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And Here’s the Don’t Retire Brett Favre’s Number Ever Petition

Brett Favre

The Green Bay Packers are planning to retire Brett Favre’s number at some point and as I’m sure you can imagine, not everyone is happy about that.

Resident shit-stirrer E. Wolf, who wrote that awesome diatribe about the Fail Mary and Seahawks fans, is one of those people. And he’s trying to do something about it.

He created this petition — Prevent Any Reconciliation Between the Packers and Brett Favre. Here are some of the choice passages from it.

This is a petition to marshal organized opposition against any proposed reconciliation between the Packers organization and Brett Favre (hereinafter referred to simply as “the ex-Packer”). For the past several years, Murphy has repeatedly suggested that this is something that needs to happen. And with the recent interview in which the ex-Packer admitted fault as to what happened, while refusing to apologize for playing for the Vikings and also putting blame “all around,” pundits are now suggesting that a retirement ceremony could happen this year. Most recently Murphy has explicitly stated his intention to retire the ex-Packers number by 2016. We, the undersigned, stand vehemently against either retiring his number or admitting him into the Packers Ring of Honor. We seek to dissuade Murphy and the Packers organization from any such course of action.

Of course, the ex-Packer, consumed by his personal vendetta, engineered his way out of his contract with the Jets, all so he could play for the Vikings and exact some measure of revenge against Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy, and, most crucially, by extension our Green Bay Packers. By playing for our most hated rival, doing everything in his power to give the Vikings their first Lombardi Trophy, and by doing everything in his power to sabotage the McCarthy-Rodgers era, he thus FOREVER betrayed the Pack! It is for this reason that he must never be forgiven.

Detractors will point out what “he did for Green Bay.” It is precisely because of his importance in Packers history that make such crimes so heinous, and so completely beyond even the suggestion of forgiveness or reconciliation. Never in the history of the League had a figure who came to personify a franchise  ever played for a hated rival for the express purpose of foiling his prior team in such a manner. Of course, detractors overstate the importance of Number Four in the renaissance of the Packers, downplaying the role of Bob Harlan, Ron Wolf, Reggie White, and above all Mike Holmgren, without whom the quarterback may have never risen out of obscurity in the first place.

For this, he must NEVER be forgiven. Indeed, these considerations only demonstrate that this man is not worthy of reconciliation. Not at this time, and the organizer of this petition would suggest not in his lifetime. Reserve any number retirement Ring of Honor ceremonies on a posthumous basis only.

There’s more, of course. Much more.

And guess what. You can sign it if you like. Go here to read it and then do what you will.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. E. Wolf July 17, 2013

    Thanks Monty. I hope you, too, will sign it.

    1. Tucson Packer July 18, 2013

      *Signed and forwarded x8

  2. acmefan July 17, 2013

    Long time reader, first time commenter. Love the articles and check in daily.

    Get over it! Fuck! The guy was a douche, not debating that point, but what percentage of all our beloved athletes that we obsess over aren’t? If you believe your current favorite Packer would never be a “Me first” player, you’re fucking fooling yourself. Don’t believe everything you see on the news.

    Our once beloved idol shit on our team. So what? I think that’s where all this vitriol comes from. You got your heart broke by your “fave” so now you spew and project hate at shit that gets older every fucking day. You sound worse than a fucking Bears fan. Your the kind of guy that hates ex-girlfriends instead of just moving on.

    I’ll never forgive the dongslinger for scheming to get to the Queens. Never. But so fucking what. He was one-of-a-kind, fun to watch, and brought many people back into the fold.

    Get over it. Fuck this worthless petition, fuck this childish anger, and fuck trying to be a hipster Packer fan by trying to convince us Bert didn’t matter.

    Still a fan,

    1. E. Wolf July 17, 2013

      So which is it, exactly, “get over it” or “I’ll never forgive the dongslinger?” Make up your fucking mind.
      To anyone who signs my petition, please be sure to send it to everyone you know. I need YOUR help to make this work.

    2. Vijay July 19, 2013

      Finally!!! Someone saying something worthwhile about Brett. He was always a corn poked shit for brains QB—but we loved his guts and his hillbilly sensibilities (aw shuck-isms) and the fact that he wore his heart on his sleeve and was a vulnerable sports hero of sorts. I for one, still like the guy, for as much as he provided in terms of joy, anger, resentment, whatever adjective you want to throw out there. He deserves to retire as a Packer, have his name in the ring of honor and be in the Packers HOF as well as the NFL HOF and I don’t, nor do the REAL decision makers in this, give two shits about what the opposition says and thinks about it.

