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Here’s Where Golden Tate Says He Still Caught That Ball

M.D. Jennings' interception

The Green Bay Packers wouldn’t be playing today if their game against the Seattle Seahawks earlier this season had been officiated correctly.

Instead, they’d have a bye, the No. 2 seed in the NFC and be waiting around for the winner of the game between the 49ers and Vikings.

So what better time to check in with the jerkoff who “caught” the Fail Mary pass that helped put the Packers in this position. PFT sat down with Golden Tate on the eve of the playoffs and asked him about the play.

His tune hasn’t changed.

“I absolutely did catch the ball,” Tate told Erik Kuselias. “Till my death I did catch the ball and I’m very confident that I caught the ball.”

Of course you are.

Tate just gets more likable every time he opens his mouth.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. therealChuckywasCecil January 5, 2013

    I have a friend from Seattle who remains just as delusional. To listen to him is to know denial. When I ask him if he is serious, his rationale just escalates to a point where I have to laugh. I guess you can talk yourself into anything.

    1. Savage57 January 7, 2013

      Justice will be served if the Pack can take care of the 49ers on the road, Atlanta maintains form and pulls a giant choke at home in the divisional game and the Pack gets the Seattle fuckers at Lambeau for the NFC Championship.

      We’ll get to see Russell Wilson look like he did against Oregon in the Rose Bowl last year.

  2. Hawk_Eye January 5, 2013

    Why don’t you guys show the photo from the endzone? Thats the one with the proof that Golden caught the ball. Get over it. You had a chance to beat Minnesota for the 1st round bye, but you failed.

  3. DD January 5, 2013

    Denial? Ha! “Erin Rodgers doesn’t deepthroat cocks and put phallic-shaped objects in his rectum.” That’s denial.

  4. Packer Bob January 5, 2013

    Well, he’s not gonna say he didn’t catch the ball. But he should really keep his mouth shut. All he does is make himself look like an idiot when he says that.

  5. Packer Bob January 5, 2013


    I was at the game, in the so-called “Hawk’s Nest”. The play happened right in front of me. There’s a reason they never showed the replay at the stadium. But please, continue to stick your head in the sand. You can keep Tate company.

  6. Brian January 5, 2013

    If the Packers were the better team they would have scored more points in that game and then this wouldn’t be a discussion. Packers also scored off a bogus ref call in that game so they should stop crying about all of their missed opportunities and go out to try to prove themselves in the playoffs.

  7. truehawksfan January 5, 2013

    Maybe the sorry packers should have won a couple more games. Then they wouldnt be worried about adrian peterson tonight. The packers defense is sorry, they will give up 200 yards to ap and lose at home.

  8. Good for Golden Tate. Whatever it takes for him to feel good about himself. All that matters is the Pack is playing the Vikings tonight. Go Pack Go!

  9. crash January 5, 2013

    I as was also as that game and can tell you that all the Seattle fans were utterly confused as to what had happened right after the game. I even had several Seattle fans approach me after and say the call was bullshit. It took a few days for thw delusoon to set in. But once it did it became an epidemic. Seattle needs a reality check.

  10. jeremy January 5, 2013

    How come so many wide receivers have the same special personality as Terrell Owens and Golden Taint?

  11. Beavis January 5, 2013

    More like Golden Taint

  12. 74Razor January 5, 2013

    Does Pete Carroll and crew remind anyone else of Jim Schwartz and crew over in Detroit? This debacle of a ‘catch’ is only made worse by the fact that Tate and Carroll both are adamant that it was a catch. I loved how Herm Edwards (who I respect incredibly) put it. He asked, if the Packers were the ones who threw the ball up would you say it was a touchdown, or would you say Seattle intercepted the ball? It is obvious, in that situation, that you would say GB caught the ball. This is just Tate embracing the spot light. It would be nice to have another shot at Seattle.

  13. nurseratchett January 6, 2013

    what a tool; I hope the redskins hand them their asses today.

  14. brad January 6, 2013

    I’m not sure if I want the seahawks to win today, so the Packers can get their revenge, or just get it over today and get their sorry asses out early.

  15. James Bennett January 6, 2013

    Apparently there are one or two people on the planet (outside of the Seahawk fans) who agree with Tate. But I’ve never heard a single sports analyst on any network, ESPN or whatever who does. The League office sure as hell didn’t; the error was so egregious Goodell and his staff ended the replacement ref debacle immediately. Even my friends who are Bears fans told me the Packers got hosed. It was an unbelievably missed call that shouldn’t even have happened; the play was blown dead (by a competent official) by Tate’s flagrant pass interference before the ball even arrived. That comes from my Bears fan buddies.

  16. Mike January 6, 2013

    Every talking head out there called it the Inaccurate Reception or some other witty name. Because it’s true. Pete Carroll is not just a proven cheater, he is also a liar who would rather take credit for something that didn’t happen than admit they came away with an errant win.

    Fuck em, they have the same pathetic affliction that Vikes fans do. Never won shit so there’s not much to do but resort to name calling and delusion. Go take some more banned substances and watch the rest of the season from home.

  17. icebowl January 6, 2013

    Watching those idiots just take the lead against the Gimpskins….
    I hate Pete Carroll and his band of cheaters.
    It don’t matter who wins – Atlanta will kick either ones butt.

  18. Carey Lynn January 7, 2013

    Pete Carroll is also a dirty womanizing piece of shit to the core. I grew up 5 minutes from USC, and can’t describe to you how many drunk dumb blonde bimbo whores blew that old fart. I hope we get another crack at that team and their Burnt Toast looking QB who looks like he has HIV

    1. Saul T Nutz January 7, 2013

      “Burnt Toast looking QB who looks like he has HIV”
      HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Genius, pure genius. That Richard Sherman is also a piece of shit

  19. icebowl January 7, 2013

    ……to be followed by revenge for 1998 – drubbing the ponies under horsehead Elway in Superbowl…..