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Greg Jennings’ House is For Sale [Gallery]


If you had any remaining delusions that the Green Bay Packers were going to re-sign Greg Jennings, you can tell them to pack their bags. Jennings is already packing his.

Jennings has put his De Pere home on the market in the clearest sign yet that there’s zero chance of the Packers retaining his services. I wonder what they said during his exit interview.

“Hey Greg, thanks for so many good years. We won’t be re-signing you though. But you already knew that. Good luck!”

Here’s the good news. This bad boy can be yours for just $525,000!

I mean, you could buy half of a hovel for that amount in L.A. So they’re practically giving this fucker away!

What do you get for that chump change, other than the right to say, “Greg Jennings used to live in my house. Who used to live in yours?”

  • 4,788 Sq Ft
  • 0.37 Acres
  • 5 bedrooms
  • 4.5 bathrooms
  • 3 car garage
  • a 49 x 16 family room
  • gas log fireplace
  • patio

Jennings bought the place for $370,000 in 2006. Only one problem — the place actually has an assessed value that’s less than what Jennings paid when he bought it.

But hey, don’t let that stop you. Greg Jennings lived there!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Adam January 28, 2013

    “Welcome Back Jermichael!” – Jennings’ Real Estate Agent.

  2. Packer Bob January 28, 2013

    Maybe he’s selling it because the Packers are going to resign him and make him the high paid WR in the history of the NFL.

    Well he’s movin on up,
    To east De Pere.
    He finally got a piece of the pie.

  3. Dave January 29, 2013

    Does anyone else view this move as ridiculous? The house is valued at under 370k, but because he’s GREG JENNINGS, he’s listing it at 525k… Just trying to get his last piece of Wisconsin money before he heads out of town. Surely some idiot will pay that much for that very reason, but i wish it weren’t so.

  4. Savage57 January 29, 2013

    He’s gotta try to go big. $525K won’t even buy a pool house in Miami.

    1. the real russ letlow January 29, 2013

      true, true……

  5. Iltarion January 29, 2013

    That house wouldn’t even fit in my backyard. Maybe I’ll buy it with all my fantasy football winnings from this year.

  6. Ron January 31, 2013

    Monty, good story but don’t feel you need to use the f-bomb

    1. Savage57 January 31, 2013

      It’s his website, I think he can pretty much do what he wants don’t ya think, hey?