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Five More Thoughts on Packers’ Loss to the Steelers

Micah Hyde

Well, we can’t say the season is over even after the Green Bay Packers dropped an embarrassing 38-31 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers at home on Sunday.

That’s because the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears as just as inept as the Packers. Both of those teams also lost on Sunday. Detroit is now out of the the playoffs a week after leading the division. The NFC North will come down to next week’s showdown between the Packers and Bears in Chicago.

So, yes, the Packers could be hosting a playoff game at 8-7-1. I know everyone is real excited about that.

Anyway, here are five more thoughts on the latest debacle.

Fuck you, Ted Thompson
First, you hold out Aaron Rodgers even though both he and coach Mike McCarthy think he’s ready to play. Great and thanks. Second, we’re tired of complaining about the shit personnel the Packers have on defense. There are so many problems on that side of the ball and they were all evident once again on Sunday. The Packers lost this game because of their defense and we’ve said that after about six of the Packers’ losses this year. Your draft picks suck, golden boy. Your talent evaluation sucks. Your approach at building a team sucks. This season has proven it. Does John Schneider want to come back from Seattle? That guy knows how to build a team.

Alright, we’ll give you Micah Hyde
Ted has pretty much swung and missed on most of his draft picks in recent seasons, with the exception of guys like Randall Cobb and Eddie Lacy. And Micah Hyde. Hyde was one of the only bright spots on an embarrassment of a defense. He had six tackles and defended a pass on Sunday. He was also a spark on special teams. Hyde averaged 33.4 yards per kick return and his final return set the Packers up to tie the game. They didn’t, of course, but that was no fault of Hyde’s.

Special teams… man
Despite Hyde’s efforts, overall, the Green Bay Packers special teams units are awful. That’s primarily because their coverage units can’t stop anyone. Antonio Brown averaged 20.5 yard per punt return on Sunday. Emmanuel Sanders returned a kick for 54 yards. Then there was the fake punt that the Packers were totally clueless on. We’d like to blame special teams coach Shawn Slocum because there have been other years where the Packers special teams have been one of the worst units in the league. However, it’s tough to do that because there’s no consistency. Year after year, Thompson turns over the bottom of the roster. He fills it with developmental guys. Most of them are undrafted free agents. Those guys have some warts. Those are also the guys who are playing special teams. Should we even be surprised that the Packers make mistakes in kick coverage? Not really. That’s no excuse for it, though.

How did the Packers lose this game?
If you look at the game stats without seeing the score, you’d assume the Packers won on Sunday. They had five more first downs than the Steelers. They had a seven minute advantage in time of possession. They had more passing yards and the rushing yards were even. The turnover battle was also even. Both teams scored four times in the red zone. So what the hell? Essentially, the game was two plays — Cortez Allen’s pick six of Matt Flynn in the third quarter and Flynn’s inability to score on the final play.

Goodbye, B.J.
Hey, it’s been fun. Remember when you made that pick six and then did that dance? Yeah, that was awesome bro. We’ll always remember that. However, you’d outlived your usefulness in Green Bay. Most guys play out of their ass when they’re in a contract year. You, on the other hand, are playing the worst football of your career in your contract year. We don’t want or need your fat ass anymore. We can get some undrafted free agent from North Texas who will do as much as you do on the field. Don’t worry, though. Some desperate team will throw you $8 million a year to take up space in the buffet line. For the record, Raji had zero tackles on Sunday. That’s the sixth game this season where he’s failed to register any sort of statistic.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. PF4L December 23, 2013

    Well, iv’e been blasting Capers, Ted, Slocum, Raji and special teams since mid season 2011. Nice to see you guys finally coming around.

    Almost forgot Tramon. Nice game soldier.

    BJ Raji..Turns down 8 million. As iv’e posted before. Who’s the dumber fuck, Ted for offering it, or Raji for turning it down?
    You can’t fix stupid.

  2. PackAttack December 23, 2013

    Best god damn post I’ve read all year. Spot fucking on.

    Real Pack fans say it how it really fucking is. No sugar coating bullshit — this team sucks right now and if your blind to that you ain’t watching the fucking game.

