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Jeff Saturday Era is Over in Green Bay

Are you tired of watching center Jeff Saturday get pushed into the Green Bay Packers backfield every Sunday? I know I am. If you’re like me, then we’re both in luck today — the Packers have officially sent Saturday to ride out his career on the pine.

He’s being replaced by Evan Dietrich-Smith in the starting lineup.

Yeah, I know. The payoff could have been better. Dietrich-Smith has spent his fair share of time in the Packers backfield, on his ass and getting burned this season too.


Dietrich-Smith did play fairly well in his last start, against the Lions.

The move to bench Saturday, who was signed as a free agent in the offseason to replace the departed Scott Wells, is possible because of Don Barclay‘s play at right tackle. That allowed T.J. Lang to move back to his best position, left guard.

Dietrich-Smith occupied that spot and Lang played right tackle after Bryan Bulaga went down for the season. Lang’s injury allowed the Packers to find out what Barclay could do.

Although we won’t tip our hat to Saturday because of his play, we will tip our hat to him for handling the situation like a man.

“As a player, it’s always disappointing whenever someone else goes in front of you. It’s a tough thing to deal with, but I’m going to deal with it. Here’s the one thing: I can look at my family, I can look at all my players and say I put the best I could be out there. If that’s not good enough and somebody else is better, then they deserve to play. And I’ve always felt like that. I respect (Dietrich-Smith) enough to say if this is his (opportunity), then he needs to take it and go do a good job with it.”

Always a team guy, Jeff Saturday.

At 37, the Packers were looking at Saturday as a one or two-year starter when they signed him. He got a two-year deal worth nearly $8 million. However, it didn’t include a signing bonus and instead had some fairly beefy non-guaranteed bonuses.

So when the Packers cut Saturday in the offseason, they’ll owe him nothing and gain $3.75 million in salary cap space in 2013. That should make it easier for the Packers extend guys like Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers.

Anyway, here’s one for the road, Captain Fantastic!

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. TyKoSteamboat December 21, 2012

    wow…i honestly didn’t see this one coming.

    1. nurseratchett December 21, 2012

      Me either….well, the O-line needs a shake up/kick in the ass. Lets see if this is a move in the right direction.

      1. TyKoSteamboat December 22, 2012

        Our O-Line has played better the last two weeks…aren’t we going to be losing out here in terms of leadership, defense recognition & pass blocking?

  2. Vijay December 21, 2012

    I did see this coming…I mentioned Barclay played his way to starting which means when they got a little healthier, someone needed to sit down–it’s a number game.

  3. Vijay December 21, 2012

    Now you actually have the best starting 5 you can…but it’s still sort of weak IMO.

  4. PackerBob December 21, 2012

    The big question is this offensive line now ready to take the Packers to New Orleans. Rodgers is on fire and ready to do some damage. Our defense is playing …better too. But if we can’t protect A-Rod then we won’t get past teams like Seattle or San Francisco.

  5. Iltarion December 21, 2012

    EDS had some issues in the pass game, but he was solid in the run game when he played. Moving him to center makes complete sense. He will mostly be involved in double teams in the pass game, but in the run game, he will be relied on to get to the 2nd level and block LBs, which is exactly what he did well when he was in there.

  6. Snarff1 December 22, 2012

    Smart move by MM, rest the old man for two game and see what EDS has, if someone gets hurt or EDS fails Saturday will have had that rest for the push.

  7. Iltarion December 22, 2012

    Seeing as that I have watch almost 5 full football games now, coached pee-wee football and played Madden’s football for 10 years, I feel like I know way more than most people on this site. So, let me tell you that benching Jeff Saturday is a good thing. Given, his replacement isn’t much better, there is potential. I don’t really know that, but I heard someone on ESPN say that, so I will just repeat it as my own. As soon as I watch NFL Live, I will repeat some more stuff and pass it off as my own. Stay Tuned.

    1. Iltarion December 22, 2012

      I was hoping my first impersonator would be funnier. Damn.

  8. Boston December 22, 2012

    Saturday should hold his head high, one of the all-time great centers in the NFL.

  9. White Lightning December 22, 2012

    Maybe it’s your old buddy Pack Attack.. He’s been awfully quiet since the running game has been somewhat effective..

  10. Pack Lethal December 24, 2012

    Its about time! I like the idea of having experience alongside younger developing guys for guidance but there was a reason the Colts ousted this guy.