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Aaron Rodgers Concerned About Contract, But Won’t Hold Out

Aaron Rodgers for Associated Bank

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t appear to be too happy with the Green Bay Packers. He wants his new contract and he wants it now.

Rodgers has two seasons left on his current deal, but he’s grossly underpaid when compared with the league’s other top quarterbacks. Considering Joe Flacco — who is not close to being one of the league’s top quarterbacks — just became the highest-paid player in the NFL, the disparity between Rodgers’ deal and everyone else’s just became magnified.

Sources close to Rodgers describe the quarterback as concerned about his contract situation with the Packers , but he isn’t yet prepared to hold out this offseason or this summer, if a new deal isn’t reached.

“He paid close attention to the money Joe Flacco received,” a source close to Rodgers explained, “but there’s no anger. He’s not planning to hold out.”

Flacco’s deal pays him an average of just over $20 million per season. Rodgers will make $9.25 million this season and $10.5 million in 2014.

The Packers want to sign Rodgers to a new deal, but they don’t have a lot of financial flexibility. Both Clay Matthews and B.J. Raji are in the final year of their rookie contracts and will require new deals.

The Packers also have five restricted free agents and may want to sign an unrestricted free agent or two. What does that all mean? The Packers are going to have to get real creative to get any of these contract extensions done and sign anyone else.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Hoops24 March 5, 2013

    Hope rodgers thinks hard about this. If he takes up a quarter of the cap, how good can this team really be? The ravens will not win more then 9-10 games a year with the money they are paying flacco. If rodgers wants 25 million a year, that will be the pack also

  2. tim March 5, 2013

    how many millions can one guy spend in a lifetime anyway?

    1. Savage57 March 6, 2013

      Perspective – I was wondering what a $120MM contract means in terms of dollars and cents on a day-in, day-out level. I mean c’mon – we always hear about how footballers need to score big now because their careers are short, right?

      The concensus is that Flacco won’t see the back half of his contract. OK, so if we take $60MM and divide that by the remaining 30 years he’ll have left in his work life when he retires from football, he’s gonna have to figure out how to get by on a paltry $5,479 per day for the next 30 years.

      Try to wrap your head around that number.

  3. therealChuckywasCecil March 5, 2013

    relax – this is much ado about nothing. He’ll be taken care of.

  4. Chuck March 5, 2013

    Wanna win another superbowl ? then look at what Tom Brady did,…

  5. tim March 5, 2013

    Come on A.R. – show you’re a class act unlike the half-wit you replaced.

    1. Savage57 March 6, 2013

      Tim, trying and failing to understand your logic.

      AR is supposed to show he’s a class act by how? By agreeing to get paid substantially less than market?

      I think that makes one a communist or a fool, not necessarily a ‘class act’.

      If your employer says look, I know you’re considered the best in your profession right now, but because we want to be able to save some money so that we can throw some to your co-workers ‘for the good of the organization’, I want you to work for half of what you’re worth and not talk to any other companies we compete with about working for them. I know that makes no sense for you, but if you do it, people who support our company will consider you a ‘class act’.

      So honestly, do YOU do that? If your answer is yes, please share who you work for so they can get started.

      As for Favre, try to think of it like this. Your old employer made you hold to your decision to leave them. You, as you are endowed to be able to do by the Constitution, change your mind about not wanting to work any more. Your old employer says they don’t want to re-hire you. You are one of only 32 people on the planet that can do what you do, and you do it better than most. Someone sees that you are available to work and says they’ll pay you $12-$14MM per year to work for them.

      And deciding not to do that is wrong because if you do it you’re not a ‘class act’ and a half-wit? I would submit that the absence of class and parsed wit belongs to the promulgator of such pap.

      Sorry, but it’s not a compelling argument or a position that’s logically supportable in either instance – for AR or for Favre.

      1. GreenAndYellow March 6, 2013

        how can you compare taking a “discount” for the average person to these guys making multi-millions of dollars. it is different. its very different. if a normal person took 50% less than what their market value is, they likely can’t eat or pay mortgage or put their kids to school. if rodgers makes $10 mil/yr instead of $20, he can still buy anything in the world he wants three times over, but i guess that’s a commie sentiment or something…promulgator!

        1. Savage57 March 6, 2013

          Amounts are irrelevant. It is a weak position to support an even weaker argument. Markets define value, not set socially subjective ceilings.

  6. mxz600 March 5, 2013

    Wasn’t it only a few weeks ago where Rodgers wasn’t concerned about it?…lol…Flacco’s new deal…I get it. Ok…..We know 2 things…Rodgers outperforms his contract and has been underpaid for 2 years. Their are lesser QB’s than Aaron Rodgers, making more money. The Packers hold the cards here, citing that Rodgers is under contract for 2 more years, Giving the Packers a bargain at QB. The downside is a unhappy player. (rightfully so). Based on Flacco’s new deal, i dont see how the Packers wouldnt give Rodgers a new deal…immediatly. I’m gonna dance on both sides of the fence here…………Based on current market value, Rodgers deserves 20+ million a year……My problem is…QB’s salarys are getting too damn high…..When 1 player, on a 53 man roster, is taking up almost 20% of the salary cap, its a problem financially speaking, for all NFL teams. Should be interesting to see how this plays out.

