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Murphy: Packers Will Retire Brett Favre’s Number Before 2016

Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers at the NFL Honors

Well, we now kind of have a timetable for the inevitable. Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy says the organization will retire Brett Favre’s number before 2016.

Favre will be eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2016 and he’ll surely make it on the first ballot. Murphy addressed the issue in response to a fan question in the monthly column he writes on Packers.com.

“I am often asked questions about Brett Favre, and specifically whether we will retire his number,” Murphy wrote. “We do want to bring Brett back into the fold, and plan on retiring his number. He deserves to have his number retired for what he accomplished, and meant to the Packers, during his time here. I thought Aaron Rodgers and Brett jointly presenting the Comeback Player of the Year Award at the NFL Honors program was a great first step. It is really just a question of timing in terms of retiring his jersey. The timing has to be right for both Brett and the organization. Brett will be a first ballot Hall of Famer in 2016, and we would like to retire his number prior to his induction.”

So, now you can speculate on exactly when this number retirement will happen. Our guess is it might happen as soon as next season. Then again, maybe not — Murphy seems to understand that a lot of people are still pissed that Favre played for those turds in Minnesota.

“I know that many of our fans were upset that Brett played for the Vikings,” Murphy wrote. “As time goes by, though, I think wounds are healed and people focus more on the great things he did for the team during his 16 years here. As the recent signings by Greg Jennings and Desmond Bishop show, many players in the league go on to play for rivals later in their careers.”

Not quite in the fashion that Favre did though, right? But hey, time… wounds… blah, blah, blah.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. John July 6, 2013

    I hope he don’t do it he does not need Green Bay. After all he did nothing there some would lead you to believe.

  2. the real russ letlow July 6, 2013

    Mark Murphy says we will retire bert’s number, whether you like or not. I don’t think he really cares what you think about it, but I really wish he would address the way the fans feel about the whole thing. Both sides.

  3. Bearmeat July 6, 2013

    Meh. I’m over the guy. He was a great QB that was to a large extent responsible for revitalizing the franchise from the post Lombardi dark days.

    He also choked in big games, threw too many interceptions, acted like a diva, and chucked coaches and teammates under the bus. Oh, and he lied his way out of town to go play for an arch rival.

    Like I’ve been saying for years, GB should give his number to every backup kicker/training camp fodder guy every summer. THEN insist that Brett apologize for his chode-ery and take full responsibility.

    THEN we can retire him, and I’ll cheer wildly. Until those things happen, I’ll be completely blase about the whole process.

  4. E. Wolf July 6, 2013

    Time does not wound all heels, only those with the intellet and emotional constitution of a dumb animal, much like a raging bull distracted by a rodeo clown.
    Forever seared in my brain are images of that smirking from the VIKINGS sideline, in Vikings uniform as are beloved Packers lost each time in 09. Forever seared in my mind “Pants on the Floor.’

  5. E. Wolf July 6, 2013

    *Time does not heal all wounds (FUCK ME).

  6. Tucson Packer July 6, 2013

    I didnt see this as a question/item to vote on in my shareholder ballot.

    Why not make it one? I wonder what the vast majority of responses would be.

    I just hate the thought of Ferve getting any respect out of anyone anywhere in WI. Cause well, with what he did, he sure didnt exactly show WI any respect

  7. bob at 81 July 7, 2013

    I wonder what u hate mongers would do if your son or daughter dated or married a vicking player or fan – having been a packer “team”fan for over 65 years I have seen those full of hate have to eat some of there words. when he goes into the HOF it will be for his accomplishments, mostly while in the green and gold. of that part I take great pride.

  8. Savage57 July 7, 2013

    Given the tenuous nature of the relationship with so many fans and the enmity that still exists over the whole Favre affair, Murphy should ease up on the ‘do it now’ fever he seems to have caught and give it more time to heal for some of the fans of the franchise.

    What could be more embarrassing to everyone involved than a number retirement ceremony where the most memorable and notorious aspect of it is a resounding chorus of boos?

    1. E. Wolf July 7, 2013

      What could be more embarrassing to everyone involved than a number retirement ceremony where the most memorable and notorious aspect of it is a resounding chorus of boos?

