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The Green Bay Packers have some issues. Some of you will point toward coaching and I won’t totally disagree with that, but there are clearly some personnel issues as well.

And, since we all know Ted Thompson isn’t going to sign any free agents, then we’re going to have to look at the draft to fix these problem areas.

Players’ stock are going to fluctuate tremendously between now and the draft because of bowl games, the combine and individual workouts. That being said, here are the positions that need help and some guys we like who are potential replacements for some of the clowns currently on the roster.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. hate faux fans December 1, 2013

    I’m with you Monty on all accounts specially ebron, been saying that since Finley got hurt

  2. E. Wolf December 1, 2013

    Nose tackle?

  3. CDR December 1, 2013

    We have Offensive line issues (years of this bullshit) we need to look into also.

    Newhouse needs to just crawl in a hole somewhere so I never have to see him again.

  4. Ben December 1, 2013

    I agree that we need a tight end but I’ve never been a fan of drafting position players in the first round. That’s where you get the big guys. Problem is T.T. has been busting on those picks so far.

  5. Mason Crosby December 1, 2013

    I’m glad you didn’t say we need a new kicker!

  6. PF4L December 1, 2013

    BJ Raji = Pro Bowl Nose tackle “aka” 8 million dollar man. In Ted We Trust.

    Draft and develop baby. And you just can’t sign enough UFA’s and other teams rejects. In Ted We Trust.

    GO DOM GO!! No really….Just please GO.

    Just cash your game checks Rodgers, kick back. You’ve earned every penny and then some. Most people see you are the team, even the disadvantaged fans on this site. Maybe the Packers will get their heads out of their ass and surround you with a little talent. Rock on brother!! 2014!!

  7. PF4L December 1, 2013

    The O line isn’t a need? Hmmm.

    Let me see, 7 sacks, and 15 smack downs on Flynn. But I digress, Bulaga will be back and Sherrod will no doubt be going to the Pro Bowl along with Lane Taylor, and Greg Van Roten, so the depth looks fine also.

    BJ wanting more than 8 million, O line’s a joke, safety positions a joke, need tight end, Don’t have the linebackers needed to run a 3-4. Tramon over-paid. Secondary doesn’t seem to have a clue how to cover. The worst Special teams in the NFL. Dom Capers is still the D C. Ted Thompson still has that dumb fuck look on his face. (See pic above article).

    This team is a GREAT BIG MESS.

    1. E. Wolf December 1, 2013

      Without are starting left tackle and without our center. ….
      Oh and the Raji contract you keep harping out is a lot like the Jennings offer, something extended because they know he won’t take it.

      1. PF4L December 1, 2013

        Just sayin Uncle Wolfie, just sayin.

        And I think the injury excuse has been done to death. Funny thing is with injurys in 2010, it was NEXT MAN UP BABY!!….While we rolled to the SuperBowl…..Here in 2013, what happened to next man up?

        1. E. Wolf December 1, 2013

          You’re a fucking troll, insulting fans who ostensibly pull for the same team as you.
          And no you are not just saying–you are fucking spamming this blog with five ten, or more posts all the same thing. SPAM SPAM SPAM.
          In 2010 did we did not suffer injuries of this magnitude, either in sheer numbers or in the positions affected. To suggest otherwise is to be intellectually dishonest.
          It is because of Ted–you know that guy with the white hair you direct so much vitriol towards–that we were able to hold serve with Bakthari after Bulaga went down. Then Barclay went down, then EDS.
          I defy you to find a team that could recover from that sort of depletion, particularly in the context of losing Cobb, Finley, and I am sure I am missing someone else.
          This season is hard enough to swallow without you and your kind coming out of the woodwork bashing Ted and to a lesser extent Mike. Just absolutely insufferable. But I am sure you get off on that (you have even stated as such). That makes you a fucking troll. I’d wager you are actually a Bears or Vikings fan coming here to stir dissension in the ranks.

          1. PF4L December 1, 2013

            You need to relax dude, I bet if I go back to 2010, I find your post bragging about NEXT MAN UP, and 15 players on I R. Won’t I?

            Stop your constant whining iltarion. You sound like a bear fan with your constant injury excuses, and you jumping done the throats of anyone that says anything negative about your girlfriend TT.

