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We Know Nothing About the Packers After Preseason Week 3

Packers vs. Seahawks

Well, there’s no reason to believe the Green Bay Packers defense will be able to stop a high-powered offense this year. The Packers were gashed by the Seattle Seahawks No. 1 offense on Friday night in what was supposed to be their dress rehearsal.

Although the score was only 17-10, the dress rehearsal didn’t really happen because Aaron Rodgers only played one series — and he again led the Packers to three points, while going 4-for-7 for 41 yards.

Most everyone else on the Packers first teams played at least into the second quarter, if not longer.

But as far as the Packers defense — gashed.

Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson played into the third. His first incomplete pass didn’t come until the second quarter. Wilson started 7-for-7 and finished 11-for-17.

Wilson ended up throwing two picks — one to Casey Hayward in his first game back and one to Jerron McMillian, but that’s the only thing that derailed the Seahawks offense.

Wilson ran once for 13 yards and the Packers held Marshawn Lynch in check (3 carries for 8 yards), but no one else. Lynch’s backup, Robert Turbin, got plenty of snaps against the Packers No. 1 defense and ran 10 times for 50 yards. The third guy, Christine Michael, ran 11 times for 97 yards.

Granted, a lot of Michael’s yards came against the second and third defense, but this is reason to be concerned, dude.

There’s hope in those two turnovers, but then we’re almost going back to 2011. Let’s get into a shootout and hope the offense wins the day!

So, onto the players.

First, Randall Cobb and Tramon Williams were the notables that didn’t play.

As far as the notables who did play, here we go.

Jeremy Ross took most of the returns. The Packers obviously want him to take this job and he gained 33 on one kickoff return and 11 on one punt return.

The running back order went like this: DuJuan Harris (3 for 2 yards), Eddie Lacy (8 for -5), Johnathan Franklin (4 for 1) and Alex Green (2 for 31). You should note that James Starks didn’t get a carry.

You should probably also note no one else did shit. Harris got the majority of the playing time and Lacy got plenty too, but neither were able to find a hole. Green’s yards came on a 31-yard scamper halfway through the 4th quarter.

That guy might be sticking around another week, at least. Starks? Can’t imagine he’s on the roster next week.

At quarterback, the Packers similarly wanted Graham Harrell to grab the backup job. He came in early in the 2nd quarter and performed his usual lackluster routine.

Here’s what we’re certain about with Harrell. He cannot throw deep. He’s not accurate. He probably can’t lead this team if Rodgers goes down. Harrell finished 6-for-13 for 49 yards. He also made a pitch in the 3rd that would have been a fumble, had Franklin not landed on it.

Let’s be honest. This guy is a nightmare.

Which brings us to the next guy — Vince Young.

Young hasn’t looked like anything special thus far, but on Friday night, Vince Young showed us what Vince Young can do. He’s not going to throw any pretty balls, but he can lead a team downfield.

Young was 6-for-7 for 41 yards, but he also scrambled for a team-leading 39 yards. Oh, and he also threw the Packers only touchdown — to undrafted rookie Jonathan Amosa on his first series.

Let’s teach this guy the offense and make him our backup, hey Mike?

So, now, let’s single some guys out.

First, here’s an interesting development. Mason Crosby tried the only field goals and extra point. No Giorgio Tavecchio to be found. Oh, and punter Tim Masthay kicked off to start the game.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that all but tells us the Packers are over Tavecchio and Crosby will probably be shanking kicks in Green Bay for another season.

Want to feel worse? The offensive line looked a lot like a gigantic pile of shit on Friday night.

We’ll start with center Evan Dietrich-Smith, who got pushed around, especially in the run game. Oh, and Marshall Newhouse? You won’t be starting ever again unless someone gets injured. Newhouse was at his most awful against Seattle and he didn’t even play against their first team.

There must be some guys who impressed, though, right?

There were.

We’ll start with Brad Jones. How about five tackles, including a sack in very limited action? Robert Francois displaced Jones early in the 2nd quarter and we actually wondered why.

Francois played like a man last week and we actually wondered aloud, “Why wouldn’t Francois displace A.J. Hawk? He’s the one who sucks.”

Anyway, Francois almost came up with a pick late in the second, but he was out of position on Christine Michael’s 43-yard TD run in the third. He also picked up a 15-yard taunting penalty late in the 3rd after McMillian’s pick.

Still, he’s better than Hawk.