      *IF* Murphy insists on doing this, irrespective of how people he feel, he is in effect telling a sizeable portion if not the majority of Packer fans to fuck off in similarly brazen fashion as the ex-Packer in question. If he does this, the hypothetical you describe MUST happen.

  9. Iltarion July 7, 2013


    Huh? What? …. zzzzzzzzz…..

  10. bob at 81 July 8, 2013

    as I travel the country, meeting many packer fans, and there are a lot of us, the vast majority are fans, not hate mongers, and except the fact, he moved on, and so have many of us. the only ones left to hate seem to be on this page. get over it people, let he who is pure, cast the stones. for us, it’s green & gold, anything else is just so so.

    1. the real russ letlow July 8, 2013

      bob, people can have an opinion that doesn’t match yours and not be a hate monger. I don’t think you speak for the vast majority of fans bob. I’m no internet superstar, but every internet article I read on this subject ends up with many comments. And I would say on average they are 45 % for all things bert; 45% anti -bert; and 10% who cares. One absolute in the bert saga – the whole affair split the Packers fan base and there are still hard feelings, regardless of how much you and anyone else wants there to be peace and kumbaya for the number retirement, bob. Not all of the people on this site hate. There is a lot of wit and humor and some good opinions. And a ton of crap and disrespect for the purple pussies. So, bob, maybe you need to get over yourself and quit lumping everyone who doesn’t agree with you into a hater group. Have a nice day, Bob.

      1. john July 8, 2013

        Russ, do try to grow up

        1. the real russ letlow July 8, 2013

          GPS john

          1. E. Wolf July 8, 2013

            GPS? Hpw about fuck off and die, John.

        2. the real russ letlow July 8, 2013

          that works too.

      2. E. Wolf July 8, 2013

        What if we are haters. Love and hate are really part of the same thing. Meaning arises from differences. My love for the Pack is complemented and enhanced by my rabid hatred for the Vikings.
        Hatred can be a beautiful thing. It can energize you, galvanize you. I revel in my hatred as much as my love.

    2. E. Wolf July 8, 2013

      Your lack of capitalizaton and bizarre use of commas make your post difficult to comprehend. To the limited extent to which your post can be comprehened, my response is;

      –check out comments on jsonline and elsewhere. It is not just here. I woud wager we are on the majority outright, at the very least a very sizeable minorty who nevertheless outnumber the voiceferous Berty apologists and sycohants.

      –He did not just move on. He orchestrated a Machiveallen plot to be releaed from the Jets and play for the Vikings, all to stick it to Ted and Mike and by extension our beloved packers. He was a technical penalty and a pick away from succeeding in just the worst mannr possible. DO NOT FORGET THAT, EVER! ABOVE ALL, DO NOT WRITE IT OFF AS SIMPLY MOVING ON!

      — I may only speaking for myself on this but I am no Christian. I am a heathen of the worst sort, and revel in it. So your cast the first stone bit is dismissed out of hand.

      Finally what do you mean by “for us’ in your last sentence. Are you suggesting that those among us our not true Packer fans. Quite the contrary. One thing I can state with metaphyscal certainty–those of us who refuse to forgive, refuse to forget, stood by our colors on November 1 2009. At least some of you apologists on the other hand were pulling for a quarterback under the Vikigs center, a man wearing the uniform of the enemy.

      The civill war rages on.

      1. Abe Frohman July 8, 2013

        I forgave a long time ago. There’s too much wasted energy in maintaining that grudge. I will never forget, however. I think the manner in which Bert orchestrated a lot of this speaks ill of his character – and that’s someone I don’t look up to.

        As it relates to the “what he did for this franchise” people, I firmly believe if he hadn’t pushed his head up his own ass there could have been more than one Lombardi Trophy under his tenure here. People call him a “gunslinger” like it’s a good thing. To me it means equally likely to throw an INT as a TD. How many picks did he throw against St. Louis again? 6? In one game?

      2. DJ July 9, 2013

        Good stuff, Wolf. I’m not there in terms of forgiving #4 but I’m not against it either. And let me tell you why. If his really was a Machiavellian plan…it failed. And the bottom line, not his intent (he wanted to keep playing & Minnie WAS the best shot at a title) is all that matters. He went 2-2 vs the Pack & threw like 6 picks. We brought Vince home in that time frame and he sat there and had to watch it….knowing….that his career was in ruins & the Packers were right.