      Wait and see all of your efforts won’t count for shit although I will state that you putting your passion about the topic out there does demand some modicum of respect. It does reveal your passion for the overall glory, history or whatever of the team. But just like good ‘ol American folklore of the past century, times change and so does the glory of history’s past. America is not what it once was and neither are our most revered sports. The glory days are gone people…who knows is and when they’ll over come back…so, enjoy the game and its ups and downs and the drama that sport and its personalities provides to all of us. #Favrein2014-5

      1. E. Wolf July 22, 2013

        Thanks for the backhanded compliment (I guess). You say no one gives two shits about the position I take. Let me ask you this–why has not Murphy decided to do this in the coming 2013 season. Because there are too many of us to do it now. He is hoping that more people will prove to be quite like the raging bull I alluded to in another post.

  3. acmefan July 17, 2013

    “I wish Don Majkowski never got hurt!”

  4. Joey July 17, 2013

    get over it! Seriously Hes a packer and will always be a packer. He did great things here just leave it at that. Also do you know how pathetic the packers would be without Brett Farve, Mike Holmgren and Ron Wolfe i can bet we wouldnt be the power house we are today. A lot of credit should go to Brett Farve. Now you guys are just being childish Grow up!

  5. acmefan July 17, 2013

    Simple. He was a great ballplayer. He made a douche move. I’m over it. I have the mental capability to forget the crap he pulled without forgiving. I just move past it. You’re still crying like your sister won’t give back your favorite doll.

    1. E. Wolf July 17, 2013

      Then don’t say “get over it” AND “I’ll never forgive the dongslinger?”” in the same post.
      I can respect your position, but I bet you would not be over it had one 12 man on the field penalty not been committed in New Orleans.

    2. Abe Frohman July 18, 2013

      acme, I think you have it backwards: you should forgive, but not forget. You’ve repeatedly said you won’t forgive but you will forget – which doesn’t really make a lot of sense. If you forget, what’s to forgive?

      Personally, I’m in the forgive but don’t forget camp. That Murphy is even talking about this shows that the Packers are the bigger “person” in this scenario and I find it difficult to fault them for taking the high road. But to E. Wolf’s point, it’s because he was so revered here that the betrayal was/is painful.

      E. – Berty’s ego won’t allow him to be contrite. I don’t see you getting the satisfaction you’re looking for.

      1. E. Wolf July 18, 2013

        I know, but even if we fall short from pusing tihs back to somethng post-humous, I am hoping that somehow, some way, the wind cathces a rainbow on fire, that this builds mometum. At least then it will be known many of us are not down with this. Who knows, maybe Berty will be apprehenisve if this day comes, worried about the possibility that he is booed at Lambeau (again).

  6. acmefan July 17, 2013

    Very true. The penalty aided in the loss. Then the Queens go to face Peyton and probably get shredded. So a Super Bowl loss in purple for the disgraced one. But I must remit: So fucking what?! Brett will have his number retired, make the ring of honor, and claim his rightful place in Packers lore.

    Do yourself a favor. YouTube “Favre highlights” If that shit doesn’t make you giddy all over again, I will accept defeat in this debate. But that shit is funny, that shit is impressive, and that shit is what I choose to remember about it all.

  7. the real jeff ircink July 17, 2013

    why put efforts toward something that won’t happen – NOT retiring the #4. that’s like PETA petitioning GB to change the name of “Packers” to something that doesn’t reflect the meat packing industry (which PETA tried once).

    here’s a petition idea that i’ll sign: get E. Wolf some counseling. i’ll be the first to chip in.

    1. the real jeff ircink July 17, 2013

      …and you’re gonna need A LOT of help to make this petition work, e. wolf. guffaw.

      1. Cal Varnsen July 17, 2013

        There are other people using the name “Jeff Ircink” so you had to differentiate yourself as “the real Jeff Ircink”? I think “A real dipshit” as your name would be more applicable.

        1. the real jeff ircink July 21, 2013

          my retort, cal, is #40 below. read it. and your post makes no sense. so who’s the real dipshit?

    2. E. Wolf July 17, 2013

      Well–there’s a reason Murphy is not even attempting doing it in 2013. It is because they are a lot of us.

