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Greg Jennings is a Delusional Moron

Greg Jennings

Want to watch Minnesota Vikings receiver Greg Jennings try to justify how, A. he isn’t selfish and B. how the receivers made Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers?

Of course you do.

Jennings was on ESPN’s First Take yesterday where Stephen A. Smith asked him why he chose to sign with the Vikings and, more pointedly, why he chose a team with Christian Ponder as their quarterback. Jennings, of course, stumbled around a bit before insisting it wasn’t for selfish reasons, but then in the next breath said it was because he wasn’t getting enough opportunities in Green Bay.

“I had to remove myself from that situation to allow those guys to spread their wings,” Jennings says, referring to the Green Bay Packers other receivers.

Oh really? Or did you have to remove yourself from that situation because other guys were getting more looks than you? Hmmmm….

Then Jennings goes on to try to justify Ponder.

“Brett Favre. Receivers around him. Aaron Rodgers. Receivers around him. Christian Ponder. Receivers around him,” Jennings said.

The suggestion is that Favre and Rodgers had great receivers and Ponder has had crap. Well, Ponder played with Percy Harvin for two seasons as we recall. And let’s be honest, Favre and Rodgers have played with some good receivers, but they’ve made those guys better — Jennings included.

Look at Donald Driver. I’d suggest he’s no better than the fourth-best receiver in Packers history (Hutson, Lofton, Sharpe), yet he holds most of the Packers career receiving records. You can’t tell me that isn’t a direct result of the quarterbacks he’s played with.

Anyway, Jennings keeps trying to justify Ponder for a while and then tells us how great the Vikings are, that they’re hungry and that Packers weren’t hungry last season.

Watch, if you want to get pissed off. Oh, and nice pants, Greg.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. MP July 17, 2013

    i hope his golf game isn’t as atrocious as his golf attire.

  2. Cassie July 17, 2013

    It is so embarrassing watching him stumble fuck around trying to act like he made the right decision!

  3. therealChuckywasCecil July 17, 2013

    I almost felt bad for him trying to justify the logic of his decision.

  4. ay hombre July 17, 2013

    I’ll set the over under for number of games he plays in this year at 6 1/2. He took the money…next he’ll feign the bullshit injury once he realizes how awful Ponder is.

  5. Mike R July 17, 2013

    I know he’s got to support his QB, but yeah this is bullshit. I love Jordy and Jones, but put them on 28 other NFL teams, and they are average at best. Cobb may be the one guy with enough talent to be a really good receiver on most teams, without Rodgers. Rodgers no doubt makes our receiver looks better than they are. Greg will find that out in a hurry this year.

    1. Phatgzus July 17, 2013

      Sorry mike, but Jordy and JJ are in no way average receivers, the amount of astounding catches JJ had last year in addition to leading the league with 15 TDs gives credence to my belief that he would be no worse than a no. 2 receiver on about 28 teams in this league and a no. 1 on about half of them. As for Jordy he is one of the best deep threats in football (good hands, very athletic, highly intelligent, big and strong, and deceptively fast) who is 2 years away from a 1500-yard, 15-TD season, I don’t care who’s throwing you the ball, you don’t record stats like that if you’re an average player, you sure as Hell aren’t a no. 2 receiver on one of the best (efficient and prolific) offenses in football history if you’re not supremely talented.

  6. stubbyduck July 17, 2013

    Well shit………..What a great guy.. He switched teams just for his team mates, had nothing to do with money……..I am so touched….

  7. Chuck July 17, 2013

    Washed up moron playing on a run 1st team with an overrated Qb. Good luck shithead.

    1. Crefan July 18, 2013

      Ponder isn’t overrated at all.
      Everyone knows he’s a real genuine piece of shit.
      Within 3 years he’ll be Blaine Gabbert’s 3rd string backup.

  8. E. Wolf July 17, 2013

    To think there was a time when I was endeared by this man. Is XLV colored just a little?
    I hate the vikings, and ex-Packer who plays for them, FULL STOP!

    1. GBslacker July 17, 2013

      after XLV, he said to Pam Oliver:
      “it’s a great day to be great”

      Unctuous puke.

      1. geopack July 18, 2013

        Unctuous. Friggin perfect.

      2. Crefan July 18, 2013

        Aaron Rodgers made him great Christian Ponder will return him back to his rightful place of mediocre at best.

  9. The thing that actually did piss me off after watching that video, and I hope the GB Players were pissed off too, was that Jennings stated the Vikes have a ‘want it more’ vibe coming from the locker room, than the Packers had coming from their locker room. Really? Wonder how CM3, T. Williams and Carey Hayward feel about that statement? Guess we’ll find out when Jennings goes across the middle in the first GB/MN game.

    1. Savage57 July 17, 2013

      Can the Pack re-sign Atari Bigby to a two-game contract?