Cornerback Davon House seemed to bounce back. After tanking against Arizona, House got surpassed by rookie Micah Hyde, but he played his best coverage game of the season on Friday.

Speaking of, Hyde started for the second week in a row. And he continued to impress, breaking up a deep throw to Golden Tate early in the 3rd. Hyde played into the 4th, when he was blitzing and stuffed Michael in the backfield. It’s almost as if the Packers see a big role for this guy.

That’s what we know now, which isn’t a hell of a lot.

It now looks like we’re not going to know who this team is or what they have until week 1 against San Francisco.


Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Bambi August 23, 2013

    GB looked pathetic….and we put all of our faith in Lacy…good luck with that

    1. Kyle August 23, 2013

      It was 1 preseason game. And we were playing against the number one defense. No need to jump to any conclusions yet.

    2. MarcoBrusa August 24, 2013

      Lacy played his series with Harrell at QB. Nobody is so dumb to drop in coverage with Harrell at QB, the D is going to be all over him.

    3. Packerfan2008 August 24, 2013

      And it wasnt Lacy’s fault either. That offensive line was the pits. Soon as he was handed the ball there were always several Seattle defenders swarming him. Doesn’t matter how good a back is, if you dont have an offensive line that can block, you aren’t going anywhere.

    4. Packer Bob August 24, 2013

      I love the polarity of the fans.

      Eddie Lacy was a horrible pick.


      Eddie Lacy looked like shit.

      Next week?

      1. PF4L August 24, 2013

        lol…no shit

  2. TyKo Steamboat August 23, 2013

    In the words of Bill Lumburgh “Hmmm, Yeah”

    1. PF4L August 24, 2013

      lol…Bill Lumburge (holding cup of coffee) to the O line…”Yea, ummmmmm”…”Were gonna need you to work Sunday, yea, ok, thanks.”

  3. SoTxPhil August 23, 2013

    The Packer’s STs sucked tonight at covering kicks and ST penalties. Hawk looks like an old man runing around on the field all stiff legged and jumping on the pile late 5-12 yds downfield. He needs to go. Wilson and Miller made a few good plays on the line. Our running game was horrible because of MM’s play calling, running laterally right behind the line with their fast penetrating Def was a recipe for disaster. The one pitchout to Green went for 31 yds. Looked like he was using his playbook from the Ariz game. Hyde looked great again and with the injury to one of our starting safeties may open it for him to start. I think Harrell played himself onto the street as Young is looking much improved tonight.

  4. TyKo Steamboat August 23, 2013

    Tough schedule with no left tackle… 9-7 but we win the division

    1. Packer Bob August 24, 2013

      No left tackle? Bakhtiari was okay against one of the best defensive lines in the NFL. Guy’s a rookie. He’s going to get better. That’s a helluva lot better than “no left tackle”.

      1. Old Man At The Gym August 24, 2013

        He was shaky at best.

      2. Deepsky August 24, 2013

        Bakhtiari was not that good and it was against Seattle’s backup defensive ends. Both their starters, Irvin and Clemens were out. These two guys combined for 6 sacks against the Packers last year.

      3. Packman Joe August 25, 2013

        But in the mean time it couldn’t hurt to try on shop Hawk. How about Hawk to Cleveland for Joe Thomas?

  5. FITZCORE1252 August 23, 2013

    Of course no RB gained yardage. With Graham in there the D knows there is no vertical threat, did you notice how many defenders were inside 10 yards of the LOS? No chance for the RB’s, especially when you throw in backup lineman.

    Lacy or DuJuan will be great with #12 under center, but with Graham… No chance. Cut his ass and let’s roll with VY, at least he can run.

  6. GBslacker August 23, 2013

    A DL with 2 LBs is just fucked up…

    those guys get driven out of the play, allowing QBs to rush unmolested or have perfect/open throwing lanes.

    who’s coaching these people?

  7. Phatgzus August 23, 2013

    OK, the offensive line was as bad as you can be in terms of run blocking, and they were almost as bad when blocking for Harrell and Coleman; however, they held up quite well when Rodgers was in and decently when Young played.

    The 1st team defense did not play poorly, yeah Wilson started off well hut those were mostly underneath routes, when he tried to go mid-to-deep he was picked twice. The front 7 also brought great pressure on many of the pass plays and held the line, for the most part, on the run plays. They also held the first team offense to 3 points through one half. The backups also brought good pressure but were absolutely dominated in the run game.

