This is When People Start Talking About Benching Christian Ponder

Christian Ponder

Christian Ponder

That didn’t take long. Exactly one regular season game into the 2013 season, someone is suggesting that maybe the Minnesota Vikings should bench their awful quarterback, Christian Ponder.

Oh, what, that Greg Jennings addition didn’t magically make Ponder into a superstar like Greg Jennings suggested it would?

No, surprisingly. In the Queens’ season-opening loss (34-24 at Detroit), Ponder chucked 3 interceptions and lost a fumble. In other words, Adrian Peterson could not save his ass this time.

But Vikings coach Leslie Frazier is standing by his man.

“On Sunday, it was not all about Christian,” Frazier said Wednesday. “He had his mistakes. But the fact is the quarterback position is much more magnified. He just happens to play the position with the most scrutiny. We had other guys, trust me, that when we watched the tape, the scrutiny that needed to be had in those moments, they are well aware that they have to play better. They’re not looking only at our quarterback and saying, `If he had done this or that, we would have won that ballgame.’ We need to play better across the board.”

Well, if he hadn’t chucked those three picks, yeah, you probably would have won. Or maybe your team would have found another, more-creative way to shit the bed. You are the Minnesota Vikings, after all.

On a side note, Jennings had a monster game, catching three balls for 33 yards. Impressive, Greg!

If the Vikings bench Ponder — or maybe we should say when — Matt Cassell will take the reigns. Last season, when he was with Kansas City, Cassell threw 12 picks versus six touchdowns. He also fumbled nine times.

The Vikings are going to be awesome this year! Just ask any one of their shithead fans.

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9 Comments on "This is When People Start Talking About Benching Christian Ponder"

  1. Tucson Packer

    Wasnt Matt Cassell all over the Viqueens website after they signed him? I figured they would be excited about giving him the keys to the love boat.

    Better thought MN, put Joe Webb back under center.

    Plenty of options. No matter what you choose it all ends in an amazing Super Bowl victory, just like every other year for the Purple Pricks

  2. Jurgens

    Greg Jennings is like “Not so fast, guys. I ran a couple shitty routes on sunday and Christian was all like ‘My bad, Greg.’ He is a great leader. Let him play.”

  3. tedtomato

    Thank god we dont have this turd as our qb. Hope he plays just good enough to be the shitfucks starter for next 10 years. Funny watching his wounded ducks and ground balls. Hilarious to see the pick sixes. Wheres all their turd trolls now?

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