          2. Shawn December 2, 2013

            E. Wolf was not around in 2010, and neither were you.

          3. PF4L December 1, 2013


          4. PF4L December 1, 2013

            Holy shit, I read Wolfies post and thought it was iltarion’s writings. I guess that’s what happens when both of them whine about injurys constantly to make excuses for their hero Ted. So, please forgive me, Reading your post, sometimes I can’t tell you 2 ladies apart. i’ll pay closer attention, my bad.

  8. hate faux fans December 1, 2013

    You’re a troll we all know you’re a troll and rule number 1 is to never feed a troll but almost everything you spew ends up being asinine

    1. PF4L December 1, 2013

      Tell ya what child. If i was you, i’d go tell your mom that you don’t like my post. If it turns out she doesn’t seem to care. Maybe you can e-mail Monty with the same complaint.

      If that doesn’t get you any satisfaction. You should be probably tell your problems to Jesus, he cares, i don’t.

  9. PF4L December 1, 2013

    Well kid, if my football comments were wrong, please correct me, instead of being the only troll, not commenting about football.

    In other words, if my facts are wrong, correct me, otherwise stop whining.

  10. PackAttack December 1, 2013

    Funny thing is, less than 4 months ago idiots like Ilitarion were on here sucking Ted Thompson’s little dick trying to tell us all how great our safties, linebackers and offensive line was. “Thompson is the greatest he drafts great bla bla bla” — fast forward and here we are today without a pot to literally piss in.

    You could make a case that Green Bay needs help at 7 different positions (OL, DL, S, LB, QB, TE, CB) your guess is as good as any on how to prioritize that. Nevertheless that right there illustrates how pathetic the depth in this organization really is. Coaching changes need to be made, McCarthy’s play calling revoked, Thompson needs to open up the FA playbook and put a rest to this “develop homegrown talent BS” — you need fucking PLAYMAKERS not 5th round projects who have “potential”.

    1 – Upgrade the fucking offensive line for christsakes — perhaps a FA for once? Someone who can actually come in and make an impact? Maybe a fucking trade? I don’t know it’s not my fucking job, how about something creative? Find some depth and give yourself a chance.

    2 – Brad Jones / AJ Hawk – GONE, cut your fucking loses already. Replace this entire pathetic LB core and start with cutting Nick Perry — get this joke out of town and send Jones and Hawk with him. Find a group of linebackers who can actually play in a 3-4 D and provide inside coverage. To be honest you could resurrect Lawrence fucking Taylor and he couldn’t even play in the scheme’s Capers and McCarthy put together. Zero pressure, zero pass rush, zero results.

    3 – Safety – Unless Ted and Mike want another season like this you need to replace both of these idiots. Truth be told you’ll need to open the pocketbook and sign a FA if you want immediate results. Burnett is nowhere near the playmaker he was supposed to be but MD Jennings needs to get the fuck out. He is fucking terrible. This unit has been a major problem for the last three years. This defense hasn’t come close to replacing Collins or Woodson.

    4 – TE – Good call letting Tom Crabtree go. Another in genius move by the great Ted. Of all those TE he’s drafted he certainly knows how to pick ’em. Even when J-Mike was healthy he was a pain in the ass.

    5 – DE – Is there one decent, consistent pass rusher on this roster? One player who offensive opponents fear? I can’t think of one. Can you?

    1. PF4L December 1, 2013

      All good points……But with that said. I ditch Capers and hire someone to go 4-3. We have enough def. lineman to play a 4-3 easily. Obviously telling Raji to take a hike, if someone needs an ineffective 0verweight 3-4 guy, so be it, This dude is no Vince Wilfork. Pickett needs to retire anyway. So going 4-3 automatically addresses 2 problems, Raji and Pickett. Giving them both enough time to go fatten themselves up some more at Golden Corral. Raji turns down 8 million? Who the fuck does this cat think he is, Clay?, Rodgers? Fuck him. I don’t think he’s worth 3 million, unless you value players you never hear making plays.

  11. Peter Gabriel December 1, 2013

    So Many falsehoods, where to begin? I know, I’ll work backwards!

    1.If Hundley was projected in the 3rd (which he is not) he would definitely return to school.
    2.Tight end a top 3 need of this team? Have you watched the past three weeks? Instead of a tight end maybe we should look for a stable,franchise type left tackle, right tackle, or guard that will not get our all world QB killed. Bulaga, Sherrod, are injuries waiting to happen and the rest of our line with the exception of Sitton are not NFL starters.
    3.”The Packers need a pair of inside linebackers like San Francisco has in Patrick Willis and Navorro Bowman.”I need a blowjob from Megan Fox and Mila Kunis at the same time. Oh, and
    4.Dion Bailey is Taylor Mays Jr, Ha-Ha warrants a mid first round pick.

