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Green Bay Packers Gut One Out in Baltimore

Eddie Lacy

It wasn’t pretty for much of the game, but the Green Bay Packers took a 19-17 win over the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens on their home field.

The Packers are 3-2 instead of their usual 2-3 after five games.

It was a second straight lackluster first half of football from Green Bay. They led 6-0 at the half thanks to an ineffective offense and what? A kick-ass defense.

Led by who? Probably the only time we’ve ever said this — A.J. Hawk.

Hawk had probably his best game ever as a pro — 10 tackles, five for loss, three sacks. Somebody told A.J. Hawk that he needed to play like a boss with Clay Matthews out and he did exactly that.

Kudos to you, A.J. Hawk.

In the second half, when guys actually started to play, Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacy and Jordy Nelson led the way.

With both James Jones and Randall Cobb out with knee injuries, Nelson stepped the fuck up, catching Rodgers’ only touchdown of the day — a 64-yarder. Nelson ended the day with 113 yards.

He also ended the day as one of the best receivers in the NFL. You can’t cover Jordy Nelson. Too good.

Rodgers, meanwhile, was 17-of-32 for 315, with that TD and a pick. And let’s be honest, that pick was a really awful throw.

Eddie Lacy is the story here, though. A week after falling one yard short of 100, Lacy ran 23 times for 120 and did what Eddie Lacy was brought in to do — close out the goddam game.

Eddie Lacy is a killer. He’ll run the fuck over you. He’ll run the fuck through you. On Sunday, he was what Baltimore’s stud running back Ray Rice wishes he was.

Rice ran 14 times for just 34 yards.

Packers defense. Eddie Lacy.

Game over.

Big win. Unexpected win. Now we roll.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. DD October 13, 2013

    The “dynasty” continues!

  2. E. Wolf October 13, 2013

    How do we roll if Cobb is out for the season? WHo knows how long James Jones will be out with those clowns of the medical and training and staff.

    1. Packman Joe October 14, 2013

      Let’s make some moves, Finley and Raji to the Texans for JJ Watt and Kenshaw Martin. Win…win.

  3. CALIFAN October 13, 2013

    Nice hard win the Browns won’t be a pushover next week

  4. Vijay October 13, 2013

    Not exactly roll when you have so many starters out due to injury. A team can only sustain so much and we already had our super lucky, backs against the wall, run to the Super Bowl…I mean the man upstairs loves the Pack, but that much?! Enough for two injury-riddled runs? We will see how much the man upstairs truly loves this team and town…(I’m not religious).

  5. Nacho Dan October 13, 2013

    The man upstairs is ted

    1. Packer Bob October 13, 2013


  6. TyKo Steamboat October 13, 2013

    Eff yes!

    Our defense has a big set of balls.

    Lattimore, Hawk, Datone Jones, Nick Perry, Raji!

    We smacked Joe Flacid upside his average ass.

    Cobb looks done. Lets hope James Jones will be fine. PACKERS! =D

  7. Phatgzus October 13, 2013

    “Packers defense. Eddie Lacy.” Perfect summation.

    Rodgers doesn’t seem to enjoy playing the current AFC North; terrible pick, nice finish-I’m guessing it might be dedicated to the “Aaron Rodgers Isn’t Clutch” Faction.

    Hopefully Hayward can play receiver when be gets back, otherwise what are Borel and Gurley up to these days? Or maybe Brad Smith would like to defect from Buffalo for another shit as a receiver. Seriously though, that hit on Cobb was nasty, I’m surprised he actually walked off the field.

    Running game just tore up a top 10 rush D, and converted on two short yardage situations, with no holding, late.

    Jermichael Finley-the hand operation may have been a success, congratulations and (can’t believe I’m saying this) thank you; please do try to remember to stay in bounds next time, Steady Eddie did.

    Did Jordy’s catch and run cause the letters X, L, and V to manifest in anyone else’s mind’s eye?

    4th-and-21, Jerron McMillain-take a year off, convert to WR (i.e. Reverse Sam Shields/Brad Smith), it’s your and the Packers’ Backfield’s only hope.

