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Charles Woodson

Here are a few more nuggets from the Green Bay Packers 24-10 Wild Card win over the Minnesota Vikings.

The Packers defensive backs were huge
Charles Woodson definitely made his presence known in his first game back from a broken collarbone. Woodson recorded six tackles, including one for a loss. Tramon Williams rebounded from the turd of a game he had in week 17. The Packers best defender may have been Sam Shields, though. Shields had a team-high seven tackles, knocked down two passes and intercepted another. Not only were these guys responsible for holding the Vikings under 200 yards passing, but they also played a key role in holding Adrian Peterson to 99 yards rushing.

Big-time players show up in big games
Not surprisingly, Clay Matthews was a beast on Saturday. Four tackles, two sacks, another tackle that went for a loss, three QB hits and a fumble recovery. Not sure you could ask for more.

Jeremy Ross is your kick returner
Ross was great as a return man against the Vikings in week 17. With Randall Cobb back from injury, the Packers kept Ross on kick returns and replaced him with Cobb on punt returns. Ross wasn’t nearly as good on Saturday as he was a week earlier. He averaged just 14 yards on two kick returns, although he did have a long of 28. Meanwhile, Cobb averaged just 4.3 yards on four punt returns. Why the Packers are still risking Cobb on punt returns is beyond us, but it will be interesting to see who returns what going forward.

Speaking of Randall Cobb…
He was virtually nonexistent in the passing game. He caught just one pass for seven yards and was only targeted twice. Five guys caught more passes than Cobb on Saturday, including fullback John Kuhn. Cobb did carry twice for six yards, a wrinkle we haven’t seen since earlier in the season. That being said, Cobb will need to be a bigger part of the game plan going forward if the Packers are going to make a run. Work that out, Mike.

DuJuan Harris is the new James Starks
When the Packers made their Super Bowl run, the virtually unknown Starks carried the team at times. Well, meet DuJuan Harris, your new James Starks. Harris’ role has increased down the home stretch and he was the Packers go-to running back against Minnesota. He put up 100 total yards, ran for a score and came up with numerous big catches. Harris’ 17 carries were 10 more than Ryan Grant (who was totally ineffective). Perhaps most surprisingly, the Packers didn’t use Alex Green at all for the second week in a row. Although they’ve been trying to sell the running-back-by-committee approach, Harris looks to be the guy. And the way Grant is playing, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be getting all the carries.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Sean January 6, 2013

    Matthews doesn’t belong in the pro bowl.

  2. Carl January 6, 2013

    They leave Cobb on punt returns because he’s the best punt returner on the team. It’s pretty simple.

    1. Phatgzus January 6, 2013

      B-I-N-G-O; thanks for spelling it out for those to daft to realize.

    2. jeremy January 6, 2013

      It’s pretty simple that he is the most reliable player the Packers have fielding punts. A muffed punt is the fast track out of the tournament.

  3. icebowl January 6, 2013

    Excellent points Monty.
    Thanks .

  4. Phatgzus January 6, 2013

    Shields played well; however, he got beat twice (a good QB would have had at least 1 TD on him) and messed up a communication on another play. The best defensive player was matthews, woodson, or walden, or even Hayward (heard his name once).

  5. Arnie January 6, 2013

    H’mm. Would it be sweet if we and the Seahawks both won next week?

  6. PackAttack January 6, 2013

    Vikings had ZERO business being in the playoffs to begin with, case closed. Ponder is an absolute joke. Elbow bursitis or not the guy flat out sucks. He’s a pussy for not playing, it’s the goddamn playoffs — man up and play. This isn’t baseball where an elbow injury should keep you from playing — if there’s no ligament or bone damage you can play through it. Your handing off for most of the fucking game anyways. Man up.
    But who really cares, the guy has been trash all year — there was ZERO way the Vikes beat GB at home regardless. This game was a wash and to be perfectly honest it’s the most boring GB playoff game I’ve seen in quite some time. Vikes will never be a threat with Ponder at the helm of that team. Fuck the Vikings and they’re ridiculous and incompetent fans — seasons over, go home and vomit.

    Moving on.

    SF game should be a good game. The 49ers will be a difficult play w/ Kaepernick but this is a team that’s had it’s ups and downs all year long. Kaepernick was HORRENDOUS versus Seattle a few weeks back and their D was torched (the week before by Brady) — even AZ and Brian Hoyer managed 13 points and 225 yards versus their reeling D in week 17. This isn’t the 49ers D from a year ago, they are very beatable especially the secondary.

    SF isn’t going to kill anyone through the air but Kaepernick’s mobility is going to be something to watch out for. Gore is no AP and he’s been stuffed by good fronts all year. With Manningham being out that helps a lot, the Pack D can focus on taking Crabtree and the immensely overrated Vernon Davis away.

    If Rodgers and the offense are clicking and come out hot they should be able to take control of this game early. The SF running game isn’t going to scare anyone, Gore hasn’t run for 100 yards since Week 7 and with a GB squad at full health and coming off a good win — I look for the Pack to get revenge for their Week 1 loss.

    1. Packer Bob January 6, 2013

      Excellent comment. I agree with all those points.

