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Greg Jennings Thinks the Packers Suck, Apparently

Greg Jennings thinks the Packers suck

You ready for this one? Here, we’ve got a Minnesota Vikings helmet signed by none other than Greg Jennings and as you can see, it also says “Packers suck” on it.

Kind of unbelievable, right?

Well, let us try to put this into context for you.

Some backwards Vikings fan posted this photo to her Instagram account. She says a friend of hers got the autograph and then posted the photo to his Facebook account and of course she loved it so, that she had to repost it. The friend apparently asked Jennings to sign the helmet with “Packers suck” and he obliged.

So, Jennings isn’t going around signing autographs with “Packers suck”… unless someone asks him to.

Anyway, the Packers part of the Internet promptly flew off its handle.

Jennings was busy during the offseason taking shots at former teammate Aaron Rodgers and the organization for brainwashing players. Since the season started, he’s been busy underperforming because, you know, he has one of the shittiest quarterbacks in the league.

But Greg Jennings has been wronged by the Packers! So he’s going to do what he’s going to do.

Is this a big deal? We really don’t know that it is, but it certainly isn’t sitting well in the eyes of some Green Bay Packers fans.

(Via CHTV)

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. E. Wolf September 18, 2013

    Hey guys, I invite you track the twitter account that this is linked to. The Vikings fan, a woman, is a real heffer. Puts Casey whats her name to shame.

    For me this is just another lesson as to why we all should ALL preach a message of hatred and intolerance–hatred and intolerance for the Minnesota Vikings! For me personally, whenever I see anything–any word or image–related to the Minnesota Vikings, I feel as if I coming down with the rage virus from 28 Days Later. Except that it is ALL things Minnesota Vikings that are the infected–the diseased. Unrelenting hatred, contempt and scorn for this disease that is the Minnesota Vikings is healthy, righteous and good, as undying love for the Packers is the cure!

  2. Don Q September 18, 2013

    Once again, Vikings fans win the jealousy award. Standard.

  3. packattackinminneapolis September 18, 2013

    Who gives a shit what Greg Marie Jennings thinks of his former team??? Look where he is now!!!!
    Im sure he saw what ARod did Sunday with is wealth or receivers and said WHY THE FUCK DIDNT I JUST TAKE THE MONEY!!!
    As far as the Viqueens go who gives a fuck about them?? We have better things to do this year and that is to win ball games

  4. the real russ letlow September 18, 2013

    craig who?

  5. therealChuckywasCecil September 18, 2013

    No longer surprised by anything he does or says and it’s getting tiresome. It’s a great day to be a douche! #85

    1. Cheese September 18, 2013


  6. Packer Bob September 18, 2013

    “Anyway, the Packers part of the Internet promptly flew off its handle.”


  7. Tucson Packer September 18, 2013

    What “sucks” more;

    1) A team that has won the Super Bowl MULTIPLE times,
    2) A team that has NEVER won a Super Bowl?

    Viqueens still wonder why nobody gives a shit about them. Figure it out you pathetic purple pricks, you are the trash can of the NFL. Craig is just one of your newest pieces of trash.

    1. Eugene September 18, 2013

      Who cares what you think. I do not care whether you won super ball or not. I just like my team whether they win or not. I have friends who is packers fans and yes we tease each other about team and players, but in the end what important that you have to be smarter and not become the person who post insults to make someone angry. I will be Viking fan no matter what. So Go Vikes. :-)

      1. E. Wolf September 18, 2013

        Your poor conjugation, entire dropping of verbs and other errors all give the impression that your command of the English language is marginal at best, worse than many who speaks it as a second language. It makes my mind’s ear hear “Must kill Moose and Squirrel” when I read your terrible screed.

        1. Eugene September 19, 2013

          Maybe my English is not good like yours, but at least I am not trying put you down. How many languages do you know? At least I am real fan no comparing to you. I came here not because I want to read this crap. When I checked that picture on Facebook, so I decided to read what other people think and got your insults about my second language. Yes I am an immigrant and my English not perfect like yours, but at least I know three languages. How about you?

          1. E. Wolf September 19, 2013

            Ich war in Amerika geboren, aber habe ich die deutsche Sprache auf Hochschule und ausserdem bei der Universitaet studiert. Zwar ist mein Deutsch jetzt sehr hackig. Leider mache ich viele peinliche Irren. Ich nutze mein Deutsch jetzt sehr selten, und mangele ich an regelmaessige Ubung. Trotzdem habe ich doch meine Faehigkeiten auf die deutsche Sprache in meinem Arbeit genutzt. Ich habe eigentlich Geld verdient, meine Fachekenntnissen zu nutzen, zwar schwiereige, deutschsprachigen Texten auf wissenschafltiche, rechltichte, und hochtechnische Theman zu lesen, verdichten, und sogar auch uebersetzen..
            Zu den Anderen Thema ueber Beleidigungen muss ich nur sagen, dass es ist mir total egal ist. Ich und viele anderen Packers fans HASSEN diese Profimannschaft. Vikings fans und vor allem die Profimannschaft ,die the Minnesota Vikings heissen, gefallen uns gar nicht. Wir finden euch alle abscheulich. Deshalb nutzen vielen von uns sehr starke Worte ueber dieses unangenehm Thema. Wirdst du weinen, weil du uns nicht gefaellst?
            Wenn du dass nicht aushalten kann, ist es mir total egal.
            Ich gebe dir etwas zu. Ich war nicht total sicher, ob du wirklich Auslander warst. Viele Amerikaner schreiben schlimmer als du. Fuer mich kommt es darauf zwei Fragen: wie lang du in diesem Land gewesen bist und fuer wie lange du die Englische Sprache studiert hast.