        But most of all, he made us all prophetic. Why? Because we all knew what would happen & how it would end. My friends who are Biqueens fans gave me shit & raved about #4 while they were kicking our ass in 09′. I just smiled and said “Just wait & see. He will break your heart. Been there & done it. Remember you heard it here first.” Sure as shit, #4 delivered by screwing the pooch, throwing across his body to avoid the hit, and throwing the pick instead of taking the 4yds on the scramble & kicking the game winner. I posted to all their fb pages “I tried to tell you but you wouldnt listen. I told you so LOSERS!” It was beautiful twisting that dagger into their post game agony.

        So while it sucked watching him kick our ass that yr, I take consolation in knowing that as much as he hurt us…..he decimated Biqeens fans that yr to an even greater degree. Farve’s pick & Gary Andersen’s missed FG in 98′ are easily the most painful plays in that sorry franchise’s history. You could almost argue that #4 was our double agent, we lured him in there to devastate Biqueen Nation…Mission Accomplished! lol Now, do we claim him back or not? I dont know. I guess that will be decided in The Civil War. :-)

        1. E. Wolf July 9, 2013

          Hi DJ,

          My response to that would be to analogize his actions to attempted murder, sedition, or any wrong doing in which the intent to harm is there, but does not succeed.
          I do not see how his ultimate failure to sabotage the McCarthy Rodgers era and give the Vikings their first Lombardi trophy should exonerate him. Imagine if you will best friend for life, or brother in arms, or spouse has a falling out, and does everything possible to disenfranchise you and aid your most hated rival, and that the plan works beautifully, only to be thwarted by a technicality (ie the technical penalty).
          Does such failure render him any less cuipable? I do not think so. I know things were far too close for my comfort. In the end it adds to our mystique, as it further renders the Vikings cause to something that akin to the Cubs curse of the billy goat, sans the history or charm. That does not change the fact that we were a cat’s whisker away from a real life scenario worse than the end of the world.

  11. john July 8, 2013

    Again, get over it guys. He brought us many years of great and entertaining football including 2trips to the Super Bowl.

    Judging from most of the immature comments I read about Favre I would guess that most of you are way too young to remember the lonnnnnng dry spell before him.

    1. E. Wolf July 8, 2013

      Get over what, precisely? You mean get over a Machiveallen plot to be released from the Jets and play for the Vikings, all to stick it to Ted and Mike and by extension our beloved packers. A plot so well executed it probably would have succeeded but for some fluke penalty call?

      1. the real russ letlow July 8, 2013

        Wolf, you say it so much better than I!!!!!

        1. john July 8, 2013

          sheesh guys, it is a game after all

          1. E. Wolf July 8, 2013

            No its not just a game you insufferable twit.
            People do not invest such time, emotion, money in just a game. People’s lives are not ruined for days or weeks when something is just a game. People would not get tattoos of the iconic Packers G if it were justa game.
            This is Green Bay Packer football we are talking about. I love this team more than anything and I know I am not alone.

          2. the real russ letlow July 8, 2013

            two stumbles John, using the phrase “get over it” in a bert favor article, and making assumptions that you know anything about the Packers fans who post on this site. I’m sure the credos here are legit, and more varied than you might believe.

      2. john July 8, 2013

        Mister Wolf does your mom know you converse like that ? :)

        I will put my Pack fan credentials up against yours or any of the heters in here.

        Would you have like going another 29 years with no SB appearances?

        1. E. Wolf July 8, 2013

          Leave my mom out of it. Want to put your fan credentials up against mine. Ok–to you it just a game. For me and many others, the Packers are a very important part of our lives. We experience transcental jubilation and euphoria when our team wins. In many ways we our Muslims, for when we make the Holy Pilgrimage to the hallowed grounds of Lameau Field, we have been to Mecca. And when we lose, life is very difficult. In 2012 I missed two days of work, was knocked out of the gym for over a week. I felt like shit for weeks. My range of emotion in the wake of a playoff loss or loss of an important game is far and wide. I have broken down and cried like a little girl, I have punched walls in fits of rage and anger that rival that of a Berserker warrior, I have even smashed a printer once.
          So no it is not justa game. It is a passion, an obsession that only few can understand.

    2. the real russ letlow July 8, 2013

      I would guess that your are wrong, John.

