they probably did so Ted could feel better about himself next April.

    The Football Gods and Karma are just pissing on Ted right now. Chicago is going to get their ASSS handed to them tonight by Philly so the Division is on the line next week in Chicago and both Turd and Buffon McCarthy have to AT least seem and pretend and attempted that they care about winning next week. That’s too bad, Mike was hoping for a week off — these 16 games have been really tough on him, poor fucking guy.

    NFC North, Playoffs, Homefield? Naw…..we aren’t a Super Bowl Team according to Ted. But Ted knows all…..he knows who’s going to win the Super Bowl afterall, he knew Brian Brohm was going to be an All Pro QB, he knew Justin Harrell was going to rock the football world, he knew Brandon Jackson was the fucking man and he knows who’s going to win the god damn Super Bowl GOD DAMNIT and it ain’t my Pack —- naw, naw, naw — we’re good. Give us our #15 pick and we’re good.

    Thanks Ted — Thanks Mike — fuck you Ilitarion

    1. GBslacker December 22, 2013

      “fuck you Ilitarion”

      the hell
      was that for?

      PS: Justin Harrell was OK after his bicep healed. He got fat before camp and tried to make up for it in the weight room by jacking around too much iron.
      That’s how he fucked up his back.
      So’oto did something similarly stupid — trying to show-off.
      Can’t put that on Thompson.

      In the spirit of fair play, if you’re going to rail against Thompson — at least investigate his 31 peers. And then make a case for him being the worst.
      Are there some better? probably.
      Are there many worse? much more likely.

    2. ay hombre December 22, 2013

      What a fucking asshole.

    3. NICK December 23, 2013

      Thanks for venting for me,I could not have said it better.we always have next year to look forward to with tt ,big mike and good old don.Ha same sht different year.These higher then almighty guys are not going anywhere.

  18. Nacho Libre December 22, 2013

    If Cunt-ler plays the same way he is tonight next Sunday, the Pack have a chance to win that division title.

    1. PackAttack December 22, 2013

      Turd doesn’t fucking care…..this is karma biting the ass of Turd Thompson right now. Both him and McCarthy thought this was going to finally be the week they could both just sit back and enjoy, no stress, no Rodgers questions, no Cobb questions, just sit back and wait for the next shitty April draft…..

      Ooooops. One week left Turdy. McCarthy is going to stuff his fat fucking face with so many donuts and cookies tonight —- I can just seem him chugging a bottle of egg nog right now screaming at the TV — FUUUUUUCK GOD DAMNIT — FUCKIN FUCK BEARS — now I gotta actually fucking play my starters and give a shit about an NFL season!!!! FUCK!!!!

  19. GBslacker December 22, 2013

    There’s something bad-wrong with this defense.

    I’ve wondered before if it’s not the coaching: how does each and every player look so bad, if it’s not the scheme?

    Seems like every play is 4th-n-26 — as if it’s OK to give up 10-25 yards, as long as they don’t give up a score. Rather than disrupt a play, they let it develop — and then suffer the consequences, as they have a runner in space that they’re not athletic enough to chase down or tackle.

    LBs waiting/wondering if someone will run through a big hole.
    Secondary playing (way) off the receiver.
    And “zones” — nobody knows how to make that work.

    The end-zone play was a great example — why cover the back end, when the opponent “wins” when he crosses the plane of the goal-line?

    As a unit, they play afraid or like they’re unsure if they even know how to tackle. It looks like they’re scared, or that they don’t really want to be playing football. It’s just this gut-feel when it’s one on one — you know we’re going to get juked, stiff-armed, bowled-over, smoked in a foot race.

    I’ve heard other 3-4 Ds called “attacking” — well, for sure this unit has to be called “passive.” It was tolerable when the personnel was different. But replacing Woodson/Collins/Bishop/Jenkins for House/Jennings/Jones/Neal or Williams/Burnett/Hawk/Perry — just doesn’t work.

    Considering that we’ve got Rodgers and Matthews signed for huge money, the Pack can’t go FA-crazy. And that’s OK — if you google a list of 2013 free agents, and see what they now make and compare that to their on-the-field contributions: they’re hardly worth it.

    But can this financially limited team afford a defensive scheme that no recruit knows? I’ve heard it time and again, no college team plays the Caper’s defense. So their first of four years is really a waste as far as contributing on defense, as they try to learn it. Their only utility is special teams. Few of them have played ST, in their illustrious college career — so they’re out there, fucking around and screwing up that unit as well as not contributing on defense.

    It’s a clusterfuck.

    I worry that everyone is covering everyone’s ass — so there’s really no hope for any sort of change for the positive.

    1. PackAttack December 22, 2013

      Can they make trades in the NFL?

