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Green Bay Packers Wedding Dress Because, Of Course

Packers wedding dress

There’s a Green Bay Packers wedding dress because, of course there is. Why wouldn’t there be? What broad would not want to walk down the aisle with a sports team’s logo emblazoned across her chest?

And more importantly, a Green Bay Packers logo? I mean, she’ll never look better on any other day in her life, so why not throw some Green Bay Packers into the mix?

Maybe, if you’re lucky, you could get Packers legend Jamal Reynolds to come in after the wedding and tag team your old lady with you for a while.

Wouldn’t that be tits?

Yeah, so, as you can see, there’s also a Chicago Bears wedding dress. Nothing says “virginal” and “pure” like a navy blue and orange dress. What colors do you think the bridesmaids wear at the wedding where the bride is wearing the Bears dress?

That fucking blaze orange color? That must be a goooooood-looking wedding party!

So these beauties are made by Complete Bridal Salon of East Dundee, Ill. Are the Packers and Bears involved? You bet your ass they are!

The Packers do not let anyone use their logo without getting a nice fat cut of the profits. And if someone does use their logo without permission, they sue their asses off and put them right out of business.

Hell, you can’t even use a picture of Lambeau Field in a commercial product — even if you took it yourself — or you’ll get a nice C&D.

Anyway, be sure to tell your bride-to-be to get one of these for her special day. Then she’ll know who you really love.

Packers wedding dress

(Via FSW)

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Complete Bridal Salon June 4, 2013

    I know these are dumb. The “models” wearing them look dumb (and are a negative reflection on women everywhere). And anyone who thinks this is a great idea or would buy this is dumb. But what can you do? We just want to make a buck, even if that means we’ll exploit some NFL teams and someone’s “special day” to do it…

  2. PACKATTACKINMPLS June 4, 2013

    I like what is filling the dress

  3. Iltarion June 4, 2013

    I concur.

    Those ladies could wear a burlap sack for all I’d care.

  4. Savage57 June 5, 2013

    Packer chick looks like she’d be a pleasurable bride and enjoys some dick.

    Bears chick in picture #2 looks like she’s got a case of “Cutty-face” and like him, is just sad she hasn’t gotten her salad tossed yet.

  5. E. Wolf June 5, 2013

    The logos present a target if one withdraws just prior to climax, sorta like a tramp stamp for missionary. If I were ever to date a Bears or Vikings, might be a good way to conclude a grudge fuck. I have no interest in splooging or otherwise tarnishing or defiling that sacred, illustrious Packers oval G symbol.

    1. Savage57 June 5, 2013

      This one was just fucking creepy.

      Wolf, you do know it’s almost 100% dudes on here, right?

      1. E. Wolf June 5, 2013

        Yes, I know. What was so creepy about my post. I will say I omitted the word fa. It should read, “If I were to ever date a Bears or Vikings fan. . ..”
        Anyway, I stand by my comment. The position of those emblems remind me of a tramp stamp, on the tummy. A curious novelty I suppose but one that is beyond the pale when it relates to the Pack, or their sacred, illustrious oval G symbol. On the other hand, I have no problem degrading a female Bears or Vikings fan, and if I defile their gear in the process, so be it. Indeed, I think it looks like fun.

  6. E. Wolf June 5, 2013

    How come no one mentions the woman in the middle. . .. I find her more attractive than the others.

    1. David June 5, 2013

      She does have her mouth wide open… and that’s always a tried and true target for the money shot.

  7. Asimov June 5, 2013

    The owner actually states that he can’t use the logo, the bride has to bring in the patch herself. He basically tailors a team-color dress, which is then bought by the bride, who subsequently has a patch sewn on.

  8. Packer Bob June 5, 2013

    Gawd, I love this site.

  9. FITZCORE1252 June 5, 2013

    Middle broad, all day. She’s a borderline midget, AND she has that Sally Jesse Rafael ‘Pant Suit’ look going on… Win. Win.

    1. E. Wolf June 5, 2013

      It looks like she is wearing a skirt. Also I think the two models are on a pedestal. The girl on the right has her arm raised because this story actually emanates from 2011, after we beat the Bears en route to the Super Bowl.
      I prefer fair skin to that orange tan look.

  10. Kristi October 1, 2013

    I am getting married on February 2nd…that’s right! A woman who is a die-hard Packer and football fan and wants a Packer wedding! I would LOVE to walk down the aisle to my future husband wearing the green and gold with pride. These women aren’t “dumb” or “stupid”, nor are we “tramps”. We just love our team (the Packers) and if a man (or woman) has a problem with the way my fiancé and I want to celebrate our special day, well, I don’t really give a shit. It’s OUR day….not theirs. I’ve been a Packer fan forever, and what would REALLY top it off? Donald Driver walking me down the aisle!!
    GO PACK!!