  12. Mike R July 8, 2013

    This isn’t a matter of getting over it. I (and many others) don’t want some douche bag that is sort of crawling back to the Packers now (because he has no other options), to have his number retired. No matter what he did for the organization, save that honor for players that love and respect the Packers, the Packers fans, and the tradition of the Packers organization. If you think Favre cares about any of those things, then you are an idiot. There is nothing immature or grudgeful about that view.

    1. john July 8, 2013

      yes, Mr. R and you are wrong. Perhaps a bit of anger management could help you?

      1. Mike R July 8, 2013

        What implies anger in anything that I just said???

  13. john July 8, 2013

    He was a great player who gave the Pack a lot of years and a lot of excitment. Sure not all positive and the end could have been beeter but please do grow up guys, look at the whole picture.

    No question a great positive in th ehistory of the Pack.

    Oh Mike you sound just like the child you are

  14. john July 8, 2013

    you know what. yes I do think Brett cares about those things as you say.

    Me thinks you don’t know of what you speak.

    Now peace, forgive the negatives and remember the overall greatness of that time of Brett

    1. E. Wolf July 8, 2013

      yes I do think Brett cares about those things as you say.

      Really? Yeah, that is why he did everythng in his power to sabotage the Rodgers McCarthy era by instigating a veritable civil war in Packerland and by caniving and plotting to play or the Vikings. One fluke penalty call and the subsequent interception is all the difference from the Vikings winning the Lombardi.
      Oh yeah–Brett really cares for us Packer fans. No one–not Randy Moss, not Brian Urlacher, not Eli Manning–has done more with the specific intent to sabotage the Packers’ desigsn on capturing the Lombardi trophy than this man. This means he does not give two shits about us. This is why it is unforgiveable.

    2. Mike R July 8, 2013

      John, you could be one of the most naive and/or stupid people to post here in awhile. I suppose you think Favre didn’t send a picture of his cock to the Jets skank either? I assume you were probably one of those idiots booing Rodgers the year he took over for Favre and maybe one of the idiots wearing a Favre Jets jersey at Lambeau the next year. Seriously, wake up man. You want to know who does respect the Packers organization, Bart Starr, and pretty everyone else that has retired numbers. Listen to Starr talk about the Packers, and tell me that Favre feels the same way. I think it is very rational to believe that level of respect is a requirement to have your number retired. It will be up there until the end of time. So get over your irrational love for Favre, and face reality. The guy is a phony, always was, and still is (see his “sincere” comments about Rodgers breaking all of his records). If your kid gets caught smoking weed this weekend, believe their story that they didn’t inhale, and they thought it was an herbal cigarette, cause that’s about along the same lines of your undying love/naivety that you are displaying for Favre.

  15. Tucson Packer July 8, 2013

    John = Benedict Ferve, Stop fueling his 2nd or 3rd midlife crisis

    Mike R & E. Wolf = major bonus points for reminding all of us exactly how big of a scar ‘ol #4 left on the Packers organization then and still lingering with a foul stench even today.

    That “man’s” travesty shall never be forgiven or forgotten on this webpage or in any corner of these United States. We will not go quietly into the night!

  16. Don Q July 8, 2013

    What John means when he says “Grow up” he really means “Agree with me, I’m a control freak and a Brent Favre fan”

  17. bob at 81 July 9, 2013

    don’t have to agree just move on look to the future , , , and except the past so you are a die hard fan listen youngster – I am 81 years old, a native of wis. a packer fan all my life, have seen and heard good and bad about a lot of players – to me it is still a team sport so I take each year and pull for my pak. coma collan period

    1. the real russ letlow July 9, 2013

      football is the greatest team sport there is, and the Pack is the greatest team and has the greatest fans! Just living to 81 is an accomplishment, so enjoy every day bob! but, hey, not everyone agrees all the time, so just say ……GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!……. and we’ll know you’re a fan….

  18. the real jeff ircink July 9, 2013

    was expecting more. (really?) blah, blah, blah. nothing here but a lot of load talk. @john at the top of the comments can’t even talk (or type). @e wolf still fuming like Rumplestiltskin.

    for all of you who DON’T want the Pack to retire Favre’s number, that’s fine. wouldn’t want you cheering for him anyway.

    #4 rules. face it.