    Tramon Williams-CB-YOU are the weakest link…don’t smile when you give an automatic first on a 3rd-down stop near midfield, late in the game because you gave a 10-yard cushion and bit on an Out-and-Up and got beat.

    Nick Perry, Mike Neal, Daniels, and the rest of the immovable fruit bowls of doom-good fuckin’ work, eh.

    Dallas Clark-Nice catch. Packers’ Back 6-nice indifference.

    Sam Shields-Heckuva game sans the Sandlot homage.

    1. Phatgzus October 13, 2013

      Good to see jordy get the respect he deserves, he’s been elite for 2 years.

      Kuhn-sorry bud, but despite your best efforts you’re just not Barry Sanders, maybe if you square your shoulders on a DB and head up field you might be able to get that extra yard and avoid one of those pesky 3rd-and-shorts; just throwing that out there.

  8. Phatgzus October 13, 2013

    What’s with McCarth-Era Packers teams throwing the Universe into chaos every time they play the AFC North?

    2009 vs. Steelers.
    2011 vs. Steelers
    Week 3 vs. Cincinatti

  9. E-rock October 13, 2013

    Hawk played well but Micah Hyde and Jamari Lattimore played out of their minds. In my opinion, Williams can be cut tomorrow. His coverage skills stink and he avoids contact at every opportunity. Biggest pussy on the field. Offense remains out of sync.

  10. Aristomenes October 13, 2013

    You nailed it.

    One missing element: my nephew, Nathaniel Andrew attending his first Packer game, was instrumental in the win, killing it in the end zone in which the whole game took place.

    1. A-rodge's Mustache October 16, 2013

      Yesss!! I was sitting in that same end zone. When I saw the play action on the TD to Jordy I stood up when AR had the ball behind his hip, caught Jordy streaking by Webb out of the corner of my eye and yelled TOUCHDOWN! the ravens fans got pissed when they saw I was right 2 seconds later! Great moment

  11. Big B October 13, 2013

    I shouldn’t complain after a road win against the defending Super Bowl champs, but…major concerns moving forward. McCarthy just won’t run it on 3rd and 1, or 2. Most running backs are about 6 feet tall, so if they fall forward that’s two yards. Run the damn ball on third and short. Kuhn offers virtually nothing for a several million dollar salary, and supposedly his niche is special teams….gaffe today was landmark. Pack blocks a punt which the Ravens ultimately convert into a touchdown-pretzel logic. Special teams gave up a couple big returns and, as usual, didn’t generate any. Need to rearm with weapons in the return game. Finally, time outs are GOLD, especially in a close game- Pack needlessly burned several when plays weren’t in on time. Clock management still questionable- most of the time in the second half the TO is more valuable than a 5 yard loss.
    3-2 feels good and kudos to the D- AJ shocked me with a career best, and the D-Line was outstanding against the run.
    TT should see what the Titans want for a Kenny Britt rental.

    1. Savage57 October 14, 2013

      Naaah, Kuhn’s gaff was just brainlock. He’s made too many plays over the years not to get a pass because he fucked up. By the way, that possesion led to the Packers epic goal line stand, not a touchdown. Game changer right there.

      Now, as to pretzel logic….

    2. Pio October 14, 2013

      They FINALLY did run the ball on 3rd and short though. That’s what sealed the game. They finally realized you don’t need a 4 wideout shotgun set on every 3rd and 1. They have a bulldozer to run the ball for that.

  12. Edog October 13, 2013

    Uh what is Donald Driver up to these days. LOL

  13. tedtomato October 13, 2013

    That block led to a goal line stand. Defense played great first half! Dum capers decided to go vanilla midway thru 3rd quarter and almost cost them the game. Why cant the oline block on 3rd down? 3rd and 1 and mcfatty puts franklin in..when lacy was tearin it up. Wtf? Its one thing to have a fluke game..but this was a win in spite of bad coaching and some bad luck injury wise.

  14. the real russ letlow October 13, 2013

    AJ Hawk freakin tore it up. love him or hate him, he had a helluva game today. game ball earned! enough of the injuries already- my gut was in knots watching JJ and Cobb go down.

