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It’s Awful, But Adrian Peterson Never Even Knew That Kid

Adrian Peterson

I’m going to tell you right off the bat. This is going to be ugly, but these are the shitty questions that need to be asked. Unfortunately, no one will probably ever ask them because Adrian Peterson is an athletic god. Well, fuck him. We’re posing the questions anyway.

Here’s the story.

Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson lost his two-year-old son this weekend and that’s fucking awful. Terrible. We can’t even imagine.

Some shitfuck beat the kid to death in South Dakota and, we imagine, that asshole is gonna get his. At least he better.

That being said, several of us had a conversation about this last night — and let’s be honest — Adrian Peterson never even knew that kid.

Let’s look back at the Peterson timeline.

Thursday: Peterson isn’t at practice because he’s in South Dakota with his son, who’s in critical condition.

Friday: Peterson is back at practice and tells reporters, with a smile on his face, please respect my privacy and the privacy of my family. Oh, and he guarantees he’s playing on Sunday.

What? The? Fuck?

Maybe we’re all insane, but here are the questions that we discussed.

Why is his kid in South Dakota to begin with?

Answer: Don’t know, but his mother obviously isn’t with Peterson. She’s probably some random woman and Peterson should have worn a condom, but he’s an athlete and athletes don’t do that. Anyway, he obviously isn’t a big part of the kid’s life.

So his kid is possibly dying and he shows up at the hospital for part of day and leaves?

Answer: Yes. Fucking unbelievable. If my kid was dying — or anyone I cared about was dying — I would spend every possible fucking moment with them that I could.

And then this fucker went right back to work like he didn’t give a shit?

Answer: He sure did. When his fucking two-year-old kid was dying.

He’s going to work this weekend?

Answer: He made that clear. He’s not going to tend to his dead two-year-old son or the mother of that child. He’s going to play football. Maybe he’ll send his assistant.

How is that possible? Who would do something like that?

Answer: Only someone who doesn’t give a shit. Only someone who never even knew that kid. Only a fucking piece of shit. But hey, if he runs for 100 yards he can always say he did it for the kid he never knew. Then he’s a hero.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Douche Baggins October 12, 2013

    ive heard that he doesnt even know if it was his or not, and never wanted a paternity test to see if it was or not, which to me makes no sense. but whatever. shitty for the kid that he never had the chance to grow old and know that me might have a dad that was an nfl superstar that wanted nothing to do with him. AP deserves to be stuck with a FIB bitch like Gina Gibiati or whatever her name was.

    1. majikman October 13, 2013

      Nice reference, dude!

  2. E. Wolf October 12, 2013

    When was the last time this dude was even in SD? Pretty clear some white girl vikings fan went to Minny to see a game, and promptly spread her legs for this guy at the drop of a hat.
    Paint a vulgar picture.

  3. Patrick October 12, 2013

    A two year old is dead, beat to death. Snuffed out before he had a real chance at life. Who cares what AP does? I’m not invested in a millionaire football players reaction.

    1. #GetItRightRoger October 14, 2013


  4. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey October 12, 2013

    This article is brutal and I think Packer fans should be above this stuff. That said…it’s a good point. When I heard he practiced yesterday I raised an eyebrow. Very suspect behavior. I’m in Carolina’s market and will be watching the Vikes-Panthers game w/ Panthers fan friends (while streaming the Pack to my iPad.) Going to be weird hearing the play by play guys talk about AP’s heroicism.

    1. E. Wolf October 12, 2013

      All eyes should be on the Packer game alone. Basic tenet of psychology is you cannot do two things at once. Eg, you cannot listen to something and read at the same time.
      I am willing to bet some will try and compare this to Number Four after Irving died. Not really the same thing.

    2. Luana October 12, 2013

      Packer fans should be above this but apparently not all of them!! Personal loss is handled by everyone differently. Brett Favre played the game of his life the day after his father died.
      So you Pack fans, all your cussing and bad mouthing won’t change a thing about what happened to a little child. So do something really different, show some compassion and kindness.

  5. mike October 12, 2013

    Hard questions but they have to be asked. Lots of questionable character when it comes to All Day.

  6. GBslacker October 12, 2013

    I’m reading that the guy had been in court twice before with similar problems… maybe once with the mother’s child from yet another father. Tough to discern with privacy laws, etc.

    1. GBslacker October 12, 2013


      In court on Friday, Lincoln County State’s Attorney Tom Wollman asked a judge to revoke the terms of Patterson’s suspended sentence on two domestic abuse cases. The first involved an assault on the mother of his own child and another of her children, the other arose from his refusal to abide by a judge’s order that he have no contact with them.

      OK, so he beat-up another mother? the mother of his own child? and another child from the woman who bore his child?

      …you’re creating too many litigants.

      1. Birdman84 October 12, 2013

        Patterson is not Peterson. Patterson is the scumbag that killed the kid and has a history of violence. Peterson is the father but has no history of violence that I’m aware of.

  7. the real jeff ircink October 12, 2013

    a new low. never thought it could be done. congratulations!

  8. Don Q October 12, 2013

    Jeff, unless you’ve been abondoned by a parent you have no room to talk. I agree with Monty on this one. Goes to show you how the media leaves out key information.

  9. ay hombre October 12, 2013

    Maybe a little aggressive Monty, but there are a lot of questions here. I do find the backstory TMZ is going with to be awfully convenient for Team AP. He just found out a month ago that it was his kid? Doubtful. And then even if he did just find out, he didn’t take the very short flight from Minneapolis to SD? Really AP? You find out you have a two year old son and can’t find the time in the last month to go see him? And then the topper….oh yeah AP was just about to start a relationship with the kid but he got killed first. I hope someone digs in deep on this one but here’s my prediction…The mother of the kid will end up getting massive hush money to sell AP’s story about just finding out. Here’s to hoping an investigative reporter uncovers the truth.

