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Packers Have Best Running Backs, Says DuJuan Harris

Packers running back DuJuan Harris

Alright, alright. The Green Bay Packers have some good running backs for the first time since Ryan Grant was in his prime. One of those backs — DuJuan Harris — says they have the best backs in the NFL.

Of course, that back is on injured reserve and out for the season, but maybe he has a point.

Harris was slated to come into the season as a starter after finishing last season like a bull. Then the Packers went out and drafted Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin.

Lacy hasn’t gotten a lot of work — he left the Packers’ week two game after one carry with a concussion and didn’t play in week three.

Nonetheless, James Starks, who was once the forgotten man, stepped in and ran for 132 yards in week two. Franklin, who it was rumored didn’t get the Packers’ zone blocking scheme, came in after Starks got injured in week three and ran for 103 yards on just 13 carries.

Not too shabby.

Two straight 100-yard rushers. When was the last time that happened?


So that has Harris calling the Packers’ backfield the best in the NFL.

“I feel like we have the best backfield in this league by the numbers,” said Harris, who finished the 2012 season as the Packers’ starter. “We have a lot of guys that can take over the starting job and get out there and make some runs. The guys who y’all didn’t even think were going to play were the guys who got 100 yard games.

“All of us are capable of having big games and to have all that in the backfield, that’s a hell of a thing to have.”

Perhaps Harris has a point.

There’s definitely a lot of talent there for the first time in a while. Maybe more talent than at any time since Jim Taylor, Paul Hornung and Elijah Pitts. Or at least since John Brockington and MacArthur Lane, with respect to Edgar Bennett and Dorsey Levens.

If they’re all healthy, we’re talking four guys who can potentially be a boss.


The Packers are currently 10th in the NFL in rushing offense, ahead of the vaunted Minnesota Vikings, who are 12th.

They’re averaging 128 yards per game, which is a vast improvement over the 78.3 yards per game they averaged last season.

Are they the best in the NFL? Well, statistically, no.

That honor goes to the Philadelphia Eagles right now, who are averaging 209 yards per game behind Shady McCoy, Mike Vick and whoever the hell else.

Talent-wise, maybe.

In any case, the future looks bright.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Ivomitonvikingfans September 25, 2013

    Just think how well they would do with an O-line that had real NFL linemen and not undersized girls.

    1. GBslacker September 25, 2013

      if we had men in the secondary, that could tackle — by themselves, wrap-up the legs, and put the guy on the ground, without ceding huge yards– instead of bitches with weaves & braids…

  2. Savage57 September 25, 2013

    Imagine how good this team could be if…

    the players didn’t have hamstrings,
    – and –
    the oline could run AND pass block in the same game,
    – and –
    the return game provided good field position,
    – and –
    the front 7 could pressure the QB.

    Yeah, there’s more, but I think those four would pretty much take care of 90% of the woes.

    1. the real russ letlow September 25, 2013

      they ought to look into replacement hammy’s for those who have troubles ones.

  3. the real russ letlow September 25, 2013

    I agree with the article – this is as much talent as we have had at RB for quite some time. Now if they can all stay healthy (which at this point is a big IF) we need to use that talent appropriately!

  4. Tucson Packer September 25, 2013

    If only we had a cartoonish mascot..

  5. iltarion September 25, 2013

    Both the backs we drafted look like promising NFL backs.

    However, Lacy and Franklin have both played one whole game. Let’s see some more before we start putting them in ’72 Dolphins territory.

  6. rebelgb September 25, 2013

    Franklin is the man. We havent had a back like him since, well since never.

    Our oline will get better as the year goes on. If we can run come playoff time we will be hard to beat.

  7. kato September 25, 2013

    I really like the franklin kid. Watched a few UCLA games last year and was really impressed with him. He had a poor offensive line and a lot of times was evading tackles in the backfield, and he still put up enormous numbers in a power conference that had USC and Stanford (not counting oregon because they really didnt play defense). Always thought he would be a better back than lacy.

    But, the point is, I think Harris could be right. I want to look at a large sample size though, as in an entire season, not just 3 games. And really, they only ran it effectively in two games. They have a very versatile backfield, unlike what they have had in a while. It is definitely very promising. I like Lacy’s power and starks can pound the ball too with deceptive speed and wear defenses down along with franklin coming in as a change of pace. I dont know that the packers have had such an explosive back other than maybe ahman green. I was watching the bengals game with some bears fans in chicago and one of them said franklin looked like barry sanders with his shiftiness and speed. He doesnt bull over tackles, he just somehow slips and evades them. Very good sense of balance and low center of gravity.

  8. Vijay September 26, 2013

    Our opponent game planned for Starks or Lacy–power backs, they were not game planning for Franklin who is smaller and more slippery…its one game but it’s good to know we have some backs with some ability. The threat of the run makes our offense that much more deadly. Now if we could only do a better job on Defense, which everyone thought coming out of training camp, was way ahead of the offense. Oh yeah, and put Cobb back there to return kicks and stuff. Or bring in that troubled kid, Chris Rainey, to try out.