    Hey Monte, next time you want to sit at the big kids table you better do your due diligence, cause you just pooped your pants, and its back to the highchair for you!

    1. Monty McMahon December 1, 2013

      1. Probably. That’s not the point. If a QB drops there who actually has the tools, then the Packers should pick him. It was an example.
      2. I don’t like the O line either, but the Packers have invested a lot of money in Sitton, Lang, Bulaga and even Sherrod. Bakhtiari is probably the team’s second-best lineman right now. This isn’t gong to change. And if you haven’t noticed, they can run block. The Detroit game was a joke, but also an apparition. Look at the stats.
      3. That will never happen, because you’e obviously a dick.
      4. You have no idea.
      So here you go. Next time you come here, No. 1, spell my name right, you ignorant fuck. No. 2, actually offer your own argument, rather than just saying, oh, hey, you’re dumb. No. 3, actually look at the stats, which I’ve pored over, by the way. No. 4, if you can’t do those things, then fuck off and don’t come back.

      1. PF4L December 1, 2013

        You mad bro?

        btw..Sherrod is making $975,182, which is roughly 135K and some change above the veteran minimum, in other words, Sherrod is overpaid by right around $975,182.

        Barclay and Bakhitari aren’t making shit, because they haven’t done shit, yet. I say keep Sitton, Bahkitari, and Bulaga and I guess they have to keep EDS. I think Lang is ok, but over rated, and I don’t think Barclay will ever be able to pass block. Neither will Newhouse, but that should be left unsaid. It’s kind of a mess. TT dropped the ball not knowing about Eugene Monroe from the Jags, the Ravens stole a solid starting left tackle in the trade.

    2. Monty McMahon December 1, 2013

      By the way, your solo shit sucked. And I’m not even sure your stuff with Genesis was any good. It was better that Phil Collins’ Genesis, but Phil Collins couldn’t sing a lick and they chose him over you.

  12. Pete Rock December 1, 2013

    there’s no team that wins a SuperBowl with a shitty O-line. Can’t pass can’t run. Fix that shit first, get more depth.

    and our ILB are a fucking embarrassment.

    1. K.L. December 1, 2013

      Have you watched any games this season? Eddie Lacy has 800+ rushing yards so far this season. We can run just fine. It wasn’t until Rodgers went down that the shit started hitting the fan for everyone position on the team. Once Bulaga is healthy, our offensive line shouldn’t be an issue.

  13. PF4L December 1, 2013

    So, have you asked yourself, why would the shit hit the fan for every position on the team, just because Rodgers wasn’t playing? Did the line forget how to run block after Rodgers left? Did they forget how to pass block after he left? Did the defense forget how to tackle after he left? Matt Flynn got his ass kicked so bad I could hear his Momma crying. If that’s our O line without Rodgers, God help out the #2 QB in the future.

  14. PF4L December 1, 2013

    BTW….Watching Lacy run in beast mode is fun, tough man to bring down, Those are “brutal runs” not only to the tackler, but to Lacy, he takes a fucking pounding for those yards. He does help move the chains, but keep in mind. His average ypc among rb’s who have 50+ carries, is 36th in the league. Just sayin. He’s a beast, but those are hard yards.

    1. Phatgzus December 1, 2013

      That’s what hard runners do, they get hard yards. He’s also missed a number of holes (which is to be expected from a young RB) and he doesn’t have breakaway speed, so that also has a slight effect on his ypc. If you’re suggesting his ypc is a result of insufficient run blocking then what about Starks’?

      1. PF4L December 1, 2013

        If I was suggesting his ypc, is a result of insuff. run blocking, I would have stated it. I already told you why Starks has a higher ypc average. Remember? If I have to go through it again, i’ll have to charge you this time. Please, take notes in the future. Learning is a wonderful thing.

        1. Phatgzus December 2, 2013

          Starks was a rhetorical question, bud.

          “He does help move the chains but keep in mind [,] his avg. ypc among [RBs] who have 50+ carries [] is 36th in the league. Just sayin’ [,] [h]e’s a beast, but those are hard yards.”
          -It’s pretty clear there’s an implication in there, if it’s not an indictment of the offensive line then what is it? A suggestion that Lacy’s snaps should be limited so be doesn’t tire? If it is indeed that, then why do you consider ypc a statistical measure of punishment received? AD has a higher ypc but he takes arguably more punishment than any other running back. If anything, total number of carries would seemingly be a more befitting metric.
          And if that’s not the intent of your comment, the identified phrase in particular, then what is?

