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Surprise! Steven Jackson Signs with Not the Packers

Steven Jackson

Hopes and dreams for a splashy offseason free agent signing? Shit all over! The Green Bay Packers lost out on running back Steven Jackson to the Atlanta Falcons, despite numerous reports they were close to a deal.

In fact, Adam Schefter, who first reported Jackson’s deal with the Falcons, erroneously reported Jackson had a deal with the Packers yesterday. Obviously the Packers were close, but just like a Mike McCarthy playoff run, this situation turned into an abortion at the end.

This is typical of the Packers in free agency under Ted Thompson, at least when they actually decide to participate. The Packers make overtures to guys, dick around for a while and then watch as they sign with another team.

The Falcons gave Jackson a three-year deal worth $12 million with $4 million guaranteed. The Packers were also working on a three-year deal with him. We also know that at one time, the basics of that deal were worked out and only the details remained.

So what happened?

Well, either Jackson used the Packers for leverage on the Falcons, the Falcons became more interested as free agency wore on and Jackson remained unsigned or the Packers just plain fucked it up.

Whichever way it went down, fuck Steven Jackson and fuck the Packers.

Alright, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at this without emotion. Was signing Jackson imperative for Green Bay?

No. The guy is about to be 30 and his production is going to drop. It’s doubtful he would have been on the team for the duration of that mythical three-year deal the Packers were offering.

How many good 33-year-old running backs can you name? Marcus Allen? Who else?

That means the Packers would be looking for another back in a couple years anyway and they may have ended up with some dead money on their salary cap.

In fact, we bet that’s what this is about — bonus money. The Falcons probably ponied up more bonus money than the Packers would. So when they cut Jackson next year or the year after, they’ll get to eat that money.

Let’s move on, hand the ball to DuJuan Harris and call it a day.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. TyKoSteamboat March 14, 2013

    A bit of a disappintment here…
    We coulda used this guy :/

  2. Sean March 14, 2013

    We must continue to believe in our front office staff. Ted has won us a SuperBowl, he knows what he is doing

    1. Chuck Cecil's Rage March 14, 2013

      And you don’t think there was just a little bit of luck in that whole superbowl win? We barely even made the playoffs that year..not exactly a model to build a team around. How many playoff wins since? One – And that was against Joe Webb.

      1. Iltarion March 14, 2013

        yeah, except the Packers went 15-1 the next season, including 19 straight wins.

        That is NOT luck.

        1. Chuck Cecil's Rage March 14, 2013

          And how did that season end up, smart ass? Go back to posting stuff about N-Sync or whatever you were posting in the past..

          1. Shawn March 14, 2013

            Except that was YOU, posting that.

          2. Packer Bob March 14, 2013

            “And how did that season end up, smart ass?”

            So, the solution is to panic and sign every big name free agent and let guys like Rodgers and Matthews walk because we can’t afford to pay them next year. Fuckin brilliant, dude. Glad you’re not running the front office.

      2. Rodgers March 14, 2013

        Look douchebag, Ted Thompson is playing a straight numbers game. No NFL team can or will ever be unbeatable. Do you know what that means?

        That means that if the packers were to play the 49ers 10 times over, odds are we win 3-4 of those games.

        Thompson’s strategy of putting out a great team year in and year out is the way to go because odds of the ultimate goal are much MUCH greater with multiple chances.

        Did the packers get lucky in ’10? Fuck yes they did, as does pretty much every team to ever win the super bowl. Look at Baltimore last year…so many things have to fall perfectly into place and most of you are treating the situation as if there is a magical answer, when there is and never will be one.

        In Ted Thompson i mothah fucking trust, but that’s just my opinion.

        1. Iltarion March 14, 2013

          YOU, sir, are a prophet and a poet.

      3. Packer Bob March 14, 2013

        There’s a little bit of luck in EVERY superbowl win. The Giants barely made the playoffs both times they won the Superbowl in the last five years. They didn’t even make the playoffs last year.

        So what’s you’re fucking point?