      A trade like — can you say — this is just an example. Take a guy like Randy Moss and trade him for like a 4th round pick? No one would ever do that tho right? Or get a guy like Aqib Talib (rated as a top 3 NFL CB) and trade him for a 4th rounder? Those are just crazy examples and no one would ever do anything like that — but do you think it’s possible that Ted Thompson could ever petition the NFL to make trades?? It would be a landmark movement if Green Bay could actually make trades — think of the possibility if trades were allowed and Thompson could actually do that? WOW! Amazing possibilities!

      1. GBslacker December 22, 2013

        Most likely what you want to trade for is highly desired by that player’s current team.

        They’re going to jack up the price as to make it disadvantageous.

        A GM makes that all come about when he says: “Geez, I’d sure like to have player X.”

        Just by hinting around for a trade means somebody is putting you over a barrel.

        I don’t trades are a cure-all let alone feasible.

        1. GBslacker December 22, 2013

          I don’t *think* trades are a cure-all…

    2. TyKo Steamboat December 22, 2013

      GBslacker, I could not see more eye-to-eye with you….

    3. Kato December 23, 2013

      THIS. I think its time for a coaching change on defense. I think there is enough talent on that defense to be in the top half of the league, maybe top 10. I just feel like capers time has run out. Ever since his X factor woodson declined, the defense has too. He did creative things with woodson, because woodson was a special athlete. He has tried plugging guys into that role like Hayward and Hyde, but they arent the same. Those guys arent someone that has to be accounted for every play. I think this defense needs someone on the sidelines, someone that they can get feedback with person to person on the sideline over the course of a game. Like most of these players on defense are pretty young, and they are going to make mistakes, but it seems like they keep making the same mistakes, and they cant seem to make tackles, which points to fundamentals, which, can again be contributed to coaching.

      I dont know, I just feel like it is time for a change of scenery, capers obviously isnt getting through to these guys or something, because it is disturbing. There are 5 first rounds picks starting on that defense, and several other highly picked players. Not saying that you hit on every draft pick, but I think it is safe to say the talent is there, and you see it occasionally with some of those players, just not consistently.

  20. Iltarion December 22, 2013

    Bears are absolutely getting their asses handed to them.

    I saw two teams in adverse conditions battling their asses off today.

    Matt Flynn looked very much like a back up QB, but that’s what he is. He still led an offense that put up 31 fricking points.

    I give props to the Packers for the fight they have in them to come from behind with the season on the line first against Minnesota then against Atlanta then against Dallas and finally against Pittsburgh, down 10 with 10 minutes to play.

    They fought until the end.

    Ultimately, a team loss. Everyone playing a part, and PENALTIES being possibly the single biggest factor. Penalties ended at least 3 decent drives and made all the difference during the fateful sequence at the end of the game.

    1. PackAttack December 22, 2013

      Fight? Minnesota, Atlanta, Dallas and Pittsburgh? Hardly good teams — doesn’t say much about this franchise or Turd Thompson and his dozens of “high-end/value” draft picks you can’t even remain competitive w/o Rodgers against teams like that.

      He really upgraded the O-line, he did a superb job there. Derrek Sherrod is a fucking beast on the line, great #1 pick he was.

      And that Defense — Teddy locked those mofo’s down!!!!

  21. PackAttack December 22, 2013

    WELL —

    Pack vs Bears for the NFC North Title.

    I’ll put money on it Rodgers doesn’t play and the Pack lose and McCarthy and Turd couldn’t be happier. I’ll just safe us all the time now

    1. chucks December 23, 2013

      Rodgers won’t play and we will win. Get bent man! We have no time for your pessimism.

  22. PackAttack December 22, 2013

    save us*** —- DAMN SPELL CHECK — FUCK!!!! GOD DAMNIT —
    Mike McCarthy: I HAVE TO ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THE PLAYOFFS, NFC NORTH TITLE, HOMEFIELD ADVANTAGE!!!!! FUCK (McCarthy throws large carton of Oreo’s at TV screen) “FUCK!!!”(takes carton of egg nog and throws it at picture of him and Rodgers wearing championship belt in the shower together) FUCK!!! (stuffs face with twinkee) FUCK…..

    phone rings, it’s Ted Thompson

    Ted: “hello Mike, I’m cumming…over are you ready?
    Mike McCarthy: OHHH FUCK, FUCK, NO Ted I’m eating
    Ted: “i don’t care what your doing Mike, my grey hairs are ready for you and I’m cocked, locked and ready to unload
    Ted: “i don’t care mike, we will lose next week because im resigning seneca wallace and promised him $6.2 million pounds of weed and cocaine if he throws 4 interceptions and loses the game”
    Mike McCarthy: FUCK….FUCK….who is Seneca Wallace?

