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Aaron Rodgers is on Forbes’ Most Influential List

Aaron Rodgers runs for a touchdown against Detroit.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is influential, or so we’re told. Rodgers came in at No. 8 on Forbes’ list of most influential athletes.

The $110 million man came in just ahead of NBA MVP LeBron James. He was preceded on the list by three other quarterbacks, although it’s hard to call one of these guys a quarterback.

That guy, Tim Tebow, who’s probably done as an NFL signal caller, was No. 1 on the list thanks to all of his churchy goodness. Peyton Manning and Drew Brees came in at No. 5 and 6, respectively.

The list was compiled based on surveys from Nielsen and E-Poll Market Research. Rodgers’ scores were as follows — Influential: 19%, Awareness: 27%, N-Score: 133.

N-Score is Neilsen’s measurement endorsement potential. We really have no idea what the other percentages mean.

The full list is here.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. DD May 7, 2013

    Aaron Rodgers is so awesome!

  2. Jon Mallaber May 7, 2013

    Maybe we should start a petition to Obama to get Rodgers placed at number 1.

  3. DD May 7, 2013

    The recent explosion of gay athletes coming out confirms his influence. He has set an example for gay athletes everywhere. And for guys with weird baggy bug eyes.

  4. MarcoBrusa May 8, 2013

    As an Italian guy living in Poland, I can say this list doesn’t make any sense at all. It would if it was US most influential athletes, but guess what? Nobody gives a fuck about the NFL on this side of the pond. The league barely makes the news when the Super Bowl is on. Plus, the NBA is so much bigger worldwide that no matter how awesome #12 is, LeBron will always be more influential.

    1. Savage57 May 8, 2013

      But, according to this Forbes list, LeBron’s not more influential. So your point is? And guess what else dago boy – no one in an American dominated world gives a flying fuck about the opinion of some Eurotrash asshole. Yeah, the World Cup draws a lot of viewers, but when you can get the entire population of every third-world country to gather in their huts and hovels and crowd 100 people around a 13″ black and white TV, Nielsen numbers are going to be big.

      As to those influential European athletes? You mean the fairies that run around for three hours kicking a ball to each other? Or maybe some of that top shelf basketball talent you guys get to watch? Or those world beaters that slide down mountains on sticks? Or how about those manly-men jumping over fake shit while trotting around on their “my little ponies”. Ooooh, talk about sports at its finest.

      This is a web-site about the Packers, the NFL, Green Bay, Wisconsin, the only real professional football league in the world and why Amercia is the admired, eviable dream of every peasant in Europe and the rest of the world scratching out their meager existence. So stay over on “your side of the pond” and blissfully happy in genuis-land, wop.

      Besides, your very existence is due to Americans, both personally and as the country you inhabit, so shut the fuck up.

      1. calipackfan May 8, 2013

        Well said Savage57

      2. MarcoBrusa May 8, 2013

        Oh God, I love when you acritically start your “MURRICA FUCK YEAH” nonsense.

        First of all, guess what, If I’m reading a Packers blog, chances are I’m somehow interested in it (Unless DD, I don’t spend my day trolling other teams websites). I’m a Packer fan, shareholder since last year, future season ticket holder (well, me or my future kids) and I’ve spent every money I made in an entire summer to go to Lambeau and see Matt fucking Flynn throw for 8000 yards in a game on Jan 1st, 2012. I’m a football player (I mean, that crappy, division III level version of football that we have here).
        Oh, and I hate soccer as much as you do, the World Cup to me is just a reason to get drunk immediately after I get off of university. (and by the way, breaking news: it’s not 1860 anymore, horseraces aren’t all the rage; our national TVs don’t broadcast horseraces, NBC does).

        I didn’t mean to criticize Aaron Rodgers or anything related t the NFL, it was a statement, and I don’t see how anyone can disagree with the fact that the NBA is much more relevant in Europe than the NFL. Nobody said it’s better.
        I don’t see how people can agree with the Forbes list, I mean, it kind of makes sense now, maybe it was written by people like you that think the world is anything that is between Maine and California.

        As much as I like your culture and sports, “Amercia is the admired, eviable dream of every peasant in Europe and the rest of the world scratching out their meager existence.” doesn’t really fit what the rest of the world thinks of you guys
        Not every European citizen dreams one day to live in a hatred-filled country with a crime rate 10x more than the one in here and no public healthcare (aw shucks, we’re such commies!).
        “I hope one day I will get marry in Vegas to a white-trash obese former stripper from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. You know, we will have crystal meth sprinkles all over the cake!” said no eurotrash ever.

        Oh, and unless you are Native American, you wouldn’t even be there if we didn’t discover the land, so it’s very likely that YOUR existence is due to Europeans.

        I’m eagerly waiting for your reply where you correct my grammar and shit, cause that’s what dumb people do when they’re talking to a foreigner.

  5. calipackfan May 8, 2013

    Because USA rules and Europe sucks monkey balls

    1. MarcoBrusa May 8, 2013

      Wow, this is such a valid argument!

  6. DD May 8, 2013

    I shove cucumbers up my ass until my eyes bug out and talk trash about Rodgers because I’m jealous of his mad skills. I’m a 28 year old virgin and still breastfeed off my 300 lb pig of a Mom. I’ve never worked a day in my life because my Mom is on welfare.