      4. TyKoSteamboat March 14, 2013

        + 1 to Iltarion & Packer Bob… I would have liked to have seen us get this guy, it would have made more sense than Chris Canty, but our way is the rite one. Don’t panic & shell-out $ to free agents.

        We’ll be happier later we saved our cash

        Stay the course… GPG

  3. Tucson Packer March 14, 2013

    Hopefully Harris doesn’t go down with anything and turns in the production. Alex Green needs to turn it on as well.

    Really though, Fuck the Falcons. Not just for the Jackson thing, just all around Fuck ’em.

  4. jeff March 14, 2013

    Draft Montee Ball?

    1. Packer Bob March 14, 2013

      I doubt it. While he looked great in the Big 10 most scouts don’t think he’ll be nearly as successful in the NFL. But that’s just what I heard from Bob McGinn.

      On the other hand, the Packers passed on both David Wilson and Doug Martin last year.

  5. Packer Bob March 14, 2013

    I got my hopes up when talks started. It even sounded like they were working out the details last night. But honestly, is anyone really surprised? Thompson won’t overpay for players. He prefers to resign his own. That’s why guys like Rodgers and Matthews will be Packers for life.

    It’s not a win now mentality in Green Bay. It’s a win for the next decade mentality. We all know it’s really about getting into the playoffs and getting hot at the right time. Just ask the last year’s per-ordained Superbowl champion Denver Broncos.

  6. Jarlaxal March 14, 2013

    Need more guys capable of run blocking if we want to “establish the run”.

    Fuck em and feed em beans.

  7. Packer Bob March 14, 2013

    Reported on JSOnline.com:

    “First reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Jackson had talks with the Packers, but the perception of some people close to the situation was that Jackson’s agent, Eugene Parker, was trying to leverage the Falcons with an offer from the Packers.”

    Fuck agents.

  8. Wait a minute… do they know something we don’t?

  9. Iltarion March 14, 2013

    It could have been Jackson’s agent feeding Schefter with BS from the get go.

    I would have welcomed Jackson, but I remain excited to see DuJuan Harris with a full training camp and then a full opportunity to show us what he can do. He has speed, he has power, and he’s shown some ability to catch the ball.

    If a RB is the best player available at 26, then fine. Otherwise, give Harris a chance.

    If you want to spend money, spend it elsewhere.

    1. Packer Bob March 14, 2013

      Exactly, with Jackson you get a hit against the cap and a guy that can produce for one, maybe two years. With Jackson you get a young guy with lots of potential and the ability to sign another RB in the draft.

  10. packnutt March 14, 2013

    Fuck you Monty for saying fuck the Packers.

    In TT I Trust.

  11. GrnMachineCrushesQueens March 14, 2013

    #26 is the best player available IN OUR BACKFIELD…

  12. Doug March 14, 2013

    Ok. Why don’t we pick up Turner?

    1. the real russ letlow March 14, 2013

      had a bad year in ’12, word is he is going downhill fast………….

  13. Buster Bluth March 14, 2013

    No big loss here. Jackson prolly has one good year left any whey.

    The big news is Ted “big tease” Thompson has done it once again. Like the Celtics of the 60’s he cannot be denied.

    This just sets up the Packers taking a RB in the 1st two rounds, which is the way he prefers its. Tease me Ted…oh you know it.

  14. GBslacker March 14, 2013

    Sitton is relieved.

    I mean if you’re going to have somebody run into your kidneys, at least make it somebody smaller.

    1. TyKoSteamboat March 14, 2013


  15. GB West March 14, 2013

    I was really hoping Jackson would land in GB for a decent price. I’m tired of being embarrassed by our running game and I’m sick of watching teams tee off on Rodgers cuz they know they can ignore our pathetic f’n running game. Harris better step up or I’m gonna start questioning pope TT.

    1. Iltarion March 14, 2013

      That is fair, but I think the Harris/Green/Starks triumvirate may surprise you.

  16. Mike March 14, 2013

    PackerBob is a geek. And I think you meant to say its what you “read” from McGinn.

