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Packers Have Decided to Overpay Jermichael Finley

Jermichael Finley gets his groove back

In the end, the Green Bay Packers employed the same strategy with tight end Jermichael Finley and his inflated contract they have with everyone else this offseason.

You see, if stuff your head real far up your ass, you can’t see or hear anything, which means nothing bad will ever happen.

So, despite all the talk that the Packers might renegotiate Finley’s deal, ask him to take a pay cut or even release him, they did what the Packers do best in the offseason — absolutely nothing.

Finley’s going to get his $3 million roster bonus tomorrow and his full $8.25 million this season. Big Fin let us all know how ecstatic he was on Twitter so then we could be ecstatic too.

And ecstatic we are!

Hell, Ted Thompson signed Finley to this idiotic deal just last offseason, the Packers may as well pay it. Sure, Finley didn’t come close to earning it, but that’s not his fault. It’s the Packers fault for believing Finley would earn it.

It’s also the Packers fault for not doing anything to replace Finley’s mediocre production. So, now they get to pay $8 million to a guy who’s probably worth $4 million (by NFL standards of course, certainly not by ours).

And it’s their own goddam fault.

To put Finley’s deal in perspective, he ranks fourth among NFL tight ends in average salary. Here’s where he ranks among tight ends in actual production.

Catches: 9th
Yards: 12th
Touchdowns: 34th

So, you know, totally worth one of the highest salaries at his position!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. calipackfan March 25, 2013

    Maybe this is the year of the take over since Jennings left.

    1. Phatgzus March 25, 2013

      Maybe this is the the year the Cubs win the World Series.

      1. #GetItRightRoger March 26, 2013

        Good thing we’re not from chicago and therefore give 0 fucks.

        1. Phatgzus March 26, 2013

          Kind of missed the point there guy.

  2. packers5 March 25, 2013

    If T.T. likes a player he will overpay and keep him Example A.J. HAWK no matter what their stats are.

    1. therealChuckywasCecil March 25, 2013

      T.T. resigned Hawk for a pay cut.

  3. cd4packers March 25, 2013

    What can you do about it? Bitch and complain I guess. Yah, Finley sucked for a good part of the season last year…dropping balls at the most inopportune times its seemed like. Well, he is back and he is getting paid a crap load of cash to be the TE that the Packers need. All we can do is wait and see if he suddenly turns into the amazing player we have heard he was meant to be. If he has any pride and love for the game at all, and i believe he does, we will see a different Jermike next season….one with confidence and tenacity…instead of the butter fingered yap flapper we have come to know as our TE. lol

  4. Buster Bluth March 25, 2013

    McCarthy gets all the credit ( read blame ) for this one. He never passes up an opportunity to gush about JerMike. Which makes absolutely no sense.

  5. Nick March 25, 2013

    According to Pro Football Focus, “Finley’s 2012 performance was worth just $1 million, a full $4.2 million less than his salary-cap hit.”

    I would be ecstatic too, when I knew I was getting away with theft, especially since only two tight ends in the NFL had more drops than me. And I played that shitty while catching passes from the best QB in the league, who by the way I decided to publicly criticize.

    But he is excellent at celebrating like we all just didn’t watch him drop 3 passes earlier in the game–you have to give him that.

  6. E. Wolf March 25, 2013

    I really wish The Polar Bear cut his sorry his ass and kept Crabtree.

  7. MrBoombastic March 25, 2013

    This guy is a Tomato Can

  8. Packer Bob March 25, 2013

    The Packers can’t win with you, Monty. They are damned if they do and they are damned if don’t. You epitomized the Monday Morning Quarterback.

    Sure, I can argue that teams still have to game plan for Finley. And losing Jennings and Finley would be a HUGE blow for this offense.

    But what’s the point?

    1. PackAttack March 25, 2013

      If you don’t like what Monty writes then why are you on here? Why even bother? Stick to something else guy, honestly get the hell outta here if you don’t like his writing. I think Monty is awesome and his attitude speaks for the behalf of all of us who are actually pist the fuck off about TT and his horseshit moves (or lack therefore).

      I mean can you seriously answer why your even bothering to visit this site if you don’t like what you read — you and all the other optimists who bend over the sink for TT and his 3 NFC North Titles in 9 years and 1 Super Bowl appearance — holy shit let me clean off the soil from my pants after that cumshooting resume.

      Seriously dude — get the fuck outta here and take Iltarion with you.

      1. Vijay March 26, 2013

        Thank you…thank you very much.

      2. Iltarion March 26, 2013

        Like anyone is going to listen to your dumb ass.

        If this were Survivor island, you’d be the first person voted off.

        That’s one Super Bowl WIN, not appearance. The same number as Ron Wolf, by the way. Oh, and the NFL’s best winning percentage since 2009.

  9. Snarff1 March 25, 2013

    I think the Packers kept him because after this year he is a free agent and he has to put the numbers and his game together to get payed. T.T. knows this and is willing to roll the dice.

