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Packers Already Have a Bunch of Guys on the PUP List

Mike Neal sacks Jake Locker

The Green Bay Packers opened training camp today and it wouldn’t be football season if they didn’t have 17 guys injured. Okay, it’s only seven.

The Packers put defensive end Mike Neal, running back DuJuan Harris, tackle Derek Sherrod, defensive end Jerel Worthy, guard J.C. Tretter and safeties Sean Richardson and Chaz Powell on the physically unable to perform list for the opening of camp.

Some of these moves come as a surprise.

Neal participated in all of the team’s offseason activities and minicamps. The Packers were experimenting with him at outside linebacker.

Harris, meanwhile, had a cyst removed from his lung, but said earlier this summer he expected to be ready for training camp.

Sherrod, somehow, is still recovering from a broken leg he suffered late in 2011. He missed all of last season. Richardson is recovering from a neck injury he suffered last season.

Tretter and Worthy were expected to be here. Tretter broke his ankle during OTAs and Worthy is recovering from a torn ACL, which he suffered in December.

The good news is these guys can be activated from the PUP list at any time during training camp. However, if they aren’t activated, they’ll be sitting out the first six games of the season.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Packer Bob July 26, 2013

    Sherrod must have really

    1. Packer Bob July 26, 2013


      Sherrod must have really &^%$ed up his leg. A whole year on IR and now PUP? I really hope this guy comes out swinging when he’s finally ready. If ever…

  2. E. Wolf July 26, 2013

    Sherrod is a bust–mark it down. I am becoming less enthusiastic about this seaon. I see no indication that your defense will step it up. The offnsive line is a total unknown, as no team has ever switched every single player around like this.

    1. GBslacker July 26, 2013

      “Sherrod is a bust–mark it down”

      Doncha think you’re really going out on a limb there, considering it’s *only* been two years ?

    2. PF4L July 28, 2013

      A realist…Kudos…..Keep in mind…Even when Sherrod was healthy, he couldn’t beat out future H O F’er Marshall Newhouse.

  3. the real russ letlow July 26, 2013

    my first reaction to the PUP news was WTF!!!!????? but then looking at the names, it was reasonable to see these guys on PUP. the two that worry me are Neal, and I guess Hayward missed practice with a bad hammy, coach says a couple weeks? no good……………….HYDE had a good first day, so I guess we’ll see what this kid has until Hayward gets back.

  4. WhatUSaid July 26, 2013

    Doubt any make the team. I think Sherrod could get an injury settlement and call it.

  5. vj July 26, 2013

    Buh bye Mike Neal and Derreck Sherrod
    …another couple of GREAT early round selections by draft GURU Teddy T

    1. E. Wolf July 26, 2013

      Mike Neal might still make it. I defy you to pick one GM who has a better track record. THE POLAR BEAR is a genius.

      1. PF4L July 28, 2013

        If TT is such a Guru talent picking genius…..How come the O line still sucks going into the 3rd year and now they’re going to move Bulaga over to LT, Which TT and MM have said in the past they don’t want to do?..Because they’re desperate that’s why….How come all the Def. lineman picks have been nothing but bust? …Message to TT….Fix the G D left side (blind side) of the line, or step down and find someone who can. Rodgers has no chance with your drafting mistakes…….Message to Dom Capers…..FIX the defense…..It’s an embarrasment…I’m sick of other teams laughing at our pathetic playoff performance find someone else to fix it, or step down so the Packers can hire a new D C. Quit living off of 2010.

        1. Phatgzus July 29, 2013

          How can you criticize TT when he has drafted players such as Matthews, Rodgers, Nelson, Cobb, Jennings, Collins, Raji, Bulaga, and Starks (as well as Shaun Alexander, Marcus Trufant, and Steve Hutchison); he also acquired Tramon, Shields, Green, Pickett, and Wood. These players in turn brought a Lombardi Trophy back to Title Town 3 seasons ago. Only 3 GMs have won multiple SBs in the past 2 decades.

          As for Capers, the defense rose 21 spots to 11th overall in one year, they had 3 bad games, all the while sans 3 LBs, 2 DLs, a HoF DB, and a starting CB for much of the season; they also had a mediocre running game so no support on that front. Furthermore, they have been among tops in the league in TOs and TDs since Capers arrived.

          Please stop complaining, we are in yet another golden age of Packer football, enjoy the ride dammit yo.

          1. Abe Frohman July 29, 2013

            I’m impresed you can rattle that stuff off. I’d have to dig for it.

          2. PF4L July 29, 2013

            There’s a difference between criticizing and explaining reality……..You call some of Capers games “bad” games?…Not sure if you watched the last few playoff games….I think embarrassing and pathetic might be more accurate..BTW…..Jennings is gone, Collins is gone…Tramon is a joke…BJ Raji is trying to keep his job after this season, Starks sucked…. Now to be fair…Now name all the 1st and 2nd round draft picks that were bust……..Look up PFF stats on our defense, running game, O line PHAT…Keep your head in the sand…Enjoy the kool aid.

