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Mason Crosby Still Sucks

Mason Crosby blows it

The Green Bay Packers held their annual Family Night scrimmage on Saturday night. The biggest story to come out of that — Mason Crosby still sucks.

After Crosby hit a career-worst 63.6 percent of his field goals last season, the Packers brought in some competition this offseason. That came in the form of street free agent Giorgio Tavecchio.

Tavecchio outperformed Crosby during Family Night… by a mile.

Crosby connected on only three of his eight tries on Saturday, while Tavecchio hit six of seven.

Crosby missed from 37, 53, 33, 48 and 43. He hit from 40, 47 and 51 yards.

Meanwhile Tavecchio hit from 33, 37, 53, 33, 43 and 51. His only miss was from 47.

So, what do you think, Mike?

“He’s definitely got to do better than that, because that’s not going to cut it,” said Packers coach Mike McCarthy of Crosby.

Meanwhile, Crosby, who’s entering his seventh season in the league, is still misjudging kicks, apparently.

“A couple of them I obviously misjudged,” he said after the scrimmage.

Through training camp, Crosby has been decent. But obviously in a simulated game, he wasn’t. Tavecchio has a clear edge in the the kicking competition now.

Overall, he’s 16 of 19 on field goals, while Crosby is 12 of 19.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. SCGBfan August 4, 2013

    This is a no brainier, send Crosby packing. I do not want to cringe every time we are on the 38 and MM wants to try for 3 with 6 seconds left in regulation.

  2. Vijay August 4, 2013

    Are they butt humping Mason or something? Seems like an unusually long leash for a core special teams player. I think there’s some truth to released or FA players saying that they have their “boys” they like to protect…

    If I was GM, he’d have been gone at some point in the middle of last season, but you know, no one else could do Teddy’s job as well! Especially, signing a fucking kicker to a ridiculous extension–if there’s one position or group of positions where you could and should be cheap—its special teams.

  3. Tucson Packer August 4, 2013

    Maybe we will move Mason to Middle LB?

  4. Packin Smithy August 4, 2013

    Get him out of here.
    3 out of 8? REALLY?
    Tavecchio is our man.

  5. Jack MeHauff August 4, 2013

    “Crosby really needs to step it up this year”

    –Jermichael Finley

  6. Don Q August 4, 2013

    Welcome to Green Bay Giorgio Tevecchio.

  7. Korey from Richfield August 4, 2013

    That was brutal to watch. I was there. Tavecchio clearly out dueled Crosby. It was pretty embarrassing. However, it’s clear Crosby still has the strongest leg. Tavecchio, while clearly better and more accurate, didn’t have the distance of Crosby. In fact, one of Tavechio’s FGs actually hit the crossbar. None of this will have the Packer’s coaching staff feeling good. The crowd actually booed Crosby and jeered his ‘jersey give-a-away’ moment at the end of the night. Yikes!

  8. Kozak August 4, 2013

    Of all the problems the Packers face, this is the easiest to fix.

  9. E. Wolf August 4, 2013

    Mason Crosby reminds me of Chuck Knoblauch, except the latter realized more of his potential. This is definitely something mental, but I do not think it can be fixed. Go with Giorgio

  10. the real russ letlow August 4, 2013

    this is more than just a “funk”. I watched online and let me tell ya, I did not like the look on Crosby’s face. It told the whole story. He has NO IDEA what to do to fix this. NONE WHATSOEVER.

  11. J.B. August 4, 2013

    Yup. He’s done.

    You don’t realize what a good kicker is worth until you don’t have one.

  12. Don Q August 4, 2013

    I’d take consistancy over power any day. Besides Rodgers will get close enough for Tavecchio to bang through easy 40 yarders.

  13. Cheese August 4, 2013

    At least McCarthy is getting tired of it. Crosby literally gets paid millions to just kick a football. That’s it. He doesn’t read defenses, call audibles, run, block, tackle, catch, pass…. his only job is to kick the ball and make field goals. He’s spent hours every day practicing kicking field goals for at least the past ten years and still can’t do it.

  14. FITZCORE1252 August 4, 2013

    Aaaand, Bulaga is hurt.

    1. Ivomitonvikingfans August 4, 2013

      Kicker just got moved WAY down the list. Newhouse and Bakhtiari as your bookends and a coach who gives up on the run by the 2nd quarter. This is not good. TT better pull one out of his ass for this situation. God I wish he could figure out how to build a line.

  15. MadCity Packer Fan August 4, 2013

    My guess is that Crosby will get cut this year…we counted on him last year to make fg’s in the regular season that would have made real differences. McCarthy is calling Mason out in his press conferences which I think is rare for him. Unless Mason can wow the Ted and Mike in the next 4 weeks he is going to be cut.

  16. E. Wolf August 4, 2013
    1. Kozak August 5, 2013

      Well looks like this is going to be a rebuilding year.
      Just hope Rodgers doesn’t get hurt, thats all I ask now…

      1. Phatgzus August 5, 2013

        A rebuilding year? Really? The Packers have had 2 “rebuilding years” in the past 2 decades, they’re not going to have a rebuilding year as long as Rodgers is QB, this is essentially the same line as the one fielded most of last season and they made it to the divisional round in the playoffs, and the o-line was not the issue vs. an excellent 49er defense. Yeah, the injury sucks King Kong balls but it’s not going to result in a “rebuilding year”, not when the defense and RB corps has improved.

  17. Bobby Boy August 4, 2013

    He must be banging his boss. Can’t see any other way he’d still be here. But I really don’t want to know which boss, or ever, ever, ever see the pictures.

  18. Packer Bob August 5, 2013

    I’ve read that Tavecchio struggles with kicks beyond 45 yards, so we should probably let the preseason play out before handing over the keys. It’s Crosby’s position to lose.

    1. Phatgzus August 5, 2013

      Maybe the Packers will keep both kickers, Tavecchio for the kicks within 50 and Crosby for the longer; not really what I’d like to see happen nor is it the Packers’ MO to “waste” a roster spot, but I’ve seen teams execute the plan with some success.

  19. GBslacker August 5, 2013

    Crosby has always had a strange strike — the ball knuckles and wobbles on most every kick, which likely robs accuracy and distance.

    I’d rather have accuracy at 35yds than a crapshot at 50yds. Aren’t we kinda screwed anyway, if we’re counting on a 50yd FGs?

    All the palaver I hear from the guy tells me he’s clueless.

  20. PF4L August 5, 2013

    I remember when McCarthy didn’t think Crosby was a big problem……”We will continue with Mason,” McCarthy said at his postgame news conference, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “We will not blink as far as our commitment to him.”……………………Just like McCarthy refused to admit the Packers running game was weak the last 2 seasons.

  21. Packer Bob August 5, 2013

    Knowing the Packers medical staff they probably misdisgnosed a tooth ache for a torn ACL.

  22. Packer Bob August 5, 2013

    Oops, wrong blog post. Stoopid smart phone.