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Packers Will Overpay Jermichael Finley Or Else!

Jermichael Finley

It’s no news flash that the Green Bay Packers will overpay tight end Jermichael Finley if they keep him on the roster under his current deal. He’s scheduled to make $8.25 million in 2013, which gives him an elite-level tight end contract and also makes him the third-highest salaried player on the team. He’s neither an elite tight end or the third-best player on the team.

Hell, he’s not even the third-best receiver on the team.

He is a guy who’ll say something douchey though and thank god for that. Hey, Jermichael, maybe you could take a pay cut to help the team out and get your salary in line with your production?

Of course Jermichael won’t do anything of the sort, despite his repeated stance that he wants to stay in Green Bay.

“I’d have to walk for sure, meaning I couldn’t take a pay cut. Maybe I’d restructure if it’s a deal that I like and it makes sense, but I’m not the guy that’s just going to sign anything and let anything pass. I’m not that guy.

“Other than that, taking a pay cut or restructuring doesn’t sound good to me at this time. I like my deal. I start training in Minneapolis tomorrow and I’m more inspired than ever to start next season off right and be the tight end I know I can be. It’s all business at the end of the day. I just love what I do.”

But you love money more, eh?

Seriously, no one is going to voluntarily take a pay cut, but every time Jermichael opens his mouth I just want to punch him in it. We’re happy to defend a guy who runs his mouth so long as he produces, but it’s hard to call 61 for 667 and two touchdowns “production.”

We’d say a tight end who puts up those kind of numbers should be making around $4 million a year. That’s not the point though.

The point is, Finley is a dick. Is he enough of a dick that the Packers should just release him and wash their hands? Tough to say. Can Tom Crabtree be a No. 1 tight end?

The obvious solution is to restructure Finley’s deal, lower his cap number and give him some additional years. And if he keeps being a turd release him down the road.

It’s not really that simple though. Finley is in the final year of his deal and you know what happens then. Guys have career years in the final year of their deal. Finley could decide to play out his bloated contract, hope to put up monster numbers and then get a giant contract next season.

And then he never has to try again.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Packer Bob February 28, 2013

    Looks like Finley would rather have money than another Superbowl ring (one that he actually played in). Sadly, I think we need him. Even if he doesn’t play up to his paycheck.

  2. packnutt February 28, 2013

    Sign Gonzalez who is twice the TE on a bad day.

  3. longtimepackersfanin Texas February 28, 2013

    This should be a no-brainer…cut Finley..he is over paid and over rated…and do we really need him???? NO! Even if he improves he is not a leader and doesn’t seem to have the potential to be a team player…Cut Finley!!! anyone for making T-Shirts!

  4. Iltarion February 28, 2013

    “I’m not that guy.”

    That is a HILARIOUS quote. Gotta love the YOTTO.

    Pay the man his money. If he produces, extend him. If he tanks, let him go to free agency.

    Either that or release him and pay Jennings. One or the other.

  5. mxz600 February 28, 2013

    At what age, does this guy, get a clue?…..For how long…has it been all about Finleys “potential”?..In a year or 2 from now, are we still talking about his potential?….Potential is one thing….Being stupid, saying stupid things to the media off the field is another. someone needs to know when to babysit him, and tell him to shut his mouth. On the field…what has it been?…Missed assignments, missed blocks, penaltys, dropped passes…and a handful of games, he makes plays. In totality….He’s far more trouble than he’s worth.

  6. GBslacker February 28, 2013

    I read recently that TT only makes a move when he has to make a move — meaning that he waits until the last minute to weigh the facts, work a trade, work with an agent, etc. before the release of a player.

    While this may be a smart, measured approach — in this off-season I’d favor bold moves.

    IMO, the Packers still have 4 or 5 players due more money than their play merits. I’ve seen other teams — with better players — work with their personnel to restructure contracts. For a team that’s been described as soft, the Packer’s management needs to toughen-up and send a message. Send these guys packing. They’ll find someone to start and play in their stead — it’s not like they’ll trot out 10 guys instead of 11.

    But for guys like Finley, Hawk, Kuhn, TWilliams — I just don’t see them improving as they enter their 6th, 7th, or 8th season. Yet they’ll be well compensated as if their production were top-tier.

