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Darren Perry is Making Excuses for Morgan Burnett and M.D. Jennings

Morgan Burnett

And why wouldn’t he be? Green Bay Packers safeties coach Darren Perry says his charges — Morgan Burnett and M.D. Jennings — are playing well this season.

He’s the only one saying that.

Burnett has been underwhelming since signing that big-money contract extension during the offseason. The Packers will dole out more than $26 million for Burnett over five years. Part of that was an $8.25 million signing bonus.

What has he done since then? Well, he missed the first three games of the season because of an injury. The Packers safeties were terrible in those games and have improved slightly since Burnett has returned. Still, he hasn’t made the type of impact you’d expect from a guy who signed a big-money extension.

Burnett has 50 tackles, but no turnover plays at all.

Then there’s Jennings, who has been a liability. He’s started all 10 of the Packers’ games and has 44 tackles, but like Burnett, no turnover plays.

In fact, the Packers are one of only two teams in the NFL whose safeties haven’t made an interception this season. The other is Jacksonville.

So what does Perry have to say? Nothing to see here, move along.

Perry defended Burnett has having a solid season, outside of several plays against Philadelphia, which was probably Burnett’s worst game as a pro. Then he had this to say about Jennings.

“M.D. is fine. He’s been starting for us,” Perry said. “He’s not the reason we haven’t done what we’ve wanted to do defensively. It’s not one guy.”

It may not be one guy, but one guy can certainly make a difference and Jennings — or Burnett for that matter — aren’t making an ounce of difference. That is, unless you consider that the safeties were awful when Jerron McMillian was starting and now they’re slightly less awful.

We’ve talked about it here at headquarters. Ted Thompson made a huge mistake when he didn’t address the safety position in the offseason. You have to look no further than the contributions Kenny Vaccaro is making for New Orleans and Matt Elam is making for Baltimore.

We’re the Packers though. We’ll just develop these undrafted free agents into serviceable players. It will just take us 10 years.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Mike November 22, 2013

    Well, the chickens are coming home to roost!

  2. Jurgens November 22, 2013

    “He’s not the reason we haven’t done what we’ve wanted to do defensively. It’s not one guy.”

    Translation: He’s not THE reason, but he’s definitely one of the reasons.

  3. PF4L November 22, 2013

    This team needs a overhaul. By that i mean i good hard look at every position, every position coach.

    Once that’s done. Maybe implement some scale of accountability for players and coaches alike.

    The absence of Aaron Rodgers isn’t the cause of these recent losses. What the absence of Aaron Rodgers has done is simply magnified the problems on this team, that already existed, as iv’e been pointing out for 2 years. Some Pack fans ridiculed me for pointing out defensive weakness and Capers performance during the 15-1 season, soley because they were winning, so i was a bad Packer fan. Well….Now what?

    Back in 2011. Capers was questioned (rare) about his defense’s poor performance. His response was, it didn’t matter, because they we’re winning. I was livid when i saw that. Does it matter now Dom?

    Everyone has been riding Aaron Rodgers arm to job security it seems.

    The Packers losing doesn’t piss me off. Its the culture that Packers management doesn’t feel like they need to be accountable, and i put that at the feet of Ted Thompson. Not long ago a reporter asked McCarthy about Capers performance….Instead of McCarthy giving a somewhat honest response to the question. He got pissed off at the reporter for even questioning Capers performance.

    That’s the present climate of Green Bay Packer management. They don’t feel like they have to answer to ANYONE. I call bullshit, as i have in the past.

    McCarthy has to have press conferences with the media. But how often do you see Dom Capers, or Ted Thompson being questioned by the media? Hardly ever. I believe that’s by design. Try finding press Conference’s with TT or Capers. Good luck with that. They don’t want to be questioned.

    Past success doesn’t guarantee future success. I think coaches and management feel far too comfortable in Green Bay. I’m not exactly sure what Mark Murphy does, or is doing. But he’s sure as shit isn’t demanding accountability.

    Ray Rhodes gets fired after an 8-8 season, 1 season. But these fucks can give season after season of shit performance, no questions asked. No offense Capers and Slocum.

