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Well, Maybe Greg Jennings Won’t Sign with Vikings After All

Christian Ponder

There’s a better than good chance Greg Jennings is leaving the Green Bay Packers when free agency officially opens and the Minnesota Vikings seemed like the logical landing spot. That is, until yesterday.

Speaking with USA Today Sports, Jennings listed good quarterback play as one of his top priorities for a new team. So that pretty much rules out the Vikings.

“Coaching means a lot, the dynamic of the team,” he told USA TODAY Sports. “To me, the quarterback means a lot, if they have one or not, and I have to make sure my family is comfortable.”

We’d say the Vikings don’t have one.

I mean, in reality, they do — his name is Christian Ponder. He just sucks balls. So if Jennings is serious, then the Vikings are out. Of course, money talks and we doubt Jennings is going to turn down a chance to be overpaid by a desperate team like Minnesota.

In that case, he can just say something like, “Christian Ponder is a solid up-and-coming passer.” And then we’ll all slap our knees and double over in laughter.

You think we’re just making fun of Mr. Samantha Steele because he’s on the Vikings, don’t you?

No. He’s really terrible. Check this out.

Ponder started all 16 games in 2012 and he threw for just 2,935 yards. How can a quarterback in today’s pass-happy NFL start all of his team’s games and not eclipse 3,000 yards? Well, he has to be really bad.

Consider, 11 guys threw for more than 4,000 yards in 2012. How about some other stats?

Ponder was 25th in rating, 31st in yards per attempt, 23rd in touchdown passes and 31st in yards per game.

So we’re now making the St. Louis Rams the favorite for Jennings.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. hubie March 11, 2013

    PONDER me this Greg…Rodgers or PONDER……..DUH

  2. Sean March 11, 2013

    Jennings wants to get paid.
    Percy Harvin is traded.
    Jennings about to get over paid in MN. I bet they already have an “agreement” in place since they traded Harvin so quickly.

  3. Don Q March 11, 2013

    That head case Harvin is Pete Carrol’s problem now that the Vikings traded their best player. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Next those purple mouth breathers will overpay the old and injury prone Jennings and finish last in the division. I smell a trifecta!

  4. Steve March 11, 2013

    QB only needs 3000 yards when the RB runs for 2000.

  5. Iltarion March 11, 2013

    Harvin is gone, and yes, that paves the way for Jennings to be in Minnesota.

    He’ll easily be saying Ponder is a good QB once $11 mil a year is thrown at him.

    With the jack off gone, I can almost start to like the Vikings, and if the rumors are true, then the Vikes have two #1 picks this year. Owieee…

  6. E. Wolf March 11, 2013

    The Seahwks really fucked us (again) by giving up the store for Percy Harvin. No way is he worth a 1st round draft pick. . .

  7. ay hombre March 11, 2013

    I’m going to laugh when either…

    A. Jennings is a Viking getting thrown shit passes from Christian Ponder.


    B. The market for him is so weak that he ends up signing with the Packers for a price less than what he would have gotten had he expressed even the remotest interest in remaining with the Packers in the first place. I hope he comes back on his knees and the Packers low ball him.

    Moving on!

  8. John March 11, 2013

    What an ignorant article; I’d expect nothing more from a fudge-packer fan. Why do you think Ponder passed for so little yards? Maybe because the Vikings had (and have) the best running back in the league who rushed for 2097 yards. Ponder is a young talented quarterback who had a few bad games last season but played his role when he was needed and, if I remember correctly, threw for 3 tds to beat you fags and sent us to the playoffs. Go pack some ones fudge you piece of shit

    1. E. Wolf March 11, 2013

      Just getting to the playoffs (and then promptly bounced) is sufficient for you Vikings fans. For us Packer fans, we expect a little more. But that’s the difference between our team and yours: Silly Vikings fans, rings are for Packers!

  9. PurpleReign March 11, 2013

    You guys laugh at this stupid ass reporting what type of oxymorons bullshit is this? The same ponder that single handedly destroyed your Brillant Defense on route to a playoff berth just going to add more gas to to the fire when the vikings explode on next season with ponder peaking at just the right time.

    1. dude March 11, 2013

      don’t waste your breath, or time retaliating, they wont understand what you mean, they are the first to talk shit at the first opportunity, just wait till the season begins and watch the pacers getting mauled by the purple.

  10. Justin March 11, 2013

    Sounds to me like these bitter rotten cheese fans are hating on ponder, we know ponder is no Rodgers or Brady but lets face the truth here, he did show up mr. championship belt himself in week 17 which pretty much screwed greenbay out of a home playoff game against Frisco, which probably would have made it a different game. That’s if greenbay would have made it that far!!!! Yes ponder being injured resulted in him not pulling an encore on mr Rodgers so cheese heads keep on hating when Greg Jennings dons purple, just cause your wack A$$ team won’t pay a good character productive player doesn’t mean the vikings won’t!!!!

