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Charles Woodson

When the Green Bay Packers released veteran defensive back Charles Woodson, we figured he’d have a new team in a few days. That didn’t happen. Then free agency opened and Woodson made only one visit — to the 49ers — in the first couple weeks of that shit show. Now it sounds like there’s pretty much nothing on the horizon for the 2009 defensive player of the year.

The 49ers decided to sign Craig Dahl to replace the departed Dashon Goldson, who joined the Bucs for some idiotic amount. Who the hell is Craig Dahl? Some dick who played for the Rams last season and posted these eye-popping totals: 78 tackles, one interception (and no sacks or forced fumbles).

Wednesday, the Houston Texans signed former Baltimore safety Ed Reed, so there goes another DB-needy team. Now what? Charlie doesn’t see much on the horizon other than waiting around.

“I thought it would be a little more interest,” Woodson said. “I think, looking back, this is my second time in free agency and I’ve kind of been shunned both times. So I guess this time around, I’m a little more patient with it and just waiting around to see what happens.

“I don’t take it personal. I understand how the game goes, I’ve seen it for 15 years now, and I’ve seen how it works. Just got to have a little patience.”

Woodson has indeed been through this before. The Packers were only able to sign him because almost every other team thought he was washed up after eight seasons in Oakland. In fact, Woodson didn’t want to come to small-town Green Bay and only did so because Tampa Bay, his only other suitor, wanted to move him to safety.

Somebody is going to sign this guy. When he got released, we predicted New England and we’re still putting them high on the list.

Baltimore seems like a more likely landing spot right now, though. Reed just left and they released their other starter from 2012, Bernard Pollard. The only problem is, Baltimore isn’t going anywhere near the Super Bowl this season after getting rid of half the guys that got them there in 2012 so they could overpay Little Joey Flacco. That was one of Woodson’s qualifications for a new team. At this point, he might just take the money, though.

If it really is about the Super Bowl, maybe Woodson would accept a lesser role and sign with Seattle. With all their recent moves, signing Woodson would make them the 2012 version of the Eagles dream team. And that worked out pretty well for everyone.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Buster Bluth March 21, 2013

    It would seem as though the pack will draft a SS this year and it could be a higher pick than some think.
    Defense might again be the main focus of this draft.

  2. Sean March 21, 2013

    I wonder if the Packers would bring him back at the right price? I assume he would have to be a backup.

    I don’t think Packers can do another draft totally focused on the D. Gotta build up some more depth on the OL. I gotta think they are going to draft DL or OL in the 1st (based on past comments by Ted about value).
    Personally, I think they are going to with go DT/DE. Ryan Picket isn’t going to be there forever. Raji might not sign. I doubt Worthy is going to contribute much if at all with his ACL surgery.

    1. Underpaid Contractor March 21, 2013

      Maybe to play nickel. He should go back to covering the slot receiver.

      I think he’d be a liability in base defense.

    2. Adam March 21, 2013

      They didn’t even test the waters about restructuring his contract or reducing his salary before they cut him. They’ve moved on. They aren’t bringing him back barring some unforeseen injury to Burnett or MD.

    3. Abe Frohman March 21, 2013

      doubtful. They didn’t even want to renegotiate his contract.

  3. Dave March 21, 2013

    1st round pick. Jonathan Cyprien

  4. GBslacker March 21, 2013

    But wait…

    Seems like I remember many posters here that scoffed at the notion of cutting him (…and his $10 million dollar price tag) !

    And he’s not been snatched up yet?
    At the ripe, old age of 36 (soon to be 37) ?
    How could that be ?

  5. Shawn March 21, 2013

    I don’t see the Packers likely to bring him back. I believe those ties have been cut, and we’d just as rather he retire if there is no where else to play.

  6. Nacho Libre March 21, 2013

    Charles, just hang up the cleats and retire as a Packer. You’ve done it all, Heisman trophy winner, All Pro, 8 time pro bowl, Super Bowl champion and so forth. You’ve proved yourself to be a magnificent athlete, don’t be surprised when your name is called in Canton, OH.

  7. Adam March 21, 2013

    In related news. The Titans signed Bernard Pollard to a one year deal. I was really hoping that somewhere in the back of TT’s mind, he was going to bring him in to help replace Woods. We haven’t been right back there since Nick Collins departed. I thought Pollard was a chance to pick up a SB winning safety with experience for a steal. So much so.

    1. GreenAndYellow March 21, 2013

      i had the same hopes and dreams…dont think the details of his dollar amount have been released yet though

  8. nurseratchett March 21, 2013

    Unlike some departures from the Pack, I feel bad for Woodson. I wish him nothing but the best & hope he gets picked up…..by an AFC team. I still think there’s enough left in that tank to embarrass the shit out of a quarterback once or twice.

  9. BD Swingin' March 21, 2013

    I hope he comes back. He’s been a fan favorite for years and he still as some value (for the right price) and he would be better then keeping Driver last his prime, like we did last year.

  10. Vijay March 22, 2013

    Thanks for highlighting BERNARD POLLARD’S name–he was my pick to replace Charles for 1-2 year contract, and lo and behold he signed for one stinking year with the Titans?!

    Now we have Kerry Rhodes (fringe starter) with decent ball skills as the next best available FA at the position. This confirms my loss of hope for the upcoming season. With our division in such personnel flux, we may once again win the division but I’m still not optimistic about us being crowned World Champs. We’ll see…anyway, I would take Charles back now (at about 1/2 price) if he’d be willing to re-sign at that value. Or, what I suspect it they will stay committed to drafting and developing a new safety. I would not expect an early selection though, I think someone like Earl Wolff from N.C. State in the 4th round or Bacarri Rambo (love his name) around the same round would be about right as far as need vs value.

    The only thing I want Ted to do this year is trade back and collect that extra pick because really good players can be found after round 1 and before round 3 or 4. I want to collect as many picks as we can in the earlier rounds and I believe like some others, we’re going predominantly offense, with a couple of defenders selected.

    If we trade back and pick at the top of Round #2, then I’d like RB La’veon Bell to be our first pick, followed by TE Travis Kelce, OT Reid Fragel or QB Matt Scott, FS/SS Rambo or Wolff, finally WR/ KR Josh Boyce and some fat bodies for the D Line and/ or O Line as rotational space pluggers to finish up. I’d also accept a fat D Linemen for our 2nd pick if Kelce is already gone.

    After the draft, sign a vet or two to help our D Line out or at least push the competition up a notch.

    1. Phatgzus March 22, 2013

      No one care about who you like, we only care about who Ted Thompson and his scouts like, you know, the people who get paid millions of dollars to do this.

      Why the @#$! would we sign another team’s unwanted flotsam when we have young promising talent in MD Jennings and McMillan, did you not see the 2 huge pics Jennings had last year?

  11. Richard March 23, 2013

    Paging Nick the fuckstick. Please fill us all in on what a catch 37 year old Charles Woodson is. He’s worth more as a coach at this point.

  12. Richard March 23, 2013

    Just for grins, Im curious how everyone is deciding who the Packers will draft in the 2nd round. It’s not even worth discussing. Bulaga was only a Packer pick because he was projected top 10 and he dropped to 23, and that is the only logic that will decide who GB ends up drafting.