    I think this team needs a fresh new look at the President or General Manager position before Rodgers talent is wasted. But then again, i’d be happy just to get a new DC and ST coach.

    1. Monty McMahon November 22, 2013

      In fairness, no team in the NFL makes their DC or their GM available for press conferences during the season. Only the head coach and various star players, usually the QB, are made available to the media on a weekly basis. That’s league-wide. TT only has press conferences before the draft and before the season. And then there’s the shareholder’s meeting, which is just a jerkoff fest. But I get your point.

      1. That’s true about the GM, but not necessarily the DC. The Vikings’ DC Alan Williams gives a press conference every single week of the season, regardless of performance on the field. It probably isn’t that common around the NFL, but it definitely does happen.

      2. PF4L November 22, 2013

        I guess what i meant, was they don’t make themselves available. GM’s and DC’s can make themselves available if they want. When the Press is allowed in the locker rooms for interviews, and after the team showers and gets dressed.

        I asked a couple reporters about why we don’t hear from them. The response i got was identical. They stated they would love to interview them, but they don’t make themselves available. The thing is, i hear other teams GM’s and DC’s talking fairly often, just not ours.

        Lets be real here, we heard from Ron Wolf all the time.

      3. PF4L November 22, 2013

        I don’t know if anyone remembers, but after a bad game, Favre would get “lost” alot on the way to the media room, or just plain refuse to talk to reporters.

  4. Phatgzus November 22, 2013

    Neither are playing exceptionally, Burnett has been pretty good (not as good as I and probably many of you would’ve hoped) sans the past 3 games (so half the season), the Dr. has been the definition of mediocre. I would be very surprised if TT doesn’t draft a S in the first or second round and/or 2 DBs in the first 4. That said, it was Vaccarro/Cyprien/Elam or Eddie Lacy, considering everything that’s happened I’m alright with Lacy.

  5. FITZCORE1252 November 22, 2013

    I know people – me included – were hoping Morgan made the same jump from year 3 to 4 that Collins and Sharper did, well, he hasn’t . It’s become pretty fucking apparent that the dude is the definition of J.A.G., which sucks because we absolutely need him to be more than that. Jennings, well, that undersized jagoff isn’t worth the effort it would take to bitch about him. We all know what we have there, and it ain’t good, yo.

    We need to go Safety in April… Early. Perhaps there is an upside to what looks like it will end up being a down year… Better draft position. Wouldn’t hurt.

  6. FITZCORE1252 November 22, 2013

    Oh, and Fuck Perry for not publicly stating that these scrotes need to perform at a higher level. Just because you tell us everything is ok, Darren, doesn’t mean we’re going to believe you. Give us a little credit for Christ’s sake, we’re not Bare fans… Can’t piss on our leg and tell us it’s raining, yo.

    1. Phatgzus November 22, 2013

      “Don’t piss in my pocket and tell me it’s fucking raining!” -Vinnie Jones, Layer Cake

  7. FITZCORE1252 November 22, 2013

    “I’m not exactly sure what Mark Murphy does, or is doing.”

    He stands around with a dumbass look on his face, that’s it. That Alfred E. Newman twin publicly stated he was a bare fan prior to getting the GBP gig… That should be an instant disqualifier. I don’t trust that ging’.

    1. Phatgzus November 22, 2013

      Really? I was under the impression that he meets with “shareholders” once a year and spends the rest of his time drinking Guiness and Jameson’s, eating Blarney Stones and mutton, and chasing serpents out of Lambeau Field; my mistake.

  8. PF4L November 22, 2013

    Darren Perry: “The plays that have happened to us are certainly correctable. We have enough talent. We just have to make sure we’re all playing together and on the same page. That’s the big thing with that.”

    That’s the big thing with that?….And who’s fucking job is it to have the players playing together and on the same page?

    Darren? You may want to speed that process up, its week 12.

  9. Jaymes November 22, 2013

    HaHa Clinton-Dix!

  10. Phatgzus November 22, 2013

    Regardless of this malarky, Perey gets a pass for this season-we’ve seen what happens when he has talent to work with-and Burnett gets a half pass as a result of his injury and past development, but if he doesn’t step his shit up next year, he’ll be the next Tramon, w/o the defense of nerve damage. As for the Dr. and Mr. Goodburger, good luck in Canada.