          1. PF4L December 2, 2013

            The implication was he’s 36th in YPC. And that he’s a beast who moves the chains, and he gets tough yards, because his running style invites violence.

            I didn’t say his snaps should be limited. Did I?

            Most football people would tell you Lacy’s yards come hard and violent, that seems to be common knowledge. Stop acting like, my posting his running style is “code” for some other meanings.

            And stop trying to decipher what the actual “intent” of my comments are. Don’t you have better things to do than pick through my words, trying to find some phantom other meanings, that I may or may not be implying?

            Why do you keep copy and pasting my post? To decipher them? Obsess much?

  15. hate faux fans December 1, 2013

    With Rodgers in defenses play 2 deep safety which means less defenders in the box which means more room for lacy to run, Rodgers out = stacked box so less room for lacy cmon now be smart

    1. E. Wolf December 1, 2013

      I think he is trolling….

      1. Lance McCullers December 2, 2013

        Wolfie Said “Trolling”.. DRINK!!

  16. E. Wolf December 1, 2013

    Barclay and Bakhitari aren’t making shit, because they haven’t done shit, yet. I say keep Sitton, Bahkitari, and Bulaga and I guess they have to keep EDS. I think Lang is ok, but over rated, and I don’t think Barclay will ever be able to pass block.

    The latter half of this sentence demonstrates just how wrong you are. Bakhitari has performed marvelously for a rookie, and has a huge upside. It is because of this latest gem found by Ted that we were able to hold serve at all until the Barclay and EDS started getting hurt.
    THe second sentence is an admission on your part that Ted has in fact done an acceptable job deveolping an oline, despite Sherrod not panning out. We have two solid tackles (Bulaga and Baktihari) and Sittion. And I like Lang.
    At best we could use an upgrade at center, but I am not convinced that EDS will not continue to get better.
    In other words, injuries are the problem with our offensive line–not Ted.

    1. PF4L December 1, 2013

      I didn’t say Bakhtiari hasn’t performed. he’s performed better that Newhouse, You remember Newhouse don’t you? Ted’s guy. Ok, great.

      They aren’t making shit, because they haven’t done shit …Meaning, they haven’t played long enough to prove themselves and get payed. Is that ok with you, or do you want to throw another hissy fit?

      BTW..PPF has Bahktiari rated 28th overall among starting left tackles. But maybe you know better than they do.

      Lastly you make yet another reference to the injurys as an excuse in defense of Ted…Is that the 600th time, or the 700th?………..You claim Ted has nothing to do with the problems of the offensive line? Wasn’t it Ted who drafted Marshall Newhouse, who started 31 games, mostly at left tackle….How did that work out for Ted?

      1. E. Wolf December 1, 2013


        You are ridiculous, and beneath discussion. You expect a team reduced to 2nd and 3rd stringers (and 4th string on qb) to remain in super bowl contention. That alone proves you are beneath discussion.
        Yeah, big deal, Newhouse did not work out. Many 5th rounders do not.
        Only a moron (like you) expects each and every draft pick to pan out. It does not work that way. And that you somehow expect that–and expect team reduced to a 4th string quarterterback as well as depletion at more core positions than I can name–proves you have the mentality of a small and not altogether attractive child. Fucking 3rd graders have more nuance than you.
        Monty should ban your ass for being a troll, and probably actually either a Bears fan or Vikings fan.

        1. PF4L December 2, 2013

          Whining Wolf,

          Did you really just bring up 2nd and 3rd stringers as an excuse again? For what, the 30th time?

          The problem wasn’t that Newhouse didn’t work out, the problem was that the Packers didn’t have a better alternative to him to begin with.

          Maybe if you stopped whining and stopped twisting people’s words, you’d be a happier person.

          1. E. Wolf December 2, 2013

            Newsflash, shithead, starting caliber tackles are hard to come by in the NFL. That’s why the best prospects tend to go in the top 10 or so….
            Oh and of course Newhouse has simpl

          2. E. Wolf December 2, 2013

            continued–Newhouse has always been a second or now third stringer, after Clifton and then Bulaga followed by Barclay going down.

