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Jeremy Ross is Gone

Jeremy Ross

Those people screaming for the Green Bay Packers to release return man Jeremy Ross during Sunday’s Green Bay Packers loss to the Cincinnati Bengals have gotten their wish.

The Packers released Ross today.

Ross fumbled the first kickoff he received on Sunday. That led to a Bengals touchdown and a quick 14-0 lead for Cincinnati. When he wasn’t fumbling, Ross wasn’t doing much else.

He averaged just 12.5 yards on six kick returns and 10 yards on two punt returns.

“We made a change today with Jeremy Ross. As always, the roster is a constant conversation,” coach Mike McCarthy said.

“Production and performance are always part of those decisions. We haven’t given up on Jeremy. He had some opportunities. He’s obviously not with us right now, but I have no problem working with him again.”

So now what?

The obvious solution is to put Randall Cobb back on returns. Cobb has been dynamic in the role, but the Packers will probably look to someone else so they don’t expose Cobb to injury.

The other options on the roster are rookies Micah Hyde and Johnathan Franklin. Hyde handled punts during the preseason and Franklin got a look on kickoffs.

The Packers could also bring in a free agent. They worked out former Jets returner Joe McKnight at the end of the preseason and they obviously have a roster spot now that Ross is gone.

It should also be noted the Packers are now down to just four receivers.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Nacho Libre September 23, 2013

    Well it’s about fuckin’ time. I wonder if the Drag Queens will scoop him up…

  2. therealChuckywasCecil September 23, 2013

    GRB -> MSP he should be there in about 45 minutes

  3. Nacho Libre September 23, 2013


  4. Sean September 23, 2013

    Is Charles Johnson healthy yet? or the other one? Can’t remember the practice squad players.

  5. the real russ letlow September 23, 2013

    I hate to see anyone lose their job, but Ross did nothing to keep his. It needed to be done. His stunk up the joint.

  6. Savage57 September 23, 2013

    So when’s the incompetent that coaches the unit gonna get the heave-ho, too?

  7. rebelgb September 23, 2013

    I havent gotten overt Ross’s decision to take the ball out of the end zone right before our failed last drive in San Fran. That decision alone I think cost us more than any other mistake in that game.

    Im glad he is gone. I think this is MM and TT sending a message to the rest of the team. Which is good.

    Now lets get the boys healthy and get ready to go on a run.

    PS… I used to hate the idea of having a star player on returns. But when it comes to Cobb I have to give a pass and say let him return kicks. 1 – There are more touch backs then ever so its not such a big deal. 2 – Cobb has shown to be more durable than we thought.

  8. Charlie Martin September 23, 2013


  9. FITZCORE1252 September 23, 2013


  10. E. Wolf September 23, 2013

    Well knick knack paddy-whack, GIVE A DOG A BONE. THIS OLD MAN WENT ROLLING HOME.

  11. Mike McMuffin September 23, 2013

    When you release a player doesn’t that mean you gave up on him?

  12. THE NFL SUCKS September 23, 2013

    Thank God.

  13. THE NFL SUCKS September 23, 2013

    Mike McMuffin, I agree. Political-speak is hilarious to listen to. “No we didn’t give up on him….we just told him to get lost, and thanked him for contribute to some painful losses. Good riddance. Thank you Ted for sacking this idiot.

  14. Doug September 23, 2013

    I do NOT want to see Cobb back there, unless it’s to just catch the damn thing in the endzone and take a knee.

    Relative to Ross yesterday, I just about lost my shit on the kickoff out of bounds. Not sure if he knew what the hell was going on, but he almost negated the ball coming out to the forty and instead getting it on the three because he grabbed it too soon. It was clear that thing was going out of bounds, and he shouldn’t have even touched the damn thing.

    1. ay hombre September 23, 2013

      Umm Doug. No. He knew what he was doing and it was the only smart thing the guy ever did. Don’t rain on his one shining moment.

      1. Iltarion September 23, 2013

        Spot on, hombre. That was Ross’s best play as a Packer.

        Ross shouldn’t have been kept in the first place. As soon as we found out the guy wasn’t a viable WR, he should have gotten the boot. We don’t need to be wasting a roster spot on a guy who does nothing but return.

        We should have kept Alex Green in the first effin place and let him or Franklin return kick offs. Absolutely ridiculous that the Packers are playing against a two deep nickel defense all game with only one effin healthy RB. If people want something to bitch at MM and TT about, bitch about THAT.

        Let Micah Hyde return punts. He looked natural doing it in the preseason, and with Casey Hayward coming back (eventually), Hyde won’t be seeing that much of the field.

        We didn’t have to keep 5 WRs. You can promote Charles Johnson to the active roster whenever you want to.

        1. GBslacker September 23, 2013

          I agree about no need for so many receivers.

          It’s not like we need to give Rodgers more time to get sacked, as he goes through read progressions.

          If we had 400 lb oLinemen… maybe.

  15. Jurgens September 23, 2013

    There are no answers in house. They have to bring in someone. Cobb is too valuable. Hyde and Franklin didn’t even return in college. Bring in a specialist.

  16. MadCity Packer Fan September 23, 2013

    GREAT MOVE!!!!!!!!! This guy had no business on our active roster!

  17. MadCity Packer Fan September 23, 2013

    Call up Walker! He looked good in the preseason.

  18. SoTxPhil September 23, 2013

    Did Walker get picked up by any other team for their PS???

  19. Intimidating Cheese September 23, 2013

    I wonder if Ross will go to the Vikqueens and become a beast like most the players that leave us for Minnesota… Starting to think our mediocrity is a result of our culture of football in GB… We’re the same as the fucking cowboys

    1. Packer Bob is Out September 23, 2013

      And why would Ross go to the Vikings when they drafted Cordarrelle Patterson in the 1st round?

  20. Cheese September 23, 2013

    Go to the Vikqueens and become a beast? Like who.. Farve for one year? Ryan Longwell? Greg Jennings? Desmond Bishop the back up? Haha right….

  21. Intimidating Cheese September 23, 2013

    Darren sharper… But the bigger issue is our culture, our football attitude. We’ve been acting like no one is better after our Super Bowl run and our 15-1 season where we had one of the easiest schedules in recent memory. We haven’t filled in spots of all the players we lost and our coach is riding off credibility he got from a ready built team in 06. It’s been biting us in our asses

  22. vj September 23, 2013

    Wow…did not know it was this hard to find guys to reliably field kicks and punts…must be a rarity to find those guys amongst the NFL ranks…does every team have this problem too? Hmm…nah, can’t be.

  23. vj September 23, 2013

    Trade with the Bucs for Jeff Demps from U of Florida or pick his running mate up, Chris Rainey, who despite his checkered past is also ultra fast and talented….
    Calling any available Florida Gator!!!

    1. KregN. September 24, 2013

      A Florida Gator??? That’s all we need is more Thugs and Headcases. No thank you.
      A weapon would be a luxury. All we need is someone who doesn’t make huge mistakes and bad decisions every time the opportunity comes up.

      1. Abe Frohman September 24, 2013

        is Mike Prior available?

  24. 8BitEra September 24, 2013

    Seconded on Rainey. Bonus: emergency RB.

  25. Rich T September 24, 2013

    Still wondering why we didn;’t just kick a field goal instead of going for it on 4 & 1. Crosby has been kicking real well. He definitely could have made that and it would have probably wrapped up the game.