      1. #GetItRightRoger July 18, 2013

        THIS comment wins!!!

  10. Arcturus July 17, 2013

    I think old good-guy Greg is a lot more like his big-mouthed sister than we used to think.

  11. the real russ letlow July 17, 2013

    he obviously enjoys the crap talking because he does it every chance he gets. I wonder if he isn’t a little mad at himself for turning down GB’s in-season offer last year; when he was hurt; and not playing; and not contributing; and thinking he could get 12 to 15 mil per. He sure is taking enough jabs. Oh well, just another purple bum to boo when they come to town for a game.

  12. Cpt. Wi To Low July 17, 2013

    At the end of the day, Cobb has more upside than Jennings. Don’t think for a second, Jennings isn’t salty about that. Jennings can go suck a mellon, while he gives Ponder man-hugs all while throwing Peterson some orange peanuts! “An orange peanut? For me? Well I accept you!”

    1. GBslacker July 17, 2013

      Pete Carroll:
      “Let’s do heroin!”

  13. Jeff July 17, 2013

    If this interview was conducted by actual reporters and/or intelligent people…they would have called him out on his “answers”…

    1. Savage57 July 17, 2013

      Bayless and S.A. Smif? He was in the presence of greatness when it comes to shit-talking, and was just trying to keep up.

    2. Ryan July 17, 2013

      Stephan A. and Skip Bayless are so frigging annoying. It’s only fitting that this turd does an interview with them.

      1. the real russ letlow July 17, 2013

        well put….

      2. Phatgzus July 17, 2013

        Bayless is a vexing, insufferable, translucent polemic, but Stephen A. is hilarious, his facial expressions whenever Bayless practices his polemic are priceless, as are his constant dismantling diatribes.

  14. Tucson Packer July 17, 2013

    “Im a loyal guy when I need to be” Well, thats not being very loyal now is it?

    I cant believe Jenny puts the talent of Rodgers and Ponder in the same basket. What kind of hormel chili flavored kool-aid are people drinking in MN?

    I hope Clay and the rest of our Defense saw this.

    1. the real russ letlow July 17, 2013

      hormel chili flavored kool-aid = freakin HILARIOUS!

    2. #GetItRightRoger July 18, 2013

      Yeah, consider that phrase stolen, good sir!

  15. Savage57 July 17, 2013

    See what happens when you go over to Minneshithole. Ya lose yer fuckin’ mind and start spouting all kinda shit and nonsense. We’ve heard it for years, but now we get to see the transformation in real time of a once cogent and capable mind turned into purple goo. It’s the manifestation of the same shit that makes the fans talk about how ‘we’re gonna win the Super Bowl this year’.

    I want to be pissed, but all I can muster up is pity, cuz the jackwagon should have known that before he permanently damaged his brain.

    Do you think DFACS should go after the kids?

  16. Iltarion July 17, 2013

    Jennings makes no frickin sense during this interview. His answers even contradict each other.

    You can’t compare what Brett did to what Rodgers has done? Ah, they’ve both won one Super Bowl. Not sure what else there is to compare that matters.

    I love how he basically calls all the Vikings’ WRs besides himself dog-shit though. Good stuff.

    1. ...wat.. July 17, 2013

      Not really… He said “Jarius Wright, a guy who people don’t know about YET”

  17. Mantis July 17, 2013

    I periodically peak to see what GB fans are doing… like always, sniveling. I guess when your done sleeping with your toothless cousin. Getting mad at Jennings is all you have left. No wonder Packer fans arent liked almost everywhere. Yall act like two year old children and your crying is shameful. However, It is par for the course for their fans and prideless franchise.

    1. GBslacker July 17, 2013

      “peak” — as in orgasm ?


      You probably meant “peek” — but who knows with a Viking fan.

    2. E. Wolf July 17, 2013

      Drink my piss. Or better yet, slog down a bowl of puppy chow chased down with big, big swig of liquid drain-o.

    3. the real russ letlow July 17, 2013

      wow, an admitted stalker. what else are you “periodically peaking” at? …what is with you slugs all using the “toothless” this or “toothless”that as an insult – really? man, come on. be freakin original. use some of your gray matter once in awhile.

    4. Savage57 July 17, 2013

      Hey bugfuck,

      Ain’t no crying goan on round here. What you’re reading is seein is your ass being handed to you, sack boy. Only motherfucking par we play is the one for the trophies, bitch.

      Save your weak shit for the Queens sites.

  18. Jesse July 17, 2013

    Mantis, your a pathetic fool. Go ahead and try to comfort yourself for being a Vikings fan by ridiculing packer fans. Are you still sour about getting kicked out of the playoffs? Life will be much easier for you the day you realize your Super Bowl trophy case will remain empty along with your self-esteem.

  19. FITZCORE1252 July 17, 2013

    Craig Flemmings can eat a dick.

