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Lance Easley Still Living Out His 15 Minutes of Infamy

Lance Easley

Lance Easley, that turd who cost the Green Bay Packers that game against the Seattle Seahawks last season, will not go away. We want him to go away, but he’s still busy collecting on his 15 minutes.

Easley has been brought on to ump Seahawks corner Richard Sherman‘s charity softball game. And why wouldn’t he accept such an assignment? It’s funny. Hilarious, even.

You know, because Easley couldn’t make the right call in a sporting event if his life depended on it.

Har, har, har!

So, Sherman wins because now people are actually paying attention to his softball game. Charity wins because people are now buying tickets. Easley wins because he (presumably) gets paid, gets to hob knob with a bunch of NFL and NBA players and gets to be in the spotlight he so desperately craves.

Guess who doesn’t win. Me, you or any sort of justice.

This prick will be cashing checks on this fuck-up for years to come.

“Hey, I’m the guy who screwed the Green Bay Packers that one year. Remember me?”

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Lance Easley May 16, 2013

    Dear Packer Nation,

    I was wrong. I’m an idiot. I am sorry.

    Sincerely yours,


  2. 阮宁 May 16, 2013

    i feel sick…

  3. Savage57 May 16, 2013

    Here’s the deal. Sherman hired him to make sure that every hit his team gets is called a home run, every pitch his guy tosses is a strike and every opposing base runner is an out.

    Sounds to me like he got the right guy for the job.

    Speaking of jobbed…

  4. Nacho Libre May 16, 2013


  5. Chad Lundberg May 16, 2013

    Someone please fucking hit Richard Sherman where it ends his gay ass career and his fucking huge ass ego.

    1. Abe Frohman May 17, 2013

      would you like him if he were a Packer?

      1. Chad Lundberg May 17, 2013

        Not really, I’m not even that happy that Finley is a Packer.

  6. James Bennett May 20, 2013

    One of the worst calls anyone ever saw, and they didn’t even have the guts to let the replay spell that out.