      2. Phatgzus December 2, 2013

        BTW, PF4L, those rankings are from Week 7, when Bak-T had played all of 6 games, nice disinformation.

        1. PF4L December 2, 2013

          I stand by my statement. Where is he ranked then?

          1. E. Wolf December 2, 2013

            He’s a rookie starting left tackle you fucking dolt.

  17. E. Wolf December 1, 2013

    You need to relax dude, I bet if I go back to 2010, I find your post bragging about NEXT MAN UP, and 15 players on I R. Won’t I?

    Why not compare the injury list from this season and 2010, and compare. This year it is on an entirely different order. Morgan Burnett and FInley were are two most signmificant injuries. This year? Yeah.

    1. PF4L December 1, 2013

      Yea, those are signmificant. Yeah.

    2. PF4L December 1, 2013

      You really, really need to stop whining about the injurys, its the NFL, players get injured. Don’t be so blinded by your love for Ted, that you feel you have to keep defending him with the injury excuse. It makes you redundant, boring, and foolish.

      1. E. Wolf December 1, 2013

        Just shut fuck up the troll. Stop wasting my time.

        1. PF4L December 2, 2013

          “Just shut fuck up the troll?”

          Dude, I just said stop using injurys as an excuse. No need to go off the deep end.

          How am I wasting your time? You keep replying to my post.

          1. E. Wolf December 2, 2013

            By spamming your inane, nonsensical ranting.

  18. hate faux fans December 1, 2013

    Is that any worse than you whining about T.T than slinging insults if some one has a different opinion, most people call that hypocrisy

  19. hate faux fans December 1, 2013

    He drafted sherrod for that while Clifton was still there but sherrod got hurt but i guess you forgot about that, newhouse was not drafted to be a starter but for depth. Be smart

  20. hate faux fans December 1, 2013

    Oh and since you like being a grammar nazi it’s paid not payed

  21. vj December 2, 2013

    The strength of any football team starts with the players upfront. Ted and Co. need to honestly grade each position/ player and take best player…ah fuck they suck…nevermind.
    Look, get back to the basics, it was stated perfectly by some. We need college players known for their playmaking abilities regardless of position…just take best playmaker, period.
    TE – Ebron and Amaro are instant impact talents
    Safety – Clinton Dix and Calvin Pryor make plays
    D Line – Louis Nix may be in the Rd1 mix
    O Line – Swanson from Arkansas is a franchises dream Center
    ILB – The kid from TN Monty mentioned has an NFL stars name and skill set to boot
    OLB – Undersized Michael Sam from Mizzou makes plays…want bigger? Trent Murphy from Stanford sets the edge like no other and has an Aaron Kampman-like lunchpail mentality and motor
    Corners- not many Tall guys draft eligible…would be nice to see Micah.Hyde work some at Free Safety as an.aside
    QB – You take a Tajh Boyd, Bryce Petty or McCarron mid rounds because you get proven winners with ability to step in

    We need to get bigger body playmakers on this roster…more men not guys who can turn on a light switch when they hot the field.
    Impact players should be the theme for this draft and any subsequent.

  22. rebelgb December 2, 2013

    Im done with this site until Monty bans PF4L. Its bad enough I have to read PackAttacks 12 year old rants but at least he doesnt spam the board like PF4L.

    Monty my man, Moderate your site. Block that fuckers IP or something man. I can show you how if you need help.

    1. PF4L December 2, 2013

      Great idea, why don’t we just ban anyone who critiques Ted, MM or Capers. That way, they can’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Freedom of speech is fine, as long as someone’s feelings don’t get hurt. Otherwise…OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!

    2. Shawn December 2, 2013

      No one has to read PF4L’s comments if they don’t want to. That is the beauty of a message board.

      Though he is being perhaps overly prolific, he has not wandered into the straight-up troll territory as of yet.

  23. PF4L December 2, 2013

    Good, One less whiner, take your marbles and go home.

  24. hate faux fans December 2, 2013

    Pay him no mind,he doesn’t understand that good back ups cost money because in his world every player should be of pro bowl caliber or there useless

  25. Mike December 2, 2013

    I am just wondering what the pre-requisite(s) are for being on a discussion blog that tells it like it is, swears like sailors and shows little regard when throwing invective’s around? What would be the disqualifier? because it appears that if someone has an opinion that does not jive with the status quo, he/she must be tossed in a pit and stoned? What ever happened to debate? Rants? differing POV’s? So an outlier comes in, has a very strong POV, and is consistently admonished for it? if all you want is an all hands holding, worshipping whatever the Packers do blog, you should state that in your “About Section” what I’ve read state this: “Total Packers doesn’t pull any punches. We are outspoken. We are entertaining. Sometimes, we are crass. But most of all, we are passionate about the Green Bay Packers because we bleed Green and Gold.” With this statement, I would have to say that PF4L fits nicely into your scheme. . .

