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Brett Favre is a Proud Old Man, Goddammit!

Brett Favre: OC

We’re sure you’ve heard something about this because, look, we know you secretly love you some Brett Favre. You know, greatest Minnesota Vikings player of all time. Third-greatest Green Bay Packers quarterback of all time.

In any case, old Farvealicious has been coaching himself some football. High school football! And what were those kids destined to do?!

Win it all, of course!

Either that, or get close to winning it all before their quarterback threw an inopportune pick at the last second. One of the two!

Hey, but here’s the thing. These goddam kids overcame the fact that they were coached by Brett Favre. They resisted the urge to throw into triple coverage. They resisted the urge to choke in the playoffs.

And they actually won despite Brett Favre being their offensive coordinator.

Yeah… I’m serious.

Brett Favre. The old cockslinger. He’s coaching the offense for some high school team in Mississippi.

How do you think that goes?

“Hey, listen, when the pocket breaks down, who gives a shit!? Just sling that fuckin’ ball out there like you mean it! You’re just like a kid out there! You’re just havin’ fun!”

“Fun! Kid! Woooooo!”

Anyway, old Favrelous compared it to a Super Bowl.

“I can’t say it’s a Super Bowl, but it’s pretty close,” said Favre. “It really is. It’s a different kind of feeling, but I’m awfully proud of these kids.”

In any case, yeah, we go out of our way to make fun of Brett Favre. But hell, good for those kids and good for that fucker for doing something for someone else (other than the Packers’ opposition). We’re totally sure he had nothing to do with the state championship, but let’s throw it the fuck up anyway.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. cd4packers December 9, 2013

    You asshole Monty!!!! I love Favre and you know it! You leave Favre alone Goddammit!!!! Hmmmf!!! :P

  2. Organicbuzz December 9, 2013

    Easy man easy, slow down. Show us old fucks some respect . Brett has paid his dues. Uncle Ted didn’t show enough luv. Speaking of luv’ how bout Lovie as new “D” coach? –

  3. NachoDan December 9, 2013

    “Just sling the fuckin ball out there” great stuff!

  4. Big Cat December 9, 2013

    Brett Fuckin Favre. ” What’s the capital of Thailand?” “Bangkok”

  5. Phatgzus December 9, 2013

    Brett: “Get off my lawn you damn punks!”
    Coach: “That’s the football field, Brett.”

  6. Phatgzus December 9, 2013

    Good stuff, Monty.

  7. E. Wolf December 9, 2013

    His betrayal saddens me. I want to like him when I read stuff like this, but I cannot. And you should not either. Stay focused.

    1. cd4packers December 9, 2013

      What you are not seeing wolfie is the whole picture. I don’t think Favre betrayed the Packers intentionally. He did what he did because HE felt betrayed. Was it right? NO. But i do understand why Favre reacted the way he did when he was banned from the facilities.

      1. E. Wolf December 9, 2013

        I don’t think Favre betrayed the Packers intentionally.

        Let’s see here:

        He engineered his way out of his trade to the Jets for the specific purpose of playing for the VIkings, in order to stick it to Ted, Mac, and teh Packers

        He thereby did everythign he could do give the Vikings their first Lombardi AND sabotage the McCarthy-Rodgers era.

        Let me ask you this–who do you think he wanted to win Super Bowl XLV. If the answer if The Steelers, sign my petition.

        1. Cheese December 9, 2013

          The Packers told Favre they didn’t want him, therefore he can play where ever the fuck he wants. The Jets were a complete mess at the time as usual, half the locker room was talking shit about him, and the offensive system was new.

          Why wouldn’t he go to Minnesota where they actually wanted him, they have Adrian Peterson, and an offense that he’s ran for the past 17 years? They gave him the best chance at winning a super bowl, period. Obviously there’s gonna be bitter feelings on both sides and I never wanted to see Favre in purple but it is what it is. Continually putting myself in a shitty mood because I want to hold a grudge over some guy I’ve never even met before because he played football for a team I don’t root for is not an interest of mine. By the way, fuck Greg Jennings ;)

          1. E. Wolf December 9, 2013

            Uh, the Jets made it to the AFC championship game that year. He went to the Vikings to fuck us over. Why wouldn’t he go there–how about so as not to stab all of us in the back.

          2. Phatgzus December 9, 2013

            That’s some good cheddar, Cheese, right down to the man who abandoned his team and his legacy for slightly more cheese vs. man who was forced out even though he wished to stay and try to win another SB (even turning down $20M to become some front office figurehead).

          3. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

            Nah man, the Jets were garbage the year before Favre and 9-7 with him but missed the Playoffs; the next year they made the Playoffs but that was under Ryan not Mangini.

            Then Favre retired so as to bypass the provision included in his trade to the Jets that stipulated he couldn’t join an NFC North roster.

            Interestingly, the Packers ended up getting a third-round pick from the trade, they then traded this pick as part of a package to the Pats for the 26th pick in the ’09 Draft-Clay Matthews; the Patriots drafted Brandon Tate with that pick. End result-TT lookin’ like a genius.

          4. PF4L December 10, 2013

            If i may. Let me straighten out some misconceptions here.

            @cheese… FACT: When Favre unretired, the Packers took him back. BUT…He was told, he would have to battle Rodgers in camp for the starting job. Favre wanted no part of it, and asked for his full release. He was denied, as he was still under contract with the Packers. Why should the Packers give up Favre rights with no compensation?

            @Phat…FACT: Favre retired from the Jets because he still had a year left on his contract with them. After Favre told the Jets he was retiring (which was a blatant lie) He then asked the Jets for his full release, which they gave him, thus enabling him to sign with ANY NFL team.

          5. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

            The second part of my first comment was regarding Favre’s time in GB. I essentially said the same thing as you vis a vis the Jets, except I didn’t mention his contract. No doubt Favre wanted off the NYJ: he didn’t want to go there to begin with, the players were turning on each other, the personnel (staff and players were being gutted) and Favre had just endured that experience the year prior, his new head coach was defense oriented (Sexy Rexy’s QBs haven’t exactly been prolific but his D’s have been pretty good), he wanted to win another SB, and there was the whole Sterger SNAFU. And no, I’m in no way condoning his actions, but it was a pretty sly move on his part-with the rebuild the Jets’ owner essentially said “Fuck you” to old Graybeard, and Beardy retorted “Screw you guys…I’m goin’ home.”

        2. Phatgzus December 9, 2013

          According to Favre (yeah obviously there’s bias) that when he spoke with TT regarding the futture, he (Favre) was reportedly told that they would make an effort to sign an iffensive playmaker, particularly Moss or Gonzalez; TT then apparently made no effort to pursue either, which given his history, isn’t entirely unprecedented.

