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TBS Will Be Making Packers Fans Look Stupid

Young Packers fans sad Mitt Romney lost the election

TBS has green lit a new reality show called “Cheeseheads” based on, you guessed it, Green Bay Packers fans. While you’re probably thinking this is totally awesome, I have my doubts.

The producer of the show contacted me earlier this year looking for “face painters” and the like. I suggested some of my friends because they’re awesome Packers fans. They know football, are intelligent, actually have interesting things going on in their lives, etc.

Dude did not want that kind of Packers fan. He wanted Saint Vince.

Our guess — this show is going to feature a bunch of yokels who talk like they’re from the U.P. (or Fargo), wear stupid shit to games, swill PBR and make you and I look like assholes.

Here’s the description from TBS.

Green Bay, Wis., is home to the World Famous Green Bay Packers and their fans: The Cheeseheads. These citizens don’t just bleed green and gold; they eat victory for breakfast. For them, being a Cheesehead is more than just being a fan. It’s a way of life. This show will take viewers into the hilarious subculture through the eyes of a group of proud Wisconsinites as they navigate life in the only way they know how – loud, proud and with lots of beer. For these folks, there is no off-season.

As you can see, we’ve already been branded as “Cheeseheads.” I’ve never worn a fucking piece of cheese on my head in my life and I never will. Also, our subculture of fandom is “hilarious.”

We’re real excited.

We don’t have an air date yet, but we’ll pass it along when we do.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Packer Bob May 16, 2013

    Does anyone even watch TBS?

  2. Tucson Packer May 16, 2013

    I guess I have no choice but to be optimistic. TBS = Ted Turner. So if he’s looking to make it a political smear in anyway (kinda like Monty’s fall-off-your-chair hilarious pic find above) he may just find GB’s select “loud and with lots of beer” stereotypical fan base for the backdrop. Here’s hoping Ted isn’t a skol fan, or anything else in the NFCN.

    1. therealChuckywasCecil May 19, 2013

      Ted Turner has not owned TBS in years.

      1. Tucson Packer May 19, 2013

        You still don’t honestly think he has the ability to control a Company/TV Station with his own name in it? C’mon man..

  3. Ricksh0w May 16, 2013

    I picture this as a TBS film crew following around idiots like the “fence painter” or the old guy who wears all of the throwback gear like he’s Tony Canadeo, i.e. Packer fans that love attention and having their picture taken.
    There is no way that this is going to make other Packer fans look good, but on the bright side, will probably be cancelled after a few episodes or a season at most.

    1. Cheese May 17, 2013

      You mean those chodes who show up to every single miniscule event dressed like idiots just to get attention? These clowns go to clothing sales on Saturday mornings so out of towners can give them a reaction. The fence painter guy isn’t even the original fence painter, just some asshole who tries to take credit for it.

      1. Phatgzus May 17, 2013

        That’s one of the great things about being a fan, you get to dress as ridiculously as you want. That being said, a lot of those dudes ACT like categorical jackoffs as well, and there’s definitely no need for that. You can dress however flamboyantly you want, but respect the game and fellow fans.

  4. Badger Bob May 16, 2013

    Ted Turner has been out of Time Warner since 2006. I don’t imagine he has anything to do with this.

    1. Phatgzus May 17, 2013

      Eh, not directly no. But I’d bet he hired the people responsible for this or the people who hired the people responsible.

  5. concerned May 16, 2013

    This has horrible written all over it. TBS is obviously trying to latch onto what they feel is a subject that is so popular (GBP), that we’ll all watch. I’m with Monty; there’s nothing to be gained from this. Hopefully the NFL will not let them show any official images, broadcasts, etc. That may weaken the overall punch of the show to the extent it peters out on its own. Of course critics will then say that’s because GBP sucks as opposed to recognizing it’s because the show and the people on it suck.

  6. Ger May 16, 2013

    I do wear foam cheese on my head and striped bibs to games. I know I dress like a jackass and I enjoy the shit out of it. I currently live In Fort Worth TX, and to think enjoying football lame, or take yourself to seriously being a fan of the game, you might as well be a Cowboy fan. Most of them have no clue, would wear a sport jacket to a game.