  15. BZ in BA October 13, 2013

    I agree that Hawk had the best game of his career – in fact, he had more sacks than today than he has had in any previous SEASON as far as I know. Glad to see it, and I hope it happens again (and again, and again). That said, I thought that Lattimore also had a really strong day, which was particularly impressive given that it was his first start at the position.

  16. Iltarion October 13, 2013

    So, how does PFF rate AJ Hawk this week? They can stick it up their ass.

    AJ Hawk, Micah Hyde and Jamari Lattimore. Just straight ballin.

    Don’t ever spend big money on an ILB again. Your defensive line makes your ILBs. Just ask Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher and Patrick Willis.

    Micah Hyde is the best safety on the team. Everyone else see his Charles Woodson imitation out there? He doesn’t have the quicks to cover the slot, but he can read a play and tackle.

    BJ Raji has GOT to be signed. He’s more important than Sam Shields. PAY that man his money! The closer you get to the end of the season the less risk there is for him to play it out and go to free agency. The guarantee against injury should save you some money if you sign him right now.

    It is AWFULLY sweet to win one of these slugfests for once.

    If there was ever a game that proved stats mean nothing, it was this one. Both Rodgers and Flacco threw for over 300 yards, even though both stunk up the joint for the majority of the game.

    Props to Rodgers, Lacy, Finley and the offense for pulling out those final two drives though, when the defense was busy with its weekly 4th quarter collapse.

    Please tell me Jerron McMillian is cut. Seriously.

    The Packers can survive without ONE of their two receivers, but not without both. Let’s hope Jones can come back after only missing a week or two, and let’s hope Cobb can comeback anytime this season.

    1. Abe Frohman October 14, 2013

      I agree – move Hyde to Safety and end the Jerron McMillian project.

      Never been a big Hawk fan, but the dude played out of his mind. I have to give him props.

      Pro football talk has Jones injury as not very serious and that Cobb will be back before the end of the season. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/10/14/randall-cobbs-knee-injury-not-expected-to-end-his-season/

      1. Phatgzus October 14, 2013

        Jennings is playing well with Morgan and vice versa, Hyde is really coming into his CB role, why mess with that. McMillan should not be on the field except in garbage time, he’s regressed.

  17. Packer Bob October 13, 2013

    I guess Buffoon and company pulled one outta their asses again, eh?

  18. SocalFlyer October 13, 2013

    Man, some of you are suicidal! What a great game. Perfect? No, not even close. But the D rocked. And Lacy! What a great pick by TT. A-Rod will get it going and the injuries remind me of the last Super Bowl run. It’s a marathon. Nice job Pack.

  19. SoTxPhil October 13, 2013

    Capers finally used Hawk correctly today and he had his greatest day as a pro. Every game this yr Hawk has just been standing around behind the LOS getting beat by the TE or slanting rcvr, but today they had him penetrating and getting into the backfield and doing damage. Lattimore’s speed was refreshing also, making tackles inside and on the perimiters. I still cannot understand Caper’s insistence to rush only 3 with no blitzes on long 3rd down yardage where he has all day to find a rcvr 15-25 yds downfield, especially when the Packers were all over him today with their base package and blitzes. Is he asleep again up there in the sky box. It has been painfully obvious that this is happening over and over again for at least 2 yrs. Hyde also had a great game, plus punt returns for good distance.

  20. Tucson Packer October 13, 2013

    Not like you web masters aren’t going to, but please keep us up to date on Cobb and Jones

  21. Andy October 13, 2013

    my biggest gripe was first half play calling, it seems big mike decided that the running game was fine after two big runs early then left it till the second half, and then 4 consecutive incompletions thrown boykins way on what looked like timing routes. That being said they really pulled a tough one out the bag even without key recievers. Oh yeah J-mike please stay in fuckin bounds!

  22. James Bennett October 14, 2013

    Maybe we could use Worthy and Sherrod as wideouts next year. We lead the league in injuries to key players, but how much pride is that worth? And every game (it seems) Rodgers is under more duress in the pocket than the other team’s QB. I wonder if we can possibly keep winning with this unbelievable string of injuries to key players. Can it be done?