    Turd Thompson is finally being exposed for the buffoon he is. I give McCarthy a ton of shit and he’s certainly not as smart or as good of a coach as he, and a lot of people for that matter, think he is but AT LEAST he’s supporting Rodgers and AT LEAST trying to win. I will say this tho — his play calling duties need to be stripped. This offense was much better under Joe Philbin and really hasn’t been the same or as consistent as it was back in 2011.

    Fat Mike is at the mike right now — he wants Rodgers to play.

  3. T Pack December 23, 2013

    Of course he wants Rodgers to play. How many throws did Flynn miss yesterday. I thought I counted 9-10 throws.
    It still amazes tme though how we keep trotting out the same defense every week. There are no changes. What happened to Lattimore? We punt they return it 30 yards. We try to hold them to a field goal or hope they make a mistake. Same shit every god damn week. Pray we outscore the other team. Nothing changes year in year out. Jesus!

  4. GBslacker December 23, 2013

    Rich Gannon
    Elvis Grbac
    Steve Bono
    Aaron Brooks
    Alex Smith
    Todd Bouman
    Craig Nall
    Matt Flynn
    Noah Shepard
    Chris Pizzotti
    Graham Harrell
    Brian Brohm
    B.J. Coleman
    Nick Hill
    Vince Young
    Seneca Wallace
    Scott Tolzien

    QB guru, my ass…

  5. Maryland Cheese Whiz December 23, 2013

    I’ve WANTED to say folks are wrong on Raji but how the FUCK do you have ZERO tackles?! I understand the take on two people space eater aspect but Vince wilfork doesn’t finish games with no tackles. What the fuckety fuck fuck are you doing out there except huggimg people?!!’ y

  6. hate faux fans December 23, 2013

    Raji and slocum can leave together, the defense didn’t lose this game, special teams did

  7. packers5 December 23, 2013

    Nice read and nice posts guys.I have been saying this for the last 2 years but T.T. and M.M. have been blowing smoke up my ass seems like forever. I will be a packer fan forever but will have a difficult time watching them if there are not any changes made. OFand DF LINE CHANGES and Coaching CHANGES.Capers and Slocum have to GO.This team needs an attacking type of defense and a whole new philosophy to how you play the game called professional football!!!

  8. Cheese December 23, 2013

    The coaching on this team is shit. Why do I see the same bullshit penalties and mistakes week after week after week, year after year? Because you assholes didn’t fucking prepare them! No one can tackle correctly except for the fucking kickers when special teams takes a shit (which is pretty common), we have Quarless running into the quarterback, pre snap penalties that are totally unnecessary (you don’t move until the ball moves, got it?), five wide shotgun formations on the 3 yard line with Lacy on the sideline, a defense that makes back up quarterbacks and runningbacks look like hall of famers, and a bunch of UDFA’s that don’t even belong in the NFL.

  9. Gort December 23, 2013

    Come on guys, don’t hold back. Tell me how you really feel !!!

    1. PackAttack December 23, 2013

      How about you go fuck yourself

      1. GBslacker December 23, 2013

        your Tourettes acting up again ??

  10. Iltarion December 23, 2013

    Nice to see all the dipshits together in the same place.

    Monty, I find it funny how you pump Lacy and Hyde and then criticize TT for not drafting anybody. Hahaha… You know that two good picks in one draft makes a pretty good draft, right?

    I saw two well-coached, second tier teams that refused to give up yesterday. Yeah, there were blunders made on both sides, but the conditions were ripe for that.

    I’m not sure the defense was that bad. Didn’t the offense pretty much hand Pittsburgh 14 of those points? And then didn’t the special teams hand them some more?

    Defense fought hard all fricking game. Offense fought hard all fricking game. Sometimes, shit doesn’t go your way. Get over it. Game meant nothing anyway, other than getting Matthews hurt again.

    Now I know the haters don’t want to hear about the injuries, but people are aware that we actually finished that game without our franchise quarterback, without our best defensive player, without our best running back, without our best receiver, without our best tight end…. HAHAHAHA!!!!

    AND YET! We STILL managed to give Pittsburgh a better game than Cincy did the week before. And Cincy might be the best team in the AFC right now.

  11. the real russ letlow December 23, 2013

    well, the last game of our season is being played vs. Chicago for the NFC North Championship and a home playoff game. I would never had guessed that 7 weeks ago. Could we ask for anything more, considering the circumstances? I guess that tie WAS better than a loss, right? GO PACK GO!