    While the SB was nice, that team is history — of the 53 on the SB roster, 23 are gone. Additionally, consider that SB teams are usually peaking, as repeat champs are a rarity. What that means is that most SB teams are then in DECLINE — tough to stomach, but a reality. The GB SB season included back-to-back losses to WAS and MIA. It was a team that had to win the last two games to garner a 6th seed, and play every playoff game on the road. That’s not so strong a team that must be held together at all costs, years after the SB victory.

    Hit the eject button, Ted.

    1. mxz600 February 28, 2013

      ^5 slacker…accountability…..The problem with S B wins….is all of a sudden, everyone gets paid. I agree with your list….But at 6 million, i’d add Pickett in that list…he’s played 12 seasons, he’s old and extremely fat. If you saw Montys article 3 weeks ago, about the Packers 6 worse contract, Of the 4 players slacker named, 3 are on that list. Now speaking of Contracts….BJ Raji best step it up…ALOT….because 16 total tackles, 0 sacks, 0 ff’s..for 4.5 million……isnt gonna earn him this monster contract people speak of owing him.

      1. GBslacker February 28, 2013

        I agree that Pickett is a red-flag.

        He’s certainly old…
        …but he does still command double-teams.
        In theory, that eats up blockers so LBs can make plays.
        In practice, it opens holes for a FB to engulf your middle LB.

        IMO, Pickett’s better than Raji — which is sad.

        From a birds-eye perspective on the D line: we’re well and truly fucked. Pickett’s old. Raji’s not worth big-money. Worthy wasn’t great before injury. Wilson’s hit the ceiling. Neal’s playing on a cartilage-free knee. Daniels looks to be capable, but for how long a stretch?

  7. Nacho Libre February 28, 2013

    Maybe with that extra cash flow he can pay for a hair transplant to cover up that cul-de-sac on his head.

  8. Savage57 February 28, 2013

    This guy, he never stops. If he worked for the outfit, he’d a gotten whacked a long time ago.

    Here’s the career average numbers folks, and in this case, like most, numbers don’t lie.

    games per season – 12
    receptions per season – 35
    yards per season – 455
    TD’s per season – 4

    He had one good playoff game against the Cards. Never has so much been attained by doing so little.

    1. Savage57 February 28, 2013

      Forgot to add this:

      No way are these stats even on the same continent as $8.25MM per season.

  9. mxz600 February 28, 2013

    Here’s the bottom line…Jermicheal Finley isn’t the “be all” of the Green Bay Packers success…he just isn’t…..Give him a 1 way ticket out, and i’ll help him pack.

  10. mxz600 February 28, 2013

    Love the photo….showing off the “rocks”…..Like a punk

    1. Iltarion February 28, 2013

      That picture will never get old.

      1. Cheese February 28, 2013

        Duck face and all..

        1. Phatgzus March 1, 2013

          If only he were Italian, he would be the Supreme Guido, ruler of all Guido Nation. 10 bucks says he’s a bronie.

  11. Iltarion February 28, 2013

    Players get overpaid all the time- see Woodson last 2 seasons.

    If the Packers were to tear up a contract every time a player was being overpaid, then they would have no complaint when a player insisted on a raise every time they were being underpaid.

    That is not the way you want to conduct business.

    TT knows this. As such, the Packers rarely renegotiate deals.

    Should Randall Cobb hold out for more money? He is grossly underpaid.

    You honor the contracts for Pickett, Tramon, Hawk and Finley.

    It is smart business.

    1. GBslacker February 28, 2013

      Contracts have bizarro money in their later years — that way idiots can strut around saying they’ve got a 200 million dollar contract. It would be the rare athlete that actually warrants the compensation.

      Every team renegotiates.
      Every team cuts players before end of contract.

      THAT is smart business.

  12. mxz600 February 28, 2013

    You can take a pig, put a nice suit on it, a flashy tie and some jewelry, but at the end of the day, its still a pig.

    1. Phatgzus March 1, 2013

      True, but at least a pig can provide one with bacon, a lot more than can be said of YOTTO.

  13. tim February 28, 2013

    The only thing worse than this guy’s production and consistency is his attitude. He hasn’t been dumped out of fear he’d finally play up to his potential on a division rival – I think that reasoning gives him far too much credit.

  14. peter February 28, 2013

    cut him… sign crabtree, hope quarless comes back to form and williams or taylor can step it up

    1. Phatgzus March 1, 2013

      Quarless back to form? You do realize he was never much of a receiving threat don’t you? He’s just like Crabtree, good blocker, decent hands, not gonna burn anyone unless he’s got a flamethrower.

