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Packers vs. Vikings 2: What to Watch For

We’ve got a humdinger this weekend — the Green Bay Packers travel to the armpit of the United States to face the Minnesota Vikings with plenty on the line.

A Packers win means they nail down the No. 2 seed in the NFC and a first-round bye. It also (likely) means the good guys eliminate the worst guys from the playoff picture. A Vikings win and they’re in. A loss and they need A LOT of help to get in.

There’s also some history on the line. Adrian Peterson needs 208 yards to break Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing mark. He needs 102 to reach 2,000. Wouldn’t it be swell if the Packers denied him both marks?

Who’s not playing?
Well, look at this. The only guys the Packers have ruled out are Charles Woodson and James Starks. Davon House is doubtful and Randall Cobb is questionable, but five guys who were out last week are returning — Tom Crabtree, Jordy Nelson, C.J. Wilson, Jerel Worthy and Alex Green. Meanwhile, the Vikings are pretty much the picture of health, with only defensive end Brian Robinson and cornerback Antoine Winfield listed as questionable.

Who should I bet on?
Ask a Vikings fan who’s going to win this game. Then slap them in their ugly Hormel-Chili-stained face for being a moron. The Packers are three-point favorites and although they’re an average-looking 4-3 against the spread on the road, we’re still taking the Packers. They’re the better team, they’re healthier than they’ve been since the beginning of the season, they have something to play for and they’re on a roll. There’s nothing that says that’s going to stop.

What To Watch For

I am Jack’s cold sweat
Let’s talk about the record. Peterson needs 208 yards. The Packers are acutely aware of that. In the first meeting between the Packers and Vikings this year, Peterson ran for 210. A large chunk of that came on his 82-yard, second quarter touchdown run, where Peterson ran through about three of the worst tackle attempts we’ve ever seen. You know the Packers don’t want Peterson setting the record against them and if they can wrap up and not allow 82-yard runs, they should be fine. The Packers should also be stronger against the run this time around. Neither Clay Matthews or C.J. Wilson played in the first matchup. Both will play this week.

Christian Ponder

I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise
Despite Peterson’s beastly performance against the Packers earlier this season, the Vikings still lost. That’s because quarterback Christian Ponder was completely ineffective. He threw for just 112 yards and tossed two interceptions. Despite starting all of the Vikings games this season, Ponder seems unlikely to surpass 3,000 yards passing. He has 15 touchdowns and 12 picks. Can you say mediocre? The Packers will focus on Peterson this week and hand Ponder an invitation to beat them. We’ll be surprised if he doesn’t fumble that handoff.


I am Jack’s broken heart
A Packers win over the Vikings isn’t all good. If the Packers win, the Chicago Bears are probably getting into the playoffs. All the Bears need to do to make the tourney is beat the hapless Detroit Lions and then have the Packers win. Washington and the Giants are also in contention for that final Wild Card spot. The Skins win the NFC East if they beat Dallas, but can also lose and get the Wild Card if Chicago and Minnesota both lose. The Giants need losses by Minnesota, Chicago and Dallas and they also need to beat Philadelphia. We’ll know where the Bears and Giants stand by the time the Packers play in the afternoon. The good news is, whichever one of these teams gets the final Wild Card will then get to be eliminated in the first round by San Francisco (or Green Bay if they lose to the Vikings). Oh yeah, there’s that too. If the Vikings beat the Packers, they’ll most likely be facing them again next week at Lambeau to open the playoffs. So, we’re looking for Bears at San Francisco!

Brett Favre

I am Jack’s smirking revenge
The Vikings haven’t made the playoffs since 2009. That was You-Know-Who’s one glorious season in Vikings puke purple (he had a much less-glorious, injury-plagued, dick-picture-filled season in 2010 and then slunk away unnoticed). The Queens beat the Packers twice that season and… haven’t beaten them since. The cockslinger’s presence no longer looms over the rivalry and the Queens have returned to being the losers we all know they are. That’s how it should be and that’s how it should stay.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Drunk On Duval Street December 29, 2012

    If and when the Packers win rest assured you can count on Viking fans blaming the refs. Or coming up with irrelavent insults. I’m hoping for a complete annihilation of those purple wearing shit-stains. Hormel chili will be spilled, hearts ( unlike rushing records) will be broken. Losing is not an option tomorrow. Go Pack Go!

  2. Iltarion December 29, 2012

    Teams in the NFL today play by the philosophy- Just get into the dance. That is unfortunately an NCAA tourney mentality that has now crept into all sports, thanks to parity giving everyone who makes it a chance at winning the whole thing.

    Because of this, we have seen numerous times over the years, including by the Packers, that SEEDING and byes within the playoffs is NOT a great motivator. The need to reach the playoffs is a much greater motivator than the desire to improve one’s seeding.

    That being said, I know McCarthy has prepared the Packers for this game by focusing on the fact that it is a divisional rival, who we NEVER like to lose against. Let’s hope the Packers can play with as much desire as the Bears did in 2010 with their own playoff spot already earned.

