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Aaron Rodgers Likes His Offense, But Not All of His Running Backs

Aaron Rodgers is not please

It should come as no surprise that Aaron Rodgers likes the Green Bay Packers offense and most of his offensive weapons. Most of them…

Rodgers has been quick to point out that he doesn’t think the Packers offense if going to miss a beat even though receivers Greg Jennings and Donald Driver are no longer with the team. He’s pointed out the accomplishments of Jordy Nelson and James Jones and has said he thinks Randall Cobb has the potential to be a 100-catch guy a couple times now.

“I think he can be a 100-catch guy. We haven’t had that here in a while. But I think he can. I think he’s a special player. As long as he can stay healthy, I think he’s going to be a big-time star for us,” Rodgers said in part of a far-ranging interview with the Journal Sentinel.

Earlier in the same interview, Rodgers talked about the expectations for the offense. And, here’s where he also let slide how he felt about the team’s running backs.

“I think the expectations have gotten very high for this offense. We’re OK with that. But sometimes the ability to meet those expectations is even more difficult because those expectations are so high. We have personal expectations that we talk about in our offensive meeting room. I think the best thing that happened for us was that (coach) Mike (McCarthy) made the switch on Day 1 when we were on the field. So those guys knew “This is how it’s going to be. Get comfortable at those spots.” That’s helped.” Rodgers said.

“Losing Greg and Donald (Driver) gives some other guys some opportunities. We have three of the best in the league as a combination with Jordy (Nelson), James (Jones) and Randall (Cobb). I’m really excited about those guys, and then we’ve got some guys behind them who have a chance to make the team and contribute. I like our offense and I like what we can do in the passing game. And now, I think we can complement it with a more consistent running game with two stud backs we got in the draft and a former used car salesman.”

Those stud backs would be Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin. The used car salesman would be DuJuan Harris. So, what? No praise for Alex Green and James Starks?

Apparently, just like the Packers front office, Rodgers doesn’t think too much of those guys. We can’t really blame him. Starks is a walking injury list and Green was unproductive last season.

Still, not the usual “I love the competition we have at running back” PC answer you would expect. While Starks probably has very slim chances of making the team, Green is supposedly back to full strength after suffering a torn ACL in 2011 that hindered him for much of 2012.

Maybe this was Rodgers’ subtle way of sending a message. Then again, maybe he just really doesn’t have any respect for those two guys as players.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. FITZCORE1252 June 3, 2013

    I thought the same thing the first time I read that interview, and, I really can’t blame #12.

  2. Shawn June 3, 2013

    Nah, Rogers is simply naming the guys that were ADDED to the offense recently. Lacy and Franklin were just drafted and Harris was added at the end of last season. So, technically, you could say all 3 are new additions to the running game.

    He’s saying he likes the guys we added. He isn’t saying he doesn’t like the guys we already had, though I guess one could infer that if they wish, and many will.

    1. David June 3, 2013


      If he wanted to talk about the 5 backs (6 if he included our deadbeat FB’s running) he would have. He doesn’t forget guys names and positions. He’s the QB… he knows who’s running around in back of him just as well as he knows who’s catching his passes and keeping him upright.

  3. FITZCORE1252 June 3, 2013

    Everything #12 says is thought out… Calculated. He purposely left out Green and Starks.

  4. Tucson Packer June 3, 2013

    No mention of awesome Finley? (sarcasm)

  5. GBslacker June 3, 2013

    Ready for the Starks chapter to close.

    Would be OK with closing the book on Green, too — just too many times he looked like a hairier version of Brandon Jackson.

    Kuhn is nothing but overpaid. 1 or 2 carries and 1 or 2 receptions per game, on average good for about 10-15 yds. Oh, oh… my bad: don’t forget the two ST tackles last season. And he was part of a 51 sack season — awesome pass-pro! He can go down the big dumper, too. C’mon… any of our TEs can turn 3rd-n-short into a punting situation.

    Liked what I saw of Harris — hope McCarthy doesn’t banish him for doing well.

    Already have tempered expectations for Lacy and Franklin — they won’t be the same as college as they are in GB. But they should be better than what we’ve seen lately.

    If it’s not the QB, or the stud RBs — then what else can it be ??????????????????????

  6. 8BitEra June 4, 2013

    Starks is gone. No question. Green probably gets one more year and if he gets hurt for a significant amount of time or simply doesn’t get it done, he’s gone after the year at the very latest.

    The group of Lacy/Franklin/Harris has me intrigued. Lacy as the workhorse, Franklin working a sort of Reggie Bush-type role and Harris maybe doing a poor man’s Sproles kind of thing. If used properly (and O-line getting it done) , this could be a pretty dynamic and fun to watch group of players.

  7. Thommy September 22, 2013

    always funny to go back and read comments on old articles. Starks makes the team and posts over 100 yds for the first time in however long it was for the team, and today Franklin does the same. As fans we are wise to remember we only see a small bit of what the players do to prepare for the moment they are needed most.