      1. the real russ letlow July 19, 2013


  8. DD July 17, 2013

    Arnie Herber should be removed from the FudgePackers Hall-Of-Fame and his name removed from the AssRing of Honor for playing for the Giants against the Packers in the 1944 Championship. He tried to screw the Packers out of a championship. One game, one win, was how perilously close this sack of shit came to sticking it to his former team and screwing them out of a championship. Never forget! And never stop eating mom’s meatloaf when she calls you out of her basement. Please sign my petition http://www.change.org/petitions/arnie-herber-remove-him-from-the-packers-hall-of-fame-and-ring-of-honor

  9. Savage57 July 17, 2013

    Mmmhh, Mmmhh, Mmmmhhh.

    Peoples, Peoples, Peoples.

    What’s y’all need to do is just chillax and let time take its course. If the man is supposed to get his due, then he goan get his due.

    If you don’t want to go to the ceremony, don’t. If it comes on the TV while you’re watching, go grab a beer.

    Hate to say it but petitions in the negative rarely work out because they advocate against an idea, as opposed to promoting one and for some reason that just rubs most folks the wrong way.

    1. E. Wolf July 17, 2013

      Hey at least I am trying to do something about it. Never said it would be easy.

  10. Savage57 July 17, 2013

    Ahmo put the over on signatures at 1,000. Hopefully this shit just consumes itself.

  11. Andy July 17, 2013

    While we’re at it why dont why black list Curley lambeau? he was forced out of the organization and re-surfaced else where… This whole petition is shit. In the end green bay won – another lombardi to 0 for the vikings.

    1. E. Wolf July 18, 2013

      Did Lambeau (or for that matter Lombardi) engineer their way out of contracts to play for our most hated rival, and come within a cat’s whisper to actualizing Armageddon? NO!

      1. Buster Bluth July 18, 2013

        lighten up francis

  12. Bill July 18, 2013

    Let’s be rational for a second. Only 5 players have their numbers retired and they are all in the NFL hall of fame. There will be 17 other Packer players in Canton when Dave Robinson is inducted this Summer who don’t have their jersey retired. Favre has yet to be inducted so let’s not put him ahead of Paul Horning and Curly Lambeau in the “get-your-number-retired” line. There are also well over a hundred inductees into the Packer Hall of Fame. Favre is yet to be one of them. Take those steps first. I have little doubt that Favre will be inducted into each HoF, but then comes the Ring of Honor inside of Lambeau, then Jersey retirement. Let’s vette this turn-coat dispassionately as if you were trying to make a former pope a saint. There should be no fast-track. You may put him on a pedestal, but what’s the rush?

    1. Phatgzus July 18, 2013

      Those 12 other players were obviously exemplary but they weren’t arguably the best to ever play their position as Hutson, White, Nitschke, and even Favre and Starr are.

      BTW, Pope John Paul II has already been beatified and is currently well on his way to canonization less than a decade after his death (Saint Theresa, while never a Pope didnt have to wait long either), not exactly a long vetting process, especially when you consider Fabre will have been retire at least 4 years before his jersey was retired and the fact that sainthood and jersey retirement don’t quite present the same onus.

  13. #GetItRightRoger July 18, 2013

    I like it. Its not going to work, but I like it. It at least sends a message that, you’re a piece of shit Favre. We as fans take into account more than just on the field accomplishments.

    This wasn’t a mistake Favre made. No, this was in his plan a full year after the Packers gave him his release. That is treason in the sports world. I’ll never forget that he won the super bowl, on my birthday no less, and put up a fight I have seen only from the likes of Michael Jordan.

    But he shouldn’t be making it in the Packers HOF until Rodgers is retired, IMO.

  14. john July 18, 2013

    Anyone supporting this silly petition is immature. Go ahead hold a grudge forever

    Forget, forgive and remember all the positive things he brought to the Pack including 2 SBs, one win, lots of great years after such a long drought

    1. the real russ letlow July 19, 2013

      Hey John, glad to see you chimed in with a new version of “everyone grow up”.

  15. Don Q July 18, 2013

    Brent was a dick but I’ve got more important shit to worry about. Life goes on.

  16. Kreg July 18, 2013

    Here’s what happens.

  17. bob at 81 July 18, 2013

    oh my – cry wolf – you are just to SMALL to move on and let us true packer fans get on the team bandwagon. GO PACK GO

    1. the real russ letlow July 19, 2013

      come on bob, you shouldn’t toss insults at your age. you might throw your back out.

  18. therealChuckywasCecil July 19, 2013

    It’s going to happen. I don’t have to like it.