  23. T-Pack October 14, 2013

    Latest news is that both Cobb & Jones injuries are not as serious as originally thought. MRIs today for both.
    AJ easily the best game I have ever seen from him. Need more of that. Funny that Lacy knew to slide in bounds to keep the clock going and Finley had no clue. Still just out for himself. But at least he has been catching the ball lately. Cleveland definitely not a pushover but at least we’re home.

  24. guysocke October 14, 2013

    Did not like Aaron throwing down field to Finley on third and short when he escaped the pocket and could have easily ran for the first.

    Lacy is a fucking bull, yet Mike still lines up in the shotgun on third and short. Name one other team in the league that tries to convert those that way.

    His tackling methods have been critiqued here many times, but I saw at least two plays yesterday where Tramon blatantly avoided contact with the ball carrier.

    1. TyKo Steamboat October 14, 2013

      I agree with the shotgun running with Lacy.

      That ‘Mis-Direction’ play on the opening drive was such a sexy run play. Obviously scripted.

      Love power-running. Nice job by the O-Line stopping 2 great players in Haloti Nata & T. Suggs.

  25. rebelgb October 14, 2013

    Im very happy the Pack won and I was cheering full heartedly during the game for the outcome to go in our favor. A loss with the injuries sustained would have been devastating. The win kept things in perspective for us going into the rest of the season.

    That said; I have some serious criticisms of the fuckhead we call a head coach and even of our QB. (Im sure noon is surprised). I think I will wait for Shawns Total Recall or whatever he calls his column before I comment. Too many cool aid drinkers in this forum to bother.

    1. Ryan October 15, 2013

      Just spare us, please.

      We finally win one of these “toss-up” games and yet you still bitch and moan.

      Call me a “cool aid drinker” but I was extremely proud of that team on Sunday, coach included.

      The Packers are FINALLY tough.

    2. Phatgzus October 15, 2013

      Nope, *no one* is surprised, just disappointed.

      Who is this “noon” character you speak of?

      Dude, ever heard of a hyphen? or a “Hooked on Phonics” book?

      How can you not give the coaches (Capers, McCarthy, Slocum) credit after a game like this? The Pack beat the defending Super Bowl champs at their own brand of football, in their nest, where they haven’t lost to an NFC team in 13 games and their victory is virtually a foregone conclusion; furthermore, the Pack managed this Stallonian feat having lost two of their best receivers/players in about one half of play and finishing the rest of the game with only 2 receivers.

      McCarthy should get mad respect for the win (along with the other coaches and soldiers) and for the offenses performance after Cobb and Jones went down (it was much better in the 2nd half). The calls to Jordy and Finley worked perfectly and he finished the game by running the ball down the Ravens’ throats.

      Slocum’s Special Teams (Sans Francois and Bush) essentially shut down possibly THE most dangerous return
      man in the NFL. Crosby was the difference in the game. The punt return team blocked a punt that would have given the offense great field position if Kuhn wasn’t suddenly Imperiused by Leon Lett.

      Outside of 4 plays (McMillain-4th and 21; Williams-70+ yard catch and run on intermediate inside curl route; Shields-Jones TD; LBs/DBs-Clark TD) the defense played championship-calibre (note the use of a hyphen) football. They made an incredible goalline stand after the
      aforementioned Lett reenactment which allowed the Packers
      to retain the lead and momentum entering the half. They also scored 3 points right before the half as a result of a sack-fumble. The D also had 5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and held Ray Rice to less than 3 ypc. Capers deserves a great deal of credit for that.

  26. FITZCORE1252 October 15, 2013

    AJ FUCKING Hawk, son.

    Hey, remember that one time when a lot of people were bitching that Ted cut ties with Bishop? How’s ol’ Des doing for those purple fags? Anybody? Bueller… Bueller…

    1. Phatgzus October 15, 2013

      Hey now, he’s only performing slightly worse than Christian Ponder-Steele and that Peter Jennings character.

    2. rebelgb October 15, 2013

      Hey man I give mad props to the players for that win, they earned it. I dont remember seeing MM out there playing. The play calling and use of timeouts in the first half was bush league college level shit. MM continues to show he is an arrogant fat tub of meat and should fucking move aside and let this team have a real coach so we can shine line we are capable of.

      I continue to believe this team wins DESPITE that idiots coaching.