    1. Packer Bob October 13, 2013

      You get your “facts” from TMZ? Fucking TMZ?! Are you kidding me?

  10. james h October 12, 2013

    The guy loses his two year old son and all you fucks do with your lives is to trash this mans good name cause you are all racist imbread faggets who dont have anything better to do with their pathetic miserable time then to make up a bunch of unprovable misinformation… hope all of you get whats coming to you..

    1. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey October 13, 2013


  11. Bart Starr October 12, 2013

    First off, congratulations!! You have made it into the upper echelon of Internet douchebags. Honestly, if Peterson were a Packer, would you feel the same way? Your “fandom” could cause you to be this malicious huh? I honestly hope the world ends soon, because I am sick of siblings fucking each other and making offspring like you and your readers.

  12. CPalm October 12, 2013

    You guys are a bunch of assholes. Can’t believe what I just read. This whole stupid article was based on assumptions. Fuck you guys. He’s going to dedicate his game tomorrow for his son…douche bags. Think he maybe cares more than y’all think.

  13. rebecca October 13, 2013

    Wow are you a judgmental jerk. You have no idea what their history really was, you are making all kinds of assumptions,all for the worst. And by the way, people grieve in differernt ways. I hope people treat you with more grace than you extend. As a packer fan I’m ashamed of you, and want nothing more to do with you, ever.

  14. John Luther October 13, 2013

    Whoever owns this site or whoever typed the stuff on the home page with the questions and answers dealing with Peterson and the hospital and his role as a father, you really have got to be kidding me. Just let me say that you are my hero for using the f word so excessively and that I look up to you for being so incredibly ignorant.

  15. Bob B October 13, 2013

    I am so glad I came to this website to read the story about AP. The shitards leaving comments seem to be the only people who “know” the whole story. So glad that you have the inside scoop. I am sure your bull shit theories are 100% accurate. How about you guys FUCK OFF and leave the man alone. How much he cared… How little…play football…don’t…all of it is really none of our business. Let the man, and more importantly the boys mother, grieve in any fucking way they want to.

  16. someone October 13, 2013

    People deal with death in diff ways. Just cause it seemed to you he didn’t care doesn’t mean shit. It is more shameful to talk shut like u have then to do what u ate accusing this man of doing. I don’t know who he is, & I don’t watch football. Have some respect for the child and quit talking shit.

  17. John Luther October 13, 2013

    Grow up man. The way he grieves is different from yours. So what. Yes , there are people who have such a remarkable work ethic that they somehow can see pass the situation at hand so they can make it to work. CBS analysts were just talking about APs work ethic last week. It’s not hard to see that some of you are just racist but anyway I never comment on the net so you know it had to be your ridiculously pitiful and stupid comments to make me say something.

  18. the real jeff ircink October 13, 2013

    DonQ – if you wanna start preaching about morality in the NFL, you’re late, but it’s still football and the fans only care about what happens on Sundays.

  19. Nacho Dan October 13, 2013

    What would OJ do?

    1. E. Wolf October 13, 2013


  20. Steve October 13, 2013

    Wow. first off guess anyone can post nonsense. A little fact checking goes a long way. Second off he knew nothing of the kid till two months ago. Guess that makes him a bad dad. And third he offered up anything he could do including a paternity test. Not sure where you guys get your information. I do agree that he should have stayed longer and all but kicking him when he had no opportunity to get to know the child. Instead of bashing him why not post more hateful remarks about the bastard that beat the boy. How about digging some info up on him? How about the mother that allowed this creep around her child? Those are the more intriguing questions I’d want to know?

  21. Fred October 13, 2013

    Did you bother to do any homework? Obviously not. All your cussing tells me you are not anyone to listen to in the first place, but your story is missing all the facts. Adrian did not know until 2-3 months ago that he even had a 2-year-old son. He was planning on flying out at the end of the month to meet him for the first time. The mother had a paternity test done to get child support from another man, but it came back negative. Then she called Adrian, who asked her what he could do to help, without any proof the child was his. He met the little boy for the first time in the hospital.

  22. Packer Bob October 13, 2013

    To call someone a “fucking piece of shit” after his kid dies is both appalling and cheap. You don’t know AP and you certainly don’t know his situation. You gets your “facts” from the media. What right to you or anyone else here have to judge him? Can’t you put your hatred of the Vikings aside and just grieve for the loss of a child, or has football made your heart black and callus.

    Unfortunately, this article has been written and other people will find it and think that Packer fans are classless, spiteful fans that love to kick a guy when he’s down. Packer fans are not these things. You do not represent Packer nation.

    1. E. Wolf October 13, 2013

      People always balk at hard truths. It is a hard truth that a lot of these pro athletes go around spurt their seeds across the land and have no interest in being fathers.

  23. Don Q October 14, 2013

    Peterson can do no wrong then. That aside, what the hell is “imbred”? Whoever calls someone an “imbred” is inbred. Moving along.

  24. yup!! October 14, 2013

    Why is everyone saying people mourn in different ways when the issue is that his son was hours away from dying and he was well aware of that and he decided to leave anyway. There is no way to defend this and it shows a side of people that makes me feel hopeless for mankind. Any of you that want to defend this man have no heart because I can tell you that if my daughter was dying I would be there until the end no matter how hard. I’ve even seen people are saying its racist to criticize him which is now the quick and easy card to pull these days which is why you wont hear ESPN saying anything negative about the situation. Defend him if you want but there is no hiding what is right and his horrible decision in this. And I know people will say its his decision and we shouldn’t care and its none of our business but unfortunately he is in a position where his actions are criticized. I can tell you that I don’t know anyone in my personal life that would go back to work with their child on his or her death bed.