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Evan Dietrich-Smith Returned to Practice Just to Get Injured Again

Evan Dietrich-Smith

The Green Bay Packers lost center Evan Dietrich-Smith to a sprained knee against the Detroit Lions, which only accelerated the team’s downward spiral.

Well, good news! He returned to practice today. And then he got injured again…

Dietrich-Smith sprained an ankle toward the end of the session and wasn’t able to continue. This is his third injury in just over a month. He also sprained his knee against the Eagles.

“I was feeling really good up until I rolled my ankle,” Dietrich-Smith said. “So I’m just trying to do as much as I can to make sure I can get ready for Sunday.”

With Dietrich-Smith out, the Packers move right guard T.J. Lang to center. In previous games that meant Marshall Newhouse got into the lineup, either at right tackle or right guard. When Newhouse was in at right tackle, Don Barclay became the right guard.

Well, we’re pretty sure that experiment is over. Newhouse was terrible against Detroit. Terrible even by Marshall Newhouse standards of being terrible. That’s about as terrible as you can get.

The Packers benched Newhouse in favor of Lane Taylor, who’s… wait for it… an undrafted rookie!

And still, the Packers have former first-round pick Derek Sherrod sitting around waiting to play, but they refuse to put him on the field for anything other than field goals.

I guess the right thing to do here is just hope Dietrich-Smith’s injury isn’t serious.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. rebelgb December 4, 2013

    Sherrod played, he looked slow as shit on his feet.

    Look, its time for TT and MM to start getting rid of these oft injured players regardless of their potential.

  2. GBslacker December 4, 2013

    Let’s try Marshall Newhouse…
    …at Center !

  3. PF4L December 4, 2013

    More offensive line drama…

    This is what happens when you can’t find a way to build an O line. This is what happens when you don’t have any quality depth at certain positions.

    Instead of just being able to plug someone in EDS’s spot. You have to start rotating personel out of their regular positions to stop the bleeding.

    Then Newhouse comes in…Need i go on?

    Let me say this about Sherrod. When Sherrod was healthy(pre-broken leg), he couldnt beat out Newhouse. Now that Sherrod is healthy again, nothing seems to have changed. I got news for you, if you can’t beat out Newhouse, you might have no business being in the NFL.

    So what would happen if TJ Lang got hurt? Who would be the center then? UFA Lane Taylor? UFA Roten from IR? Sherrod? Or the next UFA TT would bring in?

    1. Tucson Packer December 4, 2013

      Settle down. I would play center.

    2. PackAttack December 4, 2013

      According to Iltarion David Bakhtiari is “pretty good to him” — so that’s all that matters. Every move Ted Thompson makes is pure gold according to Iltarion and some of these other clueless fucks. Thompson could shit blood tomorrow and Iltarion would jack off to it.

      Thompson had a chance this off-season to sign a few low-end FA for OL depth and decided to run with 5th rounders and his elite “draft depth”.

      Thompson’s draft history looks like a who’s who of NFL busts. Justin Harrell, Derrek Sherrod, Brandon Jackson (it would take Thompson 7 YEARS to get the balls to draft another RB in the first two rounds which every fan on this message board was against!!!!! because, according to guys like Iltarion “you can find RB’s anywhere” — ohh yes, I’ve saved all those comments), and my personal FAVORITE — BRIAN “the guy” Brohm!!!! Oh yes, I love how everyone claims it was TT grand plan to have Rodgers helm the franchise when the grey haired fox went out and snagged Brohm in the 2nd round (after Brohm was a projected 1st rounder the year before staying at Louisville), ohhhh yes.

      Now, for an even better read — who would like to hear who the great TT has passed on over the years to instead draft the likes of Quinn Johnson, Alex Green, Jamon Meredith, Aaron Rouse, Patrick Lee — my god.

      Ted Thompson took Sherrod over Orlando Franklin (starting RT for Denver, hasn’t missed a game in 3 years) and passed on Jabaal Sheard — how do you look at TT right now and say this guy can thoroughly evaluate talent?