    1. PF4L December 2, 2013

      Any fan, of any NFL team, has a right to critique it’s team. I’ve praised the Packers when it was earned, and i critique them when that is earned.

      This has never been more true than with a fan of the Green Bay Packers. The Packers ask their fans to open their checkbooks, and basically donate money to them, under the guise of holding Green Bay Packer stock. They ask this, so they can stay competitive. I have bought said stock. And I share the pride of ownership as other Packer fans do.

      So if some of you candy asses, have any problem if I critique the Green Bay Packers, TT, MM, or Dom Capers. I have a special message for you..EAT A DICK.

      Who the fuck are you to tell me what I can or can’t post? My post are football related. Don’t like them, don’t read them. But at the very least. Stop whining and crying to Monty.

      Time to grow up.

      1. Mike December 2, 2013

        I thought my explanation was in support of you! I was blasting the other guys! lol

        1. PF4L December 2, 2013

          I know, I was talking to, “The other guys”. Appreciate it my man. :)

    2. E. Wolf December 2, 2013

      Monty and Co first of all demonstrate a certain level of nuance in their analysis. They do not expect each and every fifth rounder to be a pro-bowl player. PFAIL does. Monty and Co also do not have such delusions that total depletion by injury, reducing us to 2nd, 3rd stringers and even practice squad guys might have an effect on the quality of play.
      Monty is not a Ted Thompson backer, and is beginning to question him. That’s not the issue. The issue is spamming the comments sections, with three or four intial comments, attacking and insulting people who supposedly pull for the same team as you do. The ones about me and Iltarion wanting to perform fellatio on Ted are particularly notable, if not entirely original. They do scream projection though.
      I’m not convinced of it yet but it would not surprise me if this dude is a Bears or Vikings fan coming on here to stir dissension among the ranks. About the only good thing to come from his particularly odious brand of spam is that he demonstrates that some amongst us still hate Ted and Mac.

      1. PF4L December 2, 2013

        Grab a box of tissues Uncle Wolfie. E-mail Monty, and cry to him there. No one wants to hear it.

  26. James Bennett December 2, 2013

    Johathan Btown of Illinois is an outstanding ILB. Speed, strength, and smarts. I think he leads the Big 10 in tackles (a suspect stat because the other team always has the ball against Illinois) and I think he led the league last season. I wonder where the draft “gurus” see him in the pecking order.

  27. hate faux fans December 2, 2013

    What you’re doing is not critiquing it’s bashing there’s a difference look it up and there is much irony in you telling people to grow up. You say people are allowed to their own opinion yet you harp on them and tell em to “go eat a dick” or “take T.T’s dick out of his mouth” shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house bruh

    1. PF4L December 2, 2013

      Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Yet, when I see the same opinions stated time and time and time again in a whining repeated manner. “Reducing us to 2nd and 3rd stringers” <—For the 40th time (Can you whine some more?) I then exercise my freedom of expression by telling them to grow up, quit whining, and to eat a dick.

      Maybe come back when you are 18 so you can handle such language.

      1. E. Wolf December 2, 2013

        Telling someone to eat a dick is not an opinion, and certainly is not an argument.

      2. PF4L December 2, 2013

        I said “freedom of expression” wolfie. Please read it more carefully, or have someone read it to you so you can understand it better. Thank you for understanding.

        1. Phatgzus December 2, 2013

          You didn’t, PF, you said opinions.
          Yes every is entitled to their opinions but no one has the right to harass others-that is a privilege, and one that is often taken away.

