10 Things About Jim Harbaugh You Didn’t Know

Jim Harbaugh and Mike Ditka

[tps_title]Despite the nickname ‘Captain Comeback,’ Jim Harbaugh wasn’t much of a quarterback[/tps_title]


Let’s look at the stats. Despite earning, for some strange reason, the nickname Captain Comeback, Jim Harbaugh was nothing more than an average NFL quarterback. That might even be pushing it. His all-time record as a starter is 66-74. He averaged just 148.5 yards per game throughout his career. His career rating is 77.6 and he never threw more than 17 touchdowns in a season. In fact, he only hit 15 in a season twice in his 14-year career. He also once had to split time with Mike Tomczak.

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12 Comments on "10 Things About Jim Harbaugh You Didn’t Know"

  1. Voice of Reason

    Gotta love the Harbaugh temper tantrum in the Atlanta game. The intitial “head-throw” and loss of the ability to stand upright comes right out of my 3-year old’s book of classic moves. We replayed that so many times we broke the DVR.

  2. Johnny Jolly

    Wow, Jim’s career is like the perfect setting for the football version of Bull Durham.

  3. Big Raj!

    With all the head trauma business going on in the nfl, I wouldn’t shocked if all those blows to the head caused his being prick to become worse than what it was

  4. therealChuckywasCecil

    “I’m a total prick and sportsmanship be damned.”

    Sums it up perfectly

  5. Packer Bob

    ““I’ll just say this: ‘If it happens again, there will be changes made and they will be definite and they will be permanent.’ I’m not going to put 47 players’ futures in the hands of one player who thinks he knows more than I do.”

    Hell, yeah. We don’t more coaches say what they really feel?

  6. Savage57

    Jim Harbaugh – Dick
    John Harbaugh – Probably a Dick
    Their Sister – Married to a Dick
    Jack Harbaugh – Dick Enabler
    HIs Wife – Dick Maker

  7. Kozak

    Really tough Superbowl to root for.
    Harbaughs both pricks.
    Don’t want Moss to get a ring.
    Don’t want Lewis to get another one.

  8. mxz600

    I dont hate Jim because he was a Chicago Bear (although thats reason enough) I just think the guy is a big D – Bag baby. Jim Kelly was right. His brother John is 5 times the man Jim is. Therefore i root for the Ravens in the SB……What i’ll be watching for is…..John Harbaugh crying and going off the deep end on the sidelines of the S B, under the stress of playing in the S B and his brother, he’ll be all wound up….Would be funny to see him punch a ref if he doesnt like a call…..lol

  9. Iltarion

    Pulled for the Ravens as well.

    Jim Kelly was the man.

    Harbaugh’s wife is in my ring of honor.

  10. John Ketcham

    Jim Harbaugh was the nicest pro player i have ever met bar none,he once gave my daughter a piggyback ride through the Indianapolis airport. No. 4 will always be number 1 in my house.

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