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Jenn Sterger Wants to Be a WWE Diva

Here’s a blast from the past, but we know you remember this broad — Jenn Sterger of the “Hey, I’m Brett Favre, here are some photos of my penis, now let’s screw,” fame. After all that was said and done, Sterger went on to do… well, something. And now she’s trying to become a WWE Diva.

We always knew she would parlay that dick-text-receiving fame into some kind of marginal showbiz career that only meatheads who live with their parents care about. Well, or at least try to.

Sterger isn’t actually a WWE Diva, but she did go through the wrestling circuit’s training program. Yes, they have a training program on how to be a Diva. There were a couple tweets last week of Sterger learning how to diva, which presumably involves being able to walk in platform heels while carrying a folding chair and not fall over as your enormous fake tits are bulging out of your too-small dress.

So here’s a photo of current Diva Eva Marie Torres hanging out with the gang.

And then here’s Sterger with another chick who was in the training program.

So, to answer your question, no. We have no idea if Sterger will be strutting around a wrestling ring, but we’ll definitely stay all over this story.

Miss Elizabeth, she is not. But then, who is?

(Via LBS)


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  1. Tucson Packer March 22, 2013

    WWE is on the SyFi channel, that should explain that “sport”
    Still I respect Jenn more than Bertty, she didn’t go through and actually have an affair with a married man whose wife was none the less also a breast cancer survivor.

  2. MadCity Packer Fan March 23, 2013

    It’s also on USA and it’s just a entertainment. A soap with a fake wrestling theme.