    Nick Perry showed up tonight, as did Hayward, Jones,
    Daniels, and Hyde.
    Hello Vince Young, hasta la vista Graham Harrell.

    Not worried about the defense, have about the same confidence level in the pass protection, but the run blocking took a big step back.

    1. Monty McMahon August 23, 2013

      Yeah, the D didn’t give up big plays, but they did exactly what they were notorious for last year – didn’t tackle. Underneath routes. Yeah, Seattle got a number of first downs there. Why? Because guys were defending deep? Okay. Take away the deep pass and then let a guy run for 10 yards after the catch? No difference.

      1. Phatgzus August 24, 2013

        The first team defense made a number of plays on short passes, such as the one that forced Seattle to kick a FG. The only play by the first team defense that fits your description that I can recall today is the short pass to Lynch, which was indeed awful. Other than that I saw a defense that swarmed the ball better than in past years, the result being if one tackle was broken there were 3 or 4 other players right there tk gang tackle instead of bouncing off the ball handler in series.

    2. ay hombre August 24, 2013

      Nick Perry is invisible out there.

      1. Packer Bob August 24, 2013

        Except for that play when he knocked the ball down.

      2. Phatgzus August 24, 2013

        And the one where he tackled the RB for no gain or a small loss, SUPER invisible.

        1. ay hombre August 25, 2013

          Oh my. You got me. He made 2 plays all preseason.

          Go back and look at the tape of the Rams game. Dude got his ass kicked all over the field the entire game starting with play number one. Just watch the first three or four plays of that game when the Rams had the ball. Continue on through that game and the previous preseason games. Then come talk to me.

          Perry has bust written all over him. Watch and see.

          1. Phatgzus August 25, 2013

            He was alright vs. Arizona and played pretty well vs. Seattle. The fact of the matter is these are the first games he’s played since missing the majority of his rookie season. A
            season in which he had to adjust to a new position with new responsibilities and physical requirements in addition to having to acclimatize to the sppes of the professional game, all whilst being oversized for his position. This year he is still learning these basics as well as attempting to improve various rush techniques. Is the fact that he played netter in his most recent game vs. one of the beat OLs in football, albeit in the preseason not a cause for some modicum of optimism? I guess not. Oh well, you stick with your bust pick, I’ll choose to believe he has the potential to be a solid-plus NFL OLB.

  8. Kyle August 23, 2013

    I was really disappointed to see Eddie Lacy struggle tonight. I was really looking forward to seeing him make some plays. I’m sure it wasn’t all his fault though. And it doesn’t help that we were playing the number one defense in the NFL. Also, it looks like DuJuan Harris re-injured his knee. That’s really disappointing. Hopefully it isn’t major.

    It was good to see Vince Young do well today. Graham Harrell sucked again and Coleman didn’t get anything done. Weird that Aaron Rodgers only played one series.

    Overall, just a really boring game. Hopefully we do better next week.

    1. Phatgzus August 24, 2013

      Coleman was marching them right down the field towards the endzone when Stoneburner fumbles on a play that would have given them 1st and goal.

  9. the real russ letlow August 23, 2013

    from my view – watched Hyde this week in practice and then at the game. This dude can play. He is always around the ball. Always hustling. He played practically the entire game tonite. Defense and special teams in all 4 qtrs. And he started. He is going to play a ton. Goldedn Taint & Pete Carroll got his booed regularly and loudly. That was fun……..

  10. E. Wolf August 23, 2013

    To the contrary I felt our defense played pretty well. Put pressure on the qb, held them to a field goal, created turnovers. As someone else pointed out, Lacy was ineffectual becuase Harrell exacerbates the problems in the line, especially against a defensive front like the Seahawks.
    The guys played phyiscal, pissed off.
    I am concerned about our oline–but not our defense.

  11. FITZCORE1252 August 23, 2013

    With you on the D, Wolf. They’re going to be fine. Our D line rotation should be stellar this year. Burnett needs to heal… Quickly.

  12. Kozak August 24, 2013

    So the only thing that stopped Seattles Offense, was our Defense.