  17. JimTalkBox March 14, 2013

    Pretty disappointing to see Jackson end up elsewhere. I would have gambled on a “MAYBE” over-aged Jackson vs. TT’s track record of drafting Running Backs.

  18. Vijay March 14, 2013

    The lack of Free Agency movement to me signals a clear priority to rebuild the team for another run and not try to compete for NFL Conference or World Champs. The idiots on here who don’t question Ted are just that idiots. You have to over pay a bit to get the quality vets to come up here and play for Green Bay. I don’t think that Jackson contract was out of line at all–a major bargain in fact for a legit threat now in the ATL backfield. It’s funny, everyone was “on board” with the potential move and saw that he would have meant a lot to our offensive game plan and now that he’s not part of our picture, we’re back to the stupid, inept Trust in TED mantra.

    This is a joke. You are wasting away Rodgers best years (now) by not signing a key Free Agent or two. Great players don’t grow on trees…sometimes you have to sacrifice a little in one area to get better in the other. We are so deficient in terms of running the football that I’ve lost all hope for this upcoming season. We don’t even sign a blocker to improve our depth or help to protect the franchise? WTF…How about a pass rusher or D Lineman, how about an impact Safety to help groom our young decent depth at that position?? NO NO NO

    Who cares who we draft in April. If you’ve got a lot of Rookies trying to make an impact, with Ted’s draft history, you’re fucked. I predict we won’t even take the division this year and I’m glad if we don’t. I want that cheap ass hat excuse of a GM OUT if he does nothing but rely on the draft this year to improve! OUT I TELL YOU!

    I’d so much rather have Trent Baalke, John Dorsey, John Schneider, Thomas Dimitrov, Jerry Reece, Ozzie Newsome or fuck Bill Belicheck over Ted Thompson.

  19. Iltarion March 14, 2013

    It never fails to amaze me that there STILL are morons who think championships are won in March.

    Nearly every GM in the NFL now believes in draft-and-develop, including virtually all those you just mentioned. In fact, Ozzie Newsome and Bill Belicheck are two of the reasons WHY most GMs now believe in it.

    Just ask the Raiders, Cowboys and Redskins about how far free agency gets you. Ask the Dream Team.

    The only thing guaranteed that comes with free agency is that players get overpaid. Period.

    The Packers have very little money to spend in free agency exactly because TT has drafted so well that we have to save our money to resign our own guys.

    But right, we should let Clay Matthews go so that we could participate in free agency. Good call.

    1. PackAttack March 14, 2013

      Iltarion you just don’t get it. You see everything in black and white, it’s either your way of thinking or somebody else is wrong.

      There’s nothing wrong with free agency and for every example you list on why it doesn’t work there’s a counter argument for why it does. Reggie White, Charles Woodson, Ryan Pickett, Frank Winters, Desmond Howard, Bruce Wilkerson to name a few. But how many free agents has Thompson passed over that have had success elsewhere? There’s always a risk associated with free agency just like there is in the draft and not all of Thompson’s drafts have been productive.

      Signing Jackson would have been huge for this organization and fan base. Just for the meager fact that defenses wouldn’t be able to play their safeties 25 yards deep anymore, with Jackson in the fold defenses would have had to at least put another man in the box — maybe two. It would have changed the dynamics of how teams play Green Bay all together. Instead you seem to think an undrafted FA who’s been released twice is the answer to GB’s running game? And why do you think he had success late last season? Maybe it had something to do with those safeties playing 30 yards deep and nobody giving two shits about DuJuan Harris.

      I would guess your next proposal is to let Jennings walk over to the Vikings and let Rodgers run with Harris, Jones, Finley and Cobb as the top playmakers in the league? That looks great on paper unless your sub-par defense is going up against offenses like Atlanta, Seattle and San Francisco to name a few — and just to enlighten you on something — all of those teams are much better than Green Bay is right now. Established running game, good O-line, strong QB play and they all have at least 3 good WR’s.

      But yeah, your right — let’s waste Rodgers best years by handing him DuJuan Harris and rookies while we keep building through the draft — just like last year.