    I think there is no real danger of this show. They’ll do the best they can to make us look like tards but it’ll probably get killed right away.

  7. KazooPackFan May 16, 2013

    Great. Probably end as well as MTV’s show based on idiots in West Virginia.

  8. Buster Bluth May 16, 2013

    Cast Bob Wagner in the lead role. Wasn’t that the guy’s name
    who impersonated Gang Green in the 70’s.
    Back then it was fun to laugh at the pack. They were so inept
    on and off the field. Now its a lot more serious.

  9. Jon Mallaber May 16, 2013

    What a surprise. Hollywood McMahon is too good for the cheesehead.

  10. FITZCORE1252 May 16, 2013

    “I’ve never worn a fucking piece of cheese on my head in my life and I never will.”

    I can proudly, and truthfully say the same thing.. never understood it.

    This show is going to be a FUCKING train wreck.

    1. therealChuckywasCecil May 16, 2013

      count me in as another who has never worn a cheesehead.

  11. brad May 16, 2013

    Just give it a chance. Why be so negative all the fucking time.

  12. Lori Primich May 16, 2013

    So as a Packer fan for 33 years from Ct. I can truly say I fly to Green Bay once a year for a game at Lambeau- I rather enjoy all the “cheeseheads” all the great get ups, the overall feel of the people tailgating is awesome.. So just because you feel you are to smart for the rest of the thousands of fans then just don’t watch- these are the fans of this day, it’s what it is- GO PACK GO!

  13. E. Wolf May 16, 2013

    Neither ‘hilarious” nor the reality show genre are anyting I want my team or its fanbase to be associated with.

  14. I’m wearing cheese on my head right now.

    1. Phatgzus May 17, 2013

      Here’s hoping it’s not fromunda cheese.

  15. Pio May 16, 2013

    Because only smart people voted for Obama, Monty?

    1. Monty McMahon May 17, 2013

      What the hell does Obama have to do with this, dipshit? Did you get cast in the show or something? And now you’re butt hurt?

      1. Pio May 17, 2013

        Nice try playing the “There are no political undertones, I have no idea what you’re talking about” card. I read your stories on this site because they are usually entertaining and up to date with what’s going on in Packer Nation. It’s understandable that living in California and wearing fad douche hipster glasses will occasionally make a guy pollute football stories with political rhetoric. Stick with the core principles of what has made this site a success.

        1. Monty McMahon May 17, 2013

          What has made this site a success is us saying whatever the fuck we want and then letting you guys say whatever the fuck you want. I still don’t understand where you see anything political. Because the kid in the photo has a Romney sticker on his cheesehead? I used that photo because I thought it was funny. The kid is disappointed, like I will be in this show. Unpucker your asshole and relax for a while. Political undertones… you are goddam insane if you think there’s anything political on this page outside of bumper sticker in a photo and your nonsensical ramblings.

    2. tequila May 20, 2013

      People who voted for Obama have higher IQ’s greater college attainment stats, so yes.

      1. Shawn May 20, 2013

        Higher IQs? Hahaha… where do you get this BS from?

        College degrees? Yes. Though the uneducated and illiterate are a key voting block as well.

  16. DD May 16, 2013

    “Will make you and I look like assholes.” Haha! As if you didn’t already??? This is priceless. It’s time for you fat inbred hicks to take a long, slow, hard look in the mirror. I always laugh when I hear fat fucks from Wisco say shit like, “It’s more than just a game,” or “true packer fans,” etc. It’s time for you sad piles-of-shit to wake up and face reality.

    1. TyKoSteamboat May 16, 2013

      Minnesota ViQueens = Empty Trophy Case
      (except for the dust & dead moths)

  17. Iltarion May 16, 2013

    I’ve never worn a cheesehead, but my kids have.

    I’ve worn a Packer bandana on my head, eye black, and Packer parachute pants. So, I’m hardly going to act intellectually superior to anyone deciding to express their fandom with cheese.

    Also, cheese fricking rocks. It deserves celebration and praise.

    Otherwise, I agree with the sentiments here. This is likely to be Duck Dynasty in green and gold, and as accurate a representation of Packer Nation as American Beauty is of American Suburbia.