  19. Kristofer from Oshkosh July 20, 2013

    what a bunch of cry babies on here. get over it. it was all business. retiring a players number is based on production and not based on how much people like him. oh, and favre did it because YOU are a fan of the GB Packers, don’t you know. furfuxake.

    1. E. Wolf July 20, 2013

      Read my petition closely. I outline quite well his motivations. It sucks for you and perhaps far more than I would have guessed, to have a mentality whereby someone attempts to sabotage what you hold dear all the while trying to give our most hated rival success.
      That people are so easily distracted by a vague, insincere “apology” with all kinds of vague doublespeak confirms my worst suspicions of humanity. Far too many are just sheeple, with the intellect and emotional constitution of a dumb animal. Exempting those who wanted the Traitor to win as a Viking, for whom I reserve a different sort of disdain and contempt, such persons are the intellectual and emotional equivalents of a fucking bull at a rodeo or bullfight. One minute filled with rage at the rider or bullfighter, only to forget all about it a split second later when distracted by a rodeo CLOWN.
      Very simply put, this man did EVERYTHING he could to sabotage the Rodgers-McCarthy era, AND to give the Minnesota Vikings their first Lombardi Trophy. For this reason, his number should not be retired excet on a posthumous basis. To the extent I can countenane a difference of opinion on this matter, it is certainly not the case that what he done so far even begins to rectify the high treason this man committed–not by a longshot.

      1. Kristofer from Oshkosh July 23, 2013

        I completely understand what you are saying and I do agree with most of it. I believe people associate on-field and off-field conduct of a player too close together and from that is made into a full drama story about how your vagina hurts. Retiring a player’s number should only be based on what a player does on-field. That is all im trying to say here. Ya, brent is a f*ck up and i dislike him for, as you put it, “high treason”. But at what point do we separate on and off field conduct to decide a players qualification to have a jersey number retired? Its too vague of a question to answer so the best answer you can give is to base retiring said players number based soley on what he accomplished on-field only. With putting it a little more layed out, does this help you understand where im coming from?

        1. E. Wolf July 24, 2013

          You raise some interesting points. I would suggest you consider the radical notion that playing for the Vikings–in order to sabotage the Rodgers McCarthy era–constitutes on-the-field conuct.

      2. Kristofer from Oshkosh July 23, 2013

        Also, just wanted to say, your diatribe about the Fail Mary and Seahawks fans article was fantastic and thank you for that. And again, I agree with most of the article about favre and some of it I dont (as is outlined above).

  20. DD July 20, 2013

    I would love, and I mean LOVE, to see a photo of what this E. Wolf looks like. I guarantee it would send shivers down all of our spines.

    1. the real jeff ircink July 21, 2013


  21. DevilDon July 21, 2013

    E. Wolf has a right to his feelings like you do ya idjits. Look…. Benedict Favrt did some good things in Green Bay fine. But he’s a turncoat scumbag.
    Know what I like more than football? Pussy.
    Here’s an analogy for you: Say you get divorced and your ex screws your hated neighbor just to get back at you cause it doesn’t work out. Do you buy her a fur coat to keep comfy and remember the “good times”?
    The guy isn’t dick without the Packers and Holmgren and the fan base. He shit on our lawns and spit on our windshields. You can forgive if you want but you’re just a cuckold Favre fan!

    1. E. Wolf July 21, 2013

      Very well put, Don. I look forward to your seeing your signature on my petition. And PLEASE be sure to forward it to everyone you know.
      Working together we might just be abl to take a stand.

  22. the real jeff ircink July 21, 2013

    @cal varnsen – yeah…i know one other person has used my name in posting (which is actually illegal) so that’s why i use the moniker “the real jeff ircink” cause i am the real jeff ircink. understand, dipshit?

  23. bob at 81 July 22, 2013

    well… I just wonder if you think all those who change teams are turncoats, scum bags etc.
    and of course they try to defeat there former team. it’s a business, like it or not. and MONEY has a lot to do with it’ they play hard for there team, and when they change teams they play HARD FOR THAT TEAM. AS ONCE SAID, they play the game to win.
    I just like to see the packers win – no matter who they play, no matter what players are on the other team. that I think is a grown ups way to be.

    1. E. Wolf July 22, 2013

      What a load of horseshit. The guy set forth a Machivellian plot to be released from his contract with the Jets, to play for the Vikings. Even if Deanna were to leave him and take half of what he is worth, he has more money than God, doubly so living in a podunk town In Mississippi.

  24. tim July 22, 2013

    retire the number how easy you so called packers fans forget what he did for us the memories