          TT then made it quite clear that he did not want #4 back, publicly stating that Rodgers would be the starter (a move I’ll admit I vehemently opposed at the time) and that if the Iron Man wanted to return it would be as a backup or a member/unordained symbol of the organization. As an NFL player, especially a QB, even more specifically a Super Bowl winning, 3-time MVP, future Hall-of-Fame QB, there is essentially no bigger insult. It’s likely he took great umbrage to this and acted in a manner that an (aging) embittered, competitive individual with an ego is wont to.

          To further exacerbate the matter, this was one of the first major stories covered ad nauseum by the sports media (later followed by the Sterger hullabaloo and retirement “Indecision”).

          1. PF4L December 10, 2013

            lol…I’ll inject some truth accurate information in here tomorrow.

          2. Phatgzus December 10, 2013


          3. PF4L December 10, 2013

            Ok phat..Let me try to help here.

            Fact #1: Favre was campaigning TT to sign Moss. TT DID make an effort to sign Moss, but as i remember Moss didn’t like the deal offered. Keep in mind. Favre’s job is to play football. Not make personel decisions for the Green Bay Packers. This is the 2nd time Brett threw a hissy fit with Thompson, the 1st one being when TT picked Rodgers in 2005.

            Fact #2: As i stated above. The Packers didn’t make it clear they didnt want Favre back, (after he unretired). They flew out to Bretts home to talk to him. And later announced they would bring him back. Before this. Rodgers was already named the starting QB of the Packers. So, the Packers told Favre he would have to win the starting job back in training camp. ( A move i was behind at the time) Which again, he wanted no part of, then pouted and asked for his release.

            FACT 3: There was no insult. NONE. Favre’s accolades you speak of were generally obtained between the years 94-98. This was now 2007-08. Favre retired, they gave the starting job to Rodgers. The Packers owed him nothing, Favre was compensated with 98 million dollars from the Packers. Personally, i think it could be argued Favre owes Ron Wolf, Mike Holgrem, and the Green Bay Packers.

          4. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

            As I said my points are from Favre’s perspective (as he explicitly stated at various points).

            1) Favre did not believe TT made a genuine concerted attempt at landing Moss. Favre also likely wanted to be involved in the personnel (and other) decisions much as P. Manning is currently. He may have felt his tenure, success, and knowledge of the team warranted that. They did not, as you said, his job is to play. Still, it is reasonable he felt slighted by this new member of “his” team-the one to which he had bequeathed everything he could muster.

            2) They visited him the first year, but by the second year it was pretty apparent that TT and the rest of the staff had had enough (and they weren’t in the wrong, nor was Favre). The “QB competition” lasted all of a week and didn’t even make it to the first preseason game-that seems pretty clear. At that point Favre demanded/requested/entreated for a trade, TT denied him. He then offered Number 4 $20M to stay retired (as a player), Favre then rejected him and that’s when things got nasty and the media stepped up their game.

            3) TT may not have intended to insult Favre (never said he did), but Favre ostensibly thought he did, or at least didn’t give fuck one about him. As Favre a) has a large ego, b) resultantly likely believed this was “his” team and TT
            was the new kid on the block, and c) his ensuing hostility towards the organization, TT in particular, it is very possible
            that he took umbrage to the course of events.

            Good points, PF4L, appreciate the point of view sans the defamation. Obviously we disagree (again, big surprise) but I think we both have valid reasons for believing what we do.

          5. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

            Favre was even willing to give up part of his contract to sign Moss, TT wouldn’t have any of it-if his intention was as stated is somewhat dubious (as intentions are wont to be).


            And yes this article confirms TT made a significant offer to Moss, and no I didn’t assert otherwise-just wanted to make that.

          6. PF4L December 10, 2013

            Ok, let me say this, you stated Favre didn’t think that TT made a concerted attempt to sign Moss (from what i understand, TT’s offer wasn’t high enough to sign Moss).

            If i remember right, when The Packers told Favre he had to earn the starting job back, that sealed his fate at that moment, Favre knew he was done in Green Bay, it was his decision.

            After Favre retired, the Packers had a set plan in place. Rodgers being the starter. In my humble opinion, Favre should have been happy the Packers allowed him to come back, (at his salary). The fact that TT and MM told him he had to earn the starters job, was more than fair, citing the years of retirement talk, and finally, an official retirement. Lets be honest here, Favre knew how good Rodgers was, and felt he might not even win the starting job, so he said fuck that.

            The bottom line was, Favre was told he was a player, and team executives will make decisions of running the franchise, not Brett Favre.

            In summary. Ron Wolf and Mike Sherman were gone. Brett Favre is a QB, a player. I doubt his contract included provisions to make decisions on player personel or how the Franchise should be run or as an adviser to the General Manager on how to run the daily operations of the Green Bay Packers.

          7. PF4L December 10, 2013

            I remember a team that did bring in Randy Moss to catch passes from Brett Favre. As i recall that epic failure lasted a few weeks after bringing that cancer into a NFL locker room.

          8. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

            @PF4L I won’t argue against those points because , frankly I dont disagree with them (outside of Favre thinking he was done prior to the season’s inception-the dude doesn’t know when to say quit, gooor bad that’s a given). Ultimately I was only ever trying to present Favre’s viewpoint (as he has stated in interviews) based on TT’s actions.

            If any of these posts appears to be an indictment of either party, then I apologize for that was not my intention.

          9. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

            “…Gooor”, lol, should say for good or bad.

        3. cd4packers December 10, 2013

          You’re nuts Mr. I don’t think anyone and especially not Favre would go to all that trouble just to get revenge. Favre may be a lot of things but I don’t think he is a psychopath. He has said over and over again that he simply wanted to play football again. And sure maybe deep down he felt he would get some sort of satisfaction out of playing really well after being told his beloved team was deciding to go in another direction. Now I am not saying Favre is perfect, nor am I saying that he is completely innocent in all that happened back then, but what I am saying is that Favre did what he did for the love of the game. He was told that he was done. He wanted to play football and he had a tough time leaving. That’s not unusual. It happens to NFL players all the time. Sure he became arrogant and selfish. But most athletes who are put up on a pedestal for years like Favre was, end up with that sort of attitude. Favre was and still is a a Green Bay Packer. Love him or hate him he did much for the Packer organization and for the NFL. IMO, all that Favre became was in part due to the a Green Bay a packers and it’s fan and the media. We created him….he is what we made him. The media raked the man over the coals for years. Put yourself in his position. Again, Favre has plenty of faults, but imo that does not negate all the good he did and has done not only for the Packers but for the entire league. Plus all the charity work he and his wife do is amazing and cannot be discounted. I think he realizes that it’s time to make amends. Most Packer fans would agree.

          1. cd4packers December 10, 2013

            My comment was addressed to the idiot who has the petition. Wolfie.

          2. E. Wolf December 10, 2013

            He admitted to Greta van Susteran. “I want to stick it to Green Bay.” And of course, intention can be inferred from actions.