  13. Mike S. August 24, 2013

    D-Line looked better than I expected as well given the changes in and out and all that…Don’t hail the conquering hero in Vince Young..I am telling you the guys has way too much history of meltdowns and woe is me if he does get playing time or if he has a bad week…he is definitely not the answer…never should have been let back in the game! Walking away from team…not telling anyone…trying to get people to feel sorry for him because the NFL gets tough sometimes…gifts, of sure he has them…character and diligence…haven’t seen them and I live in Texas and watched him not just on the field but off as well. Definitely should not be a long termer with the Pack!

  14. Mike S. August 24, 2013

    I’m also saying let Coleman have more opportunity…I think the kids can develop well…can Harrell!

  15. Harry Houdini August 24, 2013

    Actually, this proves that we do know something about the 2013 Packers…their defense will be similar to last year and Rodgers will have to win games for us, just like the last couple years.

  16. Packer Bob August 24, 2013

    I mixed bag, sure. But gashed? I dunno about that.

  17. Disposable h3ro August 24, 2013

    Loyce Means was atrocious last night, couldn’t cover or tackle, send his ass to the unemployment line.

  18. Hoops24 August 24, 2013

    Seattle had been absolutely destroying teams so far. I know its preseason, but the pack managed to slow that offense down. I’ll take giving up 3 points a half anyday. As far as the offense, they moved the ball down the field and got points in rodgers one and only series. That’s without nelson and cobb also. The offense will be fine. Lacy will be fine with a real qb under center. The pack stays healthy, this team wins no fewer then 11 games this year

  19. vj August 24, 2013

    Well I was at the game and I can tell you first hand that we have only improved in a couple of areas which you had mentioned in this article. I told everyone to get ready to see a real defense from top to bottom out there…and I wasn’t talking about the Packers. I will state that we are not as far off as I originally thought and you never know, with the way the ball bounces from season to season…luck may be on our side.

    1. Phatgzus August 25, 2013

      “Well I was at the game and I can tell you first hand…”
      When did watching a game on the TV become a second-hand experience, or provide any less insight than being at the game, watching from hundreds of feet away?

  20. Brad August 24, 2013

    Don’t be so pessimistic- we learned that Harrell cannot compete against a first team defense, which is what he would encounter weekly if Rodgers went down. Cut him with immunity- no team is going to sign him, so if you had to revisit his status due to Doomsday he’ll be sitting at home grooming his beard. VY is the best option out there at this point; just hope it doesn’t become necessary.

    Roughing the passer call on Manning was ridiculous, no head shot, and it was the QB himself going airborne when tackled. Reminiscent of the bogus RTP call against Perry last year. It has to be hard for the coaches to preach aggression and physicality on defense when it is being legislated out of the game.

  21. Deepsky August 24, 2013

    Here’s what we know after the preseason. Against the 49ers, McCarthy will ask Rodgers to throw the ball every play until it absolutely doesn’t work and Rodgers gets klled and in despair McCarthy willl revert to calling one of his 3 running plays on his card. We know this because this has been McCarthy’s pattern for every season he’s coached. About the 8th game, with the season on the verge of collapse, he’ll call more runs.

  22. GBslacker August 24, 2013

    “Cut him with immunity”
    … give him a smallpox vaccination to go along with his walking papers?

    Perhaps you meant: “impunity” ?
    as in “with no care or heed for such consequences” ?

  23. tedtomato August 24, 2013

    Irvin wasnt out..i think he sacked harrell..or had some pressure on him. That offensive line is crap! That zone blocking bs with these small offensive linemen has to go! Its been what 6 years and still cant run it effectively? Safety play..still not very good at times..I still dont see what they see in burnett..the guys still too inconsistent.

    1. Iltarion August 24, 2013

      Irvin played. Clemens has been out since injuring himself against the Redskins in the playoffs last year.

  24. lars August 24, 2013

    Yea, keep making excuses for the lousy OLine run blocking.

    Lacy got 37 of his 40 yards LAST week after the first contact (usually in the backfield) and behind the first-team OLine. This is a smallish, weak, inexperienced OLine the Packers are throwing out there, none of whom were the starters last year at their current position in game 1. Think about that. They ranked near the bottom in run blocking.

    Lacy, Franklin and Harris all had fewer yards than carries. Unbelievably bad.

  25. lars August 24, 2013

    The packers talk tough but they are a finesse team, that relies on turnovers on D and Aaron Rodgers’ arm on O. They just do not and will not match up well against big physical teams.

    Why would anybody expect anything different last night? Still have old chase and grab Hawk at ILB; he intimidates nobody. Still, fat soft, Raji, young CB and S still trying to learn Capers’ intricate defense and thinking too much.