          3. PF4L July 29, 2013

            Is giving up 579 yards in a playoff game another “Golden Age of Packer football?….Just checkin…………..Is giving up a 181 yards rushing to a QB another “Golden Age of Packer football?…..

          4. Phatgzus July 30, 2013

            Jennings may be gone but he’s making 10M a year, bad players don’t usually make double digit millions per year; he’s also what a 3 time Pro Bowler? Collins is gone because he suffered a life-threatening injury, he was a 2nd-rounder who went to 3 consecutive Pro Bowls and had an INT TD in the Super Bowl, which the Packers won. That team consisted almost entirely of TT acquisitions including the beat player in the game today, one of the best defensive players in the game, and James Starks, who was an integral weapon in that playoff run and who is currently the leading candidate to acquire the starting HB spot (yeah, it’s early and Harris is sitting out, still he’s winning the competition as of now). He is not terrible just injury prone.

            BTW, Tramon held Megatron to 60 yards in one game and Marshall to 2 catches for 20 in another, yeah he was terrible vs. San Fran and the Vikings the second time around for both teams, but he played well in the playoff game against the Vikings, he’s also still recovering from his shoulder injury which destroyed the nerves in his shoulder, severely weakening it and preventing him from edfectively playing bump and run, which is his best style of play. He also had 7 ints in 2010, set or tied a Packers record for INTs in a posh season that same years, slmed the door in the Eagles face and made Matty Ice look like the Romoesque player he truly is; furthermore, as of the beginning of last season, no player in the NFL had more INTs in the previous 4 years (not to mention he took at least 3 of them to the house) than he. So please tell me he’s overrated again, you can’t be overrated if no one appreciates you when all the while you’re leading your professionthat’s category that is used to delineate successful completion of your duties, just ask Don Hutson.

            The Packers have had 18 winning (19 non-losing) seasons, made the playoffs 15 times, won the division 9 times, the conference 3, the Super Bowl twice, and have won 213 games (including a 15- win season) in 21 seasons (336 games, a winning percentage of aroun 64%) with only 3 different starting QBs during that time. additionally since MM
            and TT arrived, the Packers have the second best record in football including 4 seasons with double-digit wins and 2 division crowns. If you don’t think that’s golden then i pray to GOD for your sake that you’re not a miner because you couldn’t distinguish iron pyrite from a dinosaur’s fossilized nutsack. Hell, there’s even a section recounting the past 2 decades in the Wikipedia article on the Packers’ history
            entitled “A New Golden Era”.

            So please extricate your cranium from your duodenum or cease your polemic, as you are likely irrefutably and unqualifiedly oblivious, spoiled beyond reclamation, a Viking, Bear, or Lion (in that order of probability) troll. Or perhaps you’re Greg Jennings, who after getting verbally castrated by your 170 lb geriatric babysitter/coach, is so humiliated and petulant that you have decided to further embarrass yourself by attempting to arouse the ire of Packers fans by publishing
            such bilge as this odium under a pseudonym. if you verily are a Packer fan for life than I can’t help but pity you as you are failing to enjoy one of the greatest eras to be a Packer fan: again, we have two of the most superlative players in contemporary football, maybe ever when all is said in done, we have a young talented hungry team (maybe 1/3 of the current team was here in 2010 and yet we still have one of the brag teams in football), we have potentially Atlasian talents at RB and nastiness incarnate at DL, and we are much healthier, something thebteam wasn’t in those losses to SF and NYG. So, for the love of GOD, JOVA, YAHWEH, ALLAH, ZOROASTER, ZEUS, BUDDAH, RA, GANESH, FATHER UNIVERSE, MOTHER NATURE, CTHULU, HEILE SELASSIE, JUSTIN BEIBER, CLAY AIKEN, CHUCK NORRIS, MOTHRA, LRRR of the planet Omicron Persei 8,
            STAY PUFF MARSHMALLOW MAN, RAINBOW DASH, or whoever the Hell you pray to, stop being so dn cynical and unappreciative and enjoy the mofukkin ride, you’ll live a lot longer and enjoy life all the more I swears it. Fuklin’ deuces.

    2. GBslacker July 26, 2013

      it’s a tough, brutal game — the average career is 3.5 years.

      For all the guys that play for a decade or more, there are those that flame out early.

      Pretty sure other teams have injuries, too. Don’t see how this is “on” Ted.

  6. FITZCORE1252 July 26, 2013

    Sherrod had a second leg surgery sometime this offseason, no huge surprise there, MM sounds optimistic about him. Neal has an “Ab strain”, Christ, I hope it’s not a hernia.

  7. James Bennett July 27, 2013

    It does get tiresome. Are we just snakebite, or what?

  8. PF4L July 28, 2013

    It gets tiresome, because TT won’t cut these guys, because he doesn’t want to admit his mistakes. And I can name a lot of them….Start with Justin Harrell and go from there.

  9. PF4L July 28, 2013

    The Packers aren’t exactly forthcoming (honest) about giving out injury details, and i’m not a Dr…but….It seems to me, if a guy breaks his leg and still can’t perform some 18 months later…There are other problems besides broken bones….Maybe nerve damage…Not sure.