          3. PF4L December 10, 2013

            I agree with Wolfie on this one point. Make no mistake about it. It’s common knowledge Favre wanted to “stick it” to Ted Thompson.

            I’ll go one further. I believe that while Favre was with the Jets, he had every intention to “retire” (lie) after the Jets season, get his full release, enabling him to sign with the Vikings, where he wanted to play all along.

            With that said. Most of Favre’s disdain from me at least, came before he signed with the Vikings. Brett Favre thought he was bigger than the Green Bay Packers. The bottom line was that attitude wasn’t gonna fly with TT. Nor should it have. I personally didn’t give a fuck who Brett went to play for, as long as Favre’s drama finally came to an end in Green Bay. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Favre’s 2010 season with the Vikings.

            cd4’s point of Favre being put on a pedestal his entire career is also valid. He was treated like a God in Green Bay and by the National media. At least through his time in Green Bay.

          4. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

            And then he was crucified by the same people whom he saved and whom anointed him as Messiah (interesting parallels, huh? 2 millennia and we haven’t changed a whole bunch). It seems he’s reaped what he sowed, now perhaps it’s time for the resurrection.

          5. E. Wolf December 10, 2013

            Don’t compare to Berty JUDAS to Jesus.

          6. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

            Jesus, Judas, same difference, *pauses, looks about expectantly* ?

            Technically, according to the Abrahamic religions, God is in each and every one of us, including Judas Iscariot; but uh yeah, let’s not get into that here.

  8. Ed west December 9, 2013

    Good thing Corey Webster wasn’t the d coordinator for the other team. He would have recognized the “close eyes and throw as hard as you can play”and had his guys in position!!

  9. cd4packers December 9, 2013

    Some people hate Ditka because they think he should shut up and just go with the flow. I don’t listen to all that crap. Never have. I love the game too much to let myself get all caught up in the drama crap. Just like with Favre. I will always love Favre and I dont care what anyone says.

  10. the real jeff ircink December 9, 2013

    keep workin’ your petition, Wolfy. keep workin’ it. ho, ho, ho.

  11. The Money MIke December 10, 2013

    “At some point a man must find redemption to save his soul”…is that what Brett’s doing? Who knows. I think I’m finally over it. What he’s doing now is for love of the game. If it would have turned out differently, aka winning the Superbowl with the Viqueens, he may have a different tune, but that wasn’t fate. That Saints interception may have saved him from ruining anything he ever had as a Packer. Honestly if its true he wanted to stick it to the Packers, and went through all that effort, the jokes on him. It wasn’t meant to be, he peaked, then shitt the bed and when he was down and out, finally broken and done, we won the fucking Superbowl. There…an eye for an eye, lesson learned, he didn’t come back, done deal. Trust me, the guy’s human. Like many of us, there are days he wakes up now and wishes he would have ended it in March of 08, but thats life, you get the test first, the lesson later.

    1. E. Wolf December 10, 2013

      We dodged a bullet by the very narrowest of margins. It was a confluence of fluke circumstances rivalling that of Steve Bartman that saved us. It could have easily (and most probably would have) turned out far differently. This is why it is unforgivable.
      Anyway, all I wanted to say is that it saddens me. I want to like the guy when I read stuff like this. But I cannot.

      1. cd4packers December 10, 2013

        Huh? Seriously Wolfie…the only person you are hurting is yourself with all this animosity towards Favre. He is human. Let the man who has committed no sin throw the first stone. I for one would not be able to throw a stone at Favre or anyone else. Can you say the same. Get real. sheesh. Is a but a mere man. Let it go. You will feel better if you do.

        1. E. Wolf December 10, 2013

          I am not a Christian, but am avowed heathen of the very worst sort. So your cast first stone bit has no sway with me.

          1. cd4packers December 10, 2013

            It doesn’t matter if you are a Christian or a professed heathen. You are no more innocent than the next guy. Take your self-righteous attitude and shove it where the sun don’t shine bucko. You are far more a pathetic individual than Favre could ever be. Take that and stick it in your pipe and smoke it you arrogant jerk. :P

          2. E. Wolf December 10, 2013

            Gee cd4packers, are you not violating your own dictum by throwing a proverbial stone at me?
            I find your hypocrisy laughable.

        2. buster bluth December 10, 2013

          Monty rings the bell and Wolf salivates. I’ve never seen such
          such trained behavior .

          1. cd4packers December 10, 2013

            Exactly. ^5. Bluth.

      2. Savage57 December 10, 2013

        What ‘bullet’ did ‘we’ dodge? He played, they lost, life went on. Exactly the same thing that would have happened had they won.

        As I like to tell my kids, elevate your worries.

        1. E. Wolf December 10, 2013

          The Vikings winning the Super Bowl, with an ex-Packer. Had that happened, no way 2010 would have happened. The toxic atmosphere that would result would discombobulate the sitting regime. I doubt Ted or Mac would still be in Green Bay had that happened.
          Berty Judas fired a shot with the specific design to dismantle the current era of the Green Bay Packers–a Championship era with great promise to win more WHILE ALSO handing the Vikings their first Lombardi trophy.
          Anyone with the power and desire to fuck over our Packers *AND* give the Vikings their firstg Super Bowl Championship is and forever shall be the enemy–THE ENEMY!

          1. PF4L December 10, 2013

            If we ever hear that Brett Favre was assassinated. I may have clue who done did it!!

    2. PF4L December 10, 2013

      Great post Money Mike

  12. cd4packers December 10, 2013

    Listen Wolfie. You get what you ask for. :P

  13. cd4packers December 10, 2013

    And I am not the one running around with a petition trying to hang someone. That would be you Wolftard.

    1. E. Wolf December 10, 2013

      Hang somone? Are you dropping acid? I simply want to prevent reconciliation, stop any sort of number retirement thing until it happens posthumously.

  14. icebowl December 10, 2013

    I want to like Jeromy Ross but I cannot. And you should not either.

    1. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

      I have no quarrel with Ross-talented, seemingly decent young man who blew his first chance and is so far making the best of his 2nd, maybe he’ll instill some class in that prison team. That said I won’t be rooting for him on Sundays, Mondays, or Thursdays ’cause if he’s doin’ well then the Leos may be as well (though last Sunday indicates otherwise).

  15. Deepsky December 10, 2013

    Here is the ACTUAL timeline of events for those that choose to rewrite history.

