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Five More Things on Packers Loss to Bengals

Aaron Rodgers: sucking

The Green Bay Packers dropped a disgusting 34-30 decision to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday to fall to 1-2. Here’s what we think in the aftermath.

The Packers go as Aaron Rodgers goes.
Rodgers had his worst game in… longer than we can remember. Maybe ever. Rodgers threw two interceptions and misfired on plenty more throws. The Packers should have won this game in a blowout, with the defense creating four turnovers, but Rodgers gave it back. When Rodgers isn’t on, the Packers are nothing more than a mediocre team.

We don’t like talking about punters, but we’re going to talk about Tim Masthay.
Is this dude awesome or what? Three punts, all inside the 20. Masthay averaged 43.3 per kick on Sunday, while continuing to handle kickoffs. He’s been solid all season and he even gets in there and makes a tackle once in a while. Masthay just might be the Packers MVP at this point.

The problem is Jeremy Ross.
Earlier in the week, special teams coach Shawn Slocum said Jeremy Ross wasn’t the problem with the Packers ineffectual return game. It was the guys in front of him. Well, on Sunday Ross was the problem. He lost the first kick he handled and that led directly to Cincinnati establishing a quick 14-point lead. On the day, two returns, 21 yards. Not good.

Mike McCarthy, you buffoon.
We still don’t get the call to hand the ball to Johnathan Franklin on four-and-1 in the fourth quarter. Franklin had no lead blocker on the play, so best-case scenario, he was probably going to get hit in the backfield. If you’re going for it, run the QB sneak. The Packers needed only about six inches. Otherwise, put up the three. A field goal would have given the Packers a six-point lead. Instead, Franklin fumbles and the Bengals return it for the TD to go up four. The play call made no sense and that’s on McCarthy.

What changes after the bye?
The Packers are off next week. When they return they should finally have some guys back on the field. Among those will be Morgan Burnett, Casey Hayward, John Kuhn and Clay Matthews. We know the defense should be stronger and that should help the Packers build on yesterday’s performance. So, although the Packers are 1-2, there’s probably no need to panic just yet.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. PF4l September 23, 2013

    I’ve read a lot of articles about this game…Rodgers this, Rodgers that….But no articles about our POS O line…..The O line is a joke…going on it’s 3rd year. Get off Rodgers balls..If it wasn’t for him, we’d be 3-13 every year.

    1. Iltarion September 23, 2013

      Maybe you didn’t notice the Packers running for over 180 YARDS in that effin game.

      The O-line and Franklin win that frickin game if A-Rodge gets his head out of his ASS!!!

      Hey, here’s an idea! GIVE FRANKLIN THE EFFIN BALL!!!!!

      1. PF4l September 23, 2013

        iltarion…The same guy who didn’t think the defense, the O line, the running game, were problems the last 2 years…The Packers had a good running game for 2 games…So he thinks the O line is fine again….Iltarian <— Living proof, You can't fix stupid.

        1. Iltarion September 23, 2013

          Except I never said any of that.

          You confuse arguing against idiotic takes with lauding.

          You are right though. The two seasons the Packers went 26-6 (best record in the league) and won two division titles, the defense, O-line, and running game were BIG EFFIN PROBLEMS!!!

      2. PF4l September 23, 2013

        iltarion…And if Franklin doesn’t fumble, the Packers win that “fricken” game….Iltarion…Did one of the 4 men in the delivery room waiting for their blood test results, drop you on your head?

        1. Iltarion September 23, 2013

          No, it is Cincy ball if Franklin doesn’t fumble. FG to tie, TD to win.

          Without Franklin, we aren’t even in the game thanks to our inept QB. Without Franklin, and our O-line, it never comes to that.

          Keep talking shit though. I’ve heard it all before, but it is still mildly entertaining.

          1. PF4l September 23, 2013

            iltarion says: “You are right though. The two seasons the Packers went 26-6 (best record in the league) and won two division titles, the defense, O-line, and running game were BIG EFFIN PROBLEMS!!!”….2011 defense = 32 ranked…rushing offense= 27th ranked…O line sucked…..And the Packers were 15-1…Why?…3 words..Aaron EFFIN Rodgers. iltarion…stfu and stop talking so stupid.

  2. Sean September 23, 2013

    Jeremy Ross is released! There will be much rejoicing!

    1. Cheese September 23, 2013

      I wonder who will be the returner?

    2. dj September 23, 2013

      Not as much rejoicing as there will be when McCarthy gets his walking papers

      1. Packer Bob is Out September 23, 2013

        OMG!! It’s 2010 all over again!

        Fire McCarthy!! Fire Thompson. Wait! We won the Superbowl? I love McCarthy!! I love Thompson!! Genius!!

        Yep, I think that about sums it up.