      I still can’t get over Brian Brohm in 2nd round! That isn’t just a “bad call” that’s a monumentally piss poor evaluation of not just Brohm but also Rodgers. That says everything you need to know right there. Brian Brohm.

      And since we’re all claiming “the jury is still out” on injury prone LB Nick Perry. Go look up his CarAvg rating amongst all 1st round picks in that draft class — you’ll see Perry right near the bottom of the list in terms of production and value he’s brought to his team in two years (David Wilson for the Giants has brought more value from the bench in 2 years than Perry has). Another great call. Can we call Perry a bust yet? Your right Iltarion we don’t need Harrison Smith, Derek Wolfe, Mitchell Schwartz, Bobby Wagner, Zach Brown, Lavonte David or Janoris Jenkins….fuck it!

      Monty makes a great point about there being no Pro Bowlers in any of these draft classes since ’09 — 100% agree. I look at the last four draft classes and see Lacy, Cobb, Hayward (I’m really leaning with that one, really leaning) as the only players who have done shit for this team.

      Ted Thompson sucks people and so does Iltarion and anyone else who gets on their knees to blow the guy.

  4. Nacho Dan December 4, 2013

    Have no fear, I heard Newhouse corrected his pad level.

  5. hate faux fans December 4, 2013

    PF4L Just out of curiosity name me 5 top tier teams who have an all pro LT aso Flynn is no Rodgers he holds the ball longer than Rodgers which means more time for a sack and once again you bring up how Ozzie got Monroe. If Monroe was so good why would he be traded even though hr was a previous 1st round pick, could it be because he was better than McKinney rather than just being a stud at that position

    1. PF4L December 4, 2013

      Flynn holds the ball too long? Is that his problem? Gee, and here i thought the Lions were applying pressure on him quickly. Silly me. Thanks for straightening me out.

    2. PackAttack December 4, 2013

      Duane Brown – All Pro LT – Texans, I won’t count him tho because the Texans suck this year so I’ll move on to Joe Staley (SF) – All Pro LT. #2 – Russell Okung (Seattle) All Pro. #3 – Ryan Clady (Den) – 3 time All Pro selection. #4 – Nate Solder (NE) – 1,234 snaps and 3 sacks allowed in 2012, not bad for a 25 yr old taking over for a legend in Matt Light.

      How about Andrew Whitworth LT (CIN) All Pro. Joe Thomas is damn good but he’s on Cleveland. Michael Roos is legit for Tennessee but they suck too but Trent Williams (LT) for Washington is pretty damn good and they were pretty damn good a year ago.

      Bottom line. Ted Thompson’s left tackles (or tackles for that matter) in the last half decade have been among the NFL’s absolute worst of the worst. Guy has drafted shitty talent and has gotten shitty players and even shittier results. There are plenty of good fucking LT out there, Thompson just doesn’t get them.

  6. MadCity Packer Fan December 4, 2013

    When will Ted get it through his head that he was wrong about some of these guys he drafted for the lines?? If they are not cutting it GET RID OF THEM TED! Bring in someone with a work ethic and talent set that we need.

  7. Nacho Libre December 4, 2013

    It isn’t going to make a difference if he plays or not. Let’s get real here, the packers are the last team in the hunt for a playoff spot. Hypothetically speaking, if by some miraculous turn of events should occur and they land a wild ward spot, are they going to get passed that first round playoff game?? With that shitty O line and banged up defense, I don’t see them advancing to the divisional. Face it, we’re done for the season. We should start looking for forward to 2014, the Pack will be back. GO PACK GO!!!!

    1. PackAttack December 4, 2013

      Dude, we have Micah Hyde and David Bakahrit — we are legit!

      You didn’t know this! Dude! We have Brad Jones and AJ Hawk! We have studs on the OL, we’ve got depth at safety, we’ve got a decent QB who knows the system waiting in the wings if anything goes wrong.

      We’ve got a head coach who knows his shit and how to call plays! We’ve got a DC who’s been around and knows how to run a 3-4 and we got the studs to run that shit! We got solid draft picks like Perry, Jones, Burnett — THESE GUYS PRODUCE RESULTS BABY!!!! Fuck yes they do, you seen those stats!!!