    1997 Favre starts talking retirement
    2002 Favre says “I think about retirement a heck of a lot more than I used to”
    2002 Sherman gives Favre own office and locker room
    2005 Packers draft Rodgers
    2006 After 8-8 season, Favre says “I’d say I’m not coming back”
    2006 Bus Cook tells media Favre would come back for 2006 season if Mariucci were named coach
    2006 Packers offer Favre a $3 million bonus to decide on his retirement by a certain date. The Packers move back date 3 times to give Favre more time to decide.
    2006 Rumors persist Favre is seeking a trade
    2007 According to Andy Brandt, Favre wants to be traded after the Packers failed to sign Randy Moss.
    2008 In March, McCarthy says he’ll reduce reps for Favre. HE AND THOMPSON MAKE PLANS TO VISIT FAVRE TO ASK HIM TO COME BACK.
    2008 Favre announces retirement the next day
    2008 Favre says on Letterman he wants to play for another team
    2008 Based on phone calls to the Vikings using a Packer phone, Packers claim Vikings have tampered with Favre
    2008 Favre bashes Pack in Van Sustern interview
    2008 Murphy offers $20 million to Favre to stay retired. McCarthy says Favre is “absolutely welcome back to camp”
    2008 Favre shows up for camp giving Pack ultimatim: start me or trade me to an NFC North team so he can beat the Packers
    2008 In training camp, Aaron Rodgers is booed by Favre fans and is cheered when he throws inteceptions
    2008 Favre offers Lions information on Packers playbook
    2009 Favre has surgery, lies and says he’s not coming back
    2009 Favre joins Vikings
    2010 Favre tells Bears to beat the Packers in the playoffs
    2011 Packer president Mark Murphy says he would welcome back Favre to Green Bay when they retire his number
    2012 Packer HOF reaches out to Favre to attend the Holmgren induction, but he does not respond
    2013 Favre convinces Jennings to join Vikings

    1. PF4L December 10, 2013

      1997-2001, Always some talk of retirement. It started right after the Super Bowl win.

      Favre retired before they flew out to see him, then unretired, that’s when they flew out, then they announced he could come back.

      I could be wrong, but i don’t recall Brett being in the Packers 2008 season training camp.

      \All in all….Great timeline Deepsky.

    2. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

      Some of those early retirement comments were tongue-in-cheek jocularities. Many players suffer from retirement vascullation (e.g. Jordan); Favre took it to the extreme, not exactly revelatory.

      The Lions report is much more intricate than a timeline fragment can divulge.

      Favre was pissed at the Pack for years, nothing surprising regarding actions/comments from late ’08 through ’10/’11.

      Favre stated he wouldn’t attend the Walrus’ ceremony because his presence would detract from it’s significance, which it indubitably would have. He also probably didn’t feel like getting booed again.

      Favre advised Jennings but didn’t necessarily convince him; pretty sure the former GJ’s mind was made up the moment the Vikings offered him the biggest contract. Based on the recent sequence of events, is that really such a bad thing?

      2011-You forgot to mention Favre praised Rodgers and (innominately) TT, MM, the rest of the staff and players saying that is the best Packer team he’d ever seen (which probably isn’t true given the ’96 team finished first in Total O and D and won the SB).

      2012-13 Favre continued to praise Rodgers and the Packers; view his intentions anyway you like but that’s the simple fact of the matter.

      1. PF4L December 10, 2013

        Note: Favre talked about not attending Holmgrens ceremony “after” the ceremony and snubbing the invitation. Fuck him.

        Favre talked about retirement constantly because he wanted the attention. His ego demanded it. Fuck him.

        Favre praised the Packers and Rodgers, in a backhanded way, while in the same breath, critiguing them, for not winning more Super Bowls. While he only won 1 in 20 years. Fuck him again.

        1. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

          Favre’s (first) comments regarding the team are open to interpretation, many see it the way you do. I see it this way: Favre was never particularly articulate with his wording, often to the point of ambiguity, also the media at that point was all about fueling the fire (promoting controversy) so many among their ranks seemed all to willing to spin it that way.

    3. icebowl December 10, 2013

      Excellent research….
      Survey says : Burt’s a loser

  16. cd4packers December 10, 2013

    I could come up with a list as long or longer showing all the positive things Favre has done for the Packers and the NFL. But unlike you I have job and little time to waste on such petty exploits. (sigh)

  17. nick December 10, 2013

    It’s a divorce people. Both sides are at fault, get the F over it. You can’t erase history. Those who want to erase Favre from the history of the packers, nor retire his number, or only selectively remember what he accomplished are just complete idiots. Hell, if you buy that logic, maybe we should give the Super Bowl trophy back as well.

    Favre is an idiot, I get it, he cheated on our mom (the packers) and people are justifiably pissed, but at the end of the day he was the father of the packers from 1992 to 2007. He accomplished a lot and we are seeing right now just how valuable his durability was. I can’t take another week of watching this team without AR.

    1. E. Wolf December 10, 2013

      I dont want to erase the history of Favre. I think he should be admitted to Packers hall of fame. Any exhibit should mention the betrayal however.
      Number four was only one of many parts necessary for the rebirth–Harlan, Holmgren, Favre, Reggie White.

    2. PF4L December 10, 2013

      I would argue that Ron Wolf was the Father, Holmgren was Favre’s Uncle trying to convince Favre, going through life as a NFL football player, is better than going through life as an alcoholic.

  18. cd4packers December 10, 2013

    From the moment Favre stepped out onto the field I have watched every game he has played. I have read every article and watched every tv program about Favre more than once. I have followed his career from day one. So none of you are telling me anything about him that I don’t already know.
    Prior to Favre, the Green Bay Packers were not much to speak about, very mediocre to say the least. He gave the team life and he kept it rolling for the entire time he played for them. Yes, there were times he was less than perfect and there were times that he blew it, but all in all, I loved watching him play the game more than any other player other than Reggie White, that I have ever watched. Favre brought more to the game than most players did or ever will. His records will stand the test of time. I could go into all of that but most of you if you know anything at all about football, know his records. I saw the whole incident from a completely different light than some of you posters on here did apparently. You see, I saw Favre as someone who had given all he had to this game and to the GB Packers. Maybe he got lazy in the end and didn’t prepare like he should have. I don’t know if that would have made a difference or not in any of the games we lost with Favre as QB. All I know is that when he was on the field he played to win. He was tough as nails and never gave up. Few players have the same kind of gusto and drive to win as Favre had. I choose to see the good in him. I know that if I look for the bad in Favre or in anyone on this earth for that matter, I will find it. I know how it feels to give your all to something or someone and then have them spit in your face like you never existed. Favre felt betrayed. Maybe he didn’t see the error of his own ways…and maybe it all caught him off guard and he didn’t know how to respond. None of it matters in the end. All that remains is what he did for the game of football. And none of that can be denyed. When the greats speak of Favre, like Mooch and Madden…watch the tears come to their eyes, they felt what I felt when Favre played. I for one will never forget it.

    1. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

      Beautiful, cd4, damn near brought a tear to my.

      Really the only people who hate or disrespect Favre are the one’s who weren’t down in the trenches with him-the media and fans. Ask virtually any player who fought on his side or against either likes him as a person or player or respects the Hell out of his dedication, toughness, and love of the game and fellow player.

