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Greg Jennings Lambeau Leap

Greg Jennings isn’t the first receiver to leave the Green Bay Packers and he won’t be the last. There have been plenty of guys who’s moved on for one reason or another.

Jennings is a little different though. He was the Packers No. 1 receiver. That is, at least until he started spending more time in street clothes on the sideline than he did in his uniform on the field.

This is by no means an unprecedented situation, though. Here’s a look at the Packers No. 1 receivers who went on to play for another team.

And no, Walter Stanley or Phillip Epps do not qualify as a No. 1 receivers in anyone’s mind, except for maybe Forrest Gregg’s.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Iltarion March 23, 2013

    Free made one of the best catches in franchise history in OT against the Vikings. I was there.

    He was a great zone receiver but wasn’t great at beating guys man-to-man.

    Nice insertion of the race card, but your star WR, and really the best player on your team, being accused of raping a woman in a stairwell after bar time is a pretty big deal in no matter what city you are in.

    Fortunately for him, she was drunk and it was the 80s. If it was 2013, he’d have been effed for sure. Either way, James wasn’t a 22 year old fresh out of college. He was an 8 year vet and shouldn’t have effin been there in the first place. Adios.

    Plus, the Packers had the “next James Lofton,” Frankie Neal, shortly after that anyway.

  2. DD March 23, 2013

    Antonio Freeman wasn’t even really a No. 1 receiver anymore when he left. In his last three seasons Bill Schroeder caught more passes, had more yards, and caught almost as many TDs.

  3. Me March 23, 2013

    Since you wanna discuss all the innocent black people getting fucked over by horrible whitey, lets have a discussion about the 17 year old that shot a 13 month old in the face in georgia the other day, keep ur fucking bullshit politics out of the conversations please

  4. Me March 23, 2013

    And that by no means is based on racism, im just sick of hearing that every decision is based on race
    How bout next time take into account that green bay tries to uphold the image of a clean cut organization

  5. geopack March 25, 2013

    My favorite story is how Javon Walker ended up beaten and left dazed on a curb in Vegas. Though his anger with the Packers started his downward spiral, I was surprised at how low he fell. What a fuckup.

    1. Iltarion March 25, 2013

      Yeah, obviously a drug deal gone wrong. Javon skated by miraculously on that one.

  6. rebelgb March 26, 2013

    Iltarion if I remember correctly Javon was you man. You loved that asshole.

    You also liked Freeman, even though that guy sucked balls and took us, and Philly for money he should have never seen.

    You are now doing the same with your savior JJ. I cant wait to hear your excuses in 2 years when that has been shows his true colors as well…..