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Aaron Rodgers Didn’t Think Much of That Hit, Matt Elam

Randall Cobb injury

You probably noticed Aaron Rodgers getting into it with Baltimore Ravens safety Matt Elam in Sunday’s Green Bay Packers victory.

The incident occurred after Randall Cobb’s knee injury. On the play, Elam went low to make the tackle and ultimately put his helmet on Cobb’s knee.

Although the play was legal, Rodgers took exception with it and let Elam know.

“I think a lot of us saw the hit on Dustin Keller,” Rodgers said. “I just felt like (Elam) had enough time to make a hit in the legal hitting zone.”

Keller, who plays for Miami, blew out his knee on a similar hit last month. He’s done for the season, but Cobb’s injury doesn’t appear to be as serious.

“(Ravens safety James Ihedigbo) came over and made actually a very knowledgeable point – which I appreciated a little intelligent banter back and forth – about some of the issues defensive players have to deal with with the target area,” Rodgers said. “I totally understand that and get that. I just felt like, from my vantage point, (Elam) had plenty of time to not take out a guy’s legs in that situation. I think he could have hit in the proper hitting zone, and that’s what I told him.”

Well, there’s probably a debate here. What Elam did wasn’t illegal and we get it. Defensive players want to stay away from the head so they don’t get penalized and fined.

At the same time, going at a guy’s knees is the quickest way to end his season.

Elam probably could have hit Cobb higher on this particular play, but the way the rules are written, he doesn’t have too.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. TyKo Steamboat October 14, 2013

    And Nick Perry has a broken foot.

    Oh, goodie!

  2. the real russ letlow October 14, 2013

    I loved that Rodgers told Elam it was a cheap shot. Absolutely loved it. If Perry is gone, we’ve got nothing but rookies behind him. At least we had Perry when Clay went down. This could be real bad.

  3. rebelgb October 14, 2013

    The whole debate makes me sick. Of course 2 major things are at play here when it comes to not getting an honest discussion on the subject of injuries and dirty play: One most analyst are ex-players, so therefore are pro-player and anti-league. Two most players are black, which automatically comes with a victim and entitlement mentality.

    These players started head hunting years ago to get cred on ESPN. Shoot Free Safeties for years who couldnt cover a holstein cow made bick contracts and kept jobs because they could hit ‘hard’ after the fact. Then oh shit the concussion issue comes to a head and its all the leagues fault..LOL how stupid are people to believe this shit? Pretty stupid. So the league says “ok now you cant hit the head, especially leading with the helmet.” Funny thing is the league never told these thugs “hit people in the head and lead with your helmet” though thats what most of you idiots somehow believe.

    So now players dive at players knees. Sure they used to do this in the past, but now more more than ever and guess what? Guys start getting hurt and its ALL THE LEAGUES FAULT. Watch the play Cobb got hurt. Fundamental football teaches lead into him with your shoulder pad and wrap up with your arms. He does that, he makes a great tackle, Cobb goes nowhere.

    But go ahead all you brainwashed aholes and accept the players excuses that its the league that turned them into thugs and dirty players. Hey all your buddies on espn, cbs, etc etc will back you up.

    By the amount of injuries I have seen this year and last, I would say that the game is simply becoming to violent for even a well toned, well muscled human body to survive (without injury). Players are too fast, too strong, and can move at much faster speed even at much larger sizes (than years before). Add to that the thug mentality of the brothers that play this game and you have a sport that eventually will be unsustainable.

    Not sure what the answer will be years from now. The NFL is big business and it will take an act of Congress to stop it.

    1. Andy October 14, 2013

      You make a good point aside from bringing race into the discusion, many players fit that “thug attitude” regardless of race.

    2. Arcturus October 15, 2013

      Oh Christ, an entitled cracker.

  4. T-Pack October 14, 2013

    You want congress to run the NFL? Unsure what your point is you are kind of all over the place.
    Next man up and move on. Thats the way it happens some seasons.

  5. BZ in BA October 14, 2013

    Aaron Rogers continues to be the kind of leader and quality human being that we all want to have as the “face” of this organization. If TT’s whole career as GM ends up being defined by his very first draft pick, then I think he can rest assured that it was a resounding success.

  6. SA packerfan October 14, 2013

    If ARod was a leader he would have taken that hit for Cobb.

    1. the real russ letlow October 14, 2013

      or at least taken responsibility for letting Elam hit him in the knee.

  7. rebelgb October 14, 2013


    You want congress to run the NFL? Unsure what your point is you are kind of all over the place.
    Next man up and move on. Thats the way it happens some seasons.

    Since your fetal alcohol syndrome and your ADHD are getting in the way of your reading comprehension let me summarize (thats when I point out only the main talking points of my original post, ok?)

    – The players are responsible for injuries on the field since they are the ones actually playing… NOT THE NFL

    – A large portion of black players have a thug mentality, but when inflicting injuries on fellow players blame the league and its commissioner. (Hence victim mentality).

    – Because the national sports media is predominately ex players, the blame continues to be pointed at the league instead of at the players themselves.

    – The size and speed of todays football players may be over coming the protection available by either rules or equipment, therefore making the game dangerous regardless of the former or latter. Therefore there may come a day when they call for the end of the game. However since it is a huge business worth billions of dollars that will take an act of government to happen.

    Ok got it? Basically the idea that players blame being dirty on the league when they are the perpetrators of the play is hypocritical and ridiculous.

    1. T-Pack October 15, 2013

      ” A large portion of black players have a thug mentality, but when inflicting injuries on fellow players blame the league and its commissioner. (Hence victim mentality).”

      And you came to this point from all the research you have done? There could be some decent points in there if it wasn’t riddled with name calling, racism and the overall absence of anything not obvious. Thanks for your input. Now go back to drinking your moonshine.

      1. rebelgb October 15, 2013

        Hey man lighten up, the wars over you can get new parts for your head…

  8. rebelgb October 14, 2013

    Oh and black players are thugs…in case you still dont get that point….(disclaimer: just most of them).

  9. Iltarion October 14, 2013

    Besides the fact that this notion that not being able to hit the head means you have to hit a guy in the knees is idiocy, the rules actually have ZERO to do with this hit.

    It is only illegal to hit a “defenseless” WR in the head, which is defined by a pass catcher being in the process of making the catch.

    Cobb dropped the ball after the hit. It was ruled a completed pass on the play. Thus, Cobb was not a “defenseless” WR, but had already completed the act of the catch by the time he was hit. As such, it was actually entirely legal to hit Cobb in the head or shoulder area by the time Elam got there.

  10. Cheese October 14, 2013

    Whatever happened to wrapping up around the waist? Elam definitely had enough time to do that. It’s not like Cobb is some big beefcake he wont be able to take down.

  11. E. Wolf October 15, 2013

    Rebel, I think it may be the case that a disproportionate number of black players are thugs, BUT NOT MOST. For every Merriweather or Warren Sapp, you have several fold who are not that way.
    My understanding is that there is some self governing in the trenches. People don’t normally go headhuntng because the other side will retaliate.
    If that hit was not against the rules, it shoudl have been. Defenseless receiver.

  12. rebelgb October 16, 2013

    There will always be players that play dirty, white or black. Chuck Cecil wouldnt survive in todays game, he would have been fined or suspended into oblivion.

    Its hard to retaliate against a corner though, there arent a lot of opportunities without just going after the guy during a play which will cost you at least 15.

    A lot of these guys grew up in places where the sanctity of life is pretty minute. You know like ‘The Hood’. So the idea that because they suddenly make millions of dollars they really give a rats ass whether they blow out some guys knees is a bit far fetched.