    On offense, this line will never win the physical battle against Seattle. Didn’t last year and won’t in 2013. And, McCarthy just seems unwilling to let go of Graham Harrell and his dink and dunk silliness. We got a double portion last night and Harrell couldn’t do it with the first string O either.

    1. Iltarion August 24, 2013

      Everything you said might be true, and yet, it was 3-3 at half even though we played our starter for 1 series and they played theirs all half.

  26. Iltarion August 24, 2013

    If any of us needed a reminder to NEVER get pumped for a preseason game, we were cured of that.

    The story of the game was boredom, injuries and boredom.

    Game was 3-3 at half. So, not sure what game Monty was watching. Maybe he accidently tuned into the Bears-Raiders (27-3 at half) and got the two confused.

    Doesn’t much matter what happens between the 20s or how completions Wilson has in a row if they aren’t putting up any points.

    Brad Jones looked good, then pulled hammy.

    Casey Hayward got a pick in his return, then pulled a hammy.

    Morgan Burnett was invisible per usual, then pulled a hammy.

    DuJuan Harris was the best RB the Packers had out there, then hurt his knee.

    David Bakhtiari looked like he needed to hold on every play. The entire O-line had it handed to them on every running down. Got their asses flat out kicked. Eddie Lacy? Put AP behind that line and you’ll lose yards.

    Graham Harrell leading the Packer offense against the #1 Seattle defense? No contest. Harrell converts a third down to Boykin- fumble. Harrell hits Finley on a nice back shoulder seam pass- dropped. Harrell has one chance to score a TD against said defense- Finley drops it.

    Too dazed and confused to throw the ball, VY scrambles against drastically less talented Seattle back ups. I’ve seen lava flow uphill faster. Too bad VY didn’t get a shot against the first team. I think they would have knocked him out of football to stay.

    Datone Jones surprisingly played. So what? You couldn’t tell. I think the question of whether this guy is going to help against San Fran has been answered. Maybe in the playoffs, if the Packers get that far.

    Johnny Jolly got smoked on the TD run that made it 10-3.

    Loyce Means- good bye.
    James Starks – good bye. Good luck elsewhere.
    Keep Nate Palmer and Sam Barrington.
    Keep Chris Banjo.

    Start VY next week and see what he can do against a 1st team defense. Shit, I imagine. But let’s see it. Put Coleman on the PS.


    1. Phatgzus August 24, 2013

      Vijay, did you post under Iltarion’s name? Wait there’s too much logic admixed with Geaham Harrell apologetics.

      Bak-T actually looked decent in pass protection (the holding penalty he was called for was borderline at best), but he looked overwhelmed in run blocking along with the rest of the o-line for most of the game, though they seemed fine when Rodgers was in (except for the last play, but that was a blitz).

      Generally you don’t want your SBs to be visible because that usually means they’re getting beat; that said I didn’t focus my attention on Burnett but I’m pretty sure he made one or two plays including a nice stop on a 3rd down completion.

      Missed the long run when I was doing dishes so I don’t know if that was the Jolly Green’s fault, Francois’, or both, but if it was even partially JJ’s, that’s likely due to conditioning as he already played a good portion of the 1st half.

      Enough with the Graham Harrell apologetics, I defended him for a while as well but it’s become quite apparent that he us not the answer. Pretty sure he hasn’t completed a ball thrown 20 yards in the air in two entire preseasons, yeah, Finley should have had that seam route and yeah, DJ Williams drops 60% of the passes thrown his way (though a handful would have been fantastic catches), but Harrell also can’t throw the ball accurately 25 yards downfield, sorry but that ain’t gonna pass muster. As for the TD pass, maybe Finley should have caught it but it would have been a remarkable play, Harrell led him too much, and could have made a better pass.

      Palmer and Barrington both earned roster spots, IMO.
      Agree on Starks and Means, and would add Williams to the list. That fumble may have cost Stoneburner a PS spot, depending on how he rebounds in game 4; Dorsey didn’t impress but it was his first game, obviously the next one will be the true crucible for him.