      I know this much, if Brett Favre was my CO, I’d gladly follow him into battle. On that day, I believe he would do everything in his power to help his fellow belligerents and when all is said and done he would have “…worked his heart out in a good cause and lain exhausted on the field of battle…victorious.”

      1. cd4packers December 10, 2013

        Indeed Phatgzus, Indeed. :)

      2. PF4L December 10, 2013

        If Brett Favre was in a battle of war, I could see him in a foxhole during gunfire exchange, his rifle jams, before grabbing another rifle, he throws his jammed rifle out of the foxhole, only to have the enemy catch the rifle in mid air, pointing it back at Favre, and shooting him with it.

        1. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

          Alright that was pretty good, though I’d contend the sequence of event would be more like this: Favre’s squad member’s gun jams, so he rifles his rifle at him while reaching for his favorite gun (we all know which one that is), the rifle bounces off his comrade’s hands and into the arms of a kamikazeing enemy who shoots ’em all and then proceeds into their base with Favre crawling after him hopelessly.

          1. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

            And while he’s crawling after him, Favre uncorks a (pome)grenade in a last ditch effort to save the base but ends up falling on it as he trips while attempting to shovel pass it (there just had to be a falling on the grenade metaphor somewhere).

    2. E. Wolf December 10, 2013

      Nothing you wrote refutes any of this (so it bears repeating):

      Had the Vikings won it all in 2009, which was perilously close to happening, no way 2010 would have happened. The toxic atmosphere that would result would discombobulate the sitting regime. I doubt Ted or Mac would still be in Green Bay had that happened.
      Berty Judas carried out his plot with the specific design to dismantle the current era of the Green Bay Packers–a Championship era with great promise to win more WHILE ALSO handing the Vikings their first Lombardi trophy.
      Anyone with the power and desire to fuck over our Packers *AND* give the Vikings their firstg Super Bowl Championship is and forever shall be the enemy–THE ENEMY!

      1. Savage57 December 10, 2013

        Here comes the Favre shit – again. Give it a fucking rest already. Every time Favre comes up, we can count on some more Wolf-whining, howling at the moon about your weird betrayal and injustice fixation. It’s pro football, this for that and it works in one-year increments. 1970 called and they want their pre-Curt Flood, reserve clause lifetime contracts back.

        I can only cringe when I think of the crushing blow it will be to your delicate sensibilities when AR goes to play for another team late in his career. Your fucking brain is going to explode, trying to reconcile being jilted by your QB idol/man crush for a second time.

        I can’t wait to see your quixotic ‘Never Allow Errant Codgers Back in Lambeau’ exercise-in-futility petition website come 2018. Well, no, not really.

        Let’s see, if I’m Brett Favre @ 2009 and I have a chance to make $12MM a year doing something where I’m one of 32 guys on the planet that’s qualified to do it, but I’m not supposed to because some wing-nut can’t accept the fact that things change?

        Naah, I’m good with the cash.

        1. E. Wolf December 10, 2013

          So you wish for another mere dismantling of the Packers by Rodgers. Great, souinds like a hardcore Packer fan to me. Not likely to happen. What happened with Four had never happeend before in football–namely a face-of-the-franchise playing for a hated rival to fuck over his former team.

          1. Savage57 December 10, 2013

            I don’t wish for anything insofar as the Packers go other than success, but the reality is in the FA era, chances are that older, veteran players move on. Why can’t you get your hands around that idea?

            What about Joe Montana playing for Chiefs and beating the 49ers? What about Jim Plunkett playing for the Raiders and beating the Pats? What about every player that wanted to beat their former team to show ’em they still had something left in the tank? Do you think that the fire that burned in Favre that made him such a fucking freak on the football field went out when he left the Packers? What happens if the Bronco’s beat the Colts in this year’s playoffs? Does that mean your doppleganger comes out the woodwork in Indy and starts crying to the wind that Manning’s a traitor and the only reason he went to Denver was to fuck over Indy? Jesus fucking Christ, man, get a grip.

            And if Rodgers leaving the Packers dismantles them, they have problems waaayyyy beyond one player leaving.

            As for Favre and all your conspiracy bullshit, with apologies to Rod Tidwell, he said, ‘show me the fucking money.’ The Vikings said OK, here’s $25MM, so that’s where he went to work. Now does that make the Shitfucks any less of a collection of cumstains as a franchise – hell no, but a man’s gotta feed his family – however the hell HE chooses, not some jilted fan.

            And as for hardcore Packer fan, I grew up 35 miles from Green Bay and have supported them, unfailingly, realistically and with a modicum of sanity since 1962, long before your old man blew the nut that he should have booted up for.

            Two months ago you jumped my shit big time because I had the temerity to question Capers’ fitness as the Packers DC, coming back with “he’s the best DC in the NFL” and then you went and made it personal, about how fucking stupid I was, about how I didn’t know anything about pro football and that I should leave the commenting to a ‘real writer’. And now you’re calling for him to be fired.

            What I told you after that is as true today as it was then: Just remember that you started this shit as you get flamed, again, and again and again.

            So one more time, say it with me now – go fuck yourself.

          2. PF4L December 10, 2013

            I don’t know what to say, other than someone best call 911 for Uncle Wolfie.

          3. PF4L December 10, 2013

            Just “Tap out” UncleWolfie. Stay down.

            The only thing i would respond to is drawing a comparison with Peyton Manning. The Manning switch was handled with class and professionalism, on both sides. When you compare that with what happened between Favre and the Packers, you realize just how much of a shitfuck situation that really was. If were laying blame, i’d go 85% Favre- 15% Packers. Favre getting the brunt based on 10 years of retirement talk bs. Just my .02

        2. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

          Errant Codgers, nice, Mr.Rick?

        3. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

          Mostly true, but Manning’s former owner did diss him this year prior to the Colts game;’then again the media hyperbolized the matter just as they always do.

          1. PF4L December 11, 2013

            If that comment by Irsay was a reflection of the total turmoil between Irsay-Manning. Then in comparison, i’d say it was 1/1,000 of the Thompson-Favre turmoil.

          2. Phatgzus December 11, 2013

            Pretty much.

  19. cd4packers December 10, 2013

    One more thing, right now the Packers are playing like they could care less about winning or losing. Most, not all, of the players on both sides of the ball, look as though they have little clue as to what exactly they are suppose to be doing out there. It is really sickening to see these men week after week deteriorate more and more. They have no drive, no desire, no ambition, no accountability it seems. What I wouldn’t give to see a few of your GB Packer players take on the personality of Brett Favre for the remaining games. If that were to happen, imagine the possibilites. But no, instead we watch the same players make the same idiotic mistakes week after week with no reprocussions at all. I miss the Green Bay Packers of old. But regardless I will stick with the Pack and hope for the best. GO PACK GO!