  7. Cecil March 5, 2013

    if you ask me, this is just somebody blowing smoke for clicks, just a couple weeks ago Rodgers stated, himself; that he wasn’t worried about his contract and that things would work out.

  8. Lars March 5, 2013

    Beginning to wonder why BJ Raji automatically gets lumped in with Rodgers and Mathews as “requiring” a new contract. He’s already at $6.2 million and isn’t exactly the reincarnation of JJ Watt or Vince Wilfolk, depending on where he plays. Just saying.

    1. mxz600 March 5, 2013

      Couldn’t agree more, 16 tackles last year for 4.5 million….Raji may want to consider cutting down on the pizzas, get in the best shape of his life, and have a season like the good ole days of 09 and 2010.

      1. Packman Joe March 6, 2013

        BJ’s been overrated for quite sometime. Packers could get major cap space by trading Raj to the Pats for a pair of 2d rounders. Pickett can play nose for the next two years, and Packers can get a nice pair of young book-ends for those second rounders. Creativity.

  9. Tom March 5, 2013

    “Wanna win another superbowl ? then look at what Tom Brady did,…”

    you need to reread what brady did, $30M signing bonus…

  10. mxz600 March 5, 2013

    In retrospect…the Packers paid Favre 98.2 million over 16 years…..Now 1 QB contract eclipse’s that. It a world gone mad people!!!….lol

  11. Iltarion March 5, 2013

    Whatever, when Aaron Rodgers has the success of Joe Flacco and Drew Brees, he can get paid like it.

  12. mxz600 March 5, 2013

    Where Tom Brady is in his career, and his new contract providing him with more than double of his guaranteed money and still making 18.3 mill this season. his new deal benefits him also, his 3 year extension are his low salary years, and by the time 3 seasons pass, who’s to say they don’t redo his contract again when the salary cap increase’s with new TV money…knowledge is power…No offence iltarian.

  13. Iltarion March 5, 2013

    The national story by Mike Freeman is about as much of a non-story as you’ll ever read.

    Basically it read- Rodgers’ status remains the same.

    The Packers have carved out enough money to extend Matthews this season.

    Raji is pretty simple. You give him the money you were going to give Ryan Pickett next year. When you play the 3-4 defense, you had better have a couple big bodies that can take on double teams, so the Packers can not afford to lose Raji and Pickett simultaneously. Their tackle numbers mean nothing. That’s not their job. Anyone on the Packers’ coaching staff would tell you Pickett and Raji are a key to that defense.

    Even Flacco’s contract is cap friendly until 2015. So, there are ways to spread out the pain, with bonuses, that would enable the Packers to extend Rodgers sooner rather than later.

  14. MrBoombastic March 5, 2013


    Is it me, or does this “story” tell us basically nothing?

    “Sources” say he has been following the situation (no shit?), and is somewhat upset, but not upset enough to hold out… but still kinda upset…


  15. mxz600 March 5, 2013

    is it Raji’s and Picketts job to get penetration on obvious passing plays?…Or if i ask the Packers coaching staff, would they say making plays getting penetration isn’t their job because they play a 3-4?……..Its seem funny when players like Mike Neal, CJ Wilson, and Mike Daniels can get penetration, but Raji and Pickett can’t.

    1. Iltarion March 5, 2013

      Do you watch Packer games?

      Ryan Pickett doesn’t play on obvious passing downs.

      Raji rarely plays on passing downs, and when he does, he’s typically double-teamed.

      The Packers passing down rush set was Matthews, Neal, Worthy, and Walden with the nickel behind it.

  16. mike r March 5, 2013

    According to Jason Wilde as of two hours ago, this is complete bullshit. I would trend to believe that.

  17. MadCity Packer Fan March 5, 2013

    Wilde is friends with Rodgers of course he is going to say that. No matter what Rodgers needs to be paid more than he is currently getting.

    1. Mike R March 5, 2013

      He may be friend with Rodgers, but he is still a good sports journalist. I think he takes his job pretty serisouly. I don’t think he’s gonna make shit up because he’s friends with Rodgers

  18. mxz600 March 5, 2013

    Rodgers will have a new deal within 10 days, i’m guessing.

  19. FITZCORE1252 March 5, 2013

    They’re gonna get Clay done this offseason, #12 sometime mid-season (cap reasons), and BJ… Idk. We need to sign the guy, but, as others have stated, to act like he deserves some huge payday, well… Agree to disagree I guess.

  20. GB West March 5, 2013

    What a horseshit article! Rodgers is gonna get his deal. He knows it and so does the organization. It’s only a matter of timing!

  21. icebowl March 6, 2013

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