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Jason Pierre-Paul Knew the Play on Pick Six

Jason Pierre-Paul returns a pick against the Green Bay Packers

We bitched about the pick six Green Bay Packers quarterback Scott Tolzien threw to defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul in the loss to the New York Giants, yesterday.

The problem with the play, other than it more or less put the final nail in the Packers’ coffin, was we’ve seen it before. And it had the exact same result. Seneca Wallace tried to execute the play in the Packers’ loss to Chicago and defensive end Julius Peppers jumped up and made the interception.

Well, we knew the play and apparently, so does everyone else at this point.

Pierre-Paul said he knew what was coming before the snap, according to Wes Hodkiewicz.

So, like we said yesterday, maybe don’t run that idiotic play anymore. The cat’s out of the bag.

After the game, coach Mike McCarthy didn’t address the play specifically, but did go into a diatribe about how the coaches didn’t do a very good job in the loss, himself included.

Maybe that’s just a way to deflect some of the criticism from Tolzien and his three picks or the crappy defense that can’t cover or tackle anyone.

I think it’s fair to say the Packers got outcoached by the Giants just like they seem to do every time they face them. It happened in an embarrassing blowout loss last season where the Packers looked totally disinterested. It happened in the playoffs the year before. The Packers blew through the 2011 season at 15-1, only to lose their first playoff game, which was at home no less. They weren’t even in that game in the second half. It also happened in Brett Favre’s last game win the Packers, the 2007 NFC Championship. The Packers were rolling, they were playing at home and, you know.

Mike McCarthy, somehow, just can’t match wits with Tom Coughlin and the stupid decision to run the pick six play is emblematic of that.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Sean November 18, 2013

    Yep…You could see it last night while the play was happening that he knew where the ball was going. Still, Tolzien has to see him and just not throw the ball.

    Now if Tolzien can correct his mistakes he could be really good. His arm is much stronger than I thought.

    That’s the problem though, so many QBs in the NFL can’t correct their mistakes and keep repeating them over and over again. That’s what makes Manning, Brady, and Rodgers so good. It’s rare for them to make the same mistake.

  2. geopack November 18, 2013

    This problem started in 2011. Our passing game was so good and running game so bad that the league started keeping the safeties back. So the Packers adjusted and started throwing all these short passes to the flat; remember everyone complaining about Rodgers’ decreasing YPA? But now that we are viewed exactly OPPOSITE, no passing and good running, the stacked boxes leave no room for these short passes. That’s why Tolzien looks much better throwing it long – no safety help over the top. But for some reason we are still running those same counters that worked for Aaron, but with QBs the defenses do not respect.

  3. James November 18, 2013

    That is complete garbage. He knew the tightened was going to the flat because he was lined up in front of him and cut straight down the line. The other problem was the QB stared at the TE the entire time. The play would have worked if the QB put more air under the ball, didn’t stare down the play, the tight end ran more of a bubble route or the offensive linemen attempted a cut block. By the way Eddie Lacey was also wide open on the tops side of the play.

  4. bob at 81 November 18, 2013

    it’s who called the play, and that is the problem. when the box is full, throw on 1st down. please hurry back AR

  5. PackAttack November 18, 2013

    McCarthy’s play calling has been predictable and preposterous for the last three years now. He’s so easy to figure out from the stands and from the field — this little loosing streak is revealing all the true colors of this team and FINALLY the weaknesses that Rodgers has been covering up for the last three years are getting exposed.

    1st and 10 – Fat McCarthy runs 93.7% of the time. Mostly the BS, HB dive type which nets him 1-2 yards w/ very little success rate of ever netting 6-7 yards.

    2nd and 10 – Usually some BS slant pattern or when GB is up by 14 this is usually the time McCarthy likes to go into “cruise control” and tries running out the clock right after half-time. Because ya know, GB isn’t “that team” that likes to keep their foot on the gas. So 2nd down is either some crossing/slant pattern or maybe a toss to John Kuhn. Take your pick. Mike isn’t really interested in big plays from scrimmage on 2nd down.

    3rd and Long – Mike’s offense led the NFL in 3rd and long in 2012 and top 5 in 2011. What’s this tell you? Rodgers usually bails him out, Seneca and Tolzien do not. But Mike hasn’t yet realized his play calling is so atrocious that he puts his offense in the absolute worst situations possible by his ridiculous play calling in earlier downs. But who cares.

    McCarthy and Thompson are both pretenders living in the shadow of Rodgers. Neither can win without him or produce any competitiveness whatsoever from any other player on the field.

  6. Jeff November 18, 2013

    Rodgers is the only reason the Buffoon still has a head coachin job.

  7. Niko November 18, 2013

    ^ I love both you guys, keep telling it like It is

  8. Zapper November 18, 2013

    Not only do they know MM’s plays. Capers plays are also well known.
    Listen to what Eli supposed to have said on Friday in the first half at about 13:45 on game rewind “we don’t have to run the ball until third and medium or third and long because what Don Capers does defensivly”
    I find it hard to look with all that stupid calls with AR in. Without him I don’t know how long I can stand that.