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Packers Have a New Tight End

Matthew Mulligan

The Green Bay Packers have gone and signed themselves a new tight end. The team signed free agent Matthew Mulligan to a one-year contract over the weekend.

Mulligan is a four-year vet who played for St. Louis last season and spent his first three years with the Jets. He doesn’t bring much to the passing game, but is considered a good blocker. The Packers need someone in that role after letting Tom Crabtree sign with Tampa Bay.

Mulligan, who played his college ball at Maine, had nine starts each of the last two seasons and played in all 16 games both years. He had eight receptions for 84 yards and a touchdown in 2012 and five for 58 in 2011.

Mulligan will join Jermichael Finley, Andrew Quarless, D.J. Williams and Ryan Taylor at the tight position in Green Bay. As you well know, you can never have enough tight ends.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Packerfan2008 April 8, 2013

    Good, maybe now the packers won’t waste their first round pick on a tightend in the first round like over half the mock drafts are saying. I don’t trust anyone from notre dame after seeing that slaughter in the championship game

    1. Vijay April 8, 2013

      I thought they’d grab that Travis Kelce kid in round 2-3. Or Escobar if they want a pass catcher at the position.

  2. Buster Bluth April 8, 2013

    I believe it was John Brody who coined the phrase about TE’S

  3. the real russ letlow April 8, 2013

    woo hoo!!!!!!

    1. Savage57 April 8, 2013

      I second that motion.

  4. TT is a butt hole April 8, 2013

    If a long snapper is the highest on Teddy’s board, you better believe that he will gladly pass up a RB, D Tackle, or O-lineman for his best available. But, only if he can sign them for the league minimum and sleep with the extra salary cap money that he doesn’t spend.

  5. ay hombre April 8, 2013

    Good. A run-blocking tight end that can actually block. Crabtree was tattoos, twitter followers and the reputation of a run blocker without the results.

    I will say Crabtree did toss one of the Steelers like a rag doll in the Super Bowl on a 3rd and short, but I think the Pack did ok here and so did Crabtree. Tampa Bay is going to be good.

  6. Vijay April 8, 2013

    That’s because when they are asked about how the season went at the end of the year, they can say “well, we needed a Mulligan and we got one”…Terrific signing Ted!

  7. Iltarion April 8, 2013

    Wow, a TE acquired specifically for the running game! MM actually thinking about running the ball. Craziness.

    This suggests to me that a RB is high on the Packer draft board or that they are high on Dujuan Harris. Or both. Either way, it appears the Packers are more committed to running the ball than prior seasons.