  15. Richard February 28, 2013

    This guy might be a totally overrated, totally overpaid fuckstick but at the same time this is his big season to shine and trick some shitbag team to sign him to a huge contract in 2014….and like Monty said, he’ll never have to try again after that. Personally I think they should run him across the middle and finish him off around mid season so he doesn’t get any big offers. This guy is a pussy who can’t take big hits.

  16. Vijay February 28, 2013

    Yeah, I’d make a play for Tony Gonzalez. If he were cheap and willing to again, switch teams…but he’s not.

    Listen there are three guys in Eifert, Ertz and Kelce who can give you exactly what you’re getting from J-Mike and maybe even more. If he won’t restructure, I’d strongly consider moving on. However, you have to do your due digilence on these fellas. If you’re not convinced of their abilities to transition smoothly to the pro game, then J-Mike has got you by the balls. Why, because it’s one thing to lose a perimeter player in Jennings to FA, it’s quite another to have a player who can be a threat in the middle of the field (mismatch) leave your team as well.

    J-Mike is actually in a winning position — for right now.

  17. John February 28, 2013

    Cut him. He is an under-achiever and he lacks professionalism. That said he is not the worst guy I have ever seen in the NFL by any means. Someone will give him a shot and he will be playing next year. The Raiders and Cowboys love retreads as well as first round debacles.

  18. rich February 28, 2013

    this idiot is suppose to make more than nelson,jones,and cobb all put together this year? are you kidding me. he,s not as good as any of these guys.get rid of the bum.

    1. Phatgzus March 1, 2013

      Really? Did not know that, that is just sad.

  19. Nick Perry February 28, 2013

    Just cu this clown. Since his surgery he’s lost 3 or 4 steps. He can’t get separation any more at 25 years old! Gaining 50 yards on 5 catches more than not over the last 8 games of last year is not worth 8.25 million a year. Cut his ass and watch NO ONE offer even close to that. Between that signing and Hawk you really have to wonder if T.T. has lost his touch.

  20. cd4packers March 1, 2013

    I think vijay is making a valid point. Right now, from what I can tell…Finley does not appear to be the least bit concerned. He knows what his abilities are, and that the Packers would be taking a risk in letting him go and bringing in a rookie or FA guy. The Packers know what they have in Finley..or do they? I still do not believe that we have seen what this guy can do. I really believe he wants to improve his play and that he that he is not at all happy with his performance thus far. Sure, he has reacted like a spoiled brat and opened his mouth when he should have kept it shut and instead put his efforts into focusing on his job on the field. I think MM is smart to give Finley more time……my bet is…they keep Finley…and give him one more chance to prove himself. After going back and forth between keeping Jennings or Finley…my final conclusion is…release Jennings..keep Finley. We already have good WOs and to let a qualified TE go at this point….would be foolish IMO. Plus, Jennings has already packed his bags…he doesn’t care where he plays…Finley does…he wants to stay and be a Packer….that speaks volumes to me. Pay the man…let Jennings walk.

  21. DirtyAndy March 1, 2013

    Send the retatard packing. I think he would fit in perfect on the Browns or Oakland

  22. Chungo March 1, 2013

    First, I dont care for any of the players who are on the chopping block. That being said- a contract is a contract. It is not the players fault they were overpaid, it is the packers fault. They see these guys on a regular basis & know their good and bad habits.

    Let JerkMike, Hawk, & TWilliams finish their contracts. If you do not see improvement before the end of the current contract, then let them walk-no questions asked.

    1. GBslacker March 1, 2013

      “A contract is a contract” is a simplistic and inaccurate portrayal of a team/player relationship. It’s not a situation where “we’re-stuck-with-each-other” for a set amount of time.

      Contracts are rife with clauses concerning performance, incentives, exit strategies (by both parties), etc.

      Player’s habits change. The stellar play seen, and then contracted for, sometimes does not manifest after the signing bonus is deposited.

      Some players play hard in a contract year, and then they let up after they’re signed.

      Player’s don’t hesitate to hold out — even if under contract.

      Contracts have back-loaded, but-never-paid bling.

      Some contracts are just bad business, for one or both parties. Take Hawk, for example: did anyone think he’d be a two-down player, and that his contract and compensation should reflect the lack of participation and the attendant cut in pay?

      If for some reason you’re intent on having the Packers honor contracts from the player-only perspective, you’re putting the team you love in a competitive disadvantage — as there are 31 other teams that will put their organization above the concerns of an individual.

      Football is a game of football, not accounting.