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Vince Young Isn’t the Packers No. 2 Yet

With the release of Graham Harrell over the weekend, it was widely assumed that the Green Bay Packers No. 2 quarterback job belonged to Vince Young.

Not so says Mike McCarthy.

McCarthy says the job is still up for grabs and Young will compete with second-year player B.J. Coleman for it.

“The No. 2 spot hasn’t been answered,” said McCarthy. “That’s where we are. B.J. and Vince are going to compete and take the majority of this football game (against Kansas City).”

Young, who’s still absorbing the playbook, was solid in two series in Friday’s preseason game. He went 6-for-7 and threw the Packers’ only touchdown.

“I’m still working, still trying to get better, still catching up,” Young said. “It’s a lot to learn right now. I just really feel like just a lot of extra work behind the scenes is going to help me get to where I need be at.”

Coleman, meanwhile, was 2-for-7 for 8 yards on Friday. That’s not exactly tearing it up.

So, unless Young totally goes out and craps the bed in what should be some pretty extensive action in the preseason finale, it seems like the job is his.

That means Coleman is likely to get another tour of duty on the practice squad, which is where he spent all of last season.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. packers5 August 26, 2013

    No brainer, Vince young on his running and real game time experience

  2. Mike S. August 26, 2013

    It seems to be a no brainer but it would appear that most of these readers don’t have one either…VY is a curse…a plague…everywhere he been…why doesn’t anyone see that?

    1. K.L. August 26, 2013

      A “curse”? Seems you are the one without a brain. He hasn’t done anything to hurt the teams he played for. He’s won 31 of the 50 games he has started for. He has done stupid things, but only things that hurt himself and his reputation. And besides, he has matured a lot since he has been out of the NFL.

      1. PF4L August 26, 2013

        He’s won 31 out of 50 games?….hmmm….Last time I checked, his “team” won 31 out of 50. Giving 1 person credit for a team with a 45 man roster, is foolish. especially Vince Young. Now with that said…Young is clearly the #2 based on experience. He still has to learn the playbook, which I think is his toughest challenge. This guy wasn’t exactly known for his scholarship achievements. Yes, he’s #2…And I wish him well. McCarthy is just trying to keep the fire alive in these guys. Young has great motivation, he’s broke. If he does well, he can put a few bucks back in his pocket. No need to dwell on his idiotic past. Seems like he’s matured possibly. I say good luck to the man, everyone deserves a 2nd chance.

  3. packers5 August 26, 2013

    Mike,and what would you call Harrell and Coleman. dumb and dumber or inept and more inept or Can’t run or throw side line passes.I will take the curse on a come bet.

  4. bob at 81 August 26, 2013

    lets just hope we don’t need a back up. better protection for AR would help more.

  5. Me August 26, 2013

    Look at his career stats, hes won 31 of 50 games because he had a good defense and a running game around him,

    I dunno how many 10-7, 12-10 games the titans won with him, but thats not because him, thats in spite of him

  6. Me August 26, 2013

    Hell, didnt kerry collins go 13-3 with the titans when they benched young

  7. PF4L August 26, 2013

    Kerry Collins was actually a pretty good passing QB, he had a nice skill set. His problem was no one liked him.

  8. Savage57 August 26, 2013

    Yeah, Vince is fighting BJ Coleman for the #2 spot. Does MM think that anyone buys that shit? Even my one year old has Coleman figured out. When we were watching the 4th quarter of the ‘hawks game together, his very first words were, “he sucks”.

    Kenny Rogers has some insight into such nonsense. “You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em.”

  9. Deepsky August 26, 2013

    Reading some of the things that went on with the TItans, it appears that Vince Young just wasn’t Jeff Fisher’s guy and Young kind of lost it. In Young’s defense, Jeff Fisher was never a quarter back coach and seemed to prefer QBs with experience over rookies. I’m sure McCarthy can coach him up better than Fisher could.

  10. Iltarion August 26, 2013

    Young threw at least two picks in practice today. Coleman was sharp.

    This isn’t over, though Young does have a big lead just due to his experience.

    If you think about it, it is pretty comical. Young wasn’t good enough to be a back up in Buffalo. And yet, here he is Aaron Rodger’s back up. Effed up.

    Meanwhile, I’m watching the Titans play the Falcons and see back up QBs throwing passes that no back up Packer QB has thrown this preseason.

  11. curlys mom August 26, 2013

    Wow Savage your one year old is a prodigy…

  12. FITZCORE1252 August 26, 2013

    Wasn’t Kerry Collins Riley Cooper, before Riley Cooper? Am I remembering that right?