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Packers Have Finally Tendered Their Restricted Free Agents

Sam Shields

The Green Bay Packers pretty much waited until the last possible minute, but they’ve started to tender their restricted free agents. Center Evan Dietrich-Smith received the low tender and cornerback Sam Shields received the second-round tender.

According to the Journal Sentinel, the Packers won’t tender tight end Tom Crabtree and linebackers Robert Francois and Frank Zombo. All three will become unrestricted free agents.

The Packers took a risk by tendering Dietrich-Smith at the lowest level. They saved money ($1.323 million for the low tender versus $2.023 million for the second-round tender), but took a chance they could lose Dietrich-Smith, who’s already been penciled in as their starting center. Although they have the right to match any offer Dietrich-Smith receives, the Packers would get no compensation if he signs elsewhere. The low tender supplies compensation in the form a draft pick in the round the player was originally drafted if he signs elsewhere, but Dietrich-Smith was undrafted, so the Packers would get nothing.

Shields, on the other hand, is a little more in line with what we predicted. The Packers will be forced to pay him $2.023 million on a one-year deal (if they don’t reach a long-term agreement), but they would get a second-round pick if he signs elsewhere. That level of compensation makes it unlikely there will be many suitors for Shields.

As for Zombo, Francois and Crabtree, the team is expected to try to re-sign them at league minimum deals.

If anything, this just goes to prove our theory of the NFL’s haves and have nots. A few big-time players make huge money and everyone else gets jack shit.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Stephen March 12, 2013

    Is anyone else a little pissed with Thompson? Why would he even risk these guys being poached by other teams? Shields is clearly important to the defense. Not to mention, his tackling has improved. With Tramon Williams on the decline (Woodson gone although largely ineffective anyways) the defense is in a state of flux right now.

    Also, Thompson has no qualms apparently with letting their only good center potentially getting grabbed by another team. Did we forget that nearly every player that fell off the packers practice squad last year was snatched up by other teams? To top it off, offering such low tenders was totally unnecessary with 20 million dollars in cap space.

    1. packnutt March 12, 2013

      Rodgers and Matthews alone will eat up the cap space. TT knows what he’s doing. You on the other hand do not.

      1. Dave March 12, 2013

        ^^ leave it to TT

  2. TyKoSteamboat March 12, 2013

    In Teddy T we trust

  3. Iltarion March 12, 2013

    I have to say I am a little surprised by these tenders.

    This appears to be penny-pinching to the extreme.

    Sam Shields is clearly worth a 2nd round pick. If I were a team with some cap space and needing a CB who can cover, I’d offer a 2nd round pick in a heartbeat.

    The 1st round tender is a whole $800,000 more than the 2nd. Why take the risk over $800,000?

    Are the Packers really thinking they are gonna get away with paying Shields less than $3 mil a year? Tramon makes $7 mil right now.

    I am also surprised there is no right of refusal offer to Crabtree. That is like a slap in the face to a guy who has made a bunch of big plays for the Packers.

    Obviously, TT is more aware of these guys’ value on the open market than I am. So, it appears that I am over-valuing these guys. Either that or the Packers are simply saving all the money they can.