    1. the real russ letlow December 23, 2013

      sorry, REGULAR season!

  12. Kristofer from Oshkosh December 23, 2013

    Omg, I agree with iltee for once, with this kind of turn of events maybe AR, CM, and EL will be absolutely fine for next week and the packers go undefeated the rest of the season/playoffs and win the SB!

  13. TyKo Steamboat December 23, 2013

    you kids are forgetting 1 thing…
    The bug-eyed Mike Tomlin foolishly called a run play with 1:26 left on the clock. The Packers had 2 timeouts…we then allowed them to score a TD.

    That idiot should have kneed the football on the 1 yd. line, milked the clock, & kicked a field goal.

  14. Chad Lundberg December 23, 2013

    Believe it or not, John Schneider was hired because Pete Carroll wanted him. Carroll has been the one giving directions on which specific kind of players he wants, and Schneider just tries to find those specific type of players.

    That being said, there has been an OBVIOUS drop-off in player evaluation from our drafted players, especially in the first round, since Schneider left. Our last four 1st-round draft picks have contributed little to nothing either due to overall lack of talent or injury.

    I thought in the preseason that this class might be an exception considering how well most of them played, BUT NO!

    1. Cheese December 23, 2013

      Agreed. Our last four first round picks haven’t done baloney.

    2. Savage57 December 24, 2013

      Made all the worse by the undeniable fact that when that’s the only truck you have coming in to stock the warehouse, the inventory is going to be pretty thin.

      Ted, your not a wizard, or an alchemist. You get lucky once in a while, but you can’t go on expecting all this ‘lead’, the UDFA’s and 6th and 7th rounders you’re so in love with, to turn into NFL ‘gold’.

      Now go do your fucking job. Make some trades to RAISE the number of upper round picks. Trade away some of the vulture food on the roster for your coveted 7th rounders. Make an actual player for player trade. And sign a fucking value FA or two to fill a need – they’re not lepers.

      Let’s see if we can change the mission statement of the Packers Executive Staff from ‘Lets see how many fucking humps we can pack onto the training camp roster and see if any shit sticks on the wall’ to ‘We identify and — — USE EVERY MEANS AVAILABLE to acquire the highest quality player prospect at each position to address the needs of the team and ensure the organization’s long-term success in the NFL’.

  15. PF4L December 24, 2013


    If you are going to be a draft and develop team. that’s fine, if..You hit on your draft picks. What we have seen is Ted missing on picks the last 3 years. So what happens, is slowly, the talent pool depletes each year. What we are now witnessing is exactly that.

    Two things worth noting. You credit the Rodgers pick. Anything less of Rodgers being picked up by Green Bay to play QB for Ted Thompson and i don’t believe we’d even be talking about Ted Thompson, as he would have been gone by now.

    When the subject of Ted not performing is brought up. His apologist will then start naming off Teds draft picks to defend him. Great, but after they name those 7-10 players (most drafted between 2005-2010. We must look at that in realistic terms. By that i mean, Ted has been involved in 9 drafts. So roughly 80-90 drafts picks over 9 years. So that coupled with all his street and UDFA’s he’s signed. Getting 7-10 players during 9 years, should be a minimum. hell…If i or most any of us drafted for the Green Bay Packers the last 9 years, we might be able to acquire 7-10 good players. Think bout it.

  16. tedtomato December 24, 2013

    Ted can go fuck himself!! He knew for 2 drafts that he needed a safety..yet totally ignored the talented ones..harrison smith was available..but..we pick nick fuckin perry…a guy suited for a 4-3!! Then he drafts that pos jerron mcjerkmeoff. Lets just pick up some undrafted turd..melanie delaney jennings…and proclaim her the starter cuz the rest of your fucking pathetic safeties couldnt beat her out!! Lets not forget the olb debacle a couple of years before that..or that mess of an offensive line…barclay..outhouse..goodbye!

    1. rebelgb December 25, 2013

      LOL, Good Stuff!!!

      Although for the most part I agree with Iltarion (or however the fuck you spell it).

    2. David December 26, 2013

      Ignoring the Safety position last year in a Draft Year full of Safety’s… was near criminal.