      Tra Tra at CB, TT just lit his ass up with a big time extension yo!!! We go to rock n’ roll with 38 in the fold baby!!! Johnny Jolly Christmas — all i can say is hellllz yes!!!

      We stop the run, we stop the pass, we make the pass and fuck dog — we run this shit!

      We goin all da WAY in 2014!!!

    2. Savage57 December 5, 2013

      Ran the ESPN playoff machine a bunch of times. In any case that I ran where the Packers made the playoffs by winning the North, they either got NO or SF at home.

      That would make the post season beat-down, shit-the-bed record 4 of 5 years, instead of just 3 of 4.

  8. Nacho Libre December 4, 2013

    Fuck. The above comment was for the “No more tests for Aaron Rodgers” column. But you guys know what I’m talking about. ;)

  9. Savage57 December 4, 2013

    What is the cause of the Packers problems?

    a) Ring-meat players
    b) Dim bulb coaches
    c) Favre had an old voodoo woman put a hex on their ass
    d) All of the above

    1. PackAttack December 4, 2013

      E) Iltarion

  10. hate faux fans December 4, 2013

    Now my point is how many of those tackles were taken in the latter half of the draft? 2/5 were late in the draft the others were top 15 which means those teams weren’t that good, how often do the packers draft that high. It’s not easy getting legit LT when drafting in the high 20’s, so lets hear some more complaining so i can put holes in those too

    1. PackAttack December 4, 2013

      Duane Brown (26th overall), Joe Staley (28th overall), Andrew Whitworth (2nd round), Jermon Bushrod (CHC) Pro Bowler 2012 (4th Round), William Beatty (NYG) 2nd round, rated as the #2 LT in all of Pro Football in 2012, Charles Brown (2nd Round) starting LT for currently the #8 best OL in the NFL. I don’t know what your trying to argue here but most good teams in the NFL have very good OL, except for GB who gets away with anything and everything because Aaron Rodgers is that fucking good.

      Ted has had opportunities in the draft, 1st and 2nd rounds alike, and instead has selected Bulaga and Sherrod. he’s had his opportunities to find linemen later in the draft, other good teams (Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, New England, Baltimore, KC, Denver, Seattle) have found good OL late in the draft. GB is currently ranked as one of the worst talented OL in the NFL, Bakahtri is a joke, Newhouse is cuttable and Sherrod is beyond a joke at this point — he’s more of a laughing stock.

      “lets hear some more complaining so i can put holes in those too”

      Is that the best you can come back with? Really? So you can shoot some holes in what? You got called out and your shitty little beleaguered rant backfired in your face and now your trying to cover up for it.

      Where were you going with this anyways? you trying to prove the Packers can’t get a decent LT because they win so many games with Rodgers their draft position doesn’t allow for it?

      Bwhahahahahahaha. Smooth thinking boy. So go back five years, and find me one tackle that Thompson has drafted, traded or signed that has been worth a shit? The last tackle the Packers had who made a pro bowl was Chad Clifton and Thompson had nothing to do with getting him.

      It’s weird how all teams with elite QB’s go and get a LT almost immediately and Thompson gets Marshall Newhouse to protect Rodgers —- are you really trying to justify that???

      What else you got?

      1. PF4L December 5, 2013

        This is why i didnt address his question, he’s not worth the brain damage. He is but a child.

  11. Richard December 4, 2013

    I was really holding out hope that that Datko/Coleman combo would show the world the genius of Turd Thompson

  12. PackAttack December 4, 2013

    Green Bay Packers Starting Offensive Linemen 2013. Rankings compiled by Pro Football Focus.

    D. Bakhtiari overall ranked 67th, pass blocking ranked 56th. 5th worst T in all of NFL

    Marshall Newhouse overall ranked 65th, pass blocking ranked 64th. Overall is ranked as one of the worst T in all of NFL.

    Now, go figure. Pro Football Focus which does more statistical analysis than any other place out there is either wrong, the Packers 0-4-1 record the last five games is either a mirage or you need to come to grips with reality and the inevitability that this team, this OL and Turd Thompson are complete busts in every single way. This proves he hasn’t drafted well, he hasn’t developed talent, he hasn’t signed impact guys needed for something as critical as the OL and he’s had multiple years to do so. What’s the big picture here? Someone finally jam this shit home and make these clueless fucks realize that Ted Thompson is a flat out fucking moron.