          1. E. Wolf December 3, 2013

            Actually, he said both, but chiefly referred to opinions. I do marvel that he admonishes me to read his verbal diarrhea more carefully when he is the one fucking up on that point.
            Freedom of expression really has nothing to do with this: that is something granted by the government, alone. It does not compel private citizens to extend freedom of expression on their forums or property. I do not believe Monty or his site are extensions of governmental power at any level. He can allow or disallow any sort speech he wants, for any reason. He is a citizen, and this is a private enterprise.
            Telling someone to eat a dick or subject people to constant, unremitting taunts about male on male fellatio are probably not protected by the first amendment. There is a fighting words exception. Moreover, extreme taunts can exonerate folks from physical assault or even murder, although from what I understand it is rare for such defenses to actually work as a total defense. I will refrain from writing more other than to say I believe it should be a total, absolute defense every time.. Indeed, someone who utters fighting words like that should be Vogelfrei–completely removed from any protection of the law. You could beat him, torture him, kill him whatever. If we lived in a society like that, it would be far more genteel, with far less provocations, and thus ultimately far less violent.

  28. Dick Trickle "33" December 2, 2013

    You guys should get together for a fight! Seriously, you can put the video on TP and make money off the juice from the bets on the brawl. Easy money. odds anyone?

  29. PF4L December 2, 2013

    I think the term “brawl” maybe giving them to much credit. I have yet to witness a whiner, brave enough to actually fight.

  30. PF4L December 2, 2013

    I’m afraid if Wolfie was in a fight. He’d complain to the other guy not to hit him so hard because he could get INJURED. Then repeat it 50 times back to him, as if he didn’t hear it the 1st 49 times.

    1. E. Wolf December 2, 2013

      More spam, thankfully limited to “just” two successive responses. More bravado from a keyboard warrior from behind a computer screen.

    2. PF4L December 2, 2013

      Then, after the fight….people would ask him why he lost the fight. Uncle Wolfie would explain to them, he didn’t lose the fight, only that the guy hit him too hard too many times, that he got injured and couldn’t continue.

  31. PF4L December 2, 2013

    Just playin with ya Uncle Wolfie, Relax, have a coke and a smile :)

    1. E. Wolf December 2, 2013

      You’re a fucking troll-and a coward saying shit, ostensibly who pull for the same team as you, from behind a screen.
      Have a coke? FUCK YOU.

      1. PF4L December 2, 2013

        Monty…Uncle Wolfie is being mean and saying naughty words to me and hurting my feelings, can you ban him?

      2. PF4L December 2, 2013

        And by the way. You said the other day I wasn’t worth wasting time on. How’s that working out for you Mr. Angry?

  32. PF4L December 2, 2013

    Here’s Uncle Wolfie, in his own words. Here’s where the problem lies.

    “This season is hard enough to swallow without you and your kind coming out of the woodwork bashing Ted and to a lesser extent Mike. Just absolutely insufferable.”

    His problem isn’t me. His problem is that I’m bashing his heroes, and it hurts his feelings too much to read it.

    Funny, I bash Capers even more than I bash Ted. But because Wolfie now, doesn’t like Capers, he’s ok I bash him.

    So he suggest that Monty ban me. For what? Hurting his feelings?…WTF PEOPLE?

    1. E. Wolf December 2, 2013

      *BASHING* Ted and Mike, as opposed to submitting reasonable, intelligent criticisms, or having realitisic expectations so as to no expect every fifth rounder to be a fucking pro-bowler. See my post below.

  33. rebelgb December 2, 2013

    Shawn I dont give 2 squirts of piss about PF4L’s opinions nor does anyone else. Hes a fucking retard.

    The issue is SPAM. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It is not unusual for a board moderator to remove a user who is only interested in harassing the other users. Frankly he is making the board unreadable.

    1. E. Wolf December 2, 2013

      I agree completely, rebel. He often shoots off three or four successive posts in a row–when it is just two we are getting off light. His calling card of telling people to suck cock further degrades discourse.
      If someone really wants to discuss whether Ted has missed on some defensive talent, fine have at it. It is certainly plausible. Factoring out the obvious deficiencies in talent at defensive tackle/nose tackle and safety, three possible factors suggest it is not talent:

