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Packers (Lack of) Reactions to Charles Woodson’s Release

Charles Woodson

You might have thought there would be an outpouring of good vibes from Green Bay Packers players when the club released veteran defensive back Charles Woodson.

You would have been wrong.

We waited around until Sunday afternoon and found only four members of the Packers who said anything about the situation. Only three of them did the usual “great player, will be missed” routine.

When Donald Driver announced his retirement, there was a boatload of chatter. Of course, that’s a slightly different story. Driver left somewhat voluntarily. Woodson did not.

Still, you’d think his teammates would have said more. Or least we would have thought that.

Maybe they were shocked (although they shouldn’t have been). Maybe they were too busy reflecting on their own football mortality. Maybe they just didn’t care.

Whatever the reason, these are the only guys we could find who bothered to say something. It’s interesting to note none of the team’s so-called leaders are among them. Neither are any other defensive backs.

So, draw your own conclusions from that.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. cd4packers February 18, 2013

    Come on man! What are you trying to say? That the players didn’t like Charles? That he had no respect from his own teammates? I don’t believe it. Even if it were true, who cares? You can speculate all you want about how Woodson may have been viewed by his fellow Packer players….trust me, they know about Charles. All you have to do is go back and watch the film. Many of the Players told CW in 2010, after he broke his collar bone…that they wanted to win the SB FOR HIM! And they did just that. How many times did CW make the plays to stop AP that no one else could make? Believe me…the Packers players know CW and they know his worth. Rodgers stated that CW was one of the Packers core guys. In fact…he couldn’t say enough great things about the guy. Over the years….many have had great things to say about CW. It’s common knowledge. Maybe no one told you about it..or you weren’t paying attention. Maybe no one is asking them…I haven’t seen any interviews asking Players what their thoughts are about Woodson leaving. It hasn’t been that long since he was released…give it time. I just think you are over reacting to the lack of tweets about the subject…big deal, no one is tweeting about it. Lmao….maybe the Packer payers are not big into tweeting. I don’t blame them considering the fact that media whores constantly take their tweets and twist them around and use them for reporting material. Stop with the negatory assumptions about Woodson please. He was and still is a great player. He is one of my all time favorite players…right up there with Driver and Reggie White. So if you are feeling the urge again to write depressing crap like this….people are going to start calling you Montydowner! Lmao

  2. Iltarion February 18, 2013

    Settle down. No one on this site, including Monty, doesn’t have mad respect for C-Wood.

    He’s just pointing out there hasn’t been a lot of twitter chatter over it. And yes, the Packers are a pretty active team on twitter.

    A lot of the Packers are probably on vacation.

    1. cd4packers February 18, 2013

      Well that’s nice to know…excuse my exuberance.

  3. Phatgzus February 18, 2013

    Maybe they don’t believe he won’t be with the team next year, maybe they figure he’ll get a new deal a la the the AJ Hawk maneuver. It’s not like he’s been signed by anyone else yet.

  4. ay hombre February 18, 2013

    Gil Brandt said he thinks Woodson will retire after he finds out no one is interested in him.

  5. cd4packers February 18, 2013

    There will be teams interested in Woodson. He is a player that can be on the field immediately. He will be an asset to any locker room and a mentor to the younger DBs. I just hope he is not in our division…I don’t want to go up against him.

  6. Iltarion February 18, 2013

    I have no issue with playing against Woodson. C-Wood victimizes stupid QBs, and A-Rodge isn’t one of those.

    I do believe C-Wood might play another year. Great players always want to go out on their own terms.

  7. ay hombre February 18, 2013

    cd4packers is obviously Charles Woodson himself. What up C?!

  8. cd4packers February 19, 2013

    lol! Now that’s funny!

  9. mxz600 February 19, 2013

    Who cares?….None of us are in the Packers locker room, we dont know who likes who in there, wether there are jealousy issues or whatever….Here’s what we do know..We don’t hear negativity from anyone on the Packers towards Woodson…..When TT signed Woodson, he wasn’t exactly happy about coming to Green Bay but all indications are, he grew to love being in Green Bay. The F A market was soft for Woodson, But the Packers made him an offer he couldnt refuse. With that said…..Woodson did nothing but produce and make plays for us. I would go as far to suggest that Woodson was just as important to our defense in his prime as Mathews is now. I look forward to the day he’s inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame. Ted Thompson, in his announcing Woodson was released, showed Woodson, the utmost of respect and gratitude to him, all of it deserved. At the end of the day, Charles Woodson was a great Green Bay Packer. End of story.