      1. PF4L August 25, 2013

        HUH?…………..A “crucible” is a container that can withstand very high temperatures and is used for metal, glass, and pigment production……phatboy…Drop the $20 words, especially when you have no clue what they mean. You’re welcome

        1. Phatgzus August 25, 2013

          A porcelain crucible is also used in chemical pricesses to to heat compounds with strong bonds to high temperatures (particularly when trying to obtain precipitates); I’ve had 2 full years of chemistry, trust me, I know what a crucible is. From this definition was exapted to form the less corporeal definition of a severe examination intended to test one’s abilities.
          Please cease the opprobrium of my person and my
          oratory (esp. since you have yet to respond accurately) and actually rejoin to my comments regarding our shared favorite football team, preferably with some semblance of logic (I know you have the ability to do so, I’ve witnessed it).

          1. Phatgzus August 25, 2013


  27. FITZCORE1252 August 24, 2013

    Aaaand, Graham Harrell is to be cut folks… Ted and I just decided we’ll roll with VY… You’re welcome.

    1. Phatgzus August 24, 2013

      What took you so damn long?

  28. PF4L August 24, 2013

    1st of all…Remember the Hawks are a strong front 7….OK, Lets do this..

    Running backs: It’s hard to run, when the offensive lineman are getting pushed back into the running backs.

    Pass blocking: See above.

    1st team defense played ok. Created turnovers. Kept points down.

    Micah Hyde is gonna be a farging monster Pro-Bowl safety ( I think)……Capers should have a game tape sit down with Tramon, and show him game tape of Hyde..And say: “See?” “That’s how you play football.” “you P O S!!.

    Surprised Rodgers was pulled so early, but i’m not worried about the offense (except for the O line)…What do you think iltarion?

    Finley…HE’S BACK!!!!…….Football pass….right “through” Finleys hands. I guess that’s part of his “Monster season”….I don’t know. Maybe 7 million isn’t enough…..Good riddance when TT realizes your a overpaid waste of space. (No offence Tramon).

    Bakhtiari…..We have to give that dude some time. He’s a rook being asked to play the toughest position. He doesn’t look as bad as Newhouse. Has decent feet, looks like a player. Needs some time to grow.

    Overall….Against a strong team….I thought the #1 defense was respectable. Certain players are showing a lot more effort tackling. AJ Hawk is still slow as a turtle. He’ll be history next season, along with the other overpaid dead weight players. (No offence Tramon).

    Jolly and Pickett?…Tuck in your shirts you fat bastards. :)

    1. ay hombre August 25, 2013


  29. Packman Joe August 25, 2013

    Only weakness we have right now is OL. Packers are ripe with trade bait. Remember a few years back when we almost got Marshawn Lynch? Bulaga needs replacing, no time to wait on developing Bakhtiari. Hawk, Raji and Alex Green and to a lesser degree Johnathan Franklin are all expedable. Why not try to pry Joe Thomas from Cleveland. God knows they need help in almost every department.

    1. Phatgzus August 25, 2013

      If the old Ursus maritimus could swing that I would silly my drawers with glee, but the Browns likely aren’t going to part with their franchise LT and possibly the best player in the league at the 2nd or 3rd most valuable position.
      Not unless we give them the best player in all of football or Bulaga and a decade’s worth of 1st round picks.

  30. Chungo August 25, 2013

    Joe Thomas would be a great addition–‘cept the polar bear doesnt like Badger players for some reason!

  31. Abe Frohman August 26, 2013

    My takeaway from the game was that Rodgers should have been MVP again last year. With ARodg at QB, the OLine looks serviceable because they have to respect his scrambling ablity and quick release while maintaining lane discipline. When the OLine is serviceable and we have a threat to actually run the ball, like we do now with Lacy, lots of other good things happen off that – like being forced to honor the play fake. The more their D is guessing what the man is going to do, the more our D is on the sidelines. To me, it all starts and ends with Rodgers.

    With Harrell in, safeties can play up. The D Linemen can “pin their ears back” and rush the passer, not worry about the play fake, and the LB’s can just read/react. It’s just night and day different. Sorry Graham, I was hopeful at one point, but no longer. Good luck in the CFL.

    Wilson’s nice scramble in the first or second series was right where JJ should have been but fell down (perhaps he was held). That created that huge lane and exemplifies what I’m talking about with lane discipline.

    Anyone else wish we still had Giacomini?

    1. Phatgzus August 26, 2013

      A-Rodg should have won MVP last year, but unfortunately the media and coaches have a hardon for Brady, Brees, and Gump-er Manning; he shouldn’t have won it in 2009 either.