      But unlike last year Green Bay isn’t as good of a team. You can’t address every problem through the draft, you need to do something via free agency once in awhile (Woodson, Pickett) otherwise enjoy watching early 1st round exits and losses to the Faggot ass Vikings who clearly have a propensity to take our players as much as possible.

      Don’t sign Jackson — fine. Then sign someone to help the defense, re-sign Jennings, re-sign Rodgers to an extension or Matthews, draft a RB, trade for someone — but fucking do something instead of nothing. Thompson, up until this point, has done absolutely nothing this off-season to address any issue.

  20. john March 15, 2013

    Pack Attack, there are exceptions where it pays to enter free agency but, they are rare.

    Build through th edraft and keep your good players where possible

  21. rebelgb March 15, 2013

    While im disappointed, I dont think this is a game changer. QUICK: Vijay or PackAttack name the last big free agent signing that made a dramatic difference to his team? Tic Toc Tic Toc…..BAAAAAAHHHHH! Time up! You cant.

    As Iterian said, ask Dallas, Philly and Washington about spending lavishly in Free Agency.

    I love Steven and wish he was a Pack. The truth is he may have never even been interested, yet we are blaming TT.

    Something else that a few of you drip shits are forgetting (are you listening VAGay?), the Packers are a public entity with limited funds. The Packers are the only team with a public savings account actually “tagged” for future transactions. There is no owner with endless credit and capital. Our front office must ALWAYS consider the future. Even if its 2020. Otherwise one day, when the cost of free agents is sooooo high (look at the Signing bonus of Fucco) they will be broke and may as well move to LA.

    If you dont think this is possible you are delusional.

    Look for Ted to move up and snab a RB in the draft this year.

  22. icebowl March 15, 2013

    Option 2 : Sign Beanie Wells.

  23. icebowl March 15, 2013

    Ahmad Bradshaw
    “Coming off a foot injury, but has been cleared to begin visiting teams. Released by the Giants in early February, but if he comes back healthy, he could be a major bargain and a key cog in somebody’s offense. Finished sixth in Football Outsiders’ cumulative efficiency metrics in 2012, and fifth in per-play. A complete back who can run, catch, and block. Probably a rotational guy as opposed to an every-down bell cow due to injury history, but he’ll be paid like a rotational player and could easily exceed expectations in the right system.”

  24. Iltarion March 15, 2013

    I never said that you should NEVER participate in free agency. If you have the money to spend- ie. the Dolphins, Colts and Seahawks- then why not?

    That is more my yearly rant against the VJ’s of the world that still bitch and whine every offseason because TT doesn’t go crazy in free agency.

    Most of us know that our money is already ticketed to 3 free agents- Rodgers, Matthews, and Raji.

    DuJuan Harris could be a #1 draft pick or an undrafted free agent. That all means exactly SHIT at this point. Donald Driver was a 7th round draft pick. Troy Williamson was a 1st. Yeah, that means a lot.

    I find it comical that a guy who spent the entire season complaining that we RUN TOO MUCH is going to bitch about TT not picking up a RB in free agency. Good stuff.

    I also find it comical how the Conference Championship and Super Bowl are now the benchmarks for failure. Yes, we should all just assume the playoffs every season because, you know, as Packer fans we are ENTITLED to it.

    1. Phatgzus March 15, 2013

      Amen!Hallelujah!PraisetheLord!Speak the truth brothaman.

  25. Rocket Scientist March 15, 2013

    SJ not signing with GB is hardly worrying… However, the reason(s) why he is not signing should be worrying.

    A-Rodgers has been the MOST sacked last season. Simply put… not even AP could run the ball effectively behind the OL we have and the scheme MM runs with the OL. This has been an issue since this offensive philosophy since MM has put it in place – ZONE-BLOCKING. They have done a horrible job at getting the correct OL to run this scheme. FIGURE IT OUT FFS ALREADY!

    Till this problem is fixed… it doesn’t matter who is running the ball!