  11. jordan March 11, 2013

    Wow Christian Ponder sucks balls?? Really? It’s hard to believe someone with those comments great journalism!

  12. joe March 11, 2013

    Suck a dick cheesefucker

  13. Ricky March 11, 2013

    How can a quarterback throw for under 3000 yards? Hmmm, lets see….maybe when it has a running back who runs for 2097 yards. Maybe when the teams top wideout is Michael Jenkins after a harvin injury. Try writing with a little less bias if you want to be taken seriously as a sportswriter. Believe it every sportswriter has a favorite team, not every one lets it affect their writing. Schmuck.

  14. Iltarion March 11, 2013

    That’s an amazing amount of shit talk from a group of fans who just lost their only viable weapon at WR.

  15. DevilDon March 11, 2013

    Wait…what? A group of you were together for a circle jerk and realized there was a negative Viking article on this site so you all decided to drop your activities and weigh in?
    Yea, you can bet all of us Packer fans are all hurt about the season-ending loss. We have a great team so we weren’t used to it.
    But you guys lost to the BEARS, Bucs and Skins! lmfao.

  16. Rawr March 12, 2013

    Everyone who said The Vikes are screwed without him needs to remember they were a better team once he got “hurt.” And, he didn’t stretch the field since he wasn’t a deep threat so he alone made life more difficult for AD. Vikes will pick up a Jennings or Wallace and AD will get a little breathing room and probably be better.

  17. Tanner March 12, 2013

    You guys don’t have a great team; you just have the best QB in the league. Your receiving core wouldn’t even get talked about if it wasn’t for Rodgers. Your defesne and o-line are both trash and you guys have been playing CFL running backs for about 5 years now. GB fans are delusional as usual.

  18. tedtomato March 12, 2013

    Yeah whatta bunch of shit talking jackoffs! Your whole organization is based on a bunch of ifs. If we wouldve won a superbowl..for a franchise that hasnt won shit they sure are a bunch of ignorant pricks! Go jerk off to your picture of the mullet roping a goat. Purple puke..its a Packers website!

  19. Vikings March 12, 2013

    Yeah, so seeing as the Vikings have the best running back in the nfl, we like to utilize him. If you look at all the stats you’ll see that the Vikings run the ball more often then they pass. So before you pull all those stats about ponder out, do some research on the entire offense of the Vikings. Dumb ass….

  20. justin March 12, 2013

    Ponder also dealt with the number one ranked team in dropped passes. Why pass when ap tears your bugglegum rapper defence anyway. Grow up packers. Your time is at an end.

  21. Vikes March 12, 2013

    First of all Christian ponder is no Aaron Rodgers and yes his numbers seem puny when compared to other prolific type passers in the game but…how could you expect a run first old school team built on defense and field position to have a qb with drew Brees numbers? You can’t! And oh yeah there’s a guy over by the name of Adrian Peterson who just happened to have put up quarterback numbers kiddo! Look at the stats that matter! When it came to clutch he led multiple game winning and or tying drives this season and not to mention took a 3-13 team from te year before and brought them to the playoffs! Hmmm seeing as how Rodgers didn’t even start until his 3rd year was it? Lets see how ponder compares after that and with maybe a few weapons in the outside to throw to! Vikes should be much improved this coming season and yea that’s without Percy harvin! We have two first round picks a bunch of cap space and a solid core to make many runs for the next few years! Jennings should wanna come to mn and if he doesn’t its because of his loyalty to Green Bay and nothing else!

  22. Caleb March 13, 2013

    Lol silly Vikings fans. What dont you guys get? You suck. Youl always sucks. U stupid fags cant even win a championship. You kno what that means? EVERY MEMORY U VIKES FANS HAVE OF YOR SHITTY ASS TEAM IS ALL FOR NOTHING. That’s right. Nothing. Ever moment uve ever even enjoyed involving you worthless team was Fr nothing. Ponder will never be a franchise QB. Peterson will end his career ringless and unsatisfied as every player uve ever had has. So us Pack fans will continue to watch the greates QB to ever play the game rack up rings n playoff berths. Have fun being a Viking fan, just kidding I kno its awful. N if you didn’t kno, it is awful to be a vike fan I cant imagine watching the Pack be irrelevant nothings forever

  23. Caleb March 13, 2013

    Can’t wait to sweep your shitty ass team next year no way in hell Peterson comes close to that production. Your window is closing when it hasn’t even been open lol have fun never seeing your team win a championship