  3. Cheese September 23, 2013

    The thought of this team without Rodgers isn’t a pretty one. As much as people say how good of a play caller McCarthy is he consistently does some pretty stupid things. I guess if the play had worked we wouldn’t be complaining about it. Franklin looked great aside from the fumble. He actually waits for his blockers. Is it strange that I want a Tim Masthay jersey over any other Packer player? I see it as the same reason I loved Nick Collins, he flies under the radar and is the best at what he does.

  4. GBslacker September 23, 2013

    per the PG presser tweets…

    MM: Every week we have a message. This week it’s “focus through the finish.” we didn’t hit that target.

    How lame is that?
    To have that message, and then admit to having that as a message.
    What. A. Punk.

    1. Cheese September 23, 2013

      “Focus through the finish?”

      What the fuck is that suppose to mean? Next thing you know he’s gonna start saying Gitt’er done.

  5. Savage57 September 23, 2013

    They say a team takes on its coach’s personality.

    I imagine Mikey as a 3rd grader, after having his lunch money stolen getting all indignant and blustered up and unwisely challenging the thief to a fight after school.

    Whereupon, at the designated time and place, Mikey immediately gets drilled in the face and goes home crying with a bloody nose.

    Kind of like his team when they try to take on the league’s tough guys.

    1. rebelgb September 23, 2013

      LOL good stuff!

    2. Packer Bob is Out September 23, 2013

      Using that logic one could assume that Bill Belichick was punching classmates in the nose and stealing their lunch money.

      When a person resorts to name-calling, they have in that moment abandoned logic in favor of an exaggerated expression of their feelings. Just sayin..

      1. Savage57 September 25, 2013

        The application of logic to a problem or situation doesn’t lead to universally consistent or paradoxical conclusions. Each case is unique and so by extension are the variables to be considered in contemplating an outcome.

        And where did you see anyone called a name?

  6. rebelgb September 23, 2013

    What I find funny (and troubling) is how everyone is hanging their hopes on the bye to fix everything. Yes getting all our players back will be huge; however, if they cant stay healthy for the first 3 weeks of the season, how will this team stay healthy for 13+ more games? This is it. After this break there is no more breaks until the end of the season.

    1. Iltarion September 23, 2013

      Great point, rebel. I think we have to be pretty concerned with the Packers’ chances of staying healthy through 13 consecutive weeks.

      Packers better get the bye, which isn’t very likely having already lost 2 games.

  7. Park the Shark September 23, 2013

    I hate to say it but after the bye week… MM will still be the coach. But at least if he decides to run the rookie on 4th down again he will have the khunster to block for him.

    1. Mike September 25, 2013

      Yes another “ass” pushed back behind the line of scrimmage to run into! LOL!

  8. Iltarion September 23, 2013

    I am assuming anyone saying the Packers should have done a QB sneak on that 4th down play hasn’t watched the Packers in the last 6 seasons. Rodgers is TERRIBLE at the QB sneak. The last time he tried one, he fumbled on the effin goal line.

    And anyways, did you see the O-line collapse on that play? Shit. Cam Newton would have gotten stuffed on that frickin play.

    So, Monty of all people, says the Packers should have trusted in Crosby to kick a 47 yard FG? Hahahaha!!! That’s rich. If Crosby misses, the Bengals have great field position, only needing a FG to tie.

    You go for it. You give Franklin the ball or you do a QB bootleg. The O-line just got their asses kicked. Sometimes, players just have to make the damn play.

  9. PF4l September 23, 2013

    And….GOD has spoken…lol……..Calm down iltarion..Have a coke and a smile.

  10. Packer Bob is Out September 23, 2013

    “When Rodgers isn’t on, the Packers are nothing more than a mediocre team.”

    And in other news, scientists prove that water really is wet.

    “We still don’t get the call to hand the ball to Johnathan Franklin on four-and-1 in the fourth quarter. ”

    I bet a million bucks you’d call buffonary on McCarthy if the QB sneak play didn’t work. It’s not the play call, it’s the failure to execute the play.

    Tim Masthay is the unsung hero of this team. Jeremy Ross fumbled his way out of a job. Wanna bet the Packers sign a RB to replace him?

    Get healthy and beat the Lions.

    1. Savage57 September 24, 2013

      There’s probably about a half-dozen different personnel packages and plays to attack 4th and 1. It wasn’t the call, it was the PLAY called.

      How do you, behind this OL, line up in a spread formation and ask the slightest RB on your team to move the pile?

      Please next time, Mike, put in a heavy package and move the damn pile three feet.

      First down, maybe?

  11. Lisa September 24, 2013

    Ok….this game will roll as our rotten, unfortunate blunder of the 2013 season. Better now than in the playoffs. Lets suck it up and roll in strong! Go Pack Go!!!!