    1. Phatgzus November 22, 2013


    2. PF4L November 23, 2013

      That’s a good idea. Give him a pass. Let’s give everyone a pass. Passes for everyone!! Let’s re-visit this next season in week 12. I’ll be there, with a pocket full of passes.

      What’s that Dom? Your defense went from 5th to 32nd in 1 year? Here’s a pass for you. What’s that Ted? It’s taking years to solidify the 0 line? PASS. Say what Ted? You ignored the safety position and drafted Datone Jones, Nick Perry, Jerel Worthy?…PASS

      I watch the games, and i see opposing receivers, wide open, all the time. Maybe it’s just like Darren Perry said. We have to get everyone on the same page and playing together. That might be a good idea Darren, considering it’s week 12. But i’ll tell ya what, here’s a pass for you.

      Good day.

      1. Phatgzus November 23, 2013

        Burnett, Williams, Hayward, and now Shields have all missed significant playing time, the Packers pass D has been bad but still isn’t bottom 10 in the league in yards or points, they’ve had numerous chances to increase their TO numbers via INTs as well but have dropped at least half a dozen. So yeah, Perry gets a pass for this year. Same goes for Capers, especially since he took a bottom 10 D to a top 5 ranking in his first year, then to number 1, then lost both Chuck and Collins for most of ’11 and still had a D that was top ten in TOs, then brought that D up to 11th last year, and had a top 3 rush D and 11th overall unit until the Bears game. You can
        mention ’11 to your hear’s content but you must also acknowledge those other years.

        It’s damn difficult to get everyone on the same page when they have different roles and are playing with different guys nearly every week.

        Good day to you, Sir or Madame .

  11. GBslacker November 22, 2013

    I’m not sure that I can explain this well, but the defense, particularly the secondary, doesn’t play like a team.

    When a guy is running away from two tacklers, the closest guy cuts off his forward route, the trail defender covers the runner. The runner can’t stop instantaneously and reverse field on the trail defender, but he could hit the jets and try to outrun the lead defender.

    Instead, both tacklers act like they’re the only defender on the field and keystone-kop each other. Two would-be tacklers go down and *block* other defenders from making a play.

    It’s like they’re clueless how to work together.

    Additionally, they don’t force runners to other, more circuitous routes, charge gaps, make a player commit — things that eat time and allow other defenders to converge.

    And they’ve yet to learn gang-tackling — damnit! there should be no forward motion after two defenders are on the ball carrier… because nine other guys need to be there in a split-second, and push that shit back.

    Perry says they’re playing well.
    McCarthy is “appalled” if you question his bullshit.
    And Ted tells you to “get a life”.

    Hard to fight that corporate manifesto.

  12. Chad Lundberg November 23, 2013

    Nick Collins said he always wanted to be a coach in the NFL so WHERE THE HELL IS HE???? Fire Darren Perry.

  13. Mr smith November 23, 2013

    Keep Coach Perry. I’ts not his fault there is little talent in the safeties room. Burnett should turn it around but Jennings nor McMillan are the answer.

  14. PF4L November 23, 2013

    Its not that. It’s the fact Perry try’s telling us he has the talent, that his safety’s are playing well. He must be watching some other games, or living in denial.

  15. tedtomato November 23, 2013

    I hate it when they try to bullshit the fans and make it sound like we’re all stupid..they’re only fans..what would they know about football? Did you forget these are the Green Bay Packer fans? We probably know more about football than you darren. Here’s an idea..resign..take dum and joe blows shitt with you!

    1. Phatgzus November 23, 2013

      I think you’re inferring beliefs that aren’t being implied; as for even the most knowledgeable fans knowing more than Perry, particularly knowledge specific to this team, very funny shit, man, Andy Kauffman status.

  16. tedtomato November 23, 2013

    They can cry about injuries all they want..the bottom line is these guys are not getting coached well enough. Most of these guys have been playing football for 1/4-1/2 of their lives. They sign with pack..and..all of the sudden they cant cover or tackle. Its football!!! See guy with ball tackle guy with ball!!!