  10. Iltarion March 25, 2013

    Yeah, HUGE fact missed by Monty here, you don’t pay a guy for PAST performance. You pay a guy for FUTURE performance.

    So, we won’t know until the end of the season if we had overpaid for YOTTO or not.

    Is YOTTO more talented than most the TEs with better stats? Yes. So, the potential is certainly there that he will have a top 5 season in 2013.

    Hey, here’s some good news, the Packers just signed an italian kicker who played for CAL- Giorgio Tavecchio. How awesome is THAT?

    1. PackAttack March 25, 2013

      Well Monty is right — Finley is a complete piece of shit, he can’t fucking catch, he’s a clubhouse cancer and even if he does have a “breakout” season worth the $8.5 mil TT is overpaying him, the franchise still ain’t re-signing him long term regardless.

      Finely is absolute trash. He ripped his QB all year, complained about not getting enough touches and then when he saw targets and subsequently dropped them he blamed them on a “lack of chemistry with his non-leader QB”. Yeah, that’s worth the $8.5 in itself.

      You of all people should realize Ilitarion that people don’t change and Finley won’t either. He’s going to drop a shit ton of passes again in 2013, but of course he’ll put some decent numbers because he’s 6’5 and has the best QB in the league throwing to him. Truth is, Finley is no different than Jennings in that you can easily replace him and his half-ass production through the draft or with anyone healthy (which I will say is difficult considering that 60% of this roster is always hurt).

      But the bigger question again is why do you bother wasting your time replying to Monty if you don’t like what he writes or says???

      1. E. Wolf March 26, 2013

        Plus One.

  11. Vijay March 26, 2013

    Jermichael Decorean Finley is an American football tight end for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League. He’s also the secret love of said football team and all of it’s top brass. I’ve heard of over paying for past production…but we’re still waiting….and waiting….guess this is the year!!! #fingerscrossed

    Man, oh man, could I build you fine fans a perennial winning, Championship caliber team if given the chance. They should hold a lottery where the winner gets to be GM for a season. I’d buy plenty of tickets for that at this point.

    Hey, at least Doug Melvin from the Brewers has the stones to pay for actual performance guys and take chances in Free Agency. Hey Doug, can you take on two teams? Pretty please?!

  12. ballz March 26, 2013

    Finley isn’t a high character guy, so he should go. We should have cut him and saved crabtree for way less $. Fine. BUT everyone needs to quit hating on TT for not making glamorous moves in the off season… he had the foresight to draft rodgers, when we already had favre at the peak of his career AND our team was deep enough to win a superbowl despite injuries because of Ted. He also knew exactly when to cut ties with Favre (before sext-gate) and Rodgers has played for pennies for the last few years but nobody compliments ted for that. Do you want to build a “dream team” like philly? NO… because that’s not how we roll in GB. We draft and develop so that our team always has a future beyond the present season. Respectable teams in the league are run that way. examples: Steelers, 49ers, Pack, — still… I agree with montey 100% about finley, he’s a drama queen who plays average ball.

  13. RelampagoBlanco March 26, 2013

    It’s okay guys, PackAttack came just in time to settle the dispute by completely disregarding anyone else’s opinion on a public forum. Great work deputy PackAttack, great work.

  14. ay hombre March 26, 2013

    PackAttack you need your own blog. You have sermon-itis. You’d make a good priest.

  15. ay hombre March 26, 2013

    And Vijay….poster child for delusions of grandeur.

  16. Savage57 March 26, 2013

    Everybody who is all about FinMe staying with the Packers at his fucking ridiculous salary – please educate yourselves and stop buying into the media hype about this prick. If his pay was based on his career numbers, this fuck would be lucky to make seven figures. How long can you pay a guy for promise and potential when he has none. It’s like the beautiful babe that keeps stringing you along but never delivers the pussy.

    Everybody who is worried that the Packers look like the fucking Raiders with this move, right on.

    Motherfucker can’t catch, block or break a tackle to save his life, but he damn sure has to know hypnosis. No other reason to explain why he’s still around, let alone getting paid like an actual NFL tight end.

    Fuck – more money down the shitter. I wonder if FinMe, Hawk and Tramon have a bet to see who can fuck the Packers out of the most money.

  17. thenewpope March 26, 2013

    Where is Bubba Franks when you need him?

  18. rebelgb March 26, 2013

    Another disturbing example of an organization that is suddenly OK with bad locker room players. For 2 years we have heard from top Packer Players (see Aaron Rodgers) about how this team has lacked chemistry and that special hunger needed to be elite again.

    Yet MM and TT feel its ok to keep assholes like Finley on the team because he is so “talented”. Funny cuss the guy is fucking sub par as a football player, and fucking terrible as a teammate.

    Looks like another year of “this team just isnt reaching its potential.”