    1. Phatgzus May 17, 2013

      At least American Beauty was an original, well though-out, excellently-portrayed piece of art; this will be nothing more than the basest, pop culture, television drivel.

      1. Iltarion May 17, 2013

        Agreed. American Beauty is a deserved Best Picture.

        I have just always scoffed at anyone stating it was a realistic portrait of suburbia. Annette Benning is probably the only realistic character in the whole thing.

        1. Phatgzus May 17, 2013

          I agree, it definitely portrays most of the characters in a fantastical/idealized manner; definitely a theatrical peace created to celebrate cinematics, Holden Caulfield would be disgusted.

          But I digress, your analogy was spot on.

  18. Vijay May 17, 2013

    the operative word being “subculture” of fans.

  19. Lynn Fuckin' Dickey May 17, 2013

    Go fuck yourself, Monty, come on down off Mount Pious. You knew what you were implying by selecting a photo of two kids with Romney stickers appended to their cheese heads right below this article’s headline.

    This site is shit, doubly so in the off season, and the only redeeming part is the comments. But by all means annoy 50% of the site’s readership, that’ll surely improve this garbage fire of a blog.

    1. Monty McMahon May 17, 2013

      You took the time to leave a comment.

  20. Phatgzus May 17, 2013

    Ceeseheads, besides the fact that they’re fucking awesome by their very nature, are an original hallmark that identifies the one of the greatest fanbases in all sporting cultures throughout the world; I can proudly say I own and have worn one.
    By the way, they also save lives, let’s see a terrible towel do that.

  21. Abe Frohman May 17, 2013

    THIS is what they’re looking for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BIN5-6VjSM

  22. tedtomato May 17, 2013

    Why does some snob from that shit hole state minny soda always have to come on here and call us fat..uneducated..hillbilly? Pull the stick out of your ass & learn how to have some fun! Oh well at least our team knows what winning superbowls feels like.

    1. Phatgzus May 17, 2013

      Or winning with our own players, or winning in general.

  23. JB May 17, 2013

    Lighten up you thin-skinned, condescending assholes. Who gives a shit how or who they choose to represent Packer nation? The more ridiculous, the more entertaining it will be, and isn’t that the point of tv?

    Guarantee nobody would watch it if they focus on a bunch of pretentious douschebags who don’t even live in the state and have almost as much disdain for hometown Packer fans as they do for Viking fans. Perhaps even more, because as they are always fighting to convince their enlightened SoCal or Manhattan friends that they aren’t like the midwest hicks they all snicker at, this show threatens to make that fight too difficult.

    Embrace it and learn to laugh at yourselves as much as you laugh at others.

  24. JB May 17, 2013

    Other than that, keep up the good work. You dudes are pretty funny and to the point.

  25. BD Swingin' May 18, 2013

    Well Monty, you did go on to bash any and all Romney supporters during and after the election so maybe a better choice in photography might help people not bash your post.
    Journalism 101 would help you understand that or do they hand that job out to anybody these days?

  26. Buddy May 18, 2013

    If you don’t like what Monty says than blog somewhere else while your Mom cuts the crusts off your bread you thin skinned twats. Conservatives are clearly butt-hurt because their savior Romney didn’t win. Live and let live, besides Romney is old news and would have invaded North Korea by now fucking our country up royaly. There’s a silver lining to everything.

  27. Pio May 18, 2013

    Solid strategy there. Someone calls you out on your blatant bullshit and then you call them names and just say that they are speaking nonsensical stuff because that makes you feel better. Talk about weak. What is butthurt? Butthurt is having the same last name as the the ’85 Bears QB.

  28. MADCITYPACKERFAN May 19, 2013

    Wisconsin Packer fans do not have stupid Uper accents or even wear those dumb foam tourist hats in the first place. Our Packer fandom is in our hearts and we bleed this interest known as the best god damn football team that exsists. Fuck TBS!

  29. JB May 19, 2013

    Actually, there are plenty of Packer fans that have mild UPer accents and a shit-ton that wear foam hats. Or do you think its Buffalo Bills fans that buy those? What a dumb fucking comment.

  30. billy bob May 22, 2013

    Yokal,well I prefer stumpjumper if you don’t mind.