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Thank the Lord, Johnny Jolly is Back!

Johnny Jolly

Hey, did you hear? Johnny Jolly is back with the Green Bay Packers.

It only took three years, an NFL suspension, a prison term, probation and rehab to get this guy on the straight and narrow and he’s now back in Green Bay, where he will surely cure all of what ails the Packers defensive line.

Seriously though, swell story. The Packers welcomed Jolly back for the first time since he was reinstated by the league, on Tuesday, their first day of mandatory minicamp. Jolly hadn’t participated in OTAs because he was finishing up a treatment program. He’s says he’s been off codeine — the drug he got busted for three times — for 19 months.

Prison has a way of sobering a guy up.

“I feel great. It’s a blessing to have a second chance,” he said Tuesday afternoon after the Packers completed the first day of minicamp. “I take my hat off to the Packers. That showed a lot, them accepting me after everything I had been through.”

Sure. And there’s really no reason the Packers shouldn’t have brought Jolly back.

When he last played for them in 2009, he was one of the team’s best defensive linemen. Jolly is now 30, but the Packers are only paying him $710,000 this season. So why not see what he can do?

Jolly’s biggest challenge will be getting back into football shape and knocking off the rust. If he can do that, why the hell can’t he make the team?

The Packers don’t exactly have a bunch of world beaters on the defensive line.

For now, it sounds like Jolly is pretty happy just to be on the practice field and not in the clink.

“It was excellent. I’m out there laughing and joking with the guys, it just felt like I never left. It was just like, man, this is a relief. Oh my God, I’m back on the field, practicing with the dudes I love to play ball with. It was great.”

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Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. FITZCORE1252 June 5, 2013

    Good story. He wasn’t one of… He WAS our best D-lineman in ’09, here’s hoping he can get back to playing at a high level and make this club. Longshot, but I’m pulling for him.

  2. J. June 5, 2013

    K..did I miss something here “it only took 3yrs” says the article in the opening sentence. Meaning he’s been gone that long, because of the Coedine thing basically, but “clean” for Only “19 months”? – Uhhh, 19mnths isn’t 3 Years…anyone Else see a prob. w/ that? ..’cuz (I) do!

    1. Adam June 5, 2013

      The NFL suspended him for substance abuse prior to his conviction

      1. David June 5, 2013

        I thought he relapsed got busted again right before he probation and/or reinstatement was about to get lifted. Lets check the records…


        Busted March 25, 2011… and now it’s June 2013 = 26 months. 26 > 19 so the relapse is past that date.

        Here it is…

        Oct 3, 2011

        Suspended NFL defensive lineman Johnny Jolly has been arrested on drug charges for the fourth time, according to the Houston Chronicle.

    2. Mike R June 5, 2013

      What’s the problem? It took him some time to get his shit together, and I think him being clean for 19 months is a pretty big deal and a good thing. Hope it works out. This is 0 risk for the Packers.

  3. Mike S. June 5, 2013

    Personally, I struggle with this not being enough time as well. Working with addicts..the process takes time especially when they are place back under pressure. Sure the risk seems to be at zero until somebody gets hurt and the PR nightmare for bringing back a felon to the roster. All for 2nd chances but… there are consequences to our stupid actions.

  4. J. June 5, 2013

    Why don’t we go ahead & check Relapse stats too..looks like 85-95% failure on most folks. He’s relapsed Already (not even counting the pressures of bein (IN) the NFL).. so that means he’ll probly relapse Again, (also, you dumbas*es, he’s been arrested or in trouble for Coedine, what FOUR times), so.. Not saying it Will happen, just that the odds Aren’t in his Favor!
    ‘Yall need 2 check yourself, not be mad at (me), for stating Facts..be mad at Him for even having this all happen in the first place..the Weak minded sap! Are you F*cking kidding me?! I don’t Want him on the team..thing is We are in such Need of help on Defense, eh why not, right? (Lol)
    — if it were me, I wish (I’d) get as many chances, but I’m not a celeb/sports figure..so, NOPE. It’s all bullsh**! Throw this lame ass to the dogs, like any normal joe wlda been. I Hate this kinda crap!
    *the prob is Mike R..there are too many lax-minded fools in this world that think like you do! (Oh wait, Jolly & his addiction’s a disease..right?! — BULLSHIT, Dr. Drew) ;)
    Yeah, I get your 0 risk for the Packers, but..that’s not really what it’s about..or maybe it is for folks like you too. The Packers represent something a little more special than just “wins or losses”, not to mention..I Own them, so if it were up to me? No way he’d be on the team ! :)
    Oh yeah..we’re also talking about Cough syrup?..yeah, cough syrup ‘yo..what a F*cking loser!
    Sorry, but “COME ON MAN”!!!

    1. Packer Bob June 5, 2013

      Damn, dude. You like casting the first stone, eh?

    2. Cheese June 6, 2013

      What’s up with the random (brackets) and Capital letters homie??

  5. J. June 5, 2013

    ..I hope for (his) sake he Has kicked the habit, but I’m just sayin.
    It’s all about the W’s right? ..maybe we can bring in Alex Rodriguez too if he can help out ;)

  6. the real russ letlow June 5, 2013

    low risk, high reward potential. give the dude a shot. if he can’t play any more or gets back on drugs send him on his way.

  7. Packer Bob June 5, 2013

    I’m happy for the guy. I remember an interview with him where he was in tears because he thought his NFL days were over. Everyone loves a comeback. That being said, he better stay sober.

  8. Charles Bath June 6, 2013

    We’ll see if he sticks after training camp. I wonder what kind of shape he’s in.