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[tps_title]Clay Matthews on the CBS pregame show[/tps_title]

CBS Super Bowl team

No, Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews is not in this photo, but he did join these clowns in their pregame coverage.

Matthews stood on the sideline with Greg Gumbel and Shannon Sharpe and actually offered some insightful analysis. While Sharpe was tripping over his lips and and giving his usual Mush Mouth brand of commentary, Matthews was offering up nuggets like this:

“As a second-year player going into my Super Bowl, I didn’t understand the magnitude of the game,” Matthews said. “We went through that game, didn’t understand the magnitude of it, until we ended it as Super Bowl champions. Now we realize how special that game was and how much we want to get back there.

“Green Bay is going to be around for a while though,” Matthews said.


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  1. Andy February 5, 2013

    I gotta say joe flacco won me over with the f-bomb there. Also him saying he’s gonna stick it to the GM/Owner and get a big contract – Why cant more guys do that and be honest as opposed to saying “the correct” thing like “i hope both sides can make it work” Give him some fuckin money.