      1) coaching. Perry missed 20 tackles, other missed tackles from other players suggest throughout this ordeal all suggest coaching, not talent. Anyone who qualifies for the draft has the physical ability to tackle. The most likely culprit for bad tackling is coaching, particularly as it has been an ongoing issue during Dom Capers tenure.
      2) injuries (yes injuries) Matthews, Perry, Jones are all playing hurt. So is Sam Shields, as are others.
      3) Rodgers not being on the field puts them on the field longer, far longer than before. This along with the possibility that the guys are just cashing it in and giving up for the season COULD explain the total collapse on defense.
      Can we talk about these issues intelligently, among fans who stand together under the same colors and support the same team in the spirit of community and brotherhood? No because one person is fixated on male on male fellatio, who then ironically calls others childish, and is effectively shouting everyone else out by spamming this crap wholelsale.
      It beggars belief that a fellow “packers fan” could treat others donning the same colors could act this way. He acts and smells like a Vikings fan. That is why I say, he very well could be a Vikings fan, or possibly also a Bears fan but even the more odious sort of Bears fan typically do not act in such a crude, loutish manner.
      I do not abide by infigthing, not when Berty nutlickers in our midst turned on our colors in 09, and not here. If someone acted like this clown does in a face to face setting all the while daring to suggest he dons the same colors, and no one is looking, I would not condemn someone making him disappear. One could draw inspiration from Hostel and select scenes from Casino, and then turn to Walter White’s barrel method afterward.

    2. PF4L December 2, 2013

      Then don’t read it. Didn’t you say the other day you were done here? Then own it.

      1. E. Wolf December 2, 2013

        Troll, troll, troll your boat, gently down the stream. …

  34. PF4L December 2, 2013

    As you can see, it may take awhile folks.

  35. rebelgb December 2, 2013

    PF4L I dont have an issue reading your comments even if I dont agree with them or like them. Its the volume of comments. When I see there are 85 replies to a thread, then proceed to that thread only to notice 30 of them are from one user, it makes the thread unreadable.

    As stubborn as I am, if I have a disagreement with someone I say my peace and let it go. You arent going to change peoples minds on a message forum.

    1. Phatgzus December 2, 2013

      I disagree with you on a lot of matters, Rebel; I think you’re oftentimes coarse and overly critical, but you definitely have the decency to state your opinion and at least listen to (or even ignore) another’s without harassing them, and ya get props for that, shit given or not.

  36. PF4L December 2, 2013

    Nor does anyone else?

    #81 written by rebelgb
    12/02/2013 – 1:17 pm



    Shawn I dont give 2 squirts of piss about PF4L’s opinions nor does anyone else. Hes a fucking retard.

    1. PF4L December 2, 2013

      #59 written by Mike
      12/02/2013 – 8:50 am

      “Total Packers doesn’t pull any punches. We are outspoken. We are entertaining. Sometimes, we are crass. But most of all, we are passionate about the Green Bay Packers because we bleed Green and Gold.” With this statement, I would have to say that PF4L fits nicely into your scheme. . .

    2. PF4L December 2, 2013

      rebelgb…..Apparently others do care. But lie if it helps you state your case in a better light.

      1. Shawn December 2, 2013

        It has served its point. Now stop replying to your own posts.

  37. PF4L December 2, 2013

    #19 written by packers5
    11/30/2013 – 7:33 am



    pf4l, you are on a roll. Keep it up. I totally agree with you on all points.I have been saying and thinking about comments like that for a long time. Got your back.

  38. cd4packers December 2, 2013

    Holy Crap what’s going on in here? As long as the topic is football related I don’t see how it could be deemed spam. And it seems to me that there are a few users in here going at each other. It takes two to tango. If you ban one, then you will have to ban them all. Once you start getting into that Monty you might as well pack it up. Who wants to come onto a football chat site and read nothing but cheerleading type comments. Fans come here because they care about their team and what is happening to their team good or bad. I say let users give their opinions regardless if you agree with them or not. We don’t come in here to post comments to win popularity contests or make buddies. We come here to voice our opinions about the game we love. If users are so offended by what other users post, they can go somewhere else. May I suggest spikedkoolaid.com. They are touchy feely over there too and would sympathise with the likes of Wolfie and all the jokers that agree with him. lmao :P

  39. rebelgb December 2, 2013

    But replying to his own posts is what PF4L does best. And gee I wonder if cd4packers could somehow be PF4L?

    Stupidity is hereditary. This website deserves a better class of citizen….

  40. TyKo Steamboat December 2, 2013

    I can’t believe this post generated 95 comments…wow.

    Most of which were (probably) grown-men arguing. Get a girlfriend or something.

    The real loser is me…as I will never get that 8 minutes of my life back ever again.

    1. cd4packers December 3, 2013

      Again, who cares what people are posting about in here? DON’T read it if you don’t like it. WOW!!!

  41. TyKo Steamboat December 2, 2013

    The good news is…I just saved a ton of cash with my Statefarm Discount DOUBLE CHECK!!!

    So…The brats are on me!!!!