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Hey Everyone, Colt McCoy is Available Again!

Colt McCoy

The Cleveland Browns would like you to know this. Quarterback Colt McCoy can be yours for the super-low price of a late-round draft pick! Or, you can just wait until they release him.

One of the two is about to happen now that the Browns have signed veteran Jason Campbell. That retread is expected to compete with Brandon Weeden — a first-round pick last season by our man The Walrus — for the Browns starting job. That is, until the Browns find someone better in the draft.

The main thing is this, though. McCoy won’t be on the Browns much longer, which means he’ll be on the Green Bay Packers pretty soon. Trader Ted & Co. thought about trading for McCoy last offseason. Ultimately, they were probably just waiting around until he got released, but that never happened.

Now, the Packers can wait around until McCoy gets released because no one is giving up any sort of draft pick for him. And anyway, guess what? The Packers quarterback situation is still pretty much the same as it was when they were looking at McCoy last season.

Graham Harrell remains the backup that inspires no confidence and the erratic B.J. Coleman is stashed on the practice squad.

Frankly, we have no idea why the Packers were interested in McCoy before. They fancy themselves a vertical passing team and McCoy’s biggest weakness is throwing deep. We’re not sure how those two things fit together.

Nonetheless, we’re recommending that you save your money for that No. 10 McCoy Packers jersey. This is going to be the Packers blockbuster free agent signing of 2013! Get excited!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Sean March 27, 2013

    Hey! Tommy Kelly is now available! I think he would be great on the Packers…

    Looking forward to being disappointed when the Ravens sign him to a really cheap deal.

  2. Jon Mallaber March 27, 2013

    Yes, let’s overpay for Tommy Kelly so that we have to cut one of our good players in order to sign Matthews, Rodgers, and Raji. Good thinking Sean. Why don’t you read up on how the salary cap works and leave the analysis to us big boys.

    1. Sean March 27, 2013

      Overpay? Where did I say overpay? Did you see the contract amounts the Ravens paid for Canty, Huff, etc? Not going to break anybody’s cap. Also, notice how the Ravens have the game’s highest paid QB and yet they can sign players like Dumervil.

      I’m saying the Packers have a big need on the DL with Worthy likely out for a big part of the season if he plays at all. Kelly actually has some length compared to what the Pack has now. I’m betting he is also in the category of win Superbowl now vs. big contract.

      1. Sean March 27, 2013

        Besides the point of my post was a joke because the Packers aren’t going to sign anybody…

        1. Jon Mallaber March 27, 2013

          The money that is currently available ito spend in free agency is a mirage. This money will all be spent on this years draft picks and rodgers, matthews, and raja’s extensions. Signing average players that their former teams’ don’t want only forces the packers to let other current players go, or not allow them to sign other upcoming extensions for players like bulaga, burnett, shields, and starks (sorry, I’m a buffalo grad so i had to throw starks in there). And outside of pickett and williams, just about everyone on the defense is in the league 4 years of less. Stop being the 16 year old in the mall and realize that Ted Thompson is the best in the business.

          1. Shawn March 27, 2013

            I like where your head is at. Keep up the good work.

          2. Vijay March 28, 2013

            Ted Thompson is a very good GM but definitely not the best in the business. That’s an insult to all the teams who have won more titles with QBs no one considers better than Rodgers–that speaks to other GMs being more talented “team builders”. Ted is lucky to have Aaron, just like our WR corps, he makes Ted look better than he or they really are.

            What I do like about Ted is that he doesn’t spend foolishly on high priced Free Agents-however, when it clear when need some help with quality players in tier 2, he doesn’t get them either (Pollard, Jackson, etc). He’s pretty skilled at drafting at certain positions when it comes to finding good value (again, the WR/ Corners come to mind). He is less than good at signing his own players to contracts that equate to their performance (which means he over pays guys like Hawk, Finley and underpays his stars like Aaron and Clay). I think he’s much better at talent evaluation than he is at negotiating contracts (he’s not a polished salesman type). He is very pedestrian at drafting linemen on either side of the ball (run teams dominate our ass) and he can’t pick out a stud RB to save his life-how many years does that take??? (probably devalues that position too much). There’s more positives and negatives but I’m bored with this assertion that he’s the best in the business. If he gets us more titles under Rodgers, I will retract everything…but I’m not going to bet my house on it.

          3. Phatgzus March 29, 2013

            “Ted is lucky to have Aaron, just like our WR corps, he makes Ted look better than he or they really are.”

            Oh really? Who was it that drafted Mr. Rodgers? Aaron is also ‘lucky’ to have Ted, he could be playing for Oakland, or Tennessee, or Kansas City right now.

            No Ted is intelligent, skilled and has common sense, that is why he has Aaron Rodgers, luck has nothing to do with it.

  3. Packerfan2008 March 27, 2013

    Yeah Jon! Pay attention!

  4. Iltarion March 27, 2013

    If you aren’t good enough for the Browns, then the new USFL or whatever the hell they are going to call it awaits.

    Harrell and Coleman forever.

  5. cd4packers March 27, 2013

    Never mind guys…i just read that Colt McCoy is staying with the Browns for now….way to jump the gun Monty….you got me all worried for nothing…lmao. sigh

  6. E. Wolf March 27, 2013

    Colt McCoy would be an improvement over our current backup. I think he could become a serviceable quarterback with the right coaching. It would be a mutually beneficial relationship.

  7. BD Swingin' March 27, 2013

    What’s wrong with Harrell? He must be good enough to be a #2 in this league of he wouldn’t be on the team.
    Stop bashing our team and support them like real fans do.

    1. Phatgzus March 29, 2013

      Thank you for the ray of common sense, apparently it’s an endangered species in today’s society.

  8. john March 28, 2013

    yeah, what’s with all the Packer slamming in here sheesh

  9. the real russ letlow March 28, 2013

    woo hoo!!!!!

  10. TyKoSteamboat March 28, 2013


    Let’s everyone just take a few deep breaths & relax.

  11. icebowl March 28, 2013

    Colt would look spiffy with a #4 jersey….

    1. the real russ letlow March 28, 2013

      agreed. him or the new camp leg kicker.

      1. What about Tebow or getting Vinny Testeverte out of retirement…all of these size up to the same thing…

  12. Jon Mallaber March 28, 2013

    Vijay, Ted was the one who evaluated Aaron Rodgers and drafted him in the first round when we already had a stud quarterback and 23 other teams passed. Ted is the one who found Jennings, Nelson, Cobb, and Jones in the second and third rounds. He is the one who traded back into the first round to take Matthews when 24 other teams passed. Ted is the one who found undrafted free agents Williams and Shields. I will let you make the argument that Ozzie Newsome and Jerry Reese are better, but if you think that we can do better than Ted Thompson you are dead wrong. This guy does nothing but produce good draft classes every year and seldom makes a contract. You may call Finley’s contract bad, but it is done after this year and he didn’t have to cut anyone of consequence to keep him on the roster, and don’t say Greg Jennings because he is not worth the contract that he signed.

    1. DevilDon March 28, 2013

      It’s funny because other GMs and talent evaluators around the league when interviewed gush about TTs abilities. How about him ripping “hoodie” a new one in the trade last year?
      He may not be the best, but he’s right in the mix.

      1. Phatgzus March 29, 2013

        You mean the trade that resulted in the drafting of Casey Hayward? Yeah that’s beginning to appear quite epic.