  13. hate faux fans December 4, 2013

    The year Staley was drafted the pack still had a healthy Clifton and tauscher and Whitworth was drafted a year before, now i was some what wrong on high draft picks but your just throwing out names, did it occur that they weren’t important at that time (TT screwed up tho in Harrell) hindsight is 20/20

    1. Abe Frohman December 5, 2013

      I recall reading that TT really wanted Darelle Revis that year. NY swooped in, possibly traded up to get him, and took him one spot before we drafted. TT couldn’t trade the pick and basically threw his hands up and took Harrell. Getting beat out is understandable. Throwing up your hands and picking Harrell is not.

  14. hate faux fans December 4, 2013

    If you’re going to make an argument about how good or bad a person/draft class is at least have it be within a 3yr window

  15. PackAttack December 4, 2013

    3 years — no problem. I mean fuck depth right? Shit, Chad Clifton wasn’t getting old or anything back then it would be stupid to think Turd Thompson or anyone else for that matter makes a move to sign a LT for the future right?

    If it makes you feel any better about justifying this argument we can certainly do that.

    2012 GB took Nick Perry who, when compared to the rest of his first round class, is an exceptional bust. Fuck injuries the guy hasn’t produced when he has played. His CarAV is among the worst of all 1st rounders in 2012. Thompson could have gone with multiple other options (so since we are talking about tackles) how about Mitchell Schwartz and Kelechi Osemele (2nd rounders), I’d say Jonathan Martin but I wouldn’t want him now either (he was actually pretty good tho), Bobby Massie and Dennis Kelly from Philly are good too — Thompson gave none of them a fucking look. Schwartz and Osemele have started every game of their careers so far. 2nd rounders but Turd Thompson was too busy giving Jerel Worthy a contract.

    2011 – We had one solid pick. Randall Cobb. Other than that Thompson chose Sherrod over a plethora of elite NFL talent. Passing on Orlando Franklin starting RT for Denver!!!!?? That’s as bad as drafting Brian Brohm and Justin Harrell. Franklin was a 2nd round gold rush selection and Thompson breezed over him like quick fart. Stefen Wisniewski (2nd round), Marcus Gilbert (2nd round) how about Derek Newton in the 7th round (starting RT for Houston?) rated highly.

    A great majority of these guys have all played every snap of their careers, been healthy, immediate starters, named to All Rookie Team and have been productive.

    Turd Thompson takes Sherrod in the 1st Round and then takes Caleb Schlauderaff (whoooooo the fuck?) in the 6th.

    In 2010 he takes Bulaga and says, “ahh fuck it, that’s good enough for Rodgers and the o-line” but then doesn’t take another OL again leaving players like Jared Veldheer (3rd Round), J’Marcus Webb (7th Round), John Jerry (3rd Round) on the board who are all starters now.

    So again, I ask — what the hell are you missing here. I’m not just “throwing out names” either. Every one of these players listed was draftable for Turd Thompson and every one of these players are all rated 20 slots higher than Newhouse and Bakhardi.

  16. hate faux fans December 4, 2013

    And like i said there were other positions of need at those times,i get were you’re coming from tho and looking back yea he missed a few but at that time no one knew if they would be good or bad football is also part luck. The niners took Smith over Rodgers, Brady lasted forever, no one drafted arian foster, Harrison.or gates, ours easy to judge after the draft

    1. PF4L December 5, 2013

      Looks like you got schooled son.

    2. PF4L December 5, 2013

      Good to see your English is improving also.

  17. hate faux fans December 5, 2013

    You didn’t address me because you couldn’t at least he throws out stats and facts and no i didn’t get schooled because as i said none of us know if a player is going to be good or not

    1. PF4L December 5, 2013

      OK OK OK. I didnt address you because you are much smarter than i am.

      And while were at it, you didn’t get schooled.

      And…Santa is real.