  20. PF4L December 10, 2013

    Does anyone remember, after the Packers won the Super Bowl. When the players flew back, to attend the victory parade through Green Bay for the fans. Anyone remember who wasn’t there?

    Apparently, someone thought it was more important, to fly out to the Pro Bowl site, to golf, the week of the Pro Bowl, than to attend the Super Bowl parade for the fans of Green Bay. That was my 1st disdain for Brett Favre. I thought that move was a slap in the face to the Packers, and their fans, as i do today. That was your 1st taste of the selfishness of Brett Favre….100% bush league bullshit move.

    Then Favre receives an invitation to Mike Holmgren’s induction to the Packers Hall of fame in 2012. Not only does Favre not show up. he doesn’t even respond to the invitation. Now if he wanted back in the Packer family, wouldn’t attending that ceremony be a 1st step? I’m sorry, but the guy has no class.

    It’s my contention, without Mike Holmgren. Favre’s career would have consisted of being a cook at Bubba’s Crayfish and Gumbo Emporium Restaurant. in Kiln Miss.

  21. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

    All this Favre talk has me waxing nostalgic:


    Fantastic set up by Cornyheiser, awesome call by Tirico (forgot he’s been calling games this long-where does the time go?), great audible by Favre, and an absolutely perfect touch bomb.

    And for anyone displeased with the Pack’s KR unit this year, I got 2 words for ya: Shaun Bodiford.

  22. PF4L December 10, 2013

    Not unlike Favre’s play in playoff games after 1998 and his attempt at late game heroics late in NFCCG’s. That link was a fail.

    1. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

      A damnable occurrence! Indeed it was.

      Alright round 2 with this newfangled link business:

  23. cd4packers December 10, 2013

    “If I can change, than anyone can change, I promise you that.”

    Brett Favre

  24. Organicbuzz December 10, 2013

    Favre did more good than bad,

    1. PF4L December 10, 2013

      It’s a good debate, points on both sides. With 377 career interceptions, including big games , playoff games, and the NFCCG.

      I think it’s fair to say that Favre may get too much credit for the Super Bowl win. People like Wolf, Holmgren, the #1 defense in the league, Reggie White (leader of the team), Desmond Howard SB MVP had a little something to do with it also.

      But make no mistake, like him or not, Favre is a Green Bay Packer icon until the end of time. Sorry Wolfie. reality can be a bitch.

      I can handle Favre coming back into the Packer family. But certain things tend to make me question his desire. I truly believe he still can’t get over the divorce. Some genuine humility would go a long way. I’m not talking about his 8 second contrition where he took some blame.

      1. cd4packers December 10, 2013

        I must respond to this post. How can you say that Fave gets too much credit for the SB win? That is ridiculous. He was our QB. Of course he had something to do with the win. And of course White, Howard and Holmgren all had a hand in the win. Everyone on the team that played in a game in 1996-97 had a hand in the win. Some people just can’t give Favre credit for anything he did. All they can see is the bad and all they remember are the ints and the self entitlement attitude that he may or may not have had. I respect your opinion. You know that. But on this one you are wrong. You are siding with the wolfmeister….think about that.

        1. PF4L December 10, 2013

          Saying Favre gets most of the credit for the Super Bowl win, citing the facts i pointed out, is like saying that Eli Manning is a better QB than Dan Marino and Peyton Manning because he has 2 Super Bowl rings.

          It takes a team, From the top down to win a Super Bowl.

          1. PF4L December 10, 2013

            Let me try to explain this..ONCE….I never really liked the term Manning won a Super, or Brady won 3 of them, or this QB didn’t win any Super Bowls. Only because it implies, that they alone won or didn’t win Super Bowls. No other sport depends more on a team concept to win Championships than football, based on the # of players needed to field teams, baseball is the same way. The NBA to a lesser extent. MJ didnt win any Championships until they had the right players to help him.

            It’s fine to say Tiger Woods won 14 Majors, for obvious reasons.

        2. PF4L December 10, 2013

          “He was our QB. Of course he had something to do with the win.”

          Ummm….I don’t recall saying Favre had nothing to do with it.

  25. PF4L December 10, 2013

    @phat…Thanks for the National Football Post link on Moss, i never read that, nor the link from that article to another concerning the divorce. Although it was kind of cool, to see that Brandt was saying the same things i have been, in the 2nd to last paragraph in his divorce article about the Packers not owing Favre anything.. I read those article’s as if i was starving and BJ Raji was buying me dinner at his reserved table at the Golden Corral buffet in Green Bay….GOOD STUFF!!

    1. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

      Let me say I do not necessarily advocate the position Brandt is taking (probably shoulda started off with that) but I believe this article provides solid insight into the positions and beliefs of the 2 main parties involved, regarding certain specifics; thus providing the reader with a good deal of information to aid in their own decision-making process.

      I would also like to say-I do not believe either party is beholden to the other. Although I do believe TT got the party pooping started (only an opinion and thus obviously open to debate), I believe both sides clearly handled the situation at a less than optimal level and that the manner in which they acted towards each other is both valid reason for both opinions as well as a period each party would like to approach differently, given the luxury of time travel. For me it logically follows, that as neither is beholden to the other, Favre deserves to once again be a tolerated if not beloved member of the Packer community as he once was.

      As for Raji-he don’t buy NOBODY dinner, he’s just too poor ’cause nobody “…did right by him”.

      1. PF4L December 10, 2013

        lol…Well, when the day finally comes that Raji has a 1 sack game with 4 tackles, maybe a forced fumble perhaps, then we’ll talk about someone doin Raji right. Hell, i’ll buy him dinner.

        As far as Brandt. No one can give a better analysis of a situation better than someone from the inside, all the while using common sense to read between the lines, as well as keeping an open mind to motivation.

        In Brandts 2009 article, he mentioned that it took Favre 2 years to warm up to Rodgers. i believe that. and i also believe that it must not have been a pleasant experience for Rodgers to be in that enviroment of being disrespected by a teammate and legend at the time. I think Rodgers doesn’t get enough praise for how professionally he handled that situation. I’m thinking after awhile, Brett decided to take to Rodgers, as it seems everyone else on the team liked him, and he was only making himself look like a jerk. Brandt also wrote, that the players had a sense of relief, when Favre got traded, i think that said volumes of what the team thought of Rodgers, and the situation as a whole, it seems like it was toxic.

        As far as Favre being tolerated to come back into the Packer family. He has earned the right to want to do that. But at the same time when there are highly charged emotions involved, i think that the person also has to want to be brought back, not only conveyed in words, but also in actions.

        One more item Brandt touched on. Was how Rodgers was well liked, had a great skill set, was always there in the off-season working on improving his game, having leadership skills.

        Citing Bretts age, a penchant for not wanting to put the work in, not coming in the off-season for player optional work outs. skipping camps. His constant retirement drama and other aspects of things Brett wanted to be in control of.