    1. The Money Mike December 23, 2013

      I just laughed so hard my boss said WTF are you doing hahahahaha

  23. Nacho Libre December 22, 2013


  24. GBslacker December 22, 2013


    Looking like we’ve got a stellar match-up next week.

  25. casino blitz December 22, 2013

    Iltarion you are still the exact same clown that you were last time I was on this board.

    Adverse conditions. Listen to you. Mr. moral victory preaching to his colleagues.

    This is about winning, and winning now. I don’t need to go into detail. You all saw what happened at the end. That is scary. Scary to think that “professional” football players and coaches are capable of fucking up a game the way they did. 1 play in 20 seconds?? Thats all time.

    Ill let you decide who to blame, but I got a couple people in mind.
    They remind me of Illitarion.

  26. Phatgzus December 22, 2013

    Good thing the Eagles weren’t motivated to play for anything, otherwise that might’ve been a real embarrassment for Da Bears; thanks for the perspective, Chitown.

  27. E. Wolf December 22, 2013

    And the “discussion” continues to devolve into a retard alamo with poorly thought out rants blasting Ted and Mac, calling for them to be fired, so on and so forth ad nauseum, making this disappointing season even harder to take.

    1. Phatgzus December 22, 2013

      Lol, Retard Alamo; that’s funny, Wolf, first laugh I’ve had all day. Thank you for that.

      1. E. Wolf December 22, 2013

        My pleasure.

      2. icebowl December 23, 2013

        Yup that was good….

      3. cd4packers December 23, 2013

        retard alamo is funny huh? seriously?

        1. Phatgzus December 23, 2013

          I found the image of Crockett, Bowie, and the American troops clad in drool buckets battling against ol’ one-legged Santy Annie and his motley horde of derps on kiddy leashes Dumb and Dumber style quite entertaining, yes.

    2. PF4L December 22, 2013

      Wolf, i told these fucks, to watch what they say about Ted and Mac. They don’t fucking listen!! I say we put this bullshit to a stop. It’s go time now!!

  28. Iltarion December 22, 2013

    “This battle has brought together the finest of people.”


  29. Iltarion December 22, 2013

    One final note-

    Up and down, elation and then disaster. In the end, it all meant exactly NOTHING.

    If we had won, next week would STILL be for the division title. Whether we won or lost this week meant all of nothing.

    Considering THAT, absolutely brilliant to not play Rodgers. In hindsight, of course…

  30. Gort December 22, 2013

    Today was a Good, Bad, Ugly day.

    Good – Lions are eliminated.

    Bad – Pack lays an egg at Lambeau.

    Ugly – Bears at Eagles.

    For the Pack, the loss was a total team effort. All 3 phases of the game helped lose it. We are very fortunate to still have a chance next Sunday.

  31. Brewtown Packer Backer December 22, 2013

    Somebody call PackAttack’s mom and tell her to cut the power to the basement. Take your fuckin’ ritalin, man.

    Anyway, aside from the injuries this week is basically a double-down for next week. Do we even deserve to be in this position? Probably not, but with a chance to beat the Bears at home AND then have a revenge game against the Niners?!?!!? Too sweet. Given the way the Bears played tonight and given that Jay Cutler will always suck, I like our chances next week. If we have AR, it’s a fuckin’ wrap. If we got Flynn, it’s up to our defense to minimize their suckitude.

    And enough with the big fellas playing fullback. It was cute the first couple of times. Let Raji concentrate on tackling. He needs it.

  32. PF4L December 22, 2013

    The NFC North, preseason predictions were this is a tough Division with good teams. As iv’e posted. Any team from the NFC North will be hard pressed to get past the 1st round.

    With that said. i loved watching DUH Bears getting their asses handed to them. we got the Bears next at Soldier. Next to a Packers victory, watching the Bears get mauled is my 1 big pleasure outside the Packers.

    Lets Kick the Bears ass, win the Division. get in the playoffs, and see what happens.

  33. Savage57 December 23, 2013

    WTF Play calling? Dumb-ass Penalties? Special ‘In the bad way’ Teams? The vaunted ‘Green Lace’ Defense?

    Every Sunday, I keep having these deja vu moments.

    And every Monday-Saturday, the song remains the same.

    1. Phatgzus December 23, 2013

      Thanks to your carefully chosen idiom I got my Monday started with some Zeppelin, so thank you for that.

  34. the real russ letlow December 23, 2013

    ….and we liv to play for the NFC North championship one more time. But will we have enough players to put on the field?