    He’ll miss half the season, his numbers will suck, and he will be a grown man wearing purple… Justice will be served.

  20. Pete Rock July 17, 2013

    greedy. a liar. fair weather friend. and has a ugly fucking wife. what a complete fucktard.

  21. Taurean July 17, 2013

    Two of the dumbest people in that interview. Greg Jennings and Skip Bayless. That is all i am going to say about it.

  22. E. Wolf July 17, 2013

    Finally had an opportunity to watch this. Skip Bayless and turncoat ex-Packers make me sick to my stomach. FUCK ME!

  23. Mantis July 17, 2013

    Is that the best trash talk a GB fan can pull off? Disappointed… wasnt even good enough to get me to type past this period.

    1. Tucson Packer July 18, 2013

      Ah damn. We disappointed you Mantis? we’re so sorry about that. See ya next time (apparently)

  24. Golden SHowers July 18, 2013

    Jennings greedy? I call bull shit. Rodgers was the greedy one, taking the big ass contract so that the team could not afford to pay Jennings what he deserved or field a defense worth a damn. I am looking into the future of the Pack and I see one of the best offenses in the game playing with a shitty defense that couldn’t stop a high school team.

    1. Kreg July 18, 2013

      Good thing you aren’t in charge of the team. We had money to sign him but chose not to over pay him. Over $8mil/yr is pretty damn good for a receiver not in the top 10 who has missed 11 games in the last two years. Patriots only offered him $6mil.
      I like that the Pack drove the price up on the Vikes.

    2. Phatgzus July 18, 2013

      Packers offered him a much more lucrative contract in the neighborhood of $11M early in the season, he wanted more money so he turned down the offer and decided to play out his contract. additionally, Rodgers has a smaller impact on the cap than Brees or Flacco.

  25. FITZCORE1252 July 18, 2013

    I used to detest Stephen A. now, the dude cracks me the hell up, and I usually agree with him. Not to mention, the Stephen A. SNL skits are just FUCKING great. Skid Baseless, well… I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire.

    1. Phatgzus July 18, 2013

      Stephen A.’s great, best “Oh, he’ll no” face on the business. I do disagree with him about the Packers’ D as he likes to dis them in order to prove A-Rodg carries the team (which is already more obvious than a dancing elephant in a tutu at a bar mitzvah); besides that he’s usually spot on and as entertaining as a dancing elephant in a tutu.

  26. Crefan July 18, 2013

    I hope Greg knows what a bitch karma can be because he’s in the cross hairs now.

  27. Crefan July 18, 2013


    I periodically peak to see what GB fans are doing… like always, sniveling. I guess when your done sleeping with your toothless cousin. Getting mad at Jennings is all you have left. No wonder Packer fans arent liked almost everywhere. Yall act like two year old children and your crying is shameful. However, It is par for the course for their fans and prideless franchise.

    The reason they don’t like us is because we’re always publicly laughing at the opposing fan bases like yours.
    This is what you get with former packers. LOL

  28. Abe Frohman July 18, 2013

    I’ve been waiting for a while for another post on GJ85. There’s got to more to the “divorce” from the Packers that has not made it to the media. Recall how ARodg was very public in support of his desire to have JJ and Jordy get contracts? Did we hear a thing out of anyone saying, in a believable manner, that they really wanted Jennings to return?

    Instead, we bid up the price for a player we didn’t want who didn’t want to be here to further fuck the Vikes. Awesome job TT!

    All these parting shots from GJ are nothing but sour grapes. He’s finally got a chance to run his mouth because he perceives himself to be a leader there, whereas here he was not. I think Arodg and MM probably kept him on a shorter leash. I hope he is healthy for the entire season, just so we can say at the end of the season “how’s that whole Christian Ponder thing working out for ya now?”

    1. Phatgzus July 18, 2013

      He was offered a new contract sere during the season if um mot mistaken, and it was worth more than what the Packers offered him during the offseason.

      1. Abe Frohman July 18, 2013

        Yes, he was. He didn’t take it because he either thought he could do better in free agency, or he didn’t want to be one of many with only one ball to catch, or both. I was referring to afterwards when the WR market dried up after Mike Wallace.

  29. Mantis July 18, 2013

    Year in and year out I defend my shit team even though they’re a bunch of fucking let-downs. That’s just how we are in Minnesota, pretentious.

    1. Kreg July 18, 2013

      Mantis, aint no way you wrote that post! I have always said that about all y’all but never heard anyone admit it. I think your computer got hijacked by your Packer-fan roommate.

  30. tedtomato July 19, 2013

    Who cares what that mantis shithead says..go back to your purple puke site and brag about how good ponders gonna be and how he almost beat the pack in gb..but he threw 2 redzone ints..suck a giant turd shit for brains!!!!!