        I think it was an absolute no brainer that the Packers wanted to go in a new direction with Rodgers and “Move on”.

        I think not making that choice in the best interest of the Green Bay Packers organization, would have constituted a dereliction of duty by Thompson.

        Not to sound like i knew something, but back in 2005 after the season, i was saying the Packers should trade him while they could still get a 1st round pick and a blue chip player for him, after he stunk up the 2005 season. As fate would have it, he shit the bed in 2006 also.

  26. cd4packers December 10, 2013

    I wish it was a dead horse but it’s not and never will be. The Favre debate will go on forever. Just like his legacy will continue regardless of all the shit the naysayers keep slinging in his direction. I choose to give him the benefit of the doubt. Why? Because he brought so much to the sport and to the GB Packers. I am tired of discussing it just like everyone else probably is. But every once in a while I get old feelings back that only Favre and Reggie White brought to the game. Those two are and forever will be my football icons.

    1. E. Wolf December 10, 2013

      If Favre will forever be an icon to you, that means you are a Favre fan, not a Packers fan. Which means you were a VIkings fan at one point. This means you are the enemy, and should be persona non grata.

      1. cd4packers December 10, 2013

        He will forever be an icon to a lot of people. I can be a fan of anyone and any team I like. You are not the boss of me. :P

      2. cd4packers December 10, 2013

        Being a Favre fan means that you cannot be a Packer fan huh? Since when?

        1. E. Wolf December 10, 2013

          SInce he put on a VIKINGS uniform.

          1. cd4packers December 10, 2013

            Lots of football players play for different teams in their career. Could you get any dumber?

  27. E. Wolf December 10, 2013


    First of all Montana playing with the Chiefs is not at all the same thing. The Chiefs are in a different conference. Only cross conference rivalry is Steelers and Cowboys. The rest of your diatribe is also just not credible. If you will not acknowledge he waged a personal vendetta against Ted and Mac–but by extension also the Packers and Packer fans–youare simply denying the truth.
    Second, not sure where you pulled out the bit about me defending Capers. I have been increasingly skeptical of the guy since 2011, and felt he ought to have been fired since 2012. Unlike say PFail and others, I believe coaching and injuries are larger factors than raw talent behind our defensive problems. Perhaps you have me mistaken for someone else, or just misinterpreted what I said.
    I do defend Ted however. I admit he has made msitakes–all GMS have. But he still has an incredible track record. And I will support him until the game passes him by.

    1. PF4L December 10, 2013

      So you stopped supporting Ted, today?

    2. Savage57 December 10, 2013

      People all over these pages are telling you to tap out, but no, you have to keep gettin’ up and I just keep beatin’ your ass down.

      #11 written by E. Wolf
      09/10/2013 – 8:49 am
      Savage, you have no idea what you are talking about. Capers is getting a bum rap – I mean he is the best coordinator in the NFL and has had a lot of success, especially in the playoffs. Please leave the posting to us REAL writers and fans.

      1. PF4L December 10, 2013

        As Dana White comes down to the octagon bringing a body bag for E. Wolf.

        1. E. Wolf December 10, 2013

          Not quite puppy pup–read Shawn’s post below.

          1. PF4L December 11, 2013

            Big brother to the rescue.

          2. E. Wolf December 11, 2013

            Wrong again, pup. I posted two email chains which proved my claim was correct all along. Shawn chose to interject on his own.
            Too bad the Secret isn’t true. I’d ruminate on you being abducted and force-fed puppy chow and urine until you choke to death, an end you most richly deserve.

    3. RelampagoBlanco December 10, 2013

      Boom. Roasted!

  28. E. Wolf December 10, 2013

    Oh and I just want to certify that I never said Dom Capers was the best DC in the league, not ever.

    1. Savage57 December 10, 2013

      Once more, just for the record.

      #11 written by E. Wolf
      09/10/2013 – 8:49 am
      Savage, you have no idea what you are talking about. Capers is getting a bum rap – I mean he is the best coordinator in the NFL and has had a lot of success, especially in the playoffs. Please leave the posting to us REAL writers and fans.

      And a word of advice, wolfshit, don’t fuck with a guy that has a bullet-proof memory.

      Your credibility is shot.

      1. E. Wolf December 10, 2013

        Dude, that was some guy who hijacked my name. The guy was banned. He was that Hank Williams Jr guy.
        ***I DID NOT WRITE THIS***

        1. PF4L December 10, 2013

          Dude, know when, to say when.

    2. PF4L December 10, 2013

      Interesting. I doubt Monty lets E. Wolf, a proven liar, write another article (Novel).

      E. Wolf? R I P

  29. E. Wolf December 10, 2013

    Lots of football players play for different teams in their career. Could you get any dumber?

    The Vikings are not just another football team. They are our most hated rival. ANd no other face of the franchise type player has ever played for a rival to fuck over his former team in this way.
    Can YOU get any dumber?

    1. cd4packers December 10, 2013

      Calm down wolfie you are going to stroke yourself out! lmao

    2. PF4L December 10, 2013

      Before anyone dare get into a debate with Uncle Wolfie. Please be forewarned, that Wolfie has obtained a “classical education”, that he reminds me of numerous times. If you disagree with him too much, or make points that make him look absurd, he will then lobby Monty to ban you.


      I tend to believe he has a classical education based on his nicknames he calls me such as PFail, dummy, and my personal favorite, “dum dum”. Spelled like that.

      Obvious Ivy League material.

      1. cd4packers December 10, 2013

        Well, it’s not like I haven’t been banned before. :)

    3. Savage57 December 10, 2013

      Wolfshit – Besides a damn near photographic memory, asshole, I’m packing more brainpower in my nostril than in that entire little nugget you lug around, so maybe think twice about calling me dumb, OK.

      Just sign off, cut your losses and go home. Maybe come back to fight another day, just not with me.

      By the way, the Bears are the Packers most hated rival – unless you’ve only been following the team for the last 15 years.

      1. E. Wolf December 10, 2013


        I know what I wrote, and know what positions I take on things.
        Also, one sign of not being too bright is when one vociferously, obnoxiously protests about how smart they are. You sound Wile E Coyote.

        1. Savage57 December 10, 2013

          Nope, just don’t like being called dumb because I had to work real fucking hard to get smart.

          If you know what you wrote, then go back and read what you wrote where you denied what you wrote when you wrote that what I wrote was wrong.

          And since the canine is silent, we’ll let that stand as another of your off-point misses tonight.

          1. Shawn December 10, 2013

            I trashed E.Wolf’s long copy of the emails leading to a certain country and western singer’s dismissal from these boards.

            I did so because I can more quickly and easily get the point across… i.e. confirm his claim.

            Indeed, E. Wolf did NOT write said comment about Capers being the best coordinator in football, which I have now deleted.