            Summary–I also speak German somewhat imperfectly, which is one more language than the vast majority of Americans. I do not give two shits that your feelings are hurt. I really hate that team, the Vikings, like few things on earth. By extension, that means I do not like you as a Vikings fan. Sorry you cannot handle the strong language but many of us Packer fans do not like you people, to put it mildly. See my first post (the first one).

      2. Tucson Packer September 19, 2013

        Obviously you came here, and commented, so thanks for caring. But in the end, you’re trolling. Thanks for the traffic here but you would be better suited going to wherever your ‘queens store their empty trophy case at and taking a picture with it.

        Be proud, be real proud :-)

      3. Savage57 September 19, 2013


        The most illiterate, meaningless post ever in the history of blogging.

        I go bed tonight I ask God why me not smarter like you are.

      4. MadCity Packer Fan September 19, 2013

        Do you know where you are posting this?? lol

  8. Wisconsin Vikings Fan September 18, 2013

    You fudgepackers are all just butt hurt.. quit crying over your beloved Greg Jennings and get over yourselves. i’ll admit, the packers are better (for now) but packer fans are the most idiotic around.. especially if you purchase stock in a “company” that you can never cash out.. worthless. Its pretty obvious why you all move over to Minnesota, your state is a piece of crap.. and to all you packer fans living in Minnesota, thanks for paying for our stadium :)

    I doubt the admin will ever allow this comment through since its “negative” against your packers.. too proud, too stupid, too typical.

    1. PF4l September 18, 2013

      What stadium?….lol

    2. E. Wolf September 18, 2013

      I hope you get stabbed in the throat with a shank.

    3. Tucson Packer September 18, 2013

      Hey trash,

      A little FYI our admin(s) do/does not delete “negative” comments. Especially from ass-clowns like you. We like it, free entertainment.

      “Beloved”? Naw see, Craig sat on our bench last year, all last year. We didn’t need him to beat you in the playoffs but you might need him to get to .500. Hell, you NEED someone to throw to him to start with. Your team is ass-backwards. fitting.

      Thanks for supporting this Packer’s website with you coming here.

    4. Savage57 September 19, 2013

      Look braintrust, we all know some fat whore Shitfucks fan (sorry, that’s redundant – all female fans from Minneshithole are fat whores) wrote this shit on the helmet after GJ signed it – but he’s still a tool. High humor and the epitome of gigging the Packers fans – if you have Minneshithole’s average IQ of <70.

      We buy stock shares in our team to fund improvements and fortify capital reserves. We all know what it is going in and we do it willingly, knowing that is what's required for an active and loyal fan base to support the most successful team in the NFL over the course of decades.

      Now let's talk about how the geniuses from Minneshithole get sucked into funding another shitty stadium for their shitty team and their criminal owner.

      Pulltabs. That's right, pulltabs. Gambling for retards. But guess what asshole – after your oh, so intellectually superior brethren have pissed away $15MM on pulltabs, guess how much is left over for stadium funding?

      That's right, ZERO. Just like the fuckers that support the team.

      Read it, and know the truth, bitch. By the way, no Packer fan that is enduring the sentence that is living in MInneshithole is stupid enough to fund your shitty stadium.


      By the way, the dude that runs this blog hates the Shitfucks as much as all the rest of us do, so he'll always post your weakass shit so we have a ready source of fresh meat.

      Now there's some "negative" shit, asshat.

      1. E. Wolf September 19, 2013

        Look braintrust, we all know some fat whore Shitfucks fan (sorry, that’s redundant – all female fans from Minneshithole are fat whores) wrote this shit on the helmet after GJ signed it

        Do we? It is pretty easy to authenticate handwriting. Doing that would ruin its value. Try using Occam’s razor, instead. What is the most likely, simplest explanation?

        1. Savage57 September 19, 2013

          That the owner of the helmet wrote the comment in after Jennings signed it. With the same pen they handed to Jennings to affix his signature.

          If you really are looking for the razor, that’s it.

          1. E. Wolf September 19, 2013

            Problems with that–

            this comports with the guy’s pattern of behavior up to this point

            there are doubtlessly handwriting samples out there. If this were a fraud, more likely than not someone would have debunked it.

            that would really harm the value of the item.

    5. MadCity Packer Fan September 19, 2013

      Monty allows it because it displays the meat gate Viking fan that you are.