    2. Packer Bob January 6, 2013

      Also, without Justin Smith Aldon Smith becomes easier to block. I think he had zero sacks when Smith was out.

      1. Phatgzus January 6, 2013

        Justin Smith is back, he’ll play vs. the Pack.

  7. ay hombre January 6, 2013

    The game went as it should have. I don’t know how to gauge it and take very little away from it. I do know that I have vocally announced on many occasions and before week one that I fear the Niners and Giants and no one else.

    They’re a bad matchup for us, but is Kaepernick as cool as Russell Wilson is proving to be? I’m not convinced of that and believe he will make mistakes.

    We can beat this team about 43% of the time, but we’re going to need 60 full minutes from all three phases in order to pull off the upset.

    It comes down to what it usually does. The play of the lines on both sides.

  8. Iltarion January 6, 2013

    If Tramon Williams can cover Crabtree, then I can see our defense really giving San Fran some problems. Young QBs typically struggle against Dom Capers’ defense.

    I believe the key to the game is will our offense be able to solve that 2 deep coverage with variations that San Fran typically sits in. I don’t see us winning the game by running the ball; so we’ll have to solve that defense and make some plays with the passing game.

    Can Marshall Newhouse block Aldon Smith?

    A big weapon the Packers have now that they didn’t have or utilize in the first match up was the dump off to the RB. The San Fran LBs like to drop deep to cover the middle of the field. If Rodgers can consistently hit Harris on the checkdown, then those LBs might have to play nearer the line of scrimmage and open up some throws downfield.

    1. Phatgzus January 6, 2013

      Good point in that last.

  9. Chris Restivo January 6, 2013

    49ers = Brute Force. 1, 2, Patrick Willis is comin for you. 3, 4 better not get crushed by Gore. Suck it you dickheads

    1. PackAttack January 6, 2013

      Are you still trolling the boards? Aren’t you and your shitqueens finished after an ass kicking? You lost bro, go home, your season is over. You are no longer relevant in any capacity.

      “better not get crushed by Gore?” — this statement embodies your intelligence. Gore is a mediocre back at best (and that’s being generous). The guy hasn’t topped 83 yards since Week 7, he’s irrelevant in the passing game, Seattle/Miami/St. Louis/Jets/Giants all bitched him. You make him sound like Marshawn Lynch — even with the best RB in the league your pathetic Vikes couldn’t stop us with your ground game, I highly doubt Gore will be any different.

      Patrick Willis? My god. I heard enough about Jared Allen this last week and that guys is already off playing balls balls with Ponder in some woods in northern MN.

      You continue to give Viking fans a good name with your dumbass statements tho, so keep ’em coming!!

    2. Packer Bob January 6, 2013

      I was reading all the comments and thought, “Damn, these are some really great comments.”

      And then I get to you, Restivo. Seriously, are you retarded? I’m not joking.

      1. Phatgzus January 6, 2013

        He’s from minnesota, infer what you must.

        1. Kozak January 7, 2013

          It’s worse then that , he’s from Baltimore and somehow became. Queens fan because Raven purple wasn’t gay enough for him.

      2. Mike R January 7, 2013

        Honestly I think he is retarded or something. He just keeps saying the same shit over and over and it makes no sense. What a dipshit.

      3. Ryan January 8, 2013

        This is why he should just be ignored. He’ll go away if he stops getting the attention he so desperately seeks.

    3. Phatgzus January 6, 2013

      Hey there, Bieber.

  10. calipackfan January 6, 2013

    5,6 matthews will make kapernick sick. 7,8 Rodgers will make the 49ers defense shake, 9, 10 packers will get revenge.

    1. Johnny Jolly January 6, 2013


    2. Kozak January 7, 2013

      Don’t go past 10 because we know from Saturday the Vikings can’t count to 11 with their shoes and pants on.

  11. Bud Kilmer January 6, 2013

    Give him the shot!!!!

    Ponder would’ve and should’ve played. Thank God Mike Shanahan knows how to make a QB on a completely blown joint still serviceable.

  12. Carey Lynn January 7, 2013

    Anyone going to Pack/Niners game in Cali? I got tickets and plenty of booze. Can’t wait to see the Pack make those wannabe gangbanger fanbase cry :)

  13. Cuban January 7, 2013

    I gotta say, the more this idiot trolls here im starting to feel bad, mike r has it right im 100 percent sure hes a retard

  14. mxz600 January 7, 2013

    Monty…i don’t know where you get your stats. Randall Cobb had 4 punt returns for a total of 4 yards, with a long of 6 yards…..A 4.3 average?……really?

    1. Monty McMahon January 7, 2013

      He had four for 17 yards, with a long of six. 4.3 yards per.

      1. Guysocke January 7, 2013

        I did notice you said Ross had two returns for an average of 14 yards and a long of 28 yards, which can only be correct if the other was a kickoff return for no gain, but I wasn’t going to be a dick about it.

  15. seeful2000 January 7, 2013

    Damn. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for only winning by 14. I mean damn Webb was shit.

  16. Chris Restivo January 8, 2013

    We are building a contender bitches!!! Sludge Packers are pretenders