            So, though I may be on your side of this argument, Savage, it is kind of humorous that when I look back at the history I see you wrote a very lengthy and wordy response to a post that E. Wolf did not even write.

            Essentially, in your quest for rhetoric genius, you got trolled. Sorry, bro.

          2. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

            Well that was a twist.

          3. Savage57 December 11, 2013

            Shawn, my thanks to you for finding the truth of the matter.

            Thankfully, or some might say regrettably, my ego is sufficiently grounded that I’m not here on a quest for genius, rhetorical or otherwise. Just want to read and talk some Packers football, from the incredibly insightful to the make-me-wanna-jab-my-eyes-out stuff.

            It’s ya’ll’s site, so if usernames are getting hijacked and the visitors are getting trolled, that might be something that Monty would like to look into. Unless, of course, that helps make the cash register ring.

          4. Shawn December 11, 2013

            The message board is less frequented by trolls now than it was months ago.

            I delete any messages where 1) same username but different IP address, 2) same IP address but different username with clear intent to troll, 3) a user is replying to his own posts, essentially arguing with himself, which is considered either schizoid behavior or trolling, 4) copy and pasting the same message repeatedly and or posting the same message in multiple threads, and 5) blatant troll behavior that has become an annoyance too big to ignore.

            However, as I do work and do other things, I can not watch the boards at all times and may miss some troll behavior. As such, it may be helpful for users who find themselves victims of trolling to post it on the message board, even repeatedly until I take notice.


  30. cd4packers December 10, 2013

    I don’t care. What Favre did he did. Get over it. Like I have stated repeatedly, I don’t care what horrible things you think he did to you and to the Packers. I think he did great things for the Packers and for the game of football. Now, stfu…k :)

  31. PF4L December 10, 2013

    Ok, i’m done on this article, just wanted to see it reach 100. :)

  32. Phatgzus December 10, 2013

    Boy, Monty, you’re gonna have a fun week when Favre gets his number retired next year.

  33. cd4packers December 10, 2013

    Where is Monty? He started this.

    1. Savage57 December 10, 2013

      Sitting at home, smiling and snickering as he reads his bank statement.

  34. E. Wolf December 10, 2013


    FIrst to Shawn, thanks for that. I appreciate it a great deal.
    Savage, you have been pretty insulting, but I can overlook that given that you were under the impression I wrote whatever post was not mine.
    So, I’d like to extend the olive branch to you. We may disagree re number four, but provided you were not pulling for the Vikings in 09, or 10, I can at least understand your position, even though I disagree. Sp let’s all try and get along.
    After all, we are all pulling for the same team–we all don Green and Gold, and I don’t mean those lighter brighter shades of the Brazilian international football team. Please, let’s stop the infighting. THis is one of the reasons why I feel the way I do, that whole fiasco ignited a civil war in Packerland.
    Anyway, Savage I hope you will accept my olive branch.
    I remain intensely pessimistic about this year, actually resigned. But this team still has a lot of promise through 2020. Those years will be a lot more enjoyable with greater solidarity among fellow Packer fans, who are our brethern.

    1. Savage57 December 11, 2013

      What the hell, it’s Christmastime, right?

      Branch accepted and we have to just agree to disagree on the Favre thing. I understand that someone mentioning ‘Favre’ to you is what Marty McFly’s reaction was to Biff calling him ‘chicken’ and if that’s your hot button, so be it. Kind of how I react to someone calling me ‘dumb’.

      And to all of you other misfits that come on here and make this the most entertaining Packer website in the universe, I have a proposal…

      Maybe for one day, in the spirit of the holidays and all, we have a rhetorical cease-fire, where no matter how obtuse, off-the-wall, off-point or WTF? a post is, we refrain from calling each other out and calling each other names.

      Sound like something you could get behind, fuckers?

      1. E. Wolf December 11, 2013

        Cool. Again, I did not call you dumb.
        Also, all I said initially is that when I read stuff like this–I want to like him , but cannot. CD and others started from there.

      2. PF4L December 11, 2013

        “Maybe for one day, in the spirit of the holidays and all, we have a rhetorical cease-fire”.

        I can get on board with that. I deem that one day to be Christmas Day December 25th 2013.

        Until then. E. Wolf is still a punk.

        1. E. Wolf December 11, 2013

          My gesture was not directed towards you. Have a coke? DRINK MY PISS.

          1. PF4L December 11, 2013

            I rest my case.

          2. E. Wolf December 11, 2013

            I rest my case.

            LECK MICH.

  35. Deepsky December 11, 2013

    For those of you talking about Farve’s records that will stand the test of time, the positive record will be consecutive games played. He will also, for the rest of time, have the INT record, fumble record, playoff INT record. All the positive records will fall to Peyton Manning.

    I was a huge Favre fan until he decided to stick it to millions of Packer fans by going to the Vikings.

  36. nick December 11, 2013

    Hate if you want too, but even in purple, I loved the way this guy played football.

    1. Phatgzus December 11, 2013

      Dude loved the game and had fun like no one else, part of the reason (along with the desire for another ring and other things…) had so much difficulty retiring, IMHO.

      That play vs. the Niners was classic, it’s a shame it was for the Purple Pansy Platoon.

  37. Deepsky December 11, 2013

    The turn around of the Green Bay Packers does not begin in 1992. It begins in 1989 when the Packers named a professional football executive to run the team instead of a person whose real job was a real estate agent or judge. Favre was not responsible for Rodgers in any way you can imagine, but the structure put in place by Harlan allowed the Packers to win a Super Bowl after Favre did all he could in his power to bring down the Packers.

    1. cd4packers December 11, 2013

      I guarantee you that if you asked any coach present or past if they would want to have Brett Favre as their QB they would all say yes with no hesitation. Not only that but I am certain that if asked to select between 99.9% of all the QB’s available today and in the past….most of today’s NFL coaches and GM’s would take Favre hands down. Your comments show your bitterness and nothing more. Bitterness can lead to a lot of ailments like brain damage, headaches, and emotional instability. Just take a look at what it has done to the Wolfmeister. :P

      1. E. Wolf December 11, 2013

        Not only that but I am certain that if asked to select between 99.9% of all the QB’s available today and in the past….most of today’s NFL coaches and GM’s would take Favre hands down.

        Yeah and 78 percent of statistics are made up, pulled out of one’s ass.
        Mac is apparently a coach who did not want Number FOur any longer. And with Holmgren as the one other exception, he is the only coach that Berty did not get fired.

        1. cd4packers December 11, 2013

          Wolfie, You need to get off here and go get a job dude. Seriously.

          1. E. Wolf December 11, 2013

            LECK MICH.

      2. Deepsky December 11, 2013

        Of course most if not all GMs would take Favre. But if you were replying to my post about Harlan, it’s irrelevant.

  38. cd4packers December 11, 2013

    I may have been exaggerating there just a little bit, but you get my point.