  35. icebowl December 23, 2013

    Watching how pathetic the Steelers have become I wondered how long it will be before GB gets to that point….
    But then I thought Carpe Diem – if they let QB1 best the bears I’ll be happy…
    Anything after that is frosting on the cake….

    1. Phatgzus December 23, 2013

      I think it’s spelled Capers Dom.

      1. icebowl December 23, 2013

        Good one…

  36. cd4packers December 23, 2013

    Haha! The Bears Still Suck!! The Packers are still in it amazingly. We get another chance let’s not blow it again Pack. Especially, not against the Bears, we must beat them. GO PACK GO!!!

  37. jpack December 23, 2013

    Time management at the end was pathetic – that falls on the coach and the QB..

  38. Don Q December 23, 2013

    The game will @ 3pm next Sunday. So all us Minnesota Packer fans won’t get fucked out of watching the game. Go Pack! Beat those stupid asshole bears!

  39. T Pack December 23, 2013

    I can’t see Rodgers returning this week. Really how much more will his collar bone heal in 2-3 more days. Flynn getting better but he still throws an awful ball. No touch at all. So Rodgers, Lacy & Matthews are out. Would nice to hear of a good game day play. Doubtfull knowing this crappy team of coaches.

    Can anyone shed some light on that batted ball call. As far as I thought once the blocked ball goes past the line of scrimmage it can no longer be advanced. So shouldn’t it have been a dead ball? I will take it but it looked like a big blown call. THoughts?

    1. Phatgzus December 23, 2013

      It can’t be advanced, but it can be fumbled by the return team (ahem, John Kuhn). The Packers were awarded the ball because when Clark pitched it, another Steelers player knocked it forward, thus the batted ball penalty which gave the Packers a first down. The point of contention is 1) that Clark was already down with control of the ball before he lateraled it, and 2) the play was unreviewable because the penalty was called.

  40. PackLethal December 23, 2013

    Although the usual complaints & compliments abound, the following statement really jumped out to me

    “………Most likely what you want to trade for is highly desired by that player’s current team.
    They’re going to jack up the price as to make it disadvantageous.
    A GM makes that all come about when he says: “Geez, I’d sure like to have player X.”
    Just by hinting around for a trade means somebody is putting you over a barrel.
    I don’t trades are a cure-all let alone feasible.
    I don’t *think* trades are a cure-all…”

    Now I must confess, this increased value does occur when something is known to be desired but then conversely, you present something of value to get something of value. “Trade only” & “draft only” are both polarized extremes that seldom work (if ever). Would not a balanced approach(draft & trade) work so much better than the proverbial “white/black” approach? The GM’s choices & largely inflexible approach has hamstrung this team (in my opinion) & each successive year reveals a little more of the systemic dismantling this team (& it’s fans) is enduring. I’ve been following the NFL (not just the Packers) & it’s many interactions for years. Many teams build, quite successfully, with a blend of trades & drafts! It works! The Packers need to take a different approach & riding on the skill of one man (A. Rodgers tho admittedly there are other outstanding key personal) works only as long as that man can take the field! I believe the leadership is to blame (it is the one constant variable) tho this conflicts with the knowledge that that same leadership brought a championship! That being said, can we please stop being blind to the polorized single point-of-view of “it’s either this way or that?”
    And as usual, the 2013 NFL story is unfolding as it should with end-of-season, in-divisional rivalries (particularly the NFC) deciding the division winners!
    Packers vs Bears!
    Does it get any better?

  41. NICK December 23, 2013

    Bubble screen bubble screen bubble screen.ugh

  42. tedtomato December 23, 2013

    Why the fuck does mcfatty try calling that pick 6 play…when he knows flynn has practiced it much…stupid ego maniac…yeah this team shouldve been fired up and ready to fuck up hairball..and that stupid looking fuck with the nasty beard!! Oh well i guess we can draft or undraft the next crop of turds in May…yes…May..dumb fuck goodell moved the draft back to May!

  43. Najeh Davenportland December 23, 2013

    My holiday wish list-

    Capers, Slocum, Brad Jones, Tramon, and Dr. Jennings become future Viqueens.

  44. Najeh Davenportland December 23, 2013

    Also Barclay is not a starter.

    Also, if its 1st and goal inside the 3, can we please stop with this shotgun bullshit? Please just pound the rock 3 straight times with Lacy! We try and be so cute with our play calling, it’s fucking gay!

    1. Cheese December 23, 2013

      No shit. Five wide receivers spread out within the five yard line when you have Eddie Lacy and end up settling for a field goal. Come on man..

  45. T Pack December 23, 2013

    The worst is those ridiculous fade routes to the corner of the endzone. Love watching Flynn throw those 10 ft out of bounds. yet we keep calling that play.