  9. organicbuzz September 18, 2013

    Craig just wants the money. HE IS PRETTY ENOUGH to wear purple. Hope money can buy him what he wants He says he’s a “team” guy. I doubt the Viqueens as a “team” want him running his mouth. You would think he would shut the fuck-up for the “team” Poor poor Craig.

  10. Arcturus September 18, 2013

    #15. Hehe.

  11. BJohnson September 18, 2013

    Wisconsin Vikings Fan… The website is total packers.com. Why even come here to spread your negativity? I’m sorry you could cheer for a winning team and you choose to be a prick.

  12. PF4l September 18, 2013

    If some chic on the internet said that Greg Jennings wrote the Packers suck on a helmet he autographed, then it must be true, because it’s, on the internet…Just sayin.

    1. E. Wolf September 18, 2013

      Hey P*FAIL*

      There is a photo of the helmet with his signature and what appears to be his handwriting. Occam’s Razor!

      1. cd4packers September 18, 2013

        you believe everything you see wolfie?

        1. E. Wolf September 18, 2013

          Only when there is no reason to. It does not look photoshopped. It fits in with his general pattern of behavior since last year. More likely than not, this is legit. Not saying there is metaphysical certitude–just more likely than not.

          1. E. Wolf September 18, 2013

            *no reason not to. …

      2. PF4l September 19, 2013

        Your probably right wolfie…No one else could write packers suck on a helmet, if its autographed by Greg Jennings…Good work Perry Mason.

        1. E. Wolf September 19, 2013

          What’s the simplest, MOST LIKELY explanation?

      3. 12meninthehuddle September 19, 2013

        I’m amazed that no ignant queens fan has asked Why you are talking about someones “Razor”……”coz this discussion ain’t got nofink to do with shaving and shit, yo”

        1. E. Wolf September 19, 2013

          Word–yo-yo-you. (lol).

  13. FITZCORE1252 September 18, 2013


  14. tedtomato September 18, 2013

    What a dipshit..its name says wisconsin shit fucks fan..means you live in wisconsin right? If you dont like it here..move to minnecrapolis and become a minnecrapolean! We are not ignorant..its called helping your team stay competitive and in the top 10 venue wise. We dont have to pump in crowd noise..unlike your shitfucks. Cant wait to see #15 get knocked out! Hope ponders your qb for the next 15 years!

  15. tedtomato September 18, 2013

    Wow..never see enough chatter from these dipshits! Yeah your 6-10 team isnt scaring anybody..go talk shit on your own teams website!

  16. Daniel W. Scharpf September 19, 2013

    Those of us who desided to buy Packer stock , did so because of Great Loyalty to the team an its great tradition of WINNING. In Minnesota the team stuck everyone with a gigantic tax to build your Star Wars walker of a stadium. Why didn’t you just put a extra nickel tax on Hormel Chile, you would have paid that piece of shit stadium off sooner.

  17. (G)oldenTATEDONTHATE September 19, 2013

    Jennings is right, y’all suck lol. Sorry but Seattle is the future of the NFL and we are gonna kick your ass in the playoffs. Wilson > Rodgers.

    1. Tucson Packer September 20, 2013

      So odd. I thought Rodgers got some kind of MVP of the NFC or something last week. That would be Rodgers > Every other QB.

  18. (G)oldenTATEDONTHATE September 19, 2013

    Come on Fudger Packers fans, you know we already are making history and you can’t deal with it faggots.

    1. Savage57 September 19, 2013

      Yup, making history for having the biggest fucking mouths in the league? Talk the most empty shit? Gettin’ all jacked up about a 2-0 start?

      Remind us of how sweet those Super Bowl wins are.

      You’re confusing Packer fans with someone who actually gives a shit about the Seawhores.

      Check back with us when your shitty team gains some relevance.

    2. E. Wolf September 19, 2013

      I wrote a piece on here that the Seattle P-I covered. Read it.

  19. (G)oldenTATEDONTHATE September 19, 2013

    Biggest mouths? You mean newest and upcoming future dynasty bitch. Fuck both of you Packer and 69er fans are the same breed of idiots ever. You CHEATED to win your championships.

    1. Phatgzus September 19, 2013

      Obviously you’re going full-blown mountain troll up in this establishment, but I can’t help but ask “In your mind, how exactly did the Packers, or the 49ers for that matter, ‘cheat’ their ways to a Super Bowl?”

      1. Tucson Packer September 20, 2013

        You think someone pretending to be Golden Prostate is actually gonna provide evidence to back up their school yard BS? lol. If “Golden Tate” reads this blog, well, shows who has his priorities.

    2. MadCity Packer Fan September 19, 2013

      How is that bumpy ride on the bandwagon? Can you leave your email so we can all email you to express excitement when your team blows it in the playoffs this year? What does the day of a SheHawk troll like? A lot of pole smoking I would imagine.

  20. (G)oldenTATEDONTHATE September 21, 2013

    Our team is way more classier than yours ever could be.