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Uh Oh Ladies, Clay Matthews Girlfriend Reportedly Kristi Stalter

[tps_header][/tps_header]Clay Matthews girlfriend Kristi Stalter

I know. I just ruined your day, but the Green Bay Packers stud linebacker is off the market. Clay Matthews’ girlfriend is Kristi Stalter, according to Terez Owens.

Stalter is a 24-year-old elementary school teacher and fashion blogger/model. Her traffic probably also went through the roof recently. She was in Green Bay for the Lions game last week with her dad and was spotted with Clay, according to T.O.

Our sources tell us Clay Matthews was seen with fashion blogger Kristi Stalter this weekend holding hands and cuddling in Green Bay. The two looked as if they were pretty serious says our tipster.

Dreams! Shattered! Everywhere!

What else do we know about her? Not a hell of a lot, but Green Bay Packers don’t date models and actresses. They date regular broads like you! Well, except for Aaron Rodgers, who’s dated both a model and an actress.

But he’s QB1 for Franchise1. That’s what he’s supposed to do.

Scroll through for more pictures of Clay Matthews’ girlfriend (this is mostly for the dudes). Also, here’s her website.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Tucson Packer October 10, 2013

    I see in the first picture she has her NFL approved carry bag with her. That makes me feel safer

  2. TyKo Steamboat October 10, 2013

    The best tix Clay could get her are corner end-zone seats???

  3. katie October 10, 2013

    I sat next to her at the game! OMG! She is so sweet! he was sitting in her parent’s season tickets. I had no idea she was dating him!

    1. Anonymous October 10, 2013

      That’s because she isn’t dating him. Everyone’s going off Terez Owens’ story, even though he has NO proof.

  4. Frank October 10, 2013

    nice job clay! She’s a 12!

  5. Cheese October 10, 2013

    Wow Clay has a girlfriend. Glad to see everyone is still in Jr.high.

  6. GBslacker October 10, 2013

    What the hell is she doing to his hamstrings ?

    1. buster bluth October 11, 2013

      + 1

  7. GBslacker October 10, 2013

    …dating Clay while she secretly dreams of this guy:


  8. E. Wolf October 10, 2013

    What is this TMZ?
    I will try and extract something useful from this. Kids, take a tip from Uncle Wolfie; women who wear gigantic sunglasses are nothing but trouble. Pretentious, aloof, high-maintenance. Besides that, such eyewear just looks ridiculous, despite the pretensions to high fashion. I would have expected this odious trend to have lived and died briefly in the naughts after being revivved from the 1970s. Alas.
    Beyond that, I just don’t get it. She is a pretty lady, but just that. She is not a world-class beauty that would rival Charlize Theron, Alisha Klass (back in the day) , Amanda Seyfried, or Amy Adams.
    I can deduce two possible, separate conclusions from that. Perhaps the pair actually like each other on a multiple levels 2) one must be an NFL superstar to date a woman who does not break the mirror when she looks at herself in the mirror.

    1. Packer Bob October 10, 2013

      You did a much better job than TMZ.

    2. Iltarion October 11, 2013

      Wolf, Amy Adams is not in Amanda Seyfried or Charlize Theron’s class, but that is a minor squabble.

      More importantly I disagree with your assessment of ladies who wear giant sunglasses. Women who constantly wear huge shades do so for 1 of 3 possible reasons. 1) They are high. 2) They want cock. 3) They are high and want cock.

      You wear glasses so you can hide.

      Case in point- Ever see a lesbian who wears big shades all the time? Thank you.

      1. E. Wolf October 11, 2013

        Yes–Amy Adams is in that league. She is one of the most desirable women on the planet. She is out of your league and mine, and probably anyone we have ever known or will know.
        As for gigantic sunglasses, they were recently included in article asking men about five women’s fashion trends they don’t like. Gigantic sunglasses were right there, along with Uggs.
        If you google “women gigantic sunglasses” you will come across many message board topics complaining about this. There is even a blog called “cute girls in stupid sunglasses.”
        Btw, this odious trend was revived by Nicole RIchie and Paris Hilton. That alone is reason to condemn them.

        1. Iltarion October 11, 2013

          I viewed some online pic of Amy Adams (the reason the internet was invented, good work Al Gore), and I have been converted on that subject. I LOVE fricking red-heads. Amy Adams, Dana Meyer, and Val Kilmer’s ex-wife… YUMMY!!

          However, you make my point for me. Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton started the trend? Yeah, could you name 2 bigger sluts? All you missed was saying Lindsey Lohan and you have the Sluts In Shades Triple Crown.

          1. E. Wolf October 11, 2013

            It has far more to do with preoccupation with stupid celebrities than condoning a certain lifestyle In any case, those two “women” may be whores but its not like they sleep around with just anyone. I will see you and raise you with Jackie Kennedy Onassis. A gold-digging, status seeking whore who for some reason is beyond reproach. A woman who would not so much condescend to speaking to someone who is not ultra rich or a celebrity. That’s what that type of woman aspires too, almost invariably in vain.
            Another notch against giant sunglasses–they compensate for butterfaces as they cover the face.
            Why are you even arguing with me about this? Next you are going to tell me that Sex in the City is really a great show, and a positive influence on the relations between the sexes.

        2. PF4L October 12, 2013

          Uncle wolfie. If you are reading articles about what men don’t like about womens fashion, and googling “womens gigantic glasses, and reading blogs on “cute girls in stupid sunglasses. It’s my contention, you spend way too much useless time on the internet.

  9. FITZCORE1252 October 10, 2013

    That’s one fuzzy pussy! Get it!?!?

    Wolf, if she was selling you car insurance, you’d be all about it. C’mon man!

    1. E. Wolf October 10, 2013

      Flo is so much more attractive–those eyes, that mouth, those lips. YES!
      Oh and thanks Packer Bob

  10. FITZCORE1252 October 10, 2013

    Honestly though, cute chick, not my cup of tea. Ol’ Fitzy likes ’em built!

  11. rebelgb October 11, 2013

    Nice write up E.Wolf! Made me LOL!

    Im with Fitz on this one: too skinny for me. Also she is pretty sure but really just another photo typical blonde. If I had Clays body and bank account id be banging something more like Jennifer Lawrence or Zoey Deschnal (sp?).

    At least hes not a pole smoker so its all good….

    1. Iltarion October 11, 2013

      Dude mon, your women takes make as much sense as your football takes.

      First you say she’s too skinny, then you say you would be with Jennifer Lawrence or Zoey Deschanel. Both of which are skinny rails with no curves at all.

      Jennifer Lawrence is not even hot. I totally don’t get it, unless you’d date her for HER bank account.

      Clay lives in SoCal. So, what he should be doing is dating porn stars. Just cycle through them until you retire. Then date a SERIOUS woman.

      1. E. Wolf October 11, 2013

        Clay lives in SoCal. So, what he should be doing is dating porn stars.

        The porn star look–fake tans and fake tits. I envision Sydney Leathers post surgery. The stds, including HIV sure sound like fun. Remember, we need Clay to be healthy if we are to secure multiple Lombardi Trophies under Rodgers and Mac.
        Oh and I hate the shaved snatched thing too–give me a nice, well manicured lady garden every time.

        1. Iltarion October 11, 2013

          OMG, if I were Clay, I’d be up to my eyeballs in fake tits and shaved snatch. Shit, I’d have two dogs and name them that.

          Clay should be wearing a condom no matter who he’s with. Every other woman wants to be his baby momma. Can’t trust any of them, even his angelic school teacher girlfriend. You wear a condom until your married. Period.

          1. E. Wolf October 11, 2013

            Condoms suck. Like taking a shower with a raincoat.
            It’s worth vetting a lady just a little bit to ride bareback.
            Also, if one enjoys cunninglingus (or kissing for that matter), that should preclude pornstars, or other women likely diseased or ultra promiscuous.

  12. E. Wolf October 11, 2013

    Proof about women with gigantic sunglasses: Lydia Rodarte-Quayle. You heard it from the Wolfman first!


  13. T-Pack October 11, 2013

    Jesus I thought I went to the Us Weekly site.

    Who the F cares who he is dating. Put a club on that hand and get out there and slam Flacco with it. Pack need to step up game for this week. Loved the way Lacy ran with the ball last Sunday- hopefully that continues.

  14. Arcturus October 11, 2013

    She’s a mutt.

  15. rebelgb October 11, 2013

    iltarion take a break from looking up naked Brad Pitt pictures online to actually look up Jennifer Lawrence pictures. Are you high? Gay? Mentally fucking retarded?

    Jennifer recently had to defend herself in Vogue magazing because people were saying she was a bit too “curvy” during the last award show. She said she is “comfortable’ with being a curvy girl.

    Geezus dude. Stick to staring at pictures of Arod on your wall with a lava lamp on and black light……

    1. E. Wolf October 11, 2013

      He thought Amy Adams was anything less than a world class beauty, at least for a short while. He also likes those ridiculous overszied sunglasses that women are wearing.

  16. fake penis October 11, 2013

    In a prior thread, a man named ‘Dick Trickle 33’ called Clay out of some bullshit hypothetical closet and now this thread appears??

    I remember when Clay refused to date during the season; even go out. There was an article in JS about how he spent Friday nights watching game film with his ma. That was back when he was more focused and more of a bad ass, Imo.

  17. E. Wolf October 12, 2013

    There is this thing called google. It gets you hundreds of results in a split second. One can peruse those results in about five to ten minutes. I recommend it highly.

  18. Lars October 12, 2013

    What’s with the dark glasses? Oh, never mind. She looks like Sarah Jessica Parker. Hardly a “12.”

  19. PF4L October 13, 2013

    This seems to be one of the most popular articles on T P. Are you ladies going to get together for some in’s n outs on fashion do’s and dont’s?….. Holy shit batman.

  20. Mckenzie October 13, 2013

    I thought Clay was dating that married chick? Casey Noble

  21. Frank October 19, 2013


    I would take her legs over any of those girls you mentioned!

  22. Alana Mitch October 23, 2013

    She is cute, but I liked his old girlfriend Jennifer Nachtwey. She is hot!

  23. Rick Stolffus January 5, 2014

    One of her blog posts was called borrowed from the boys and she was wearing a boys t-shirt. Pretty sure that wasn’t borrowed from clay!