    1. Mike December 29, 2012

      Exactly. Of the Super Bowl winners going back to the Steelers of the 2005 season, the “Dominant Regular Season” Team has only won once (2009 Saints). Being hot and healthy at the right time has been proven to be much more important!

  3. nurseratchett December 29, 2012

    Dear God but I hate the [email protected]$%&^!%@ vikings.

    GO PACK GO!!!

  4. brad December 29, 2012

    “cockslinger” – lol!!

  5. Pack Lethal December 29, 2012

    “What To Watch For” is the title of this article is? I’ll tell you what to watch for……. A Total Vikings Ass Whooping…. That’s what you watch for!

  6. Magoo December 29, 2012

    They call it “TITLE TOWN” for a reason. It was named the “LOMBARDI TROPHY” for a reason. No matter who wins, every other city can be and is associated with other sports teams or recreational activities. Green Bay does ONE thing. FOOTBALL. We travel to other cities to tutor their teams, but they just don’t catch on. We don’t bitch slap our women. We don’t get into the media for bar room shootouts. We play fooball.

  7. Drunk On Duval Street December 29, 2012

    I just ran into Charles Woodson at his hotel restaurant/ bar. He talked about how beating the Vikings tomorrow would be bittersweet. The sweet part obviously would be beating purple turds in their own shithole. The bitter part would be that the Bears will make the playoffs.

  8. James Bennett December 30, 2012

    It won’t bother me if the Bears make the playoffs; it might be nice to have one team with a substandard offense in the mix. As for the Pack against the Vikings, I have a hard time believing Rodgers won’t pick them apart in that climate-controlled setting, esp. if we have Jordy Nelson back to go with Jones, Jennings, Finley and maybe Cobb as well.

  9. Pack Lethal December 30, 2012

    Hey Chris Restivo,
    I stand corrected! I always wondered why so many people on this site hated the Vikings. I never felt this hatred, voiced so many times over, as I equated the Vikings to the medium-sized rock in my back yard… I mean the rock never did anything, nothing! It just sat there, I suppose if I flipped it over I might find it giving shelter to a few bugs but that would be its only real impact, a perennial inert object that one would place no real expectations on. I just never thought anything of them but, as I was just made aware, the Vikings accolades include 8 NFC Championship & 4 Super Bowls appearances…. Never mind that they only have, uhm, how many titles? They are a vision of sustained excellence!

  10. Pack Lethal December 30, 2012

    I’m bored. Does anybody want to debate me? I don’t like a specific team, I just like to debate. Debate me please.

    1. Pack Lethal December 30, 2012

      Hey Cry Me a River,
      Don’t be bored! I can’t debate it….. Your Minnesota team won today & It’s not in my nature to engage in, whine or bitch about the fail mary or any other “We got robbed by bad calls” attitudes. The Packers made, & will go deep in, the Playoffs & your Vikings will be one & done. Congrats today! I know how much this meant to you!

  11. Iltarion December 30, 2012

    Giants are out.

    So much for worrying about them.

  12. Chris Restivo December 30, 2012


    1. Ivomitonvikingfans December 30, 2012


  13. Wisconsinbleedspurple December 30, 2012

    We are gonna beat that ass again and go to the Super Bowl!!!!! Fuck you Fudge Packers!!!

  14. Lynn fuckin' Dickey December 30, 2012

    If you do you’ll just lose again

    same as it ever was

  15. Pack Lethal December 30, 2012

    What’s a fudge packer? I don’t get it. Is there a punchline.

  16. zubi75 December 30, 2012

    I am eating some hormel chili, any of you packer fans want some

  17. Better than you December 30, 2012

    Sorry guys you got ran over by AP and out gunned by Ponder …. Enjoy your week!

  18. Chris Restivo December 30, 2012


  19. PackAttack December 30, 2012

    “Better Than You?”

    GB just did themselves a favor by not inviting the Bears back to Lambeau for the playoffs. Good luck next week in Pack Land, Ponder played out of his ass — alright, let’s see him do it again and again and again — like say the reigning NFL MVP. With a healthy Woodson, Cobb, Jordy and a homefield crowd on hand next week how about we wager a $500 bet on next week’s game, me and you. I’d love you to put your money where your mouth is, afterall you’ve got a lot of backing and history on your side with the Vikings having all but —- well, zero NFL titles. Even if you do get by the Pack next week it won’t matter. You won’t or can’t beat Atlanta, Dallas, Washington and to think, TO IMAGINE a crazy possibility that the Vikings would make it to the Super Bowl — a Brady/Manning showdown with Christian Pitty Ponder and the broke Vike show would draw the lowest Super Bowl ratings of the century. BTW keep riding your horse with 30+ carries into the ground — he’s gonna get hurt, get busted for roids or breakdown eventually — then what?

  20. Wisconsinbleedspurple December 30, 2012

    Whatever bitch people in Minnesota are better educated and more attractive than your Fudge Packing fanbas could ever imagine! So fuck you! We may have lost four Super Bowls but that was years ago. Your championships are TAINTED.

  21. Wisconsinbleedspurple December 30, 2012

    Ponder has more balls than Pedostache